I Wasn't Allowed To Watch Egoraptor

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Patricia Gonzalez
Patricia Gonzalez - 18 hours ago
My mom also thinks pokemon is the devil. Ugh tough luck, Like if your parents are over protecting too
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson - 20 hours ago
2:45 come into my world...
animações duvidosas
`my knee my frikin knee ` lol
Christy Larson
Christy Larson - Day ago
I sneak wach you
Aydiin And Na Na Tv
Aydiin And Na Na Tv - 4 days ago
Im on toilet
Notanalien - 5 days ago
I wasn’t aloud to watch anything so I sneak watched YouTube
awkwardly lazy
awkwardly lazy - 8 days ago
1:04 is he dead!! OMG
Unnstoppable Fury
Unnstoppable Fury - 10 days ago
OH YEAH YEAH - 11 days ago
7:31 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Grickery - 12 days ago
Holy fuck!!!! I don't know if you've been shot in the nuts…
*Spoiler: it sucks.*
Kameryn McElreath
Kameryn McElreath - 12 days ago
Adam YouTube was created in 2005 😏
EX Bounty Hunter
EX Bounty Hunter - 13 days ago
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who watches YouTube on the toilet.😥😥😥
InsaneCameron - 13 days ago
I sneak watch u
TY Games
TY Games - 14 days ago
Hu dat
Angela Rosado
Angela Rosado - 15 days ago
Did you watch game grumps
Isak Berglund
Isak Berglund - 15 days ago
How many babies does it take to paint a wall?
Depends on how hard you throw.
Vixel Fox
Vixel Fox - 16 days ago
I mean, if it makes anyone feel better about things they weren’t allowed to watch... I wasn’t allowed to watch Dexter’s Laboratory.
Choleric Charmander
Choleric Charmander - 16 days ago
Petition Adam to make a Game Grumps Animated
Squib1219 - 16 days ago
My mom strongly suggests to us to not watch game grumps. She hates how they say bad words alot.
SaLoNi - 18 days ago
me wondering what egoraptor is
Lilyana Botello
Lilyana Botello - 20 days ago
1:13 - 1:22 I can totally relate
I will be like " I am so strong, it's probably because of my muscles!"
Then my dad will crush my dreams and be all like...................
" It's not muscle.............................................it's *masa*
stick man
stick man - 21 day ago
What's datt?
UrpalBop And friends
UrpalBop And friends - 22 days ago
I had to do that on skydoseminecraft lol
ken kaneki
ken kaneki - 22 days ago
But your anime character is a devil
ken kaneki
ken kaneki - 22 days ago
Are you kidding me Arin is super funny ok I do admit he does do and say some questionable things but come on bro it’s content
Kailan Foster
Kailan Foster - 23 days ago
Adam: I wasn’t allowed to watch it because he would cuss
Me: hmmmm...
Vfox909 909
Vfox909 909 - 25 days ago
To this day I still love Ego/Arin he has always been funny to me that's why I watch Ego and GameGrumps still to this day
ResidentFallOut 5
ResidentFallOut 5 - 25 days ago
I saw that a long time ago
Sandy Wildfong
Sandy Wildfong - 26 days ago
so your parents didn't let u watch stuff they didn't like. And my parents dont like it that I watch u cuz they think YOUR the devil. But I still watch u anyways, Love u Adam.
GachaElli Mations
GachaElli Mations - 27 days ago
Atleast my mom doesnt know american bad words..(thats not our language) souuu i CAN cuss any time but am still scared
Tohru Marie
Tohru Marie - 26 days ago
If she starts to give you a wtf look..shes catching on! Run!!!
