Best Friends Spill the Tea (LaurDIY & Mia Sayoko) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Eleanor G
Eleanor G - 15 hours ago
i love that she’s allowed to drink but not say badass lmao
Miss Moony Queen
Miss Moony Queen - 2 days ago
Did anyone else see what the card read because I did and I can understand why she didn’t want to read it.......
Sophia Zanier
Sophia Zanier - 3 days ago
Omg I laughing so hard because of when Lauren said that Mia fought her throw up
Tanner Prater
Tanner Prater - 3 days ago
Me and my husband have sex everyday and we've been together going on five years
Patrick Judge
Patrick Judge - 3 days ago
Two classless pigs
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong - 4 days ago
"everything was closed that's all i gotta say" AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHA
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong - 4 days ago
"what do you mean by numbers? money?"
"of course"
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong - 4 days ago
"how many subscribers do you guys have"
"9 million"
mia about to take shot
Bannaa Luna
Bannaa Luna - 5 days ago
Thomas Harvey
Thomas Harvey - 5 days ago
They for real bleeped out her saying “You think Alex could’ve won the Bachelor?” Like c’mon do a better bleep out😂😂😂
Rotem Dvir
Rotem Dvir - 6 days ago
02:35 is the part you can see the qustion she did not wanted to ask.
Kay Goncher
Kay Goncher - 6 days ago
I could definitely tell Lauren said alex about the bachelor question hahah
Mckenzie's World
Mckenzie's World - 6 days ago
When Mia became a badass after all the shit
dicks inbutt
dicks inbutt - 7 days ago
these two are the girls in school who would say there where gonna fail a test and get an A
D 3
D 3 - 8 days ago
I love how CUT like removes what they say "no I can't say this" or "cut that out" but like not really lmao
like the question Lauren said she couldn't ask they showed the card by recording Lauren from the back and then when Lauren asked "You think Alex could me on the bachelor?" and Mia told them to cut that out they just bleeped it but left the first letter so we all knew what they said💀😂
PR1NCETD0T - 10 days ago
Mia is a girl you’d have as a side ting or have a one night stand with.
Joel Merino
Joel Merino - 11 days ago
I'm in love with Mia
De K
De K - 14 days ago
Matt - 14 days ago
The girl on the left seems fake as fuck. The girl on the right definitely sucks a mean dick.
Janet Gutierrez
Janet Gutierrez - 15 days ago
ELLAYY - 16 days ago
bro the guy behind the camera needs to C H I L L tf out
Rat Pitt
Rat Pitt - 19 days ago
😴😴😴😴😴 the most boring episode
LukesLiife - 21 day ago
What questions do you wish they asked? Mine . . . .
Mia- what happened between you and Alisha
Bart Konig
Bart Konig - 21 day ago
Hmm this episode was kind of generic and boring. Nothing really revealing, funny extremely heartwarming or scandalous. NEXT! 😂😅
Greg Dundee
Greg Dundee - 21 day ago
Finally, proper girls for a change
abel reynoso
abel reynoso - 22 days ago
These chicks secretly hate each other.
Nineth Goddess
Nineth Goddess - 25 days ago
The name they bleeped was probably Alex. Just saying.
Danica Grace
Danica Grace - 25 days ago
haha you can read what the card says!!!! just zoom in
Kate Carpenter
Kate Carpenter - 28 days ago
We all just wanna know abt mia and alishia
Blood Crip
Blood Crip - 29 days ago
You should get parents describing when they caught there kids in action
David Snyder
David Snyder - 29 days ago
Rich people are disgusting
Jimin 4life
Jimin 4life - Month ago
why is everyone complaining about the girl who beeped out her curses? That's part of her and her manners. Not cussing doesn't make u boring. Nor does cussing make u more fun. It's just who she is
jacob harris
jacob harris - Month ago
I am surprised these are not on just kidding news
K121 - Month ago
Lowkey tho I feel like everyone in the asian girl squad had such a clean reputation... but alisha fits more into the “good girl” fit, while Lauren and mia are a lot more wild and party ppl then they previously showed
Izzy Bee
Izzy Bee - Month ago
The question at 4:14, I feel like Lauren said “ you think Alex could have gone on the Bachelor
Yodele Ladejobi
Yodele Ladejobi - Month ago
I don't understand their friendship but okau ¯\_ʘ‿ʘ_/¯
Loner Lewis
Loner Lewis - Month ago
So cute ❤️
KAPT33N x - Month ago
This LaurDIY girl IS ANNOYING AS HELL with her wish add
Gabe K
Gabe K - Month ago
ishitha rehan
ishitha rehan - Month ago
1:08 hes so rude like pointing out the subscribers, like he wanted to make then fight or argue
David Silver
David Silver - Month ago
Chonky , my new word for chubby or bloated
Bxnny - Month ago
Mia has changed so much wtf my brain hurts
soph.ialiu - Month ago
we need more youtubers doing this or celebrities!!
ThatGuy -Yaya
ThatGuy -Yaya - Month ago
Yes please, more youtubers
idk what ever
idk what ever - Month ago
Fill the blank with me
My favorite genre of porn is ______
KaptainBasketball - Month ago
iNuTtyNinJa KOA
iNuTtyNinJa KOA - Month ago
3:23 I’d have sex with her everyday😏
Humberto Rangel
Humberto Rangel - Month ago
This 2 were boooooring.
Little Sass
Little Sass - Month ago
Any pretty little laur would know the name that was bleeped out was Alex
Kayleigh’s Room
Kayleigh’s Room - Month ago
2 views and 4k likes. HOW
ashley pace
ashley pace - Month ago
Let us know what your budget is WORK
Sabrina Roppo
Sabrina Roppo - Month ago
some youtubers are kind of superficial. all about looks and monetary value
Tony Veintimilla
Tony Veintimilla - Month ago
Cut has gotten so bad at communicating with its participants. Stop antagonizing people for entertainment just let em do their thing...
Savannah S.
Savannah S. - Month ago
Yall should sell the truth or drink packs seperately too, 35 isnt slot for all 5 decks though, still pretty affordable
mareike - Month ago
Okay but they seem like so fun people
Theo Radimo
Theo Radimo - Month ago
Stop making them fight
Sawyer Moe
Sawyer Moe - Month ago
i love them together lol
musicmaster52 - Month ago
I always thought LaurDIY was Family Friendly

2:47 i guess this ruined it
Jimi Jimi
Jimi Jimi - Month ago
Girl with black hair in the "are you ever jealous of me" question....
Her whole expression and posture give away that she is a jealous person. Not only to her friend, but to every other woman she thinks she can't reach.
Or I am just crazy and they are both angels
Mark Galbraith
Mark Galbraith - Month ago
Do u pay each other to be this way?? Id kill myself if i met u too...
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