Conan Interviews His Assistant Sona Movsesian - CONAN on TBS

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dion cook
dion cook - 2 hours ago
Sonia freaking hot....
Sankeerth Reddy
Sankeerth Reddy - 16 hours ago
For an impromptu interview, she’s so uninhibited and charming!
Mememan - Day ago
5:24 This was Conan saying, “I still control this audience, Sona!”
Otter Fundip
Otter Fundip - Day ago
I like how the band just plays a generic blues lick
DaliiLars - Day ago
Sona is thicc.
David Sempere
David Sempere - 2 days ago
Conan didn't get an assistant he got a sister basically
Jacob Castoria
Jacob Castoria - 2 days ago
don't say GOD'S name in vain
Sai Vishnu
Sai Vishnu - 2 days ago
So did Conan get her that house?
zebra - 2 days ago
This girl is so funny!
Miguel Orona
Miguel Orona - 3 days ago
They got nothing on Guillermo tho.
yoc land
yoc land - 3 days ago
Good lord, sona is a smoke show!
DUKEOFSOUNDS - 3 days ago
Can you imagine Conan stuff party lol
Klandalf The White
Klandalf The White - 4 days ago
The amount of times I've watched the Kumail non-showy-upy zinger is frankly incredible
Adrian Ralph Muñoz
Adrian Ralph Muñoz - 4 days ago
Shakar Sardar
Shakar Sardar - 4 days ago
I've noticed Conan and Sona don't like to hug
Lulu - 4 days ago
she reminds me of gina linetti i love it
Neal Sausen
Neal Sausen - 5 days ago
The staff is funnier than most of the professional “ comedians”He has on nightly!
Daniel Ahmad
Daniel Ahmad - 6 days ago
Love Her!!!
Bbarnacles50 - 6 days ago
Goddammit I wanna put a baby in Sona 😍
Ana Lozada
Ana Lozada - 6 days ago
She must be really good at her job lol
Jordan Diehl
Jordan Diehl - 8 days ago
Los Angeles is a ticking time bomb....yep 🤣.
fivebearrugs - 9 days ago
Heh, I just heard the Oki story on the Conan Needs a Friend podcast! I just finished #21 Nicole Byer...
Ahmed Berwari
Ahmed Berwari - 9 days ago
Who does love Sona as I do ?
lil k r
lil k r - 10 days ago
I'd love her job
Ice Bear
Ice Bear - 10 days ago
She's the jolly version of Aubrey Plaza. 😐 She's cray-cray.
carlos mendoza
carlos mendoza - 11 days ago
I think she is beautiful inside and outside, her sense of humor is so genuine!!
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - 11 days ago
Sona is the reason I have to find a armenian girlfriend
mad ass
mad ass - 12 days ago
She makes me think of breast feeding.
slipper409 - 12 days ago
Congratulations Sona on your pregnancy.
Frame 313
Frame 313 - 13 days ago
Best boss everrrrrrr
K G - 13 days ago
2:58 😅😅😅😅
K G - 13 days ago
She is cute.
Francesc del Arca
Francesc del Arca - 13 days ago
sona 4/20 blaze it
Mareena Francis
Mareena Francis - 13 days ago
Anyone got a Gina linetti vibe here..
Roo H
Roo H - 14 days ago
5:00 "I want you to buy me a house" that was ballsy lmao
Oh Adams
Oh Adams - 15 days ago
what a beautiful face on top of a humpty dumpty body.
Rosh Lepz
Rosh Lepz - 15 days ago
Poor Andy. Not on screen.
sib prasad
sib prasad - 16 days ago
4 43 so cute
PanglossDr - 16 days ago
I like her
ultramaximus - 16 days ago
I hate this new set.. looks like Ellen or something... the old classic talk show set with a desk was FAR superior...
marsupius - 16 days ago
Even though he's not as funny as Fallon or Colbert, Conan is pretty good.
kris lanc
kris lanc - 14 days ago
Are you living in opposite world?!!
Rosendo Ortega
Rosendo Ortega - 16 days ago
When I get married I want conan as one of my best man!!
