Ali Wong on Her Famous Dress, Dirty Jokes & Keanu Reeves

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ethicalpervert - 3 days ago
7:41 Keanu part
Math S.
Math S. - 9 days ago
Wonderful and professionale comedian, I love her
Jimbo Tuazon
Jimbo Tuazon - 12 days ago
Oooohhhh her glasses are everything! 😍😍😍😍😍
myblackvanity - 17 days ago
I need her eyeglasses. Now.
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That was funny//. I see//. /// Haaa/ sounds fun
tanu sharma
tanu sharma - 26 days ago
she is a natural brooooo
Alexis Alonso
Alexis Alonso - Month ago
They where free and didn’t even realize it. Fools.
Rita Kanyo
Rita Kanyo - Month ago
She has bubbly personality😊😀😁😂I wish she would perform in Sweden 👍💙💛
Lorna Ginette Harrison
Gotta say, her dad sounds like he was a _really_ amazing man, & an *_even_* more supportive, _wonderful_ father! Kudos!🙌☺️👏
Janet Wood
Janet Wood - Month ago
*Ali Wong's comedy sketches are racist! THE RULES OF SOCIETY: If you are white, you can not say 🎤the n-word. If you are black, you can not make fun of poor, white people that live in 🏚trailers. If you are Asian, you can not make fun of immigrant 🇲🇽Mexicans who can't speak English, because that is just RACIST! (Still don't understand? Then go to and search for the YouTube video entitled: "WWE Rock speaks Chinese". That should explain it to you clearly.)*
tomaf - Month ago
I'll be happy to impregnate her if she needs that for her shows. ;-P
Rachel - 2 months ago
I love her So much😂😂😂
Tom - 2 months ago
not really a fashion person but that's actually a pretty fire outfit she's got on.
waitin4winter - 2 months ago
Someone needs to make a Kimmel laugh compilation
CC Shinoda
CC Shinoda - 2 months ago
Jimmy you rock
Aya Wang
Aya Wang - 2 months ago
her skin looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
Anna Sandul
Anna Sandul - 2 months ago
she is great
Spongeworthy - 2 months ago
I watched her movie at least five times already.
Roamin Andrson
Roamin Andrson - 2 months ago
Why do they want her dress?
Charles Crandall
Charles Crandall - 2 months ago
And then, without warning, the virus began.
Jaime Alonzo
Jaime Alonzo - 2 months ago
Dirty, dirty woman.
Norman Tang
Norman Tang - 2 months ago
Keanu : 7:39
Ben G
Ben G - 3 months ago
I can just imagine when Ali becomes a grandma and she tells her story to all her grandchildren gathered around the fireplace during Christmas and it's all her shenanigans when she was young, and all her grandchildren already saw it in youtube, or whatever it's called on that time.
Ben G
Ben G - 3 months ago
You should either be super classy or completely shameless to make it to Hollywood.
Damon Miller
Damon Miller - 3 months ago
The outfit she has on now looks like a superhero
Ling Chang
Ling Chang - 3 months ago
I love both of her specials and her “Maybe” movie… but this dress is all S&M fishnet and snakeskin…
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D33P S3A
D33P S3A - 3 months ago
did she wear a star wars costume? bad...bad guardarobe
Naya Amore
Naya Amore - 3 months ago
I feel Jimmy was having a genuinely good time
Shelley Handler
Shelley Handler - 4 months ago
She normally has the best fashion sense, but hon, who upcycled that recliner?
Novel Dixon
Novel Dixon - 4 months ago
Love Ali Wong
Big love for her dad
Moses - 4 months ago
She’s funnier pregnant 🤰🏻
Patricia Alcala
Patricia Alcala - 4 months ago
popcorn with friends :)
hm woof
hm woof - 5 months ago
Jimmy Kimmel is so nice and respectful with the interview. It’s so pleasant to watch, Ellen can use a lesson from Jimmy!
Julian - 5 months ago
2:57 the point she realized her dress might be at party city lmao
Stone Art
Stone Art - 5 months ago
Ali has a cult, I’m not surprised. This female is a great talk.
Greg Moore
Greg Moore - 5 months ago
Ali Wong can get that work!
e.z. walker
e.z. walker - 5 months ago
Always Be is one of my favorite movies ever!! Hilarious! That part with Keanu at the restaurant is just incredibly funny!
Gerry Stevens
Gerry Stevens - 5 months ago
Got to show the dude in a dress. Jimmy Kimmel C_A Clown.
