Ali Wong on Her Famous Dress, Dirty Jokes & Keanu Reeves

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elizah 753
elizah 753 - 34 minutes ago
My god I LOVE her
Cheryle Holleran
Cheryle Holleran - 2 hours ago
Really couldn't believe this movie wasnt in theaters. Both refreshing and an on the money Rom-Com. And even if it didnt have my dream guy K in it, it was awesome. Bravo.
Dizaboro Edi Ban
Dizaboro Edi Ban - 4 hours ago
imm in love
Anna G
Anna G - 9 hours ago
Does she kinda look like Karlie Kloss or is it jus me?
CC - 10 hours ago
She's very talented. The Keanu Reeves part was just brilliant !!! It's hilarious !
Joseph Moor
Joseph Moor - 17 hours ago
I won’t lie, that was a good movie 😂💯
Nancy M
Nancy M - 17 hours ago
Oh 😮 that was super sweet when she talk about her dad 🥺🥺🥺...much love 💕 💕💕
Jeff B
Jeff B - 18 hours ago
Ali can make oriental jokes and nobody gets mad
Daniel S
Daniel S - 18 hours ago
ac2leung - 19 hours ago
She wants to grab that “D” 😜
Tesla Anderson
Tesla Anderson - 22 hours ago
I have watched Keanu Reeves' part in that movie SEVERAL times. It's worth the whole movie! He deserves and award for that part!
Brendan Matelan
Brendan Matelan - Day ago
She should’ve kept that dress, it looks nice. Lol
Preethi Kanya
Preethi Kanya - Day ago
Liked for the Keanu Reeves part 😊
Imani W
Imani W - Day ago
i love her!
Heet Ta
Heet Ta - Day ago
She’s so Beautiful!❤️
Fuck You
Fuck You - Day ago
Kimmel is a snake
LokiTetch - Day ago
she would moon the audience? what?
Thomas Carola
Thomas Carola - Day ago
Great movie
Reese Z.
Reese Z. - Day ago
Geez, she is amazing! I absolutely love you Ali Wong! Thank you.
ryselny Rosa
ryselny Rosa - Day ago
She’s so great and authentic
1083Media - Day ago
i freaking love her!
jessie whittington
jessie whittington - Day ago
mythical musical
mythical musical - Day ago
She reminds me of Asa Akira, damn...
BraveSirRobin And His Minstrels
She's funny
shawolmblft - Day ago
omg she's such a wholesome person and jimmy was a great interviewer and the audience was great.
Jungshook UwU
Jungshook UwU - 2 days ago
I watched the movie yesterday with my family (im 12) and i loved it.
Marc San Luis
Marc San Luis - 2 days ago
Keanu is a sweetheart. This movie was SO good!
Donde Fact
Donde Fact - 2 days ago
When will we see Ali Wong ultra white butt-hole lube?
Cindy Marshall
Cindy Marshall - 2 days ago
I love you Ali Wong
Michelle Thefreeone
Michelle Thefreeone - 2 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel looks really handsome with facial hair♥
psishik - 2 days ago
7:40 keanu part
Nicky C
Nicky C - 2 days ago
omg she has the most perfect skin
Krissys Garden
Krissys Garden - 2 days ago
Extra white butt hole 😂
Nicole Akinyi
Nicole Akinyi - 2 days ago
The movie was so good! Loved it. Keanu makes me happy! The song at the end was fantastic! 😂
Peter Su
Peter Su - 2 days ago
Great flow to the interview
smurfette Kanya
smurfette Kanya - 2 days ago
Loved the movie
Kelly And Sam Seed
Kelly And Sam Seed - 2 days ago
This is why she's my favorite comedian: her love of butthole jokes. There is nothing funnier than a butthole joke... or even just the word butthole! Best. Word. Ever.
laursouth52 - 2 days ago
$8!?! Scoreeeee but how many girls paid like $30 for a look alike???? 😩😩😩😩
Darren Gilliam
Darren Gilliam - 2 days ago
趙珮岑 - 2 days ago
She got so emotional when she talked about her dad even though she tried to act cool
WhiteEagle - 2 days ago
That picture of the leopard dress looks like she needs a breast reduction - you put it out there I just got got to say hey that's what it looks like! No disrespect whoever you are . Oh yeah I was looking through my phone - but then it was only an S7 what can I say.?!
boredstephanie - 2 days ago
This movie is such a good romcom. Keanu's scenes were AMAZING as well.
Vero Khan
Vero Khan - 2 days ago
omg I love her!
Shirley Kawafuchi
Shirley Kawafuchi - 2 days ago
First time seeing an Asian woman in the chair across from Kimmel! Woohoo!
Leonard Wilson
Leonard Wilson - 2 days ago
As a bespectacled person, I’m glad that there’s finally an attractive female celebrity who isn’t ashamed to wear glasses on air.
Rebecca Chen
Rebecca Chen - 2 days ago
Jimmy! Your interview skill is so much better than Elle’s! Thank you for giving us a good conversation!
Nia Matthews
Nia Matthews - 2 days ago
The audience is low key whack
Kris Mitchell
Kris Mitchell - 2 days ago
Dude, she was both touching, when talking about her dad, and hilarious. I was cry laughing.
Edit: People saying they're only here for Keanu don't know that he did the movie because he liked Ali's special Baby Cobra. She's hilarious and talented and so is Randall Park.
Ruthy Miranda
Ruthy Miranda - 2 days ago
Last movie she was in (netflix) was terrible.
Jessica De La Cruz Bravo
I think I love her. 🥰😂
75smurfette - 3 days ago
Ali Wong rocks and I wish her all the success in the world!
