#5 Alabama vs #15 Auburn Highlights: Bama suffers HUGE loss in a wild 2019 Iron Bowl | CBS Sports

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J.J. Sutton
J.J. Sutton - 6 hours ago
If Auburn wouldve had alabama's schedule (no UGA; no UF) theyd have only 1 loss-coming at LSU by a field goal. Theyd be the favorite for that fourth spot in the CFP, and it wouldnt even be close.
Carlis Mcclanahan
Carlis Mcclanahan - 7 hours ago
Anytime Bama loses is a great day
Leonardo Torres
Leonardo Torres - 7 hours ago
Alabama is still playing yes or no
Words 2 live by
Words 2 live by - 13 hours ago
Great game
Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith - 18 hours ago
At the end the announcer said he’s never seen a game end with 12 guys on the field? Michigan state just did it this year against Arizona state.
Coulter Gaske
Coulter Gaske - 19 hours ago
Can Gus Johnson call this game next time pls? It would be a lot better.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - Day ago
First Clemson Tigers, then LSU Tigers, now Auburn the real Tigers. Bama better be glad they didn't play Missouri Tigers, Memphis Tigers, Tony the Tiger, Rocky with the Eye of The Tiger etc...
Pharoah M
Pharoah M - Day ago
Why are people so happy for Auburn LMFAO 😂 bama would literally be up by at least three touchdowns if it wasn't due to penalities. Obviously bama had the better players they just didn't execute and Auburn got lucky. Lol bama had their worst game all year and Auburn barely won Auburn is ass I see why they lost three games. Also they had the home field advantage 😂. And oh let's not forget that the field goal kicker literally missed it by no more than an inch,it would have gone to over time. Bad games happen bama can't win all the time just not how sports works. I rather give credit to a team who lost to two rank teams that were due to penalities and no more than a touch down.
michael88h - Day ago
These announcers really wanted bama to win you can tell lol
Wtf did that guy mean at 9:03 was the play killed. That dude was so bama biased it was painful. He was offsides and a first down. It was good to see they get served some humble pie
xavier harris
xavier harris - Day ago
9:33 Worst play call I've ever seen! Give the ball to Harris!
Douglas Grooms
Douglas Grooms - Day ago
Did Auburn get an excessive celebration penalty after the second pick six If not why ?
Pistachio - Day ago
Drove down College Street today, that bama helmet still rolling down the streets of Auburn.
Border Reiver
Border Reiver - Day ago
a great game that went back and forth...but what a crazy mistake at the end to have 12 men on the field...good wind by Auburn...
He flunked it like cody Parkery.... wait a minute cody parkery was at auburn
Dwayne Haskins
Dwayne Haskins - 2 days ago
On Alabamas kickoff return you can see the 55 player from auburn that was getting ready to tackle waddle get grabbed from behind by his jersey and then gets slung to the ground. Should have been a flag.
gor9027 - 2 days ago
Glad Alabama lost this one so they wouldn’t unjustifiably get a playoff spot over a conference champ that actually had a decent resume. Alabama had no quality wins this year and it annoyed me that anyone said they were a top 4 team for “barely losing” to LSU, even though they probably lose that matchup by 3 scores on a neural field. Thank you, Auburn.
Tina Allen
Tina Allen - 2 days ago
Too many Mistakes, They knew If Waddle got the Ball. Over.... Np. GetEm Next yr. Bad luck, got Lucky....Roll Tide Roll! Good game. What about it Refs? I don't Understand....Hats off Tua,Ya. Still by far ✔💯🏈I'd love to have seen him in this one, God bless ya. Each one!
Jackson Reese
Jackson Reese - 2 days ago
Gary Danielson: Did you see Bama has the best punt return team in the country
Other announcer:Yes, but auburn is also winning by 3 in the 4t-
Gary danielson: Did you see Bama punt return team yet?
Other announcer: I understand, but auburn has won the game, Gary
tamika jackson
tamika jackson - 2 days ago
Halftime Special Report : How many miles you think Christ walked across water to share his purpose, it's safe to say that Christ was determined about his Covenant he walked across water to share it
Jackson Parker
Jackson Parker - 2 days ago
13:50 most amazing sounds of fans ever
Taylor B
Taylor B - 2 days ago
That Shivers run gives me chills
Neal Pradier
Neal Pradier - 2 days ago
Yea its a bad year bama after lsu it was ovos #1lsu
SRTHEMIMOPAR - 2 days ago
jrlauer69 - 2 days ago
Alabama was ranked 5 before the game, they lose to a 8-3 team, and when the new rankings come out, they're still 5th. The CFP is a joke.
Duane Brown
Duane Brown - 2 days ago
I was just watching these "highlights" watch the play at 27 seconds to go in the 2nd. I see a facemask #71, & a hold #11 that wasn't called. And facemask again #71 at 8 sec
Jacksson Henc
Jacksson Henc - 2 days ago
9:33 is literally the best play of the game .-.
THE RANCH OF NO MONEY - 2 days ago
saban: 😭😭😭😭😭😭 i was supposed to win ... i want a recount 😭😭😭😭😭😭
me: more 🍿🍿🍿🍿 please
Stephanie Highnote
Stephanie Highnote - 2 days ago
So since when does the clock stop on a 2nd or 3rd down that wasn't run out of bounds and no timeouts remaining for either team?? Can someone explain this logic to me bc I am extremely confused by this rule change.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 3 days ago
So happy that Auburn did it! Man, that Waddle guy tho...
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - 3 days ago
Pual finebaum is on suicide watch.
Thomas Patrick Parker
Thomas Patrick Parker - 3 days ago
Young C 13
Young C 13 - 3 days ago
LSU baby https://youtu.be/Q3hL2ZkW2W0
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 3 days ago
“Alabama suffers HUGE loss,” loses by 3 points LSU v. Alabama game “Alabama’s defense was horrible 46-41 Y’all take every mistake from this Team and turn a molehill in
pete craig
pete craig - 3 days ago
Just feels great!
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - 3 days ago
a mountain.
Ramon Rich
Ramon Rich - 3 days ago
14:31 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Ramon Rich
Ramon Rich - 3 days ago
Tua would've had this game by 4 tds
Ramon Rich
Ramon Rich - 3 days ago
7:16 what's with that slap ass, theyre on different teams
Paul Place
Paul Place - 3 days ago
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 3 days ago
I'm so glad Bama loss... I've been in Tuscaloosa my whole life soon as Nick got here and started winning my rent been going up 😂 keep losing Bama, maybe it could be
Mr. diesel
Mr. diesel - 3 days ago
At least Alabama won’t be in the playoff
Sterling Dixon Jr
Sterling Dixon Jr - 3 days ago
Auburn's Shaun Shivers (5'7") running over Alabama's Xavier McKinney (6'1") 😂
40thStangGT - 3 days ago
It was at that moment that Alabama knew they fucked up in Morgan Freeman voice 😂 48-45 00:00 4th qtr Auburn wins
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