We Got ALL YouTubers That Can HANDSTAND In 1 ZOOM CALL To Compete in a COMPETITION!!!

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Victoria Austin
Victoria Austin - 58 minutes ago
Felicia Johnson
Felicia Johnson - Hour ago
Ok but when the brothers came Lilly’s face be like πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
Karolina StΔ™pieΕ„
Karolina StΔ™pieΕ„ - 2 hours ago
woow i'm really impressed by you guys πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’œ
Blah Blah β€’ 35 years ago
Wise not to invite Sofie
My Fashionista Girl
My Fashionista Girl - 3 hours ago
Lets hugs guys❀
bruh the sux
bruh the sux - 3 hours ago
sam and teagen are very strong they didnt move thats so strong!!!
Nellie Ward
Nellie Ward - 7 hours ago
Pareena Doshi
Pareena Doshi - 8 hours ago
α’ͺOᐯᗴ YOα‘Œα’ͺα’ͺ ՏO α—°α‘Œα‘•α•Ό YOα‘Œα’ͺα’ͺ α—©α–‡α—΄ Tα•Όα—΄ ᗷᗴՏT α‘­α’ͺՏ Υα‘Œα—·Υα‘•α–‡Iα—·α—΄ TOY α‘•α•Όα—©α‘Žα‘Žα—΄α’ͺ its called Pareena Doshi
SΓ‘ra Ruppert
SΓ‘ra Ruppert - 8 hours ago
Ang JiaYi
Ang JiaYi - 8 hours ago
Xiuhong - 8 hours ago
Good job Teagan!!!
Everybody else too
Love u guys 😍😍❀️❀️
Srishti Rawat
Srishti Rawat - 12 hours ago
Hy twins 😍
Please come in India ✌️✌️
I want to see you
I am abig fan of you.
Gaming with The Girls
Gaming with The Girls - 13 hours ago
purple hearrt (dont have emos on pc)
Kamaran Ft
Kamaran Ft - 15 hours ago
I wish soffie dossi was there she would decently win
alida flus
alida flus - 16 hours ago
Who thinks they make quarantine better? Me!!!! Small youtuber😊
Alper Ataman
Alper Ataman - 16 hours ago
Anyone wondering where was #sofie dossi
iiMaya_Fxttie. - 18 hours ago
Idk why but this cringes meπŸ˜‚
Guadalupe - 18 hours ago
The only relevant you tubers in this video are the dolansπŸ’€
addisongburns .
addisongburns . - 19 hours ago
alida flus
alida flus - 16 hours ago
Why is sofie dossi not here like she will have won first place. Who agrees
Saanvi Pahari
Saanvi Pahari - 19 hours ago
Im proud of myself for holding a handstand for 5 seconds...
what's tea
what's tea - 20 hours ago
Bobbi Taunton
Bobbi Taunton - 20 hours ago
Milevia Ayman
Milevia Ayman - 21 hour ago
Teagan Sam u need to make how to hold a handstand long video
Milevia Ayman
Milevia Ayman - 22 hours ago
Who else thinks Anna is kind of shy
Milevia Ayman
Milevia Ayman - 22 hours ago
You are too close to 7 mil😳
Milevia Ayman
Milevia Ayman - 22 hours ago
What about meπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚
Saleeah and Jakai
Saleeah and Jakai - 22 hours ago
You forgot sofie
Tiffany Pan
Tiffany Pan - 22 hours ago
What about Sofie Dossi?
marthajames5 - Day ago
You need Morgan rose moroney!
Sandrine Wieland
Sandrine Wieland - Day ago
You should do it again but with Stefanie Millinger from Austria. She’s so incredible you can check her out on Instagram
Sanne Woning
Sanne Woning - Day ago
Ogmogg - Day ago
Why isn’t sofie dossi here
Mofoluwasewa Olanubi
Why is sofie dossi not here like she will have won first place. Who agrees
Annebel Basson
Annebel Basson - Day ago
Annebel Basson
Annebel Basson - Day ago
Sam is wearing panda shoes 😁
Aoife Moloney
Aoife Moloney - Day ago
Sofia Isadora Kilter
I am here for
1. Rybka twins (I have subscribed to them)
2. Anna (I have watched her videos but not subscribed)
3. Lilly ( I know her but I have not watched her videos)
4. Rebecca ( I know her but I have not watched her videos)
5. The Dolan twins ( I first saw them in their video when they got all sets of twins in one zoom call ) ,and this is the only video what I have watched)probably I watched this video from the Rybka twins
6. I don’t even know who he is
Aren Ura
Aren Ura - Day ago
Ari - Day ago
the way ethan tried to blow ethan to tilt to the other side had me dead-
Kelis Austin
Kelis Austin - Day ago
i had anxiety watching this video, yet i wasn’t even in the video
Angela Morcos
Angela Morcos - Day ago
U forgot Sofie dossi πŸ˜‚
Mary Berthiaume
Mary Berthiaume - Day ago
can someone tell me if it is easier for the boys to put their legs straight up and the girls to to do that weird leg thingy???
