The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Is the Coolest Car Nobody Will Buy

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Centaur - 2 hours ago
Those are some sick wheels. I just like it for the wheels
Nic Stroud
Nic Stroud - 3 hours ago
Why do car companies do that? Are they bragging because they managed to build it a year ahead of schedule?
It's 2020, you have released your car in 2020, why are you calling it the 2021 Lexus LC500?
Max Limbach
Max Limbach - 3 hours ago
The thing Doug isn‘t remembering is that the 2 door market definitely isn‘t "dead" in the rest of the world.
Tpndgo 20
Tpndgo 20 - 5 hours ago
Looks more like an unfinished prototype.
Sonny Fales
Sonny Fales - 6 hours ago
You know who would easily purchase this vehicle and still grab a brandnew Lincoln or Volvo SUV? According to Fortune Magazine there are actually (1700) newMillionaires created everyday in America!! And btw..wealthy people have their own economies!! (@@)
Paol Vrobel
Paol Vrobel - 7 hours ago
Nah, glove box doesn't close itself.
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh - 7 hours ago
Why is he so cringe? This feels like a video from 2008
Z Zz
Z Zz - 8 hours ago
Weekend score is 5 points too low. Styling - 9, handling - 7, cool - 8 = 38.
Z Zz
Z Zz - 8 hours ago
You get used to the touch pad; no annoying prints, failed pressure points, or compromised pixel; recessed, shrouded screen infinitely more elegant than poorly proportioned touch screen afterthought mounted to an otherwise-balanced dash. Excellent work, Lexus.
Geoff Nelson
Geoff Nelson - 8 hours ago
C8 Stingray Convertible 70,000
Blake Star
Blake Star - 8 hours ago
Should've been a hard top convertible LC F version with at least 750 hp.
B E J - 9 hours ago
too expensive for what you are getting better spent on something else
A M - 10 hours ago
Holy crap. That interior is literally the most beautiful of any car I can think of off the top of my head. I even think the beige is pretty nice, though I agree it's not my first choice
Pedro Pablo Fresno Marzolo
is probably the most beautyful car in a lot of time
swankswag - 10 hours ago
Is that a CD player I saw?! 😂😂
JME R - 11 hours ago
My IS F Sport has that same moving gauge cluster
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 11 hours ago
My god, the interior of this vehicle is amazing! Definitely a place I would like to spend some time.
Mark B
Mark B - 12 hours ago
Is it leaking oil or water.
Jerkasaurus Rex
Jerkasaurus Rex - 12 hours ago
For the price its such a ugly car
bikebudha01 - 12 hours ago
I'd buy it for 35k....
Colin Brown
Colin Brown - 12 hours ago
Its 2020, nobody uses the word 'quirky' anymore.

Doug DeMuro:
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 11 hours ago
Great car. Beautiful outside and inside. It's sad to hear this segment of cars is dying.
Bogdan Adzic
Bogdan Adzic - 13 hours ago
Who gives a fk about speed on that car u dont buy lexus for speed xd
Flyingaceful - 14 hours ago
That’s the whole idea is to be different! I like it!!!
danmcdonald726 - 15 hours ago
i first seen this car with a Toyota badge in Japan and it is impressive in person, the problem is the MB GTC is even more impressive and around the same price
Seiko Watch
Seiko Watch - 15 hours ago
Stunning beauty 😲 I fortunately, the world is in recession because of the COVID-19.
Lianne459 - 16 hours ago
This is why I’m keeping my 560 sec forever
Walker Jennings
Walker Jennings - 16 hours ago
those door panels look like armpits not art...
Zareena Bonda
Zareena Bonda - 17 hours ago
that is badass
Eric Peltier
Eric Peltier - 17 hours ago
Looks like a great car to buy used in 2022. And I'm serious. This may be the last ICE sporty lexus, and will hopefully be a reliable Lexus. I've seen the coupe in person and it IS gorgeous. I'd happily drive one, and, I'm not 65yo.
jeff59rt - 19 hours ago
Would look much better to just have a storage tray in the back seats
LeSáne - 20 hours ago
I Hope These Kinds Of Cars Don’t Die Before I’m Able To Get One
The Big Luxury Two Doors Are Beautiful To Me
Bertus Louw
Bertus Louw - 20 hours ago
The car will be a big hit if they reduce prices enough for most people to afford them.
Aliance Star lord
Aliance Star lord - 21 hour ago
These cars are not in the roads thanks to you and all the media let alone the thousands of supermarket alike tv comercials and movies that all hail germans cars! It's like leaving in a world of sheeps!
Justin Edward Sager
Justin Edward Sager - 21 hour ago
Is there are LCF coming
Getsuga Tenshou
Getsuga Tenshou - 22 hours ago
Great car. Beautiful outside and inside. It's sad to hear this segment of cars is dying.
John Fraser
John Fraser - 22 hours ago
Coincidence, I was behind a mustard Lexus LC500h today, cruising down some narrow country lanes towards the beach. The driver was being ultra careful. Stunningly different looking car with beautiful chrome wheels. Very rare.
ClumsyGarage - 23 hours ago
4:22 I think that's the same unlocking noise that my aunt's sc430 makes, I love how they kept that.
ClumsyGarage - 23 hours ago
It's a shame that this may die off soon. If I was in the market for something like this, it would be a seriously hard choice between this and an AMG GT and a 911.
Martin - 23 hours ago
hat wet patch (which I'm sure has been mentioned more than a thousand times already) under the car at the start of the video????
Stian Hegglund
Stian Hegglund - 23 hours ago
Hearing how luxury coupes are failing is really sad.. I can think of few cars more desirable than an S63 coupe. Seeing abominations like the M8 gran coupe out-selling the actual M8 is pure heartbreak :(
Martin - 23 hours ago
"ooooooooooh..arrrrrrrrrrr..hhmmmmmmmmmm" is the disappointing realization you get when something you just posted, which in your opinion was hilarious and brilliant, is 7709th post on this vid and no one will ever read it.
Martin - 23 hours ago
It's a little known fact that Doug also wears two pairs of socks......
Peter Zebot
Peter Zebot - Day ago
LOL snow mode. No one will be driving this thing in the snow, ever.
lagunerolakers - Day ago
i own an IS model and the infotainment is similar and the dash that moves over to the side is the same as my IS model. I also have an SC430, the seats set up is the same, even the rear seatbelts and the location of the sub in the middle of the rear seat. I mean the LC is a combination of previous models. Not complaining at all, my wife saw one on the road and told me that the LC should be her next car, we still have a couple more years on the IS, so maybe then we will be looking at it. Cool review, too bad is a soft top.
Virus world
Virus world - Day ago
Excellent upload homie
💜 u..
ElectricPrunes - Day ago
I drove one of the hard-tops not long ago with a red interior. Was probably the single greatest new car interior I've ever seen. It was like sitting in your private box in an opera house.
35 Tan Ze Qi
35 Tan Ze Qi - Day ago
Now I want to see someone in the backseat with the roof on without any heads chopped off
35 Tan Ze Qi
35 Tan Ze Qi - Day ago
1:23 epic burn
6B8RX - Day ago
Doug, could you maybe cut your videos down by 15 minutes or so?
James Smith
James Smith - Day ago
Okay. So you're talking about how amazing the interior is and how well built and how quality the materials are but you moan the engine isn't 'fast'. Why compare that to a BMW or Mercedes. Where the interiors are made from cheap materials. Them cars will never be as refined as a lexus is.
Scott Blackwell
Scott Blackwell - Day ago
I wonder why he couldn't/didn't test drive the convertible.....
John Smith
John Smith - Day ago
0:09 No, it does NOT look good outside, looks like she leakin' MAN!??!
steve lane
steve lane - Day ago
Am I the only one that gets the feeling Doug is a young looking nonagenarian?
MetalTrabant - Day ago
"470 hp is not that impressive" *cries in European...*
Alexander Wren
Alexander Wren - Day ago
Sound like a steal, like the SLs or CLK mercs before they went to forced induction. With a price like this I fear we will have another NSX scenario
311hitwall - Day ago
surprised the exhaust is as loud as it is. Too bad Toyota can't bump the HP about 100 and put that engine in a lighter car - imagine that engine in the Supra. Sounds better than most any V8 i have heard
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - Day ago
norm?...NOT I!...and it’s reliable!...and gorgeous! It’s the hot women that doesn’t show all her assets...but has the banging body under those clothes! 🏆🏆👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Slim Reaper
Slim Reaper - Day ago
I think this is the baby LFA. I listened to that exhaust note at least four times
Benjamin Hanson
Benjamin Hanson - Day ago
The gear lever comes from the Lexus CT200h!
Simon Wood
Simon Wood - Day ago
From the front it looks like a dustbuster.
Jordan Murphy
Jordan Murphy - Day ago
Three thoughts: 16:25...any bets if this back seat exists so that insurance can classify this as a 4-seater and not a 2-seater?... Also...nice ignoring of that horrible grill at 19:30. That grill is way too big and ugly 🤢... and....great job Lexus with the LC500= 5L V8. Unlike MBZ and BMW which now have completely confused the numbering system...😠
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - Day ago
Idiot Humans are still Impressed by #AncientTechnology! #morons~
chuck Core
chuck Core - Day ago
I like how he said those cars were basically dead but yet they still cost $90, 000. If they're dead then I should be able to pick one up for $20, 000
craszhtube69 - Day ago
I want to buy it, but too bad I just don't have that kind of money for a weekend car. :( But if I have that kind of money I probably rather spent it on 2 Toyota Tacoma.
Ekatak Mako
Ekatak Mako - Day ago
This car will be cool long after Doug Demuro is not.
Aezelll - Day ago
SUVs are such stupid ass vehicles. Most people don't need the 4WD, they don't actually have much storage compared to something like a minivan or a truck, they are dumpy handling, top heavy, slow, overly expensive for what you get, and just plain ugly. The fact that they are a big market segment really says something about the average person in the U.S.: vain man babies that want a big shiny box to make up for their small you-know-what.
rustler08 - Day ago
I hate how it has the same dash as a $38,000 IS.
Caleb Revelle
Caleb Revelle - Day ago
IRONMAN000 - Day ago
What a joke. This car is confused as hell as to what it’s supposed to be. Fail.
tolgay demir
tolgay demir - Day ago
Jus Ski
Jus Ski - Day ago
I like Savage Geese's review on this vehicle much more than Dougs...
Chuka Amur
Chuka Amur - Day ago
This is a lrxus naturally aspirated engine, price wont drop anytime soon.
lee smith
lee smith - Day ago
no one buying cars
Slippy F30
Slippy F30 - Day ago
I Used to Eat.... Peanut butter for breakfast. Now im Riding Big, peanut butter in My Lexus.
SAILOR MAN - Day ago
So what
TIMEBOMB2012 - Day ago
Idiot Humans are still Impressed by #AncientTechnology! #morons~
yamahaevo - Day ago
Looks like it hit a pole in the middle
Sean Playz
Sean Playz - Day ago
Next video: this is a 2020 tank.
bitchslapah - Day ago
that's beautiful. too bad no one will buy it.
dusan krivokuca
dusan krivokuca - Day ago
Lovely video but very boring
A K - Day ago
Show the speedometer buddy. Nobody cares to see ur face while driving it.. i wanna see the speed
dusan krivokuca
dusan krivokuca - Day ago
no stupid plastic ,all is plastic masked with leather..........................lmao
Jon Pierce-Ruhland
Jon Pierce-Ruhland - Day ago
The shift knob will indeed be unusual to the target audience, who has undoubtedly never set foot in the 2nd-gen Prius that Toyota stole it from.
BrokenStatues7 - Day ago
You can get a 2018 LC500 for sub 60k now with low miles... definitely gotta get one of these in a few years after depreciation kicks in.
MVE - Day ago
$100 0000 convertable? Hahaha,, good luck selling that. Those backseats are a joke, right? Unless you have passengers without legs.
bruinguy86 - Day ago
If you are waiting to see if it has a hard top - **spoiler alert** - It doesn't.
kubanskiloewe - Day ago
as a Lexus owner i admit that these cars are hold up much to long...decades ! So i will wait another 10 years hope to get on of these for half the price :-)
Just Being Socially Awkward
Does the car come with Doug?
If it does, I'll take 2.
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson - Day ago
The thought I got when you said nobody would buy this car was what looks like a very bad oil patch under car lol,but really Lexus, pointless back seats but maybe Lexus has thought of these back seats for limbless people,well thought of Lexus'.
Ohitsmryang - Day ago
Lol I rather a c8 🤣
Kritt Masta
Kritt Masta - Day ago
I honestly been disagreeing with this guy from reviewing many cars. I honestly don't know where his head went. I honestly think Lexus is going for minimalist and enjoying touring car for a ride. Rich successful people are generally age about 40+ and they don't care for a performance of 911 turbo. If they do, they have another car. This is when you take out your wife or girlfriend to a beach coast in California road trip. I'm sure this guy can't imagine that.
theBIGAC - Day ago
My 2014 is250 has the same gage cluster lol
Robin Hood
Robin Hood - Day ago
Binnacle: **Exists**
Doug: "I can't let you get close"

those who know, know.
Joe Rag
Joe Rag - Day ago
22:15 Is it leaking!?!? Lol
D Carter
D Carter - Day ago
where do i plug in my phone?
The Motorcycle Room
I sat in one of these at the new york auto show last year. Nicest interior of any car at the show except maybe the s class mercedes.
Forrest Metzger
Forrest Metzger - Day ago
"470 horsepower is not THAT impressive," he says. LOL
ddknyc - Day ago
Beautiful but I stopped buying automatic cars, never could fall in love with one that I owned no matter how great it was.
LUCKY HEX - Day ago
Soooo where do u put your feet in the back?
LUCKY HEX - Day ago
A HUNDRED fkn gs and it doesn't even have a hard top? Thats gotta be the worst thing on the car. Lexus is known for the hard tops. But they decided to go back to shitty cloth tops? Thats a failure. Everyone knows how bad the cloth tops turn out. Cracked faded. Cheap as fuck crap.
Michael Eldridge
Michael Eldridge - Day ago
This car is stunning. Inside and out.
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