Roddy Ricch - The Box [Official Lyric Video]

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Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch - 7 days ago
Download "THE BOX" -
xxXFortnite ProXxx
xxXFortnite ProXxx - 20 hours ago
Heitor Cesar I know I did too 😁
Marcus Burdulis
Marcus Burdulis - 20 hours ago
told em freak 12 freak swat
Heitor Cesar
Heitor Cesar - 21 hour ago
I can download for free! 😁
xxXFortnite ProXxx
xxXFortnite ProXxx - 22 hours ago
Already did 🙌
Y ThEBoY - 10 hours ago
Fortnite highlights
Catto McProngles
Catto McProngles - 10 hours ago
Me after streamsniping ninja in ww3
Ix-_Joao -
Ix-_Joao - - 10 hours ago
Chai Yew Jin
Chai Yew Jin - 10 hours ago
*the door goes EEEH EEURR*
Nathan Detroit
Nathan Detroit - 10 hours ago
Hey checkout my I wanna be yours Mashup
Haroon Shah
Haroon Shah - 10 hours ago
Too hard
yo girl. deyaa
yo girl. deyaa - 11 hours ago
this got me lit too quick👩‍🚀
Darius Say
Darius Say - 11 hours ago
john b
john b - 11 hours ago
Way better than Selena Gomez ☠☠☠
Mustache Barbe
Mustache Barbe - 11 hours ago
who really thing that roody wont sell his soul
H.I.M - 11 hours ago
Stream the box
Fhaz 0307
Fhaz 0307 - 11 hours ago
Gonna go to kitchen without any sound at 3am
Floor and foot:EEK UKKK
HighsAndLows - 11 hours ago

Kyle Theys
Kyle Theys - 11 hours ago
roddy rich ft lil baby ????? please dawg coz yall got the game in a squeeze dawg
WhySxSxrioxs? - 11 hours ago
Bruh he made the sound I A with his mouth?
nikolic pavle
nikolic pavle - 12 hours ago
Go stream yummy by Justin Bitch.
Twon Nino
Twon Nino - 12 hours ago
1/17/2020 Fear Yahshua
かしけん. - 12 hours ago
私ね もしかしたら随分昔から あんたのことが好きだったのかもしれないと伝えたら。って書いてあるんだけどw
Tech වැඩ්ඩා
Hey guys subscribe me
Osher Baruh
Osher Baruh - 12 hours ago
I appericate Roddy Ricch, but I don't understand why everbody loves this song. Nothing special
jose simangunsong
jose simangunsong - 12 hours ago
eeh eer bitch
Rishabh - 12 hours ago
Squirrels moaning - *EEE* *EER*
RoM KiR - 12 hours ago
1:24- 1:30
Я один заметил, что это русский почерк?
Nevserr - 12 hours ago
When he said “Pullin’ out the coupe out the lot” I knew it was great
sumaya mohamed
sumaya mohamed - 13 hours ago
Dope dope
DumAnimationGuy - 13 hours ago
Need this as my ringtone
DumAnimationGuy - 13 hours ago
sanzay koirala
sanzay koirala - 13 hours ago
Any dancing step is possible in this beat.lagend 🤘🤘
Amirul Ariff
Amirul Ariff - 13 hours ago
Eee errr
dutchweller - 13 hours ago
This guy Bombed so bad at Marshmellows Ultra Maiami 2019 Set
Just gos to show how a bit of auto tune can make the worst hacks sound sell-able "not to mention what garbage is accepted as talent these days"
@Marshmellow stick to what you do best
Christiana Nito
Christiana Nito - 13 hours ago
Michael Olusegun
Michael Olusegun - 14 hours ago
Roddy ricch: I'm a 2020 president candidate
Donald Trump: 😂😂😂
Michael Olusegun
Michael Olusegun - 14 hours ago
I can't get this song outta my head
toast_that_is_toasted •_•
This is new
Rionyte - 14 hours ago
Basket ball shoes be like "eeh err"
tru if big
tru if big - 14 hours ago
fucking tune tho
Junes - 14 hours ago
2:00 @ my non asian friends.
Manon Celini
Manon Celini - 14 hours ago
Best song 😌
pho vuthanh
pho vuthanh - 14 hours ago
u dgw
Mauricio Céspedes Sotomayor
Erratic Joe
Erratic Joe - 14 hours ago
On a serious note, this tune is fire - EEE ERRR - Here at 4.6m views
Jordan Jefferson
Jordan Jefferson - 15 hours ago
they talkin bout the mystery box?
Hadil Akram
Hadil Akram - 15 hours ago
Alxtta Plays
Alxtta Plays - 15 hours ago
When Michael Jackson moon walks with no music: eeh urr
E DeLai
E DeLai - 15 hours ago
Like if Roddy Ricch is better than Selena Gomez
xYounes -
xYounes - - 15 hours ago
I like this song
Md loki Loki mine
Md loki Loki mine - 15 hours ago
Nigga souls 😁
dip wheat
dip wheat - 15 hours ago
Damn yall
ggx 911
ggx 911 - 16 hours ago
Jesus the amount of searching I had to do coz I can't understand shit he saying,tho the song fire 😂😂
i - 16 hours ago
Michelle Whitehall
Michelle Whitehall - 16 hours ago
Beat sounds similar to young thugs song "Hot"
ItzLsGaming - 16 hours ago
Who is here before reaching a billion views?
Bennihannas - 16 hours ago
Selina Gomez is having a break down all because Roddy decided to say ehh err on a song
Haidy Bug
Haidy Bug - 16 hours ago
Spongebob Boots be like “eeh eer”
Mbuthia eric
Mbuthia eric - 16 hours ago
nani ataingia box yangu??
davishmo - 16 hours ago
Finally some1 understands y u cant wear shoes in my house
Ruslan Pika
Ruslan Pika - 16 hours ago
Amazing 😌
Jasbir Sharma
Jasbir Sharma - 17 hours ago
Feeling loosed with justin and 69 others..
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