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Cut - 8 months ago
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Htay Meh
Htay Meh - 2 months ago
Stacey S bish
Daisy Daisy
Daisy Daisy - 2 months ago
@BTS ARMY IS SHIT I also believe BTS is trash
Stacey S
Stacey S - 2 months ago
Bish what
Htay Meh
Htay Meh - 3 months ago
Raksha Huddar
Raksha Huddar - 4 months ago
@BTS ARMY IS SHIT you're username is just dope!
psychestial - 11 hours ago
5:28. When the parents were dancing their ACTUAL daughter (who's in the back) closed her eyes and looked embarrassed. That was cute.😂😂
Luce Mon
Luce Mon - 14 hours ago
I love the twins! Please bring them back after quarantine!
Shanice - 15 hours ago
The twins are so cute 🥺
cas morton
cas morton - 22 hours ago
i need more of those twins!!!
Daniel Botelho Dj Sets
The twins are gonna be a legendary detective duo
Catie Coy
Catie Coy - Day ago
Mach there cat to the person
Delphia Scott
Delphia Scott - Day ago

යල්සන් හෝර්සා දෙස බලා, හිස ගසා දමා, පරණ බූරුවායැයි කීවේය වබ්ස්ලින් තවමත් ඩොරලෝගේ සිරුර මත දණ ගසා ඇත ඔහුත් කිහිප වතාවක්ම ඔහුට ඇහුම්කන් දුන්නා නයිසින්ගේ මන්දගාමී හුස්ම ලේ සහ මස් ආවරණයක් හරහා විහිදී ගියේය
Raymond Toole
Raymond Toole - Day ago
The mom in the dark green shirt and the dad remind me of missy’s parents and missey from big mouth
l'Akatsushi - Day ago
99 Vamar
99 Vamar - 2 days ago
6:09 boi wtf is that pose, the blue and green t shirt kid needs some help
99 Vamar
99 Vamar - 2 days ago
3:39 wtf stop playing
Rohrbach Sadie
Rohrbach Sadie - 2 days ago
Hello person reading the comments and not paying attention to the video
Elena Ro
Elena Ro - 2 days ago
I’m in love with the Asian guy, he’s so funny
Evie Sait
Evie Sait - 3 days ago
The step father from the girl in they tie dye shirt seems suspicious the way he says "with my kids" hmmmm
harumitdb - 3 days ago
The first kid couldn't hide her physicals affections with her real parents. I could see just by seeing her acts besides people.
Nathan Eli
Nathan Eli - 3 days ago
Love the twins and how they look alike two parts of the same being. They think alike and finished each other's sentence constantly. Very focused on the task and absolutely adore their names. They did the Best because they didn't try judge race. They looked into details in the gens combo. These two are going to be Highly intelectual beings. I have seen their other videos and always do good. Congrats kiddos. Your folks should be VERY proud of you guys because you seems put together and in time with your differences and similarly in such young age. Love how they explained exactly why they pared the parents with the kiddos. Very Well done guys. Keep them up, they are gems! ♥️♥️
quazi kawish
quazi kawish - 4 days ago
Twins are so cute
Jackson Morgan
Jackson Morgan - 4 days ago
I spit out my coffee when the kid dabbed
Cactus Gaming
Cactus Gaming - 4 days ago
Glad we got some awkward representation for my fellow awkwards out there
sasa ' ᄉ '
sasa ' ᄉ ' - 4 days ago
a n g e l i c
a n g e l i c - 5 days ago
protect the awkward twins at all costs
moviehollic OG
moviehollic OG - 5 days ago
Can someone please give me the name of the siblings(brother amd sister)? Girl with the braces
Country Girls
Country Girls - 7 days ago
I actually know the twins from HiHo kids😂
Hey Hi
Hey Hi - 7 days ago
That girl is so cute when she reaches for her dad hand 5:01
Hey Hi
Hey Hi - 7 days ago
"Is anybody else feeling uncomfortable back there?"

They're actually a couple fr
Black Stranger
Black Stranger - 7 days ago
My dude looks confused af
The Professor
The Professor - 7 days ago
You fucking moron put a thumbnail that waste the whole purpose of watching it.
