60 MINUTE VS. 6 MINUTE Makeup Challenge! | NikkieTutorials

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NikkieTutorials - Month ago
pandasaurus rexx
pandasaurus rexx - 2 days ago
I do mine within 6mins I don't know how to really do all the other make up stuff and I kinda fail at that part xD so I only use primer, foundation, liner and sometimes mascara xD
Marina Ilondo
Marina Ilondo - 7 days ago
Oh hel no
Fashion and Beauty Corner
@Nikkii Gomez Welcome girl😊❤️
Bella Palla
Bella Palla - 10 days ago
How do you think I get to school on time lol
crystal Nelson
crystal Nelson - 11 days ago
Thumbs down because no
euphoria hodge
euphoria hodge - 7 hours ago
OK so my name is euphoria... And nobody else i know has my name, so i feel like if u dont know anyone else with the name euphoria u should like my comment
Laura Camila García Swain
shes doing her eyebrows ON camera !!!
Naomi Garrett
Naomi Garrett - Day ago
I can do my makeup in 15 minutes tops
Min Nanii LimelightXArmy
16:58 *Nikkie Lowkey Dirty talking the Bronzer to work* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Elena Fray5
Elena Fray5 - Day ago
Please, do a real time makeup tutorial
Mel Short
Mel Short - Day ago
Eyeliner, mascara and lashes, highlighter and lipstick and i could be done. I think id be able to do it in 6 mins.
Estefanie Mrls
Estefanie Mrls - Day ago
Omg it might be weird but I have to say she looks amazing on the 6 minute challenge🥰😍
Ashley Kelley
Ashley Kelley - 2 days ago
Yasss I would love a real time tutorial! Also I loved this challenge ❤❤
TreasurSittinPretty - 2 days ago
Love your videos
Vanessa Smalls
Vanessa Smalls - 3 days ago
YES! I would love to see a real time make-up tutorial .. 🤯👀
Bearwyn Goode
Bearwyn Goode - 3 days ago
That is what you call talent!
chaimaa chocho
chaimaa chocho - 3 days ago
Im haasten to like this video 🔥❤😍
Jana Eb
Jana Eb - 3 days ago
I love your hair clips where you buy them?
Amelia Bledsoe
Amelia Bledsoe - 4 days ago
Please do a real time make-up tutorial. WITH EYEBROWS.
Bas Engelen
Bas Engelen - 4 days ago
girl please do the real time make up video 🥰❣️❣️
brigita katona
brigita katona - 4 days ago
we want a tutorial in real time girl
Kate Neal
Kate Neal - 5 days ago
You did a great job!! I would’ve done brows and mascara. I do my makeup on less than 10mins every day! Life with 3 kids and working.... I’d love to see you do a quick and easy 10-15min make up look
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones - 5 days ago
Cilla - 5 days ago
When your 6 minute makeup is still better than my 60 minute makeup
Cilla - 5 days ago
This seems like such an unnecessary amount of stress on yourself 🤣💖
Oh I need his in my life 😂
Shabnam Shaikh
Shabnam Shaikh - 6 days ago
You r cute
ichmagkekse ENDE
ichmagkekse ENDE - 6 days ago
doing my make up every day in literally 5 minutes,because I can never get out of bed in time.
i mastered my cat-eyeliner (4 minutes max for both eyes ),give my eyebrows a little help via some pencil an dthen just run out to get my bus.
skin just done with my daily moisturizing cream,bc well everybody knows i have acne and no one cares ,so why even bother .this way i dont need to worry about making it worse so yey :3
just dont want to look dead and tired af when i leave my house.
eyeliner definetly safes my face haha
Colleen's Reviews
Colleen's Reviews - 6 days ago
I think you did pretty good lol.
Krystal Paul
Krystal Paul - 7 days ago
As a Mom, I spend an hour a WEEK on makeup! 🤣
Krystal Paul
Krystal Paul - 7 days ago
Marina Ilondo
Marina Ilondo - 7 days ago
Kara - meru
Kara - meru - 7 days ago
she didn't get to do her other eyebrow before the time ran out! I'm stressed 🤣
Marie-Eve Ste-Marie
Marie-Eve Ste-Marie - 7 days ago
It actually really takes 6 minutes for me to get ready (for my everyday look). I only do my eyebrows, sometimes mascara. I love the way my skin looks without anything on it , so it saves me a lot of time.
