The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price

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Stallone fernando
Stallone fernando - 4 days ago
Sir. pls make a unboxing video on Samsung m20
Seacrest Outlaw
Seacrest Outlaw - Month ago
You alway yave the greatest news. If i need info about a phone I Watch your videos.
Real Fookin Talk
Real Fookin Talk - Month ago
I actually said goodbye xiaomi after watching this video. Guess what, im using a redmi right now 🤣
عرفان رحیمی
عرفان رحیمی - Month ago
i have m20 its super cool
Gaming with the V!!
Gaming with the V!! - Month ago
When will it come out to U.S
Đęsţrøyer øf Łımıţs
I'm watching this on an M20.

well thats because im in Indonesia
Jemmabee &Family
Jemmabee &Family - 2 months ago
Great job as always guys!! Compare A and M series please:) Thanks!
SUNFLOWER - 2 months ago
So I have a Samsung galaxy m10 and I could say, I love this smartphone. I know Samsung galaxy m20 is bigger, better. But I love the Samsung m10 because it is cheap
Samy K
Samy K - 2 months ago
Lew unbox the samsung m10 you can find it on amazon
Sandzak Kosovo
Sandzak Kosovo - 2 months ago
I just got mine yesterday, the M20 (32GB) for 180€ and it's fine.
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai - 3 months ago
garbage disgracefull
Julio Duval
Julio Duval - 3 months ago
Lou do a review about the Samsung a30 , a50 , a70 plz I think it will be great and a real help
free fire
free fire - 3 months ago
An unbox on samsung galaxy m20 please
Peđa Baralic
Peđa Baralic - 3 months ago
I bought m20 with 4gb and 64 gb storage, as second phone it works great ,whole day of usage with wless and 4g takes 30% of battery,camera is ok for that price and screen is good but not so bright as on my note ,if you need cheap phone as second or to buy for kids it is good barging
Chazre Gilzine
Chazre Gilzine - 3 months ago
Honestly think they should have made this an international phone, would really cop one.
멘토르석사 - 3 months ago
Samsung moving into the non mentally ill space = good news.
M C D - 3 months ago
Series S A M S.... you see SAMSung
Favery - 3 months ago
I was watching this on my m20
Marie Blomme
Marie Blomme - 4 months ago
Samsung a9
4-UP - 4 months ago
We all agree its going to have BLOAT(FOR A GOOD PRICE) HAHAHA!
El Mundo
El Mundo - 4 months ago
It's coming to mexico as well.
12M Views - 4 months ago
@Unbox therapy please give us a review of Samsung Galaxy M10,20,30
Humayra Malida
Humayra Malida - 3 months ago
I am watching this on an m20
Michael Verdant
Michael Verdant - 4 months ago
When will Samsung t series arrive to defeat the t series
Rodz Dizon
Rodz Dizon - 4 months ago
Lou can you do some review for galaxy a50.
Kushagra Tripathi
Kushagra Tripathi - 4 months ago
It gives goosebumps when Lewis Sir talks about Indian market.
Nisar1 bafati
Nisar1 bafati - 4 months ago
will they make it in the us too
Sk tech
Sk tech - 4 months ago
Can u do m30 review video
Ben - 4 months ago
Havoc Games
Havoc Games - 4 months ago
Can I get this in the U.S.A
Ray Razor
Ray Razor - 4 months ago
Review it
jairo baguio
jairo baguio - 4 months ago
SumeshB B
SumeshB B - 4 months ago
Just because you were talking about India, it doesn't mean you should use that BGM.
I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!
I want Samsung Galaxy H series.. stands for HOES
Roberto Soto
Roberto Soto - 4 months ago
And Apple falling behind lol. They will be in trouble really soon if they do not try to capture the low end market.
Benjamin Tensen
Benjamin Tensen - 4 months ago
love your videos. Shout out to unboxing therapy.
qasim jebran
qasim jebran - 5 months ago
Specs do look attractive this could be a game changer
Carl Jan Zaracena
Carl Jan Zaracena - 5 months ago
for month they will update the phone makes slowly etc
DB HQ - 5 months ago
will this come to USA
Hiluxtaco - 5 months ago
The Samsung M20 is now on Ebay. They start around $250 shipped from India...
ConspiracyKill Happens
ConspiracyKill Happens - 5 months ago
Amp 3 in the U.S?
Sian Getz
Sian Getz - 5 months ago
Samsung has entered the segment, guns blazing. Marks the beginning of the end of Xiaomi.
// Ritvik
// Ritvik - 5 months ago
Made in India
// Ritvik
// Ritvik - 5 months ago
Bought m20
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh - 5 months ago
Me too
Akshat Nigam
Akshat Nigam - 5 months ago
Apple ka toh kat Gaya...😂
Vipin Avi
Vipin Avi - 5 months ago
Good move by Samsung..
To capture India market
And honestly this phone is pretty good ✌️ in decent price
Tech Explained
Tech Explained - 5 months ago
subscribe to pewdiepie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tech Explained
Tech Explained - 5 months ago
i think samsung copied and pasted the iPhone x in space grey, samsung plz be original
Radean1 - 5 months ago
The phones have come out! Now please review them!
Dhruv Raman
Dhruv Raman - 5 months ago
The Samsung M10 and M20 are on sale in India as Amazon exclusives.
yoongs - 5 months ago
Arab background music for a Korean phone made in India.
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