Conor McGregor explains decision to fight Donald Cerrone at 170 | UFC 246 | ESPN MMA

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what’s up 124
what’s up 124 - 16 hours ago
he got a beating from Khabib which he honestly deserved... I’m a Khabib fan but conor wants to change now. I honestly want to see him rise again. I wish Khabib and Conor’s last match is against eachother. A big money fight, they squash their bad blood, save their legacies and then they both retire. 😊
Saiqa Nazam
Saiqa Nazam - 3 days ago
Hello rascit
Matteo Tate
Matteo Tate - 4 months ago
a serious blow
1:27 🔥💃🔥❣
👇 👇 👇 👇💚
Giovani Orr
Giovani Orr - 4 months ago
real fight
1:23 💙❣
👇 👇❤
Kamron Wilkins
Kamron Wilkins - 4 months ago
1:18 💕🔥💯
Arthur Paul
Arthur Paul - 5 months ago
1:08 💓💝
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🥊
Ahmed - 6 months ago
My shoulder was a ballon 🚀
J T - 6 months ago
You are appreciated and show those who do not have much to look forward to! Please show them that we understand that we will not back down and will except whatever comes our way! Also you look good at 170!
Jerry DeLoza
Jerry DeLoza - 6 months ago
Connors fights starts and is decided during camp. They intentionally keep him light then starve him at the very end so as to make the weight needed than once re-hydrated he comes in and is still the bigger man! Alot of prize fighters (boxers) do this. All though not the safest nor the most recommended it's still a very smart and legal tactic. Worked very well for Delahoya through out the 90's. A good big man always beats a great little man. Common sense!
Ifzal - 6 months ago
Respect Connor for not weight draining cowboy and agreeing to fight at 170.
edik sidorov
edik sidorov - 6 months ago
feels like its a different conor
Goodfellaz BushCraft
Goodfellaz BushCraft - 6 months ago
fixed fight
BLACK SWAN COMETH 2020 - 6 months ago
NRG Gxbriiell
NRG Gxbriiell - 6 months ago
Who’s here after the fight.
Bill Undag
Bill Undag - 6 months ago
because he knows cowboy is easy fight lol khabib will smash him again he knows 😂
Red John
Red John - 6 months ago
Well, complete destruction by Conor.
q W
q W - 6 months ago
Conor I'm a monk.
Khabib Your Welcome.
Peter Fletcher
Peter Fletcher - 7 months ago
0:39 💯💖🔥💃
Timothy Quiros
Timothy Quiros - 7 months ago
Can't believe I used to like this clown
ali sousdi
ali sousdi - 7 months ago
I like how khabib broke him . And made him a humble man
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - 7 months ago
Conor is finished he's had his day, hes partied to hard & to long. He'll fight bums untill he fights top fighter then he'll lose.
TIOTIO - 7 months ago
Conor sounds like Kratos in god of war 4 but looks like Baldur
really real
really real - 7 months ago
because hes terrified of justin
eddie gluskin
eddie gluskin - 7 months ago
In the end khabib tetch him a lesson
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - 7 months ago
Fighting a nobody. He said I will beat him with a flu. Yeh yeh.
M Rashid
M Rashid - 7 months ago
No gas, all mouth, tap out 🤣🤣🤣
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - 7 months ago
They're gonna milk this interview so hard by splitting it into a billion picogram length videos.
captain coon
captain coon - 7 months ago
So does this mean ppl can fight in one weight class for a shot at the title in another?
Arnab Roy
Arnab Roy - 7 months ago
If Conor beats cowboy smoothly them khabib can be in problem
joe - 7 months ago
Haters: Conor doesn’t deserve a top fight.
Conor: ok, give Cowboy
Haters; Oo, Conor looking for an easy fight
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - 7 months ago
Nice, come back legend
Paradox thrift
Paradox thrift - 7 months ago
Because of conor, I finally come to know his opponent Cow boy? Is he a spectacular fighter?
Red Rooster
Red Rooster - 7 months ago
Humble conor lol never thought id see that.
Dave Randle
Dave Randle - 6 months ago
Khabib deserves the credit
Joseph - 7 months ago
Because he knows he can never defeat Khabib at 155. Plus money fight with Mavidal.
Abid Hundekari
Abid Hundekari - 7 months ago
Khabib made him humble for sure
SuzGab Verdugo
SuzGab Verdugo - 7 months ago
This Conner is better. It’s all about class
RjchyRich - 7 months ago
The Champ is back!
