it's time to move on | Growing Up Eileen S4 EP 1 (FULL EPISODE)

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Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel - 2 days ago
Yes that's a good idea if y'all go to different city's or states
Merari Ss
Merari Ss - 3 days ago
Im so glad I didnt buy that product, right when I saw her story I went to the website wanting to purchase it but then backed out
Jazmin Miguel
Jazmin Miguel - 4 days ago
I got so emotional! I can't wait for my family to experience the same thing!
leah Calderon
leah Calderon - 4 days ago
best feeling ever is when your brother gives you his clothes lmaoo
Jazmin Miguel
Jazmin Miguel - 4 days ago
are mi amigas coming to Phoenix? Where mi casa is at? 2020 yass!
celeste gonzalez
celeste gonzalez - 4 days ago
Evelin Castanon
Evelin Castanon - 4 days ago
An Amigas Tour... I wanna see that🤩
Tjae 16
Tjae 16 - 4 days ago
I love how humble and grateful they are for everything, even the little things. This YouTube Chanel has taught me a bunch of lessons! I love you guys so much 💗
Giselle Cas. M.
Giselle Cas. M. - 5 days ago
Lourdes: I’ve been packing all the things without help
Regular Hispanic mom: ven ayudar que tu no ayudas en nada o mejor te doy “haaa” 🇸🇻😳
Ashley Tecorral
Ashley Tecorral - 5 days ago
Lourdes relax. Your always giving attitude and your always mad and screaming. You want everything perfect🙄🙄🙄
yulissa cuevas
yulissa cuevas - 5 days ago
Come to WASHINGTON!!!!
marlin sanchez
marlin sanchez - 5 days ago
Lourdes laughing as she realizes that the rusty old music thing was actually worth $700 and she wanted to get rid of it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💙
Always Bored
Always Bored - 5 days ago
what’s her yt???
Athina Loemba
Athina Loemba - 5 days ago
I missed this series seriously so much
Gaby Menchaca
Gaby Menchaca - 5 days ago
21:02 Eileen had a GLOW UP
wendy arana
wendy arana - 5 days ago
my best friend’s last name is padilla😗
Betty Pastrana
Betty Pastrana - 5 days ago
Her dads words at the end omg cry 😭
Your little sister changed her face expression real quick hearing your dad words .
Congrats for the new house 👏
alondra jimenez
alondra jimenez - 6 days ago
where is eileen’s track suit from , it’s so pretty !
E P - 6 days ago
The ending was beautiful. Hearing her talk about the struggles of owning a home was beautiful.
Jocelyne Gongora
Jocelyne Gongora - 6 days ago
Dallas 🥺
Jasmin Lopez
Jasmin Lopez - 6 days ago
You’re teaching her a lesson for having her own life? 🤦🏽‍♀️ for not being with her sister 24/7 😂
Nachaly Vergez
Nachaly Vergez - 6 days ago
All I can say Eileen had a huge glow up 😂
Joselyn Flores
Joselyn Flores - 6 days ago
“Armando when he lost his virginity upstairs” 🤣
Lesly Rodriguez
Lesly Rodriguez - 6 days ago
Come to phoenix
Martha Morales
Martha Morales - 6 days ago
Remember we
You at skyzone
Nani Lopez
Nani Lopez - 7 days ago
Joceline Mendez
Joceline Mendez - 7 days ago
Can't wait in tell Saturday!!!
Molly Love
Molly Love - 7 days ago
Raunchy!!!!!? Dude that's a record player. People pay hundreds for that "ugly brown box."
lencheena pertin
lencheena pertin - 7 days ago
I just love this family soooo much. #familygoals♥️
Sailen Ramirez
Sailen Ramirez - 7 days ago
“How do you know it plays music?”
“because it looks like it” 😂
Cutest little girl!!!
Isabel Ayala
Isabel Ayala - 8 days ago
When is this amigas tour !!! I need to know
LUCY - 8 days ago
damn why is this my family
Nadia Mijangos
Nadia Mijangos - 8 days ago
Wait Ik I’m late but like what is Eileen Starbucks drink called?🤔
Marielena charco
Marielena charco - 8 days ago
Why does lily want to get into every thing 😂 no hate 💀
lillie mel
lillie mel - 9 days ago
GROWING UP EILEEN. Im so glad to finally see a season 4❤
Jae Blanco
Jae Blanco - 9 days ago
I miss you all ❤️ may God bless you're family
Lola cherrycola
Lola cherrycola - 9 days ago
Oh my goodness yass I wanna meet Eileen and Lourdes!!! PLEASE PLEASE COME TO CHARLOTTE NC!!❤️❤️
Zayda Hernandez
Zayda Hernandez - 10 days ago
lele - 10 days ago
18:45 SHE IS MY MOOD lmfaoooooo
Corina Ara
Corina Ara - 10 days ago
Do one in Ontario California too !!
stephanie estrada
stephanie estrada - 10 days ago
Hi I love your vedes
T I F F A N Y - 10 days ago
I love these full episodes 😍🤩
Kamiah Vlogs
Kamiah Vlogs - 10 days ago
I’ve been waiting for thissss!! 💞🥺
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 10 days ago
“I’m not taking this drama” lmao I felt that
Ceda Wihongi
Ceda Wihongi - 10 days ago
Omggg yessss
angela tapia
angela tapia - 10 days ago
maria yanes
maria yanes - 10 days ago
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 10 days ago
What a bunch of total cunts.
misolou fout
misolou fout - 10 days ago
when she started speaking spanish that’s when yk she’s already fed up 😭💀
Caren Castrejon
Caren Castrejon - 11 days ago
Omg I love watching you guys !!!!
Steff C
Steff C - 11 days ago
What happened to Eileen and Ruben?
Dinah Alvarez
Dinah Alvarez - 11 days ago
Wow y’all were at Anaheim plaza 😭😭💗
misolou fout
misolou fout - 10 days ago
“I’m not being extra”....what the hell??? What does that even mean? 🙄millennials
TCHHAYS - 11 days ago
Did Eileens mom get a BBL ?
Babyy Riinnaa
Babyy Riinnaa - 11 days ago
If y’all do the tour come to San Antonio tx I really want to meet y’all
yessica Coronel
yessica Coronel - 11 days ago
irene guerrero
irene guerrero - 11 days ago
Girl she alwayz wit her manz why she trippen
Delbert Annis
Delbert Annis - 11 days ago
I thought the Kardashian show was a, well, I will just say human beings are getting dumber by the day. 🤷🏽‍♂️
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 11 days ago
Omg I love the little baby sister so freaken adorable I swear I can't 😭😭😍
Lizbeth Trujillo
Lizbeth Trujillo - 11 days ago
Where did dash go ?
Skyyy Sha
Skyyy Sha - 11 days ago
Eillina is a mood! 😂
Got Eem
Got Eem - 11 days ago
Lourdes did you get a BBL?
David Martinez
David Martinez - 11 days ago
People stop watching garbage!
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