Anonymous :3
Anonymous :3 - 7 days ago
2:16 the little girl is touching the woman’s arm so i assume it’s her mom
ASuicidal Teen
ASuicidal Teen - 8 days ago
Id love to do this with my parents
Sir SA
Sir SA - 8 days ago
The twins are so cute
Earthworm Sally Movies
Earthworm Sally Movies - 8 days ago
That 13 year old dabbed even though it is 2019
Telfina Fine
Telfina Fine - 8 days ago
Talbot and venessa are fraternal twins
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell - 8 days ago
This chick said “lesbiand”😂
sushi - 8 days ago
You knew the little girl in the pink dress was the lady in the green shirt's daughter bc when she and her husband started dancing and kissing she was the only one covering her eyes lmao
Ms. Zombangle
Ms. Zombangle - 9 days ago
The twins are awesome
Geoff Keith
Geoff Keith - 9 days ago
Hi I’m on Twitter everything goes by my dad I am so excited that I can
Olivia Culver
Olivia Culver - 9 days ago
IDK why but the kid with the tropical print shirt just made my skin crawl. He seemed so rude and his mom seemed totally ok with it.
Noah Strange
Noah Strange - 9 days ago
3:00 want to die so bad
Sacha Cucos
Sacha Cucos - 10 days ago
your tall.
Mr Kelly
Mr Kelly - 10 days ago
So beautiful to see the young twin flames. I wonder how many lives they've lived together
sierra lara
sierra lara - 10 days ago
omg i love the man with the bun 😂😂 he’s so funny
• M i l k & C o o k i e s •
remy d
remy d - 11 days ago
1:34 are u sure this isn't missy and her family from big mouth?
Sweet Candy Safari!
Sweet Candy Safari! - 11 days ago
Isn’t Talbet and Vanessa from hi honey kids or kids react?
Alex AltEgo
Alex AltEgo - 12 days ago
One more yas they were so adorable 😍
Hedda Díaz Morán
Hedda Díaz Morán - 12 days ago
We love the twins
مطبخ ام توفي
مطبخ ام توفي - 13 days ago
Why do I feel like the twins are dead inside
The Fow
The Fow - 14 days ago
That asian girl confused the black dudes. Funny.
Amalia Lungu
Amalia Lungu - 15 days ago
george day
george day - 17 days ago
i’m still upset that there are no gays couples and also that that one lady was like so subtly angry about being labeled gay
Siahn Reuben
Siahn Reuben - 17 days ago
You could tell straight away that the lady in the green shirt was the first kids child because she was talking to her and was holding her arm
Jennah Jaradat
Jennah Jaradat - 18 days ago
i love the asian dudes vibes
Venom Gaming 97
Venom Gaming 97 - 18 days ago
the kid that dabbed made me shiver
Basic Tina
Basic Tina - 18 days ago
3:00 I’m dying 😂 omg
thedoze US
thedoze US - 18 days ago
Dae is actually the funniest human being on the planet
StormCloud - 19 days ago
Other people: “eh the kinda have the same skin tone i guess”
The twins: “ Vanessa, run data infrastructure analysis. *beep* *boop* “starting pedigree chart” *beep* *boop* *blirp*
StormCloud - 19 days ago
No wonder the glasses kid doesn’t have a dad
Aurix - 19 days ago
3:00 OMFG 💀
River mcglaughlin
River mcglaughlin - 19 days ago
The guy with the man bun is such a mood i love it 😂
kendall castillo
kendall castillo - 19 days ago
New lineup idea: match glasses to the person
Itz Me Diana
Itz Me Diana - 20 days ago
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo - 20 days ago
The first kid was tugging on her real mother’s shirt after getting chosen with another parent
BlueRose 101
BlueRose 101 - 21 day ago
I started guessing based on clothes styles and styles and couples I noticed by when they would glance at their partners
Damiens Free Avocado salsa
That one couple looks like missys parents from big mouth and it’s destroying me
Megalodon Hehe
Megalodon Hehe - 23 days ago
One time i saw a fellow megolodon swim by then I thought she was my mother cuz she looked like me later i realized we all looked the same
Nalguitas del Jimeno
Nalguitas del Jimeno - 23 days ago
I need the ig of the twins, they look so interesting
ISABEL FAUSTINO - 24 days ago
Kid: “I’m turning 13.”
Chooