The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade

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Flando Maltrizian
Flando Maltrizian - Month ago
HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
2:55 Slash
5:30 Cast intro
7:15 Sam intro
10:05 Sam pledges loyalty
12:10 Karaoke intro cinematic
14:00 Episode Starts
18:10 Recap Ends, and everyone stares at eachother
19:00 Tary’s intro
22:00 The Owlbear intro
23:30 Farriwen Breeze intro
25:55 Hazel Copperpot intro
27:30 Tary’s new books
28:45 Hazel’s radio play (Marisha came prepared)
31:40 Doty is obsolete
32:55 Damion Vadoma’s intro
35:20 Buddy’s intro
36:20 Macaroni Samsonite’s intro
38:20 Lionel’s reintroduction
39:30 Engagement survey
41:20 Tary is pretty
44:20 Vox Machina’s initiation ceremony
45:10 Owlbear vs. Farriwen
47:40 F’rank Myller
51:50 Owlbear is so gritty
56:35 Should’ve seen Bear totem coming
58:25 Copperpot vs. Buddy
1:00:50 Buddy’s first experience with color
1:13:30 This was so poorly organized
1:14:30 Owlbear doesn’t need your heals
1:15:50 Hazel tries to network
1:16:55 Mac vs. Damion
1:18:25 Mac starts things off right
1:23:25 Bye, Ashley
1:25:25 Tary comes clean
1:27:35 Dog names
1:29:05 Owlbear figures out his new cave
1:31:10 Damion appreciates Tary’s mom
1:32:15 Owlbear preaches justice
1:33:00 Preview
1:34:40 Owlbear hides
1:38:15 Damion doesn’t actually know anything
1:39:15 Mac knows how to write up the contract
1:41:50 Tary does free signatures
1:43:40 Lionel’s dreams
1:44:40 Adventure for brunch
1:45:30 An unnecessary whisper
1:48:35 Competing recorder
1:50:05 Owlbear stealth
1:54:30 Owlsight (think about it)
1:56:55 Buddy the telepath
1:58:00 Farriwen is a portable fan
1:59:35 Owlbear lowkey hates geese, and advocates vengeance
2:01:05 Hazel the meat shield
2:02:05 Owlbear is always hidden
2:07:35 Hazel takes poetic license
2:08:40 Break Starts
2:19:50 Break Ends
2:20:45 Map is out (you can snort a lot of things)
2:23:40 Hazel holds up that rear
2:25:20 Dire McGruff
2:27:50 Taliesin suits up
2:29:55 Macaroni on deck
2:33:30 Micro-celebration
2:34:50 Afterparty
2:39:55 Inevitable 300 reference
2:43:15 DM privileges
2:44:05 Pyrotechnyics
2:51:00 Best bear pun
2:52:15 Ohana
2:56:35 Average monking
2:59:40 Matt lays down a rule judgement (he is correct)
3:01:00 Batman
3:02:25 Hazel makes it clap
3:07:45 SWEAR TO ME
3:08:10 HDYWTDT
3:08:55 Rewriting history
3:11:00 Duck senses
3:13:30 The Brigadines
3:16:40 Pipe of the Sewers is not very good
3:21:40 Cavern map out
3:24:10 Duckhemoth
3:26:30 Battle begins
3:30:35 Marisha has hit Liam many times
3:31:35 Evil most foul
3:40:45 Syllable inspiration
3:51:15 DuckTentacles
3:52:55 DuckTales jokes > bear jokes
3:55:10 Can confirm: it is not
3:58:00 Matt was hiding his duck noises the whole time
4:01:00 Sam asks what we’ve all been wondering
4:10:35 Damion is all about family
4:11:10 Sentinel frustration
4:13:35 Unconscious haste
4:15:35 The first Foley artist, canon
4:26:35 HDYWTDT
4:29:25 Stone has passed
4:30:10 Tary’s rights are unclear
4:32:05 Honoring the fallen
4:33:55 That concludes this adventure
The in-game start date for the episode was some point in 826. Sam’s jersey says “69”
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?
James Garlick
James Garlick - 14 days ago
@nielsdejong seems oddly placed, but ok...
loaf Bread
loaf Bread - 25 days ago
Drawfee profile picture. The best kind
bigdrew565 - 25 days ago
someone asked for Matt yelling jesus christ...figured I'd add it to the pinned posts: first one around 3:57:05 second is 3:58:27
Angelous Mortis
Angelous Mortis - Month ago
DARY! Legendary!
Angelous Mortis
Angelous Mortis - Month ago
Wait for it.....
Cragified - Hour ago
I have watched this so many times. Such an amazing performance by the cast and such spectacularly outlandish but believable characters.
TheJerbol - 6 hours ago
I want a lvl 20 one-shot with these guys (mostly Owlbear Man)
Hethoran - 10 hours ago
I am disappointed that Matt did not say that he has "Released the Quacken".
Mysticyde - Day ago
I don't know about you guys. But I think this was Marisha's best character.
David Sastre
David Sastre - Day ago
Poor Laura, she is used to seeing Beau get away with everything
David Sastre
David Sastre - Day ago
Monks are OP for 1on1 PVP
David Sastre
David Sastre - Day ago
Karaoke cringe
David Sastre
David Sastre - Day ago
Ugh, these live shows take away from it
David Sastre
David Sastre - Day ago
Harrison P
Harrison P - Day ago
Matt: I dont have a figure for big damien, so ill just use this base..
So Damien metaphorically occupies more space. Almost like theres some... Big Damien Energy.
Hargrim Za
Hargrim Za - 2 days ago
Wait, there are Yklwas in dnd?