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William Woods
William Woods - 5 months ago
I think I love her :)
John Wayne
John Wayne - 6 months ago
Ali Wong is funny.
Protectobot - 6 months ago
At least she's working. The store manager is almost NEVER at my job. She gets pregnant, takes a YEAR off and then comes back and has another baby and leaves again. She must have a LOT of money saved! O_O They keep saving her job for her too. I guess you don't need a store manager to manage a store...
AnisQiz - 6 months ago
Aww, that bit about her dad standing outside the Smithsonian made me 😭. I'm so pleased for her success, when she rises she empowers countless girls. 👏🏽❤🙏🏼
Mike69 - 6 months ago
Keanu is the bomb .. kimmel is an a$$hole.
Shania Silva
Shania Silva - 6 months ago
Bekz Y
Bekz Y - 6 months ago
Love that people actually laughed at that joke
mark kevorkian
mark kevorkian - 6 months ago
I dont think anyone is gonna wear that star wars dumpster outfit she is wearing now.
David Lin
David Lin - 7 months ago
I am heading to watch this nowwwww
Sycokay - 7 months ago
For a non-US citizen it is really disturbing to see a harmless everyday curse word beeped and people feeling sorry that it slipped out. Especially when this happens to a female comedian that is known for her descriptive vulgar language^^ ...Murica, you should really grow up.
That Guy
That Guy - 7 months ago
love her. love her stand-up. but her film didn't work for me. bad film. might be difficult to transition from stand-up to film or tv series
La Luna
La Luna - 7 months ago
DOES EVERYONE SEE THE SAME COMMERCIAL at the beginning of the video as I do? If so, WTF do truffles have to do with a damn car!?
BaldingClamydia - 8 months ago
Her story about her dad was great 😁
Reckless Mizo
Reckless Mizo - 8 months ago
Marie R
Marie R - 8 months ago
I love Ali
Lily Raimey
Lily Raimey - 8 months ago
Her skin.😍
priyasha chakrabartty
priyasha chakrabartty - 8 months ago
That's what dads do
Mr. Big
Mr. Big - 9 months ago
Her Dad sounds like a sweet man. May he Rest In Peace.
Mr. Big
Mr. Big - 9 months ago
Such a beautiful lady.
Shivam Srivastav
Shivam Srivastav - 9 months ago
only here for keanu reeves
ML Feathers
ML Feathers - 9 months ago
I love this interview so much I’ve watched it multiple times. I don’t do that.
Eugene Cheong
Eugene Cheong - 10 months ago
Go Ali..much respect...
Candid Biscuit
Candid Biscuit - 10 months ago
I will never get that stupid idea to censure words.
1831 Fymgmb
1831 Fymgmb - 10 months ago
why did olivia munn have the nunchuccs?
Julie Allen
Julie Allen - 10 months ago
Love this movie!!!
Juvylene Herreria
Juvylene Herreria - 10 months ago
She is beautiful and so funny 😂❤️
Todd Ramey
Todd Ramey - 10 months ago
Funny thing is imma go look up always be my maybe just to see Keanus part lol
Beau Amoureux
Beau Amoureux - 10 months ago
I got two balls full of baby juice for any cute Asian girls with a great sense of humor who want to live out their Ali Wong fantasies in real life! 💪🏿✌🏿
Xinyi Wang
Xinyi Wang - 10 months ago
How is her skin so tight and has no hollow or wrinkle?
Camryn Johns
Camryn Johns - 10 months ago
Lol ghosts don't have a race and neither do witches or goblins or zombies or vampires.... there are plenty of options for people of every race on Halloween.
Raul Torres
Raul Torres - 10 months ago
She's so gorgeous
Bibek Chaudhary
Bibek Chaudhary - 10 months ago
She is super cool woman 👩
CreativeQueen x
CreativeQueen x - 11 months ago
OMG !!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Zhou
Andrew Zhou - 11 months ago
Jimmy is a way better host for a comedian because he is totally fine with the guest being funnier.
GeorgeJansen - 11 months ago
Love her 😍❤️❤️😍😍😍
Junie Charles
Junie Charles - 11 months ago
Nicholas Gabaldon
Nicholas Gabaldon - 11 months ago
Is it "it's very good to have ya here!" Or is it "it's very good to have me here"
kelvin theman
kelvin theman - 11 months ago
Actually a funny girl
Shanti - 11 months ago
She’s so likeable and destined to succeed !
Lion Heart
Lion Heart - 11 months ago
she's not funny..and i'm asian...
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