We Made Products For Dragons

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Caitlin Crockett
Caitlin Crockett - Hour ago
What .....did I just watch
Madi Lee
Madi Lee - 2 hours ago
The amount of time, effort, and thought that goes into these videos is amazing.
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin - 3 hours ago
The word weenus makes me giggle.
Heccin Paragon
Heccin Paragon - 5 hours ago
At first i thought his jacket was a bnha jacket
Tori Oldfield
Tori Oldfield - 5 hours ago
link hitting chase and the plates made me laugh too hard
Im Julian Jamison
Im Julian Jamison - 7 hours ago
After the show Rhett goes back into the woods and strips down to nothing but a leaf and wanders around
Sidney Marek
Sidney Marek - 7 hours ago
I lost it when he said let go of my tail10:34
Eva B.
Eva B. - 8 hours ago
For the tail camera for more accurate results Rhett should have had the tail because we all knew Link would have done some damage with or without the camera.
M. Smith
M. Smith - 12 hours ago
Dragein HEK293 nuggets
bee - 13 hours ago
why doesn’t this have as many views it’s so funny shut up
MoonWalker - 14 hours ago
12:54 Literally nobody's talking about what's happening with the two girls on the right.
Idiotic Nooobz
Idiotic Nooobz - 14 hours ago
I feel like kiryu Coco would like some of these products
DeNummerDrei - 17 hours ago
BUT WHAT ABOUT DRAGONS? Shadiversity vibes intensify
not a human
not a human - 18 hours ago
When link said let go of my tail I pictured a anime girl with a tail
picknbeansmamma - 23 hours ago
"How pain free it is to pull on a wenis.." 😲 lol
wannaBlilith - Day ago
i really want the dragon teeth
Jory Stultz
Jory Stultz - Day ago
None of this is random if you understand how the occult operates.
mandolo - Day ago
They used the dab torch lmao p
DisasterFalls - Day ago
We need more videos of link breaking things 😂😂
Zoe C
Zoe C - Day ago
Literally the most random thing ever, but I love it.
Candice Perry
Candice Perry - Day ago
I would watch good mythical morning I like will it videos
Blackbird 217b
Blackbird 217b - Day ago
I work at amazon so I help make it happen
Nick - Day ago
Blackbird 217b you should get healthcare before you try to make them make dragonzon
woolly-hat-taker - Day ago
Because that's totally normal and funny
Ben Adams
Ben Adams - Day ago
These people are amazing haha
The Mangle
The Mangle - 2 days ago
Donkey, take notes.
Mr Troll Guy
Mr Troll Guy - 2 days ago
Who else tried to call the number?
Nick - Day ago
Mr Troll Guy no
Saltyhunts - 2 days ago
6:47 thats the helmet in 2k20
Gabbythegreat - 2 days ago
Wow I feel sore from all that reaching
Shadia - 2 days ago
i literally crying over heartbreak but they've still weirdly managed to make me laugh...
Madeline Garber
Madeline Garber - 2 days ago
Oh god this episode was all over the place. Definitely one of the weirder episodes.
FlutterWonder - 2 days ago
Omg your a cannaball
stecky87 - 2 days ago
Kinda curious how the pitch meeting for this went down . . .
Myles :
Myles : - 2 days ago
I'm still waiting for that "We're still good T-shirt"
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly - 2 days ago
They did this on myth busters.
Mad Mack
Mad Mack - 2 days ago
Smaug is the dragon Jeff Bezos
Purple Giraffe
Purple Giraffe - 2 days ago
Eat your cereal
Lion of Judah
Lion of Judah - 2 days ago
This the most ridiculous episode i seen wow people really are blind this is programing
Dora Bond
Dora Bond - 2 days ago
This is ridiculous and I love it!
Roseheart Photography
Roseheart Photography - 2 days ago
"Today we test products for dragons."
... for... dragons who have been bad, perhaps..? Like, for... Bad Dragons?
El Bee
El Bee - 2 days ago
Who else replayed 12:05 to see Chase get dragon tail smacked and turn into Charlie Chaplin dancing briefly? I'm dying and crying a little here.
Eyeball Paul
Eyeball Paul - 2 days ago
Why did they change the title
Noor Ashraf
Noor Ashraf - 2 days ago
Noor Ashraf
Noor Ashraf - 2 days ago
With a gmm twist of course
klackattack - 2 days ago
Jeff Bezos? More like Jeff BLAZEOUS!
st33n - 2 days ago
He'll yeah, let's get weird.
Graham Burnett
Graham Burnett - 3 days ago
Who pulled on their wenus after this?
Present Mic
Present Mic - 3 days ago
Trill Collins
Trill Collins - 3 days ago
this episode was great idk what everyone is on about
Dana Aaliyah Neil
Dana Aaliyah Neil - 3 days ago
The "we're still good" seal sent me
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith - 3 days ago
Me when the said Dragon tail:DRAGON TALES DRAGON TALES (p.s Dragon Tales was a cable show I used to watch it was my favorite)
Gaming_ 10110
Gaming_ 10110 - 3 days ago
Rhett reminds me of the guy in castaway.
Liv - 3 days ago
the “we’re still good” reference provided me all of my needed serotonin for the week
Cassandra Tozer
Cassandra Tozer - 3 days ago
Were still good
John Moreno
John Moreno - 3 days ago
R: You gonna go?
L: Yeah man. If you got a harem like that, yeah.
Lisa Lopez
Lisa Lopez - 3 days ago
And sheeps laugh at these sick psychopaths in the comments
Brooklyn Sneed
Brooklyn Sneed - 3 days ago
Hey! I'm one of the fairies at the end of the episode!! So cool seeing we made it on here!!
Zach McCarthy
Zach McCarthy - 3 days ago
The last product's example reminds me of a bad school presentation.
Zach McCarthy
Zach McCarthy - 3 days ago
I hope they realize that Link made this episode 10x better by being clumsy.
Shana Jones
Shana Jones - 3 days ago
This is not even close to funny. It’s evil.
Niloofar Alavi
Niloofar Alavi - 3 days ago
I just love the thought process behind this episode
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