Hunter Grace
Hunter Grace - 2 days ago
Bros anyone know the song at 3:51:00
Caleb Kopp
Caleb Kopp - 3 days ago
" that concludes but one Adventure..."
Don't do that. Don't give me hope.
C Berg
C Berg - 4 days ago
So people pay to go to D&D in concert?
Ross Rudolf
Ross Rudolf - 4 days ago
This is gold
Friction - 4 days ago
I wish this was CR every week.
Jesse VanWagner
Jesse VanWagner - 5 days ago
Laura's cup is awesome!
Love this one shot, cast really brought their "A" game.
Multi Gaming
Multi Gaming - 6 days ago
at 16:00 is it a song from the witcher 3?
banuna1989 - 7 days ago
I like these characters more than campaign 2 characters
Ljacfl - 7 days ago
We need darrington brigade in explorers guide to wildemount
Glenn Westwood
Glenn Westwood - 7 days ago
"That's the waddle of a hero."
Glenn Westwood
Glenn Westwood - 7 days ago
Can someone please tell these monks they don't Have to use ki points to make an extra attack as a bonus action? I mean you Can use FoB every time if you want but you can also make one attack as a bonus action with Martial Arts.
Kari McEwen
Kari McEwen - 7 days ago
Is it just me or does anyone picture Ludo every time Buddy speaks?
INSTINCT - 7 days ago
hahah The Owlbear is literally just an mcu version of Batman. Well played Talisen xD
Lyrix97 - 8 days ago
i was expecting Ashley to say gag me with a spoon mrs.Darington
Paul F
Paul F - 8 days ago
Why does Matt have a lisp?
Muz!c Vex
Muz!c Vex - 9 days ago
Taliesin's charcter: *starts talking*
Me: War... Has changed
Brandon - 9 days ago
2:53:00 I can't find the song name, but that's definitely from WoW. ❤
T.G.W .M.C.
T.G.W .M.C. - 9 days ago
Buddy is the purest being in this world change my mind.
The Nosey Artist
The Nosey Artist - 10 days ago
"Gonna throw you into the pit, and see what you got"
...vox machina's teaching is being passed on
Rhys - 10 days ago
I swear to god, someone asks Liam to make a new character and he immediately goes: "Alright so they're going to have a best friend they can't be away from, a fluid sexuality of indeterminate label, and terrible mental health".
Cole Riedel
Cole Riedel - 10 days ago
God! Marisha is a fucking retard... guhhh
Noah Wieczorek
Noah Wieczorek - 11 days ago
The sheer amount of one liners and puns in this god damn episode make it one of the best they've had
Arc Neo Masato
Arc Neo Masato - 11 days ago
I'm just saying, this first battle is the very reason I ban Monks from any games I run. They make a lone boss fight almost impossible with all the stuff they can chain.
Golden Apple
Golden Apple - 11 days ago
Love the energy of the crowd.
Tayden Charbonneau
Tayden Charbonneau - 11 days ago
How to speak with ducks:101
Nanakami san
Nanakami san - 11 days ago
Ruby Neon
Ruby Neon - 12 days ago
Gag me with a spoon, Mrs. Darrington
D jack
D jack - 12 days ago
Anyone find it funny when Ashley moves over into Matt's area? idk if anyone gets what I mean. But it was just so funny to me. 😆
rose CA
rose CA - 12 days ago
Lionel's so simple but I love the character lol
ebony1442 - 13 days ago
Taleisin, Kevin Conroy called. He wants his gravelly undertones back.
masqu135 - 13 days ago
1:58:00 “cool preview”
The Imperial Singing Ducks
"I do nothing, and I look on in sadness"
KaileSimmons - 15 days ago
I want these characters in the next campaign!!!
James Garlick
James Garlick - 15 days ago
The Owlbear seems like a guy trying so hard to be an edgelord and failing so amazingly
James Garlick
James Garlick - 15 days ago
Oh god I love Buddy!
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest - 15 days ago
This One Shot serves as like a pseudo prologue for the second Campaign
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest - 15 days ago
Damn, I bet nobody 10 years ago would have thought that such a big place would be filled by people wanting to watch a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors play dungeons and dragons.
DocSherlock Winchester
DocSherlock Winchester - 15 days ago
Giving Buddy, the giant ogre, an ability to detect thoughts... Yeah, that's a great idea 😂🤣😂🤣😂
OMG, I laughed my ass off for 5 minutes straight.
Pedrox200 - 16 days ago
Nice to see ashley has gone full New York with this character
Alistair McGregor
Alistair McGregor - 16 days ago
I feel that Marisha had been listening to Matt Berry for accent tips
Debbie Buckland
Debbie Buckland - 16 days ago
I just laughed for 4 hours!
DeaconTaylor - 17 days ago
said it before but god damn does marisha look amazing in this.
Ensign Bentson
Ensign Bentson - 17 days ago
This is a spoiler

Mundane Specter
Mundane Specter - 17 days ago
Marisha looks like she is about to betray the Italian mafia and then kill the boss using some arrow.
Mathew Garner
Mathew Garner - 17 days ago
Anyone know what song is playing at 14:30!? It’s driving me nuts lol
Soni - 18 days ago
If you're paralysed, you can no longer hold concentration on spells I think. Unless this is a homebrew rule I have not encountered before. So Laura was not supposed to be hasted, and a lot more concentration spells (spiritual guardians) should have dropped
Terry Quick
Terry Quick - 19 days ago
I don't get the joke when Talisan says danger right behind you
Terry Quick
Terry Quick - 6 days ago
@MagmaTrack Ah! Lol thank you!
MagmaTrack - 7 days ago
Ducktales intro
HeavyMetalJess - 19 days ago
Does anyone know what track Matt is using for the battle music here? It would be great for my game world.
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