A Piece Of LIfe
A Piece Of LIfe - 7 months ago
Let's be honest guys, credit goes to Khabib for making Conor humbled and down to earth... Lol
Johnny Dah
Johnny Dah - 7 months ago
Khabib turns him soft man
L Obbie
L Obbie - 7 months ago
hmm this will be interesting for sure
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 7 months ago
conor will beat cowboy
Mr AK47
Mr AK47 - 7 months ago
Fighting a nobody. He said I will beat him with a flu. Yeh yeh.
Mr AK47
Mr AK47 - 7 months ago
Khabib schooled the coke head punk
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 7 months ago
"Its a fight I think I can win" all ya had to say there buddy
Deano Bravo
Deano Bravo - 7 months ago
"Oiid beat him if I had the fleuww!" 😂
Aljoša Kosanović
Aljoša Kosanović - 7 months ago
But em = BUDDAM
Christian Beall
Christian Beall - 7 months ago
Humble McGregor makes me uncomfortable
Mustang Sally
Mustang Sally - 7 months ago
Nate Diaz changed this man!
LIKO - 7 months ago
Nice, come back legend
DJ Solace747
DJ Solace747 - 7 months ago
Sniff sniff head
Abdul Khan
Abdul Khan - 7 months ago
should have fought him at 165 super lightweight
Tyler Colden
Tyler Colden - 7 months ago
Hit old men desrepects women. we are the ones who support him. pay him and he laughs in our faces.hes about one person himself.take him out of the game DONT WATCH HIM.
Eddie Bruce
Eddie Bruce - 7 months ago
Aldo conference many many years ago.....
Lol wait till you hit 40. That time scale feels like a few months ago lol
God Is good
God Is good - 7 months ago
Easy because Donald will throw the fight
Phrostii - 7 months ago
Khabib really did humble him 🤣🤣🤣
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 7 months ago
Cowboy “don’t mention my grandma or child” Conor “I respect that he’s a family man with his grandmother and all that”
Holee JR
Holee JR - 7 months ago
Captain Beefheart Khabib win lock mc Gregor win ko
Captain Beefheart
Captain Beefheart - 7 months ago
Khabib teach him
Ticalion - 7 months ago
"Its a fight I think I can win" all ya had to say there buddy
Virendra Pilaniya
Virendra Pilaniya - 7 months ago
conor will beat cowboy
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 7 months ago
A humble conor is a dangerous conor
aaron barraza
aaron barraza - 7 months ago
The champ is back
Osama Mansoori
Osama Mansoori - 7 months ago
I like how he didn't say kamaru usmans name....he knows better
Trogg - 7 months ago
This was cool of Conor to give Cowboy this fight. Cowboy will finally get his just due with a big payday.
AZ Battle School
AZ Battle School - 7 months ago
I’ve been a fan from the start, never left , thick and thin , threw his victories and his mistakes !!!! Connor 10000%
bryan recinos
bryan recinos - 7 months ago
Since the 1st Nate diaz fight he has been hella downhill
Sunny S
Sunny S - 7 months ago
Suddenly we all humble now... Khabibs laughin
Naseeb Achakzai
Naseeb Achakzai - 7 months ago
When khabib said” i am gonna make him humble” he wasn’t joking.
WestCoast Ακτη
WestCoast Ακτη - 4 months ago
This is all show. Something is being set up.
Stefan Ra
Stefan Ra - 6 months ago
@Anthony Martin but you understand my words and this is my 3rd language and it's ugly btw..
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin - 6 months ago
@Stefan Ra bro you cant even grammar correctly. NEXT
Stefan Ra
Stefan Ra - 6 months ago
@Anthony Martin if idiot means properly taught in an order that makes sense then yes I am an idiot.
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin - 6 months ago
@Stefan Ra that's exactly what an idiot would say 🤷‍♂️
Tomas T
Tomas T - 7 months ago
The way Conor spoke just made me calm.
This suits conor a lot.
R1cky 93
R1cky 93 - 7 months ago
I’ll take Connor to win by submission think about the odds and he loves shocking the world think he’s been doing a lot more training behind the screens than ppl think 🇨🇮🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
k1llzOn381 - 7 months ago
His eyes are all over the place he just doesn’t seem to believe what he’s saying.
Smoky Donuts
Smoky Donuts - 7 months ago
This is the sound of a man who’s looking for the soul that Khabib ripped from his body.
blazo king
blazo king - 7 months ago
Ufc should be made illegal, it is basically an animalistic, blood sport which is about two dudes plummeting their bodies to death.