But if you really wanna look flawless..
bhoomi goyal
bhoomi goyal - 9 days ago
Who is here after watching mrunu's video😂😁
Charlene Brown
Charlene Brown - 9 days ago
You look great. LOL i was screaming at the screen telling you what to do next !!❤👍😎❤
Dairene Garcia
Dairene Garcia - 9 days ago
It takes me 6 minutes to breathhhh
I’m dying 😹
Stefanie X
Stefanie X - 9 days ago
I really think that the six minutes half really looks good!
Naturally beautiful 💁🏼‍♀️
Cecilia Nuñez
Cecilia Nuñez - 9 days ago
The highlighter before concealer was a waist of time. You could have used that time to put mascara on the lower lashes
Kelley Berry
Kelley Berry - 10 days ago
I’d love to see a real-time tutorial!
Prinses Sarah
Prinses Sarah - 10 days ago
Ik ben Nederlands dus ik weet het iets van fast 😍❤️
Saved by Christ
Saved by Christ - 10 days ago
Both sides are beautiful. I can't pick 😭
Shreya Chakrabarty
Shreya Chakrabarty - 10 days ago
Is it only me or are there other people who think that the 6 min side looks better @nikkietutorials
Catalina Island
Catalina Island - 11 days ago
yesssss the brows are a damn journey! persistence is the key !!
Dina Goldstein
Dina Goldstein - 11 days ago
I loved both sides. ☺️
E.L.F. Land
E.L.F. Land - 12 days ago
Step 1- Moisturizer
Step 2- Concealer only under my eyes.
Step 3- Powder
Step 4- Eyebrows
Step 5- Mascara
And that is my extensive makeup routine. Most days it's brows and mascara. I only do heavier/darker brows for family pictures.
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur - 12 days ago
I love the 6 minute side!!!
Rachel Dause
Rachel Dause - 12 days ago
Next challenge, create a make-up look for popular drinks on the Starbucks menu 🙃
Lacey Page
Lacey Page - 12 days ago
I'd love to see a realtime makeup routine. I feel like it would be so interesting without all the cuts!
Olga Gustafsson
Olga Gustafsson - 12 days ago
If I have much time it will maybe take me 6 minutes or shorter, but a ordinary day it will take me like 15 seconds
QUINZ BEAUTY - 12 days ago
First tip with getting make-up done in 6 minutes......DONT APPLY LASHES
Johnny Valentine
Johnny Valentine - 13 days ago
Okay but the 6 minute side looks really soft glam and fluttery! But hunny! For fast cheek makeup, use a highlighter+combo! And do a single colour eyeshadow with a nice lash! Those are my tips! But both sides are stunning and beautiful 🦋
Johnny Valentine
Johnny Valentine - 13 days ago
Highlighter+blush combo* 🤦🏻‍♂️
Faith In Makeup
Faith In Makeup - 13 days ago
Please do a real time video so I can do my makeup with you!!!
Shelby Martinez
Shelby Martinez - 13 days ago
The 6 minute side is me doing my makeup after having a baby 😂 you have to blend
A g g r e s s i v e l y
Claire Wilkinson Wilson
Claire Wilkinson Wilson - 13 days ago
One of my favourite videos !!!❤❤
Juanita Gomez
Juanita Gomez - 13 days ago
Use a tinted moisturizer with medium coverage, tinted gel brow, cream blush, powder foundation and just use a fluffy brush for the bronzer. Some mascara and you’re doneee
Autumn Glover
Autumn Glover - 14 days ago
I always do my eyebrows and eyelashes in 3 minutes, then powder foundation and gloss: you slayed both sides though so beautiful ❤️❤️
Bell Foster
Bell Foster - 14 days ago
Yasssss to real time💖
Loved your new Nikkie to the Rescue episode.
Rhodé - 14 days ago
Nikki's make up is nog beter in 6 minuten dan dat ik doe ik 4 uur ofzo😂💕
Kelsey Martin
Kelsey Martin - 14 days ago
Nikkie- 6 minutes to do a look; spends 2.5 minutes doing LASHES
Alexander Tarango
Alexander Tarango - 14 days ago
My six minutes would consist of
1. Tinted sunscreen for even skin
2. Concealer
3. Brows
4. Mascara or tight liner
4. Bronzer
5. lips
Kaya De Angelis
Kaya De Angelis - 14 days ago
Wow imagine editing down an hour+ footage to 18 mins
Kaya De Angelis
Kaya De Angelis - 14 days ago
Wow imagine editing down an hour+ footage to 18 mind
Samantha Dickens
Samantha Dickens - 14 days ago
Real tutorials! Love everything you do, but yes, would really benefit from a detailed instruction vid :) :)
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