Suzanne Avina
Suzanne Avina - 3 days ago
Love her...Love her glasses!!
Khiona - 3 days ago
i dont know who she is i came for the dirty jokes
HawnMa808 - 3 days ago
What a talented beautiful being. I understand why Keanu did the movie. Because he is a fan of Ali's. Her stand up is classic and the Netflix Always be my maybe is hilarious and epic. Lol. Must see to appreciate.
yee haw
yee haw - 3 days ago
7:40 about Keanu!!!
Steph H.
Steph H. - 3 days ago
Asian Celebs are on the come up. Aye aye ayeeee!
Eevee M
Eevee M - 3 days ago
lmao that really is a genuine Keanu laugh xD
Waytogo Li
Waytogo Li - 3 days ago
Today she looks like Wang Fei
Jeannie - 3 days ago
Love Ali Wong
Diane Williams
Diane Williams - 3 days ago
The movie is sensational.
John P.
John P. - 3 days ago
ewwww who dressed her? who tf is she?? 🤭🤢🤮
Mim Jack
Mim Jack - 3 days ago
Smithsonian I know you got better s*** to be doing better things to be gathering better items to be cataloging then this Vogel woman's $8 dress I don't get it
Rick Tata
Rick Tata - 3 days ago
Chinese are are the lamest people. They really need to learn how to vote
Heather Crook
Heather Crook - 3 days ago
Ali’s the best!!
younger M
younger M - 3 days ago
I love her in American housewife
Osuka 5000
Osuka 5000 - 3 days ago
Chinese are cheap not all asian's...
Xander Luangphakdy
Xander Luangphakdy - 3 days ago
Is that Sasha Tran from always be my maybe
Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas - 3 days ago
Why is your chair on a platform so you can look taller than your guests and look down on them......insecure Jimmy?
Teny Haryati
Teny Haryati - 3 days ago
keanu is the most down to earth person, he would say yes for the movie w/o hesitation :)
Tricia O'Keefe
Tricia O'Keefe - 3 days ago
Never heard of ya lol
crazyleg2006 - 3 days ago
Ali is such a hottie.
Helio Chitamba
Helio Chitamba - 3 days ago
kEANU AT 7:45 , For all the breathtaking Fans
s0fa - 3 days ago
She totally has the loud asian mom thing going for her lol
Kateřina Konečná
Kateřina Konečná - 3 days ago
Gosh, she is so beautiful - who is it? I came for Keanu name in the title... :-)
Diane Diane
Diane Diane - 3 days ago
First of all, what is she wearing? Too much tan contour doesn’t look right.
Karo Kratos
Karo Kratos - 3 days ago
She look alike London Keyes.
druha10304 - 3 days ago
who is this women? never heard of it ever
Jocelyn Luna
Jocelyn Luna - 3 days ago
the restaurant scene was my favorite!!!
Dita Surachmad
Dita Surachmad - 3 days ago
Are we not gonna talk about her amazing skin at all? Then let me start, I wanna know Ali Wong's skincare routine.
joosunkmybattleship - 12 hours ago
Have a baby
Amanda Peters
Amanda Peters - 3 days ago
The movie was so hilarious! Loved itN
Light Yagami
Light Yagami - 3 days ago
She's so awesome
omomoification - 3 days ago
Couldn't stop Ali!! And this was such an easy conversational interview, nicely done.
Joann Castro
Joann Castro - 3 days ago
Love her! I can’t wait to watch more Ali Wong movies 👏🏻👏🏻
ZombieTex - 3 days ago
I saw the movie and was pleasantly surprised at how extremely good it was. I was expecting it to be "pretty funny", but it was hilarious. It way beat my expectations.
ChinaChao - 3 days ago
Kinda off topic, but that bride didn't seem to like her in-laws to be & that side of the family. It also sounds like they weren't Asian judging by their stereotype of her. Sounds like they're off to a fabulous start!
Bell - 3 days ago
I saw it and I LOVED it! Absolute fav!!
Nora G
Nora G - 3 days ago
Lol ‘’pregnant juice’’ 🤣
Be1smaht - 3 days ago
Physicians know about waiting reeeeeeeally long for something you want.
Lucas1978 - 3 days ago
Heard about this movie on NPR 1A, and watched it that night. Loved it. SO funny!
SO clever, authentic and easy to watch. I laughed out loud.
PotOfGold Seeker
PotOfGold Seeker - 3 days ago
I love how she dresses
Johnny Peterson
Johnny Peterson - 3 days ago
Give this woman a bazooka and make her say: *STARSSS*
GT Tg - 3 days ago
Confident, pretty lady - love her personality and comedy special.
Zach Waddill
Zach Waddill - 3 days ago
She's a lot in common with poodles and Siamese cats
Francesca Silla
Francesca Silla - 3 days ago
Omg she's absolutely hilarious hahaha. So sweet how her dad was so supportive of her having a 'non traditional' job.. ❤️ I LOVED the movie
Jenny - 3 days ago
you best believe i punched keanu reeves and it was better than any scene you can see in speed. i hit john wick and now im feeling so appealing basically i'm a god you can call me hercules.
X Xaire
X Xaire - 3 days ago
“Always Be My Maybe,” was terrific!
Han N.
Han N. - 3 days ago
Keanu’s part is 7:43
thank me later
KARLA SERENO - 3 days ago
GREAT movie. Thank you Ali Wong
D G - 3 days ago
all that and i dont even know what movie they are talking about
Jayjay Jay
Jayjay Jay - 3 days ago
Why does she still sound like she attended ivy league
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