Donald J Trumpp
Donald J Trumpp - 7 months ago
2016 mcgregor: crazy and a badass

2020 mcgregor: a monk
Virendra Pilaniya
Virendra Pilaniya - 6 months ago
but surely conor will tell this when khabib will knockout by conor in the very first first round. Mr lol
Noman Habib
Noman Habib - 6 months ago
I'll make him humble said Khabib
Sohid Ullah
Sohid Ullah - 7 months ago
MaximillianMus ! Lol
Damian Moehamad
Damian Moehamad - 7 months ago
As much as i love both i feel the king is gonna lose 😣
S H - 7 months ago
A humble conor is a dangerous conor
Lalhmangaihzuali Mary
Lalhmangaihzuali Mary - 7 months ago
Khabib made him Humble 🤣😂🤣
Lalhmangaihzuali Mary
Lalhmangaihzuali Mary - 7 months ago
Khabib made him Humble 🤣😂🤣
Marriott Performance
Marriott Performance - 7 months ago
Deh fleww
popo caca
popo caca - 7 months ago
If Connor doesnt win this fight, his credibility and reputation are finished
Its KEL Official
Its KEL Official - 7 months ago
Should fight masvidal that could interesting fight
Gus Adamiw
Gus Adamiw - 7 months ago
I like this type of Connor.....
Saad - 7 months ago
Truly,Khlalbeeb made him humbul.
Snake Plisskin
Snake Plisskin - 7 months ago
Conner should just go away and live on a island somewhere with his hundreds of millions
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat - 7 months ago
Only comin back cos he blew all his money on blow and paying off half the women in Dublin to keep quiet
Michael Bertram
Michael Bertram - 7 months ago
Conor's matured a lot since the Aldo days HAHA
K20rotrex - 7 months ago
He’s going in lighter than Donald to be faster. Like AJ did
Chris Ruiz
Chris Ruiz - 6 months ago
That is a better tactic in boxing than it is in mma Conor just wanted a 155er that he could fight at 170 so he wouldn't have to cut weight i wonder if he is doing that so he can be bigger and stronger for his rematch against khabib for so he can get used to carrying that weight in the octagon to fight Jorge masvidal or Usman 🤔
MEDUSA H - 7 months ago
Using the same bullshits lines
Karl Wood
Karl Wood - 7 months ago
Conors gonna murder poor Cowboy
Son of Ares
Son of Ares - 7 months ago
This new Connor is way scarier than the last Connor.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 7 months ago
If he shaves that Beard he's back at 145
mysterious gamer
mysterious gamer - 7 months ago
Dang i guess khabib really slapped some sense into him
Will Kalas
Will Kalas - 7 months ago
This is all bullshit. It’s a fight he’s guaranteed to win to then qualify him for khabib Diaz or Masvidal. Otherwise nobody will care or bet on that fight whatever it may be.
Imran Preljevic
Imran Preljevic - 7 months ago
Khabib changed a lot of things on him that night,not just the face!!!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 7 months ago
Jada hello Kitty mother forever and Cici and Curt.
GHETTOMENIK - 7 months ago
Is Connor finally slowly growing up??
Skyler Pavloff
Skyler Pavloff - 7 months ago
He sounds like someone who respects cowboy and what he’s done for the ufc, and wants to give cowboy the pay day to walk away from the sport
Puro Jugó
Puro Jugó - 7 months ago
I don’t care!! Go back to Ireland!!
Austin Hipolito
Austin Hipolito - 7 months ago
He is going to lose if he fights at 170 he gasses out in the 2nd fucking round just watch.
manuel montoya
manuel montoya - 7 months ago
I can beat him with the flu 😂😂😂😂 he would quite
PD3a11 - 7 months ago
This is the Conor I like not the arrogant idiot.
Sausage Willy
Sausage Willy - 7 months ago
Humble Pie 🥧
Nick Vuitton
Nick Vuitton - 7 months ago
He blinking 300 times a minute. Fucking cokehead
OCNBXNG - 7 months ago
Wilder v Fury 2
Can't wait
behind you
behind you - 7 months ago
umm, money...
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis - 7 months ago
I love conor but I think cowboy is gonna suprise him and not be as easy as he thinks
Obraz Bezobrazny
Obraz Bezobrazny - 7 months ago
I asked 100 people who they think will win the fight. video on my channel!!!
Drr Dank
Drr Dank - 7 months ago
He seems nervous and I think that makes him very dangerous.
REVELATION VLOGS - 7 months ago
Drr Dank Looks like you don’t know what being nervous is.
Drr Dank
Drr Dank - 7 months ago
REVELATION VLOGS - 7 months ago
Drr Dank That’s not nervous your seeing. That’s a man who is very humble and very mature then what he once was.
Tara Subba
Tara Subba - 7 months ago
fook, fook ,fook
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