Best Friends Spill the Tea (LaurDIY & Mia Sayoko) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Tessa Marie
Tessa Marie - 9 minutes ago
Laura: “I’ve gotten chonkier”
Me.....: 🕵🏽‍♀️🔍
QBN - 11 minutes ago
"Best internet friends"
Nils Richart
Nils Richart - 22 minutes ago
2:36 is that skipped question. “What is your favorite genre of porn”
Samantha Pietruszka
Samantha Pietruszka - Hour ago
when did mia change her last name?
oyakata Noodels
oyakata Noodels - Hour ago
2:33 is what is ur favourite game of porn or smth like that 😕
Ara Z
Ara Z - 3 hours ago
I zoomed in on the question that Lauren wouldn’t read. It said, “What’s your favorite genre of porn?”
Like this to get it to the top
JemZzz - 4 hours ago
PLEASE get Remi and Alisha to do this
Alice Vu
Alice Vu - 5 hours ago
Sara Molla
Sara Molla - 8 hours ago
Holy crap i just realised how pretty Mia looks w her brown hair she looks like a completely different person and changed for the better
Ara Z
Ara Z - 16 hours ago
Linda Jiang
Linda Jiang - 17 hours ago
I swear I remember mia having bright pink hair and being so innocent . Wowow look at this queen now
silverbracelet6 - 18 hours ago
Mia is phony af
ISATOU CEESAY - 19 hours ago
Rita Luna
Rita Luna - 20 hours ago
Ooooo teAa Mia about to get pregnant
Sanika Kothari
Sanika Kothari - 21 hour ago
I want a friendship like this 🥺
Mia's Show
Mia's Show - 21 hour ago
2:35 whatt was it?
Lauren Petrone
Lauren Petrone - 21 hour ago
I need this but with Remi and Alisha
Katerina Pashaj
Katerina Pashaj - 21 hour ago
Mia is the type of friend I need in life!
Katerina Pashaj
Katerina Pashaj - 21 hour ago
Mia is the type of friend I need in life!
Darrianlol - 23 hours ago
who else paused immediately after 1:07
megan noelle
megan noelle - Day ago
She doesn't like her skin?? I literally was thinking the whole way up until she said that that I love her skin
vania calista
vania calista - Day ago
Bcs mia has lying drama it’s very hard to trust her
Best of both Worlds
1:37 "he used u"
"which one?"
bubba bojanglez
bubba bojanglez - Day ago
0:30 I can see enough of her tit to be able to flag this video.
Gaming&VloggingWith Bella
Alex and Lauren should do one of these
Cliff Jumper
Cliff Jumper - Day ago
M:Sell that big ass house bitch
How much house money you would you have?
L:....a lil bit
Duval Diamandis
Duval Diamandis - Day ago
Are you ever jealous of me?
Have you ever disliked someone I’ve dated?
Between the two of us who is more loyal?
Guess my favorite genre of porn?
How often do you and your partner have sex?
What’s your biggest insecurity?
Have you ever had a crush on someone I’ve been with, and what did you do?
Have you ever caught me masturbating or having sex?
If you had to eat one part of my body, what would it be?
What would it take for us to have sex?
Guess what I’m most scared of
If someone offered you 1 million dollars to never speak to me again, would you accept?
Sit on my lap and stare intimately into my eyes for one full minute or take a shot
Have you ever had a sex dream about me? What happened?
Do you love me, if yes, say it, or take a shot
Jessica Kasparian
Jessica Kasparian - Day ago
Blaine trying to start stuff for 5:40
Lukas Perun
Lukas Perun - Day ago
the question lauren could not answer: Finish the line
My favorite gender is ________
Emily Pal
Emily Pal - Day ago
I love seeing this side of them omg
Ava Sanz
Ava Sanz - Day ago
Lauren- do u think Alex could have been on the bachelor

Mia- yessss
Aliyah Resendez
Aliyah Resendez - Day ago
Can someone answer my question why is Mia‘s last name different now ?
Emma ig
Emma ig - Day ago
she's using her middle name now ig
NoIdeaWhat ToNameThis
I specifically came on this video so there'd be no swearing. (At least I thought.) and my mom was beside me. ( you get the point)
Natasha S.
Natasha S. - Day ago
Amy Vickers
Amy Vickers - Day ago
Yooo I’ve been waiting to see them answer adult questions 😂😂😂
Miss Bianca
Miss Bianca - Day ago
A few years ago instead of Lauren it would be Alisha as Best Friend
Ann Garcia
Ann Garcia - Day ago
The question Laura didn’t wanna read was .
Finish the sentence
My favorite genre of porn is ——————-
Lowkey think they recorded a bit of that part just to show the question so therefore people could zoom in 😂
Faizah Rafat
Faizah Rafat - Day ago
Remi Ashten and Alisha Marie next pls!!!!
4lex 4lex
4lex 4lex - Day ago
Tell us who won the 25k challenge!!!
Addie Rose
Addie Rose - Day ago
Remember when Mia and Alisha were best friends...
that was a minute ago....
Luna Min
Luna Min - 4 hours ago
C's Polish
C's Polish - 18 hours ago
@Daisey we don't know
Daisey - 19 hours ago
Addie Rose wait they aren’t friends anymore...why? sorry im behind on youtube drama
Mimix Unicorxns
Mimix Unicorxns - Day ago
Yeah, I remember that
Jared Konior
Jared Konior - Day ago
the left has more man features vs the right but I wonder has the bigger clit?
Hannah Simmons
Hannah Simmons - Day ago
Wow imagine if they put Liza and David on this show for “ex’s play truth or drink” because they would just have the best time
tabracadabra - Day ago
Mia is so HOT !!! The haircut tho !!!
Emely De La Rosa
Emely De La Rosa - Day ago
Love you guys💖
ahmed ghare
ahmed ghare - 2 days ago
Lmao 2 shit YouTubers.
《Irene Playz》
《Irene Playz》 - 2 days ago
I didn't even know they swear
KayxTee - 2 days ago
Mia kind of looks like Isabela Moner
linda chong
linda chong - 2 days ago
wait that was so fun
mvltivxrse :D
mvltivxrse :D - 2 days ago
I know what the question Lauren didn’t answer was....
mvltivxrse :D
mvltivxrse :D - 2 days ago
What I think Lauren said- “Do you think Alex could’ve been on the bachelor?”
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