Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

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Looper - 3 months ago
Which are you more hyped for, The Rise of Skywalker or Endgame?
Rebel - 24 days ago
qui gon jinn
qui gon jinn - 29 days ago
Dont make stuff up stop lying
Official channel of the Empire
Its already out a long time, but to me it is, f*ck the Avengers, Star Wars is all that matters!
Perigrinus - 2 months ago
@Kirby Kirby He was talking about the death star they visit, not the movie.
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson - 3 months ago
Jeremy Dalton
Jeremy Dalton - Day ago
No mention of the falcon having the deflector shield that got knocked off in return of the jedi when it jumps to hyperspace.
bLitZ - Day ago
Lando looks like Neil deGrasse Tyson 😂
Kris Anticknap
Kris Anticknap - Day ago
I want so badly to be excited for this.
Sadly, I don't think there will be a Rise of Interest in Star Wars after eight misses in a row over twenty years.
Evan Miller
Evan Miller - 3 days ago
You gotta be kidding...a megaphone on a spinning wheel is the newest droid -_-
unknown person
unknown person - 3 days ago
Darth jabba the hut
unknown person
unknown person - 3 days ago
I miss kit fisto
Scott Patrick
Scott Patrick - 4 days ago
True fans didn't notice anything, because they don't watch these crap movies
Erika Hasbach
Erika Hasbach - 5 days ago
My theory is that Kylo Ren and Rey are actually twins and this is what is actually revealed.
Its really not that farfetched
Luke and Leia could communicate across a long distance just like Kylo Ren and Rey can. Kylo Ren and Rey are more powerful Jedi and that's why they could actually touch and almost portal to each other. Which Kylo almost did when he felt the ocean
Also Luke seemed to know her at the end of TFA
Ethan Mann
Ethan Mann - 7 days ago
hahahahahahahahaha lando laugh
Y gamer
Y gamer - 9 days ago
anyone noticed that in the trailer, a imperial star destroyer appeared in the background
Karen E. Anderson
Karen E. Anderson - 12 days ago
The desert planet is the remaining pieces of jheda
Dylan - 12 days ago
OMG did you NOT watch The Last Jedi? Luke clearly stated he is not the Last Jedi. How many of these sorry ass channels need to speculate on "Gray Jedi" or some other lame iteration of force users that will never exist in the films before they learn to stfu with the fanboy speculation? Just stop. Oh and pay attention. It might help your credibility.
Michael Quintana
Michael Quintana - 14 days ago
Luke streetwalker
Mike Dunbar
Mike Dunbar - 16 days ago
According to the elder Cannon palpatine's body was constantly burned out completely by the dark side and he had to constantly recreate himself with clones and then transfer his consciousness into them Luke and Leia were able to kill the emperor reborn which was one of his clones after the emperor successfully turn Luke to the dark side and Leia successfully turn them back to the light this new palpatine could very easily be that
Foebane72 - 17 days ago
I don't give a DAMN about this Sequel Trilogy. To me, the story was concluded perfectly fine in the first six movies, with Rogue One being a lovely bonus right smack in the middle. But this ST doesn't exist to me.
Foebane72 - 17 days ago
Yawn. I. Don't. CARE.
The Jedi Master
The Jedi Master - 20 days ago
Lando is palpatine. Look at his laugh
Matthew Monger
Matthew Monger - 21 day ago
In The Empire Strikes Back when Luke let's go and falls down the hole when Vader tells him he is his father even though it looked like he would fall straight through he was sucked to the side into one of the utility openings so if that happened to Luke who's to say something similar didn't happen to Palpatine. Remember where you heard it first lol
Anthony Burns
Anthony Burns - 22 days ago

Kill him

Kill him now
brian mellett
brian mellett - 26 days ago
Love Star Wars but it’s just another remake but I hope it’s in 3D
Ted Schmidt
Ted Schmidt - Month ago
The planet could be endor. A crashed death star could make the therrien different and its decades after.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker - Month ago
I'm sure they will kill Lando and Rey will steal the millineum falcon along with Chewie at the end again!
brian blessing
brian blessing - Month ago
uh oh ,that laugh in this trailer video.just when we thought the galaxy far far away was finally free of the emperor
ryan gorczycki
ryan gorczycki - Month ago
He said that kylo just like Vader doesn't need to actually wear the mask but Vader did
Boii Nate
Boii Nate - Month ago
Maybe it’s not kylo rens tie interceptor. It might be major vonregs tie interceptor which is in lego.
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Grand Admiral Thrawn - Month ago
Mesa Back!
ME X YOUTUBE - Month ago
What if a jedi make a light saber using infinity comment down so this comment can be at tbe top
Andrew Hepburn
Andrew Hepburn - Month ago
We have never been told about the riddle of Rey,s parentage. Maybe she has Skywalker heritage, which would explain the title name for the next Star Wars movie........
tadlee - Month ago
i wanna see mace windu back
ashandtodd - Month ago
They can’t end Star Wars. If they do then people will forget about it and that can’t happen.
Mr. Tex
Mr. Tex - Month ago
Scratching for clues, pff. Star Trek is the real deal.
bobc4d - Month ago
the start of the laugh sound like the laugh the Predator used when he engaged the self destruct on his wrist thingie in the first Predator
kenetic182nd - Month ago
Han is dead, lando returns. He's heading towards the Leia system.
Solar Fresh Ltd
Solar Fresh Ltd - 2 months ago
Star Wars is dead. Long live the OT.
Solar Fresh Ltd
Solar Fresh Ltd - 2 months ago
And Star Wars Theory fan films. The Force is with him
Craig Pollard
Craig Pollard - 2 months ago
I can't believe that people are asking who rey's parents are.
It seems pretty obvious that it's going to be Han and Leia.
And if it isn't I will be impressed.
Impressed because it will mean that the writers wont just be copying the sub-story
from episode VI, and come up with something new and unpredictable.
kevjohn - 2 months ago
That's amazing that you have the absolute WORST trailer reactions. Either take lessons or just give up.
shiv_ring - 2 months ago
Wow, not a video about Endgame.
Rich Yan
Rich Yan - 2 months ago
Let me boil this video down. We don't know what anything means and at best we can guess and probably be wrong.
Adam Jones
Adam Jones - 2 months ago
Something I noticed, which I noticed in the force awakens. Is that JJ Abrams doesn't know the correct ignition sound for anakins lightsaber.
That Other Guy
That Other Guy - Month ago
Or which button turns it on.
Use Code Lazarbeam
Use Code Lazarbeam - 2 months ago

*What about the droid attack on the wookies?!?!*
Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson - 2 months ago
Again I will say this... As a kid, there was a theoretical notion that Emperor Palpatine had 9 clones of him self. Now that I watch the new movies and people get excited, I wonder if they ever remember that theory?
MrBiggysmalls87 - 2 months ago
Landos old stomping grounds: Cloud Citaaayy
jbarah05 - 2 months ago
oh thank god they brought back JJ Abrams
Meme Tastic
Meme Tastic - 2 months ago
the reason endor is so f’ed up is cause have you ever seen a place where someone has literally dropped a bomb on it or like cherynoble so endors environment changed after the explosion.
m9nroe Mossley
m9nroe Mossley - 2 months ago
Jivikk - 2 months ago
"Dead Star" smh
Fidel - 2 months ago
The end is neigh? Thank the maker....
Jake Garcia
Jake Garcia - 2 months ago
nasraidub - 2 months ago
Kylo is a Skywalker, no?
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