Mary Berthiaume
Mary Berthiaume - Day ago
@Morgan Grimes oh ok
Morgan Grimes
Morgan Grimes - Day ago
Doing a split handstand just makes it easier to balance and not everyone can do a split
Mureed - Day ago
Lori Julia
Lori Julia - Day ago
Mureed - Day ago
E&G 20
E&G 20 - Day ago
Alex Cheng
Alex Cheng - Day ago
What about Sofie Dossi she is talentedddd
Fatoumata Diallo
Fatoumata Diallo - Day ago
me: im waiding for sophie
everyone else: ......
Hannah Barber
Hannah Barber - Day ago
I lost my to from that cancer sad story
Mikayla_Playz - Day ago
Shaelan Smith
Shaelan Smith - Day ago
Yes Tegan β™₯️
kaylee Nistler
kaylee Nistler - Day ago
Brynn Beuler
Brynn Beuler - Day ago
I’m surprised Lexi revera was not in this!
Sianna Mayo
Sianna Mayo - Day ago
i love your vidoes
Mali Amour
Mali Amour - Day ago
You should have done sofie dossi
Dog Lover
Dog Lover - Day ago
Chelsea McCormick
Chelsea McCormick - Day ago
Emilia Simpson
Emilia Simpson - Day ago
Haroon Raza
Haroon Raza - Day ago
Lily lookes so pretty
I am a very big fan Aiza πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ˜β€οΈ
Jessica K
Jessica K - Day ago
Harper Pole
Harper Pole - Day ago
What about Sofia dossi?
I eat rotten cheese btw
Who else HATES rebbeca zamoldo
Alexia Penniall
Alexia Penniall - Day ago
Fatima Jilali
Fatima Jilali - Day ago
I could have joined......... for the splits?
Lua Serpa
Lua Serpa - Day ago
Am I the only one who can, like, easily distinguish them?
teckreck11 - Day ago
Jessica fairbhrother
You guys forgot sophie dossi
Alera Fuell
Alera Fuell - Day ago
I love you guys β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’™
Hayden Unicorn
Hayden Unicorn - Day ago
Everything that happens in this video:
Rybka Twins: *dont move a muscle*
The brothers: "They are frozen!" 🀣
Anna: "i can't believe they are still going"
Neil: *meditating*
Lilly: *proud of herself*
Rebecca: "i don't have a Chance"
Love yall so much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈβ€οΈ
/Rozise \
/Rozise \ - Day ago
Is it was Sofie Dossi to
Shalyn Tupper
Shalyn Tupper - Day ago
You forgot Sofie Dossi 😭
Chay - Day ago
I'm on pc... no purple hearts...
Wandering Everywhere
Where is sofie dossi!!
Life's a potato
Life's a potato - Day ago
Ik they could’ve just not been able to make it but I wish they had had TC2 (and maybe so for dossi)
Eloise Rule
Eloise Rule - Day ago
what about sofie dossi
cherry blossom
cherry blossom - 2 days ago
I cant tell who is who now!!!!
Kelsey Gould
Kelsey Gould - 2 days ago
Malak Alrumaih
Malak Alrumaih - 2 days ago
Tiaa Bijlani
Tiaa Bijlani - 2 days ago
What about Sofie Dossi
Jamie Curry
Jamie Curry - 2 days ago
Jamie Curry
Jamie Curry - 2 days ago
I tried myself and I couldn’t hold it up for at least 30 seconds!
Jamie Curry
Jamie Curry - 2 days ago
Skyrubys59 - 2 days ago
You forgot someone Soffie Dossi
Afza Imran
Afza Imran - 2 days ago
Omg you forget about sofie
M Yes
M Yes - 2 days ago
Found it
Hailey K
Hailey K - 2 days ago
Sorry about your dad I lost my Grandpa to cancer πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Bernice Cheung
Bernice Cheung - 2 days ago
OMG TEAGAN YOU WERE SO GOOOOD. u shd do a video on how to hold handstands longer!!
Ágnes DÑvid
Ágnes DΓ‘vid - 2 days ago
Lilly did it on grass, it's so much harder!!!
Bernice Cheung
Bernice Cheung - 2 days ago
omg yay, this is so amazing!! thank u for organising this so cool!!
Kittens_4_ever - 2 days ago
Ffi Willz
Ffi Willz - 2 days ago
You should have got sofie dossi
Joe Lahoud
Joe Lahoud - 2 days ago
This is crzy omg
Lina loli
Lina loli - 2 days ago
Hi teagan hi same i love you so much
Lucie Bennett 8N
Lucie Bennett 8N - 2 days ago
Lakshita Hooda
Lakshita Hooda - 2 days ago
Where is Sofie dossi
Zibah Obi
Zibah Obi - 2 days ago
Penelope Harper
Penelope Harper - 2 days ago
Ethan blowing to keep gray up HAHAHAH
Liliya Tian
Liliya Tian - 2 days ago
Who was shocked when anna didn't win
Poonam William
Poonam William - 2 days ago
O.M.G Lilly's face when she saw the Dolan twins haha
Aminath Amana
Aminath Amana - 2 days ago
Sam, u asked for it!
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