Vzen zic
Vzen zic - 27 days ago
Once I said to my dad ‘ I’m so fresh you could suck my nutz’
Carrie W
Carrie W - 28 days ago
March 24th, 2019 - 1.8 million subs:)
That Lesbian Girl Gachas
That Lesbian Girl Gachas - 28 days ago
6:13 🥶
jk - 28 days ago
Found the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CugguiCVfPw
Miriam Elmore
Miriam Elmore - 29 days ago
"I'm only mildly stupid" lol
Adam Moncrieffe
Adam Moncrieffe - 29 days ago
I sneak watch videos that you guys (probably) wouldn't like so I won't tell you the genre cuz u wont like it but my I watch it on my phone and then if anyone I knew walked in on me I would put the back of my phone to their face so they wouldn't see. (No its not dirty or perverted)
Britney Shyvalley
Britney Shyvalley - Month ago
when you see egoraptor and your like... the frik is that
roo255 - Month ago
Sitting there *ON UR PHONE*
butter windex
butter windex - Month ago
My first EGORAPTOR video was Luigi's Ballad, I loved the song and found it hilarious
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira - Month ago
Ha I'm 15 and I'm watching his videos
The Black Rip
The Black Rip - Month ago
5:45 WTH I was searching egoraptor up clicked on playlists saw awesome series and he said awesome series I was just like

Azzaya Lol
Azzaya Lol - Month ago
I always watch Family guy whit my dad and I'm 9
FrenchiestFry31 - Month ago
My family isn't religious, but my mom still refuses to let my brother watch Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. He can't play normal video games either.
Madison Theriault
Madison Theriault - Month ago
Funny story, Ehehehe ...
So a few months ago I was just chilling in my brother's room and I find one of the teeth that he lost in a bag. " hey Justin , I think the 'tooth fairy' didn't get ur tooth". I said . "Yeah, the tooth fairy isn't real , it's mom" He said. I don't think he caught onto my sarcasm. So he went out into the living room and showed mom the tooth "you didn't get it yet" He said. " well you didn't tell me". Mom said. So then we started a joke about why the tooth fairy needs the teeth. I spoke Aaaaannndddddd. ... something else came out. And this is what I said. .. "well I think she needs them ad replacements cause all she probably eats is shit". Awkward silent moment then I realize what I said... "Woah Woah Woah! what did you say???!!!" Mom said. Legit everyone was looking at me . " I met to say sugar!!!! I swear!!!!" I actually did mean to say sugar. Everyone started talking about it and I felt a bit embarrassed. Eric (my step dad ) comes out from the kitchen and asks what I said again. Mom tells him "Oh that's not THAT much of a swear word!" He says. Mom nearly threw a book at him and whispered to me "just don't say it too often" . The next day I telly friends and they're all like " DUDE! MY PARENTS WOULD'VE KILLED ME!!! "
Sooooo..... yeah. 😆😅😆😅 it was very embarrassing and I never said anything else about it .... until yesterday when my brother brought it up AGAIN!!
There's my story Adam !
Sswirvy_ Brennan
Sswirvy_ Brennan - Month ago
How did you know I’m on the the toilet
Penumbra - Month ago
watching in 2019. ye my parents were pretty much like dat too...
Fallout Fanbase
Fallout Fanbase - Month ago
xX_Spazztaztic_Xx - Month ago
I've been sitting on the toilet for 10 years now I've lost all feeling in my legs. I am afraid that I can't get off. I may die on the toilet.
Skateboarding Person
Skateboarding Person - Month ago
I wasn’t allowed to watch ANYTHING on YouTube except for Toopie and Beinoo
Chu - Month ago
Mum: I Chose You, SomethingElseYT!
its Luna the Łøšëř
its Luna the Łøšëř - 28 days ago
Soldier Fox
Soldier Fox - Month ago
0:59 same
Zoe Greer
Zoe Greer - Month ago
You know I’ve been watching your videos and now that I think about it you sound like Markiplier
Espiritu Gamer
Espiritu Gamer - 2 months ago
Adam: you got me in trouble you ****bag
Me: you could have gotten me in trouble why are you cussing
maggiemaggie YT
maggiemaggie YT - 2 months ago
i love your videos! your such an inspiration to me making an animation channel
Game Gru81
Game Gru81 - 2 months ago
Ismail Nasir
Ismail Nasir - 2 months ago
Is that why your are a devil if it is LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!
Snowbro 22
Snowbro 22 - 2 months ago
Egoraptor is da best.
Derpypikachu 4548
Derpypikachu 4548 - 2 months ago
Whenever I cuss when I don’t mean to my parents are like ok because they cuss on accident a lot
Gamer J
Gamer J - 2 months ago
I know how you feel that happen to me to i hurt my self on my chair and said Sh** and my mom hered it and i was like 9
Jamie Hawkins
Jamie Hawkins - 2 months ago
I really am sitting on the toilet
IceCube22 - 2 months ago
7:34 though!! LOL
WantedAsylum - 2 months ago
Gamer chad Boy
Gamer chad Boy - 2 months ago
Dude lol I’m only 9 and I love your vids
Benjamin.nersund Nersund
Benjamin.nersund Nersund - 2 months ago
you curse too
Ry Mo
Ry Mo - 2 months ago
Did your mom think you would turn into BILLY.
Ha ha ha
Jim Marce
Jim Marce - 2 months ago
One time when watching a movie there was a jump scare and very very quietly said f**k and threw a chip no one noticed
Ad Lyng
Ad Lyng - 2 months ago
*Why don't you evolve me asshole?!*
Siege Asir
Siege Asir - 2 months ago
2:34 that’s my mom with Nickelodeon channels
trey Wintyr
trey Wintyr - 2 months ago
Lol when I was a kid I got really into horror movies by kid I mean like 7or 8 BC they were mostly older like 80s horror and my mother grew up with it so didn't see issue
I mean I already swore like a sailor (yes she would give me a hiding for it lol) but I learnt that from my uncle but at the same time she wouldn't let me watch Southpark till I was like 16 so wtf lol that mum logic
anonymous Chris
anonymous Chris - 2 months ago
I sneak watched south park and rick and Morty as a kid
Scorchik11 - 2 months ago
I’ve never watched egorapter
Mariely Martins
Mariely Martins - 3 months ago
you suck like shit asshyo0le
Dragon Breath
Dragon Breath - 3 months ago
Wait... I’m a girl..
My username is ultracarterthegrea3 Man
Instantly DEMONITIZED at the start because of simple swears YouTube your drunk
john faulkner
john faulkner - 3 months ago
your mom thinks that will make you dumb?
HAH! try watching all of smg4's videos all your life!
Vann Gibney
Vann Gibney - 3 months ago
how did he know i was on a computer love you adam
Mr Universe
Mr Universe - 3 months ago
6:12 I can't stop laughing😂😂
TheAngelOfDeath2002 - 3 months ago
How did you know about adult swim
Dragon slayer
Dragon slayer - 3 months ago
abram morris
abram morris - 3 months ago
i whant to start my own channel like this but im sooooo sick
randi ripley
randi ripley - 3 months ago
i am doing the ig thack thong
Pete Songsaeng
Pete Songsaeng - 3 months ago
That's literally what my mom said when I watched smosh
Midnight S
Midnight S - 3 months ago
I wasn’t allowed to watch Spongebob.
One like=one episode of Spongebob for me
Roy Severs
Roy Severs - 3 months ago
I came to this video to find out who or what egorapter is.
Fisher Silverado
Fisher Silverado - 3 months ago
Bro, your parents are like the Waterboys mom. If you haven't seen the waterboi, the Waterboys mom thinks everything is the devil.
Luminouslion88 - 3 months ago
That’s the devil is a waterboy reference, not a reference to his character
Wolffang10210 The Wolf Pack
I'm pretty sure 90% of people sneak watch videos
Angle Studios
Angle Studios - 3 months ago
5:10 You should have said one of your friends. Lol
Thomas Burr
Thomas Burr - 3 months ago
Same events, just replace Egoraptor with Jacksepticeye
SHADOWTRAP GANG - 3 months ago
And made an book about it
SHADOWTRAP GANG - 3 months ago
I love the beginning of the video I watched that part 35 times it's sooo funny
FredTheNoob_Dev - 3 months ago
OMG You’re prediction was right! I am on a phone.
Sr.Potato - 3 months ago
*has religious parents , character has devil horns*
0MindSwept0 - 3 months ago
An idiot sandwich
YES YOU ARE YOU DOUGHNUT!!! DONKEY!!!!!!!!1!1!1!oneoneone
0MindSwept0 - 3 months ago
I'm actually not on my toilet for once XD
ytcat girl
ytcat girl - 3 months ago
Same at my mom's house I am not allowed to watch YouTube but here I am
MatthewG Kiser
MatthewG Kiser - 3 months ago
Clicks on video sees clip pauses video and says: *breathes in out in out* says still chill still chill still chill still chill. Un pauses video.
Dragon lagann
Dragon lagann - 3 months ago
Same 1:04
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