Roy Williams
Roy Williams - 16 days ago
i love her personality....!
penghamba boba
penghamba boba - 17 days ago
Sona is killed ittt, she is so hot!!
Clancy Kobane
Clancy Kobane - 17 days ago
its like he hired a day bartender to work as his secretary and now he's put her on television (???)
Manny 1245
Manny 1245 - 18 days ago
Sona is hot
Anthony Peppers
Anthony Peppers - 19 days ago
When Conan said he loves her and then she immediately reaches out offscreen to Andy and says he loves him as well, Sona is SO great, she's the best!
Phantom Lancers
Phantom Lancers - 19 days ago
Need jordan as guest
Phantom Lancers
Phantom Lancers - 19 days ago
In conan show, ppl like conan and his staff. In fallon show, ppl like anything but fallon.
juniperays - 20 days ago
"i can buy you a house. but will i?"
pmanlicious - 20 days ago
I really love sona
onmy computer2020gal
onmy computer2020gal - 20 days ago
I think I'm the only person who finds her annoying.
Andru S
Andru S - 20 days ago
I love Sona
Jenna Ramos
Jenna Ramos - 21 day ago
How long has the conan staff been in LA now ?
the man
the man - 21 day ago
So did they?
Sean Carroll
Sean Carroll - 21 day ago
MrPusten - 21 day ago
Which podcast-episode do they talk about the Oki dog-shitting story for the first time? I laughed so hard listening to it, but I can't remember which episode it was.
DoubleBoe7 - 21 day ago
She's like a Bob's Burgers character.
jesterman0488 - 21 day ago
Her: I have a few bits, Coco: yeah take it easy on those, Her: sorry ... (obvious jump cut)
pixel girl
pixel girl - 21 day ago
Sona's the girl of my dreams, but tragically I'm gonna forget that fact as soon as I click off this video. Bongs up if you agree! 👍
P.S. who _else_ is using an epic dose of the good stuff because they've just stocked up on coronapocalypse supplies, and feel it's time for #TreatYoSelf2020?
swoosh sheriff
swoosh sheriff - 21 day ago
Get rid of all the celebrities and only interview his own staff. That's what the people want to see
swoosh sheriff
swoosh sheriff - 21 day ago
Back in the day when handshaking was normal
Madison Gordon
Madison Gordon - 21 day ago
I feel like Conan and his whole team are The Office .
jillxh - 21 day ago
Natalie noel and David dobrik need to take some notes lol
Manny Salazar
Manny Salazar - 22 days ago
Sona’s laugh is adorable.
BadGamer - 22 days ago
Richter, quietly: yell at the tv
Me, loudly: dead
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor - 22 days ago
Where's his desk?
Амир Unknown
Амир Unknown - 22 days ago
Armenians are EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!!!
bad bani
bad bani - 23 days ago
the chemistry is incredible. I'm sure people wouldn't mind shows featuring conan's staff members instead of regular celebrities.
Izzy Dubz
Izzy Dubz - 23 days ago
Shes 🔥
MEDiAgamer - 23 days ago
I love Conan uncensored.
inbal - 23 days ago
she should be his successor, she cracked me up😂
Ellie Holmes
Ellie Holmes - 23 days ago
If she doesn't get a second dog and call it Carrie then she's missing
Mr.GamingSheep - 24 days ago
The simp in the audience at 5:20 is cheering to much for a married woman...
Rajeev Bhaskarabhatla
Rajeev Bhaskarabhatla - 24 days ago
Conan's heir, ladies and gentlemen
Stephen Blakely
Stephen Blakely - 24 days ago
How did he happen to find an assistant that had the comedic timing like she does? The banter between them is fantastic
Maverick - 25 days ago
Kumail non-showy-upy...That's a horrible joke but Andy and Conan still makes it work! That's why these guys are so brilliant
Sean Kim
Sean Kim - 25 days ago
Nosferatu of death? Lol! I think you mean Nostradamus.
JayGamerShow - 25 days ago
When Conan has interviews with celebrities - *300, 000 or more views*
When Conan does stuff with his staff or random ppl - *1 million views*
Karthik Bharadwaj
Karthik Bharadwaj - 25 days ago
sona is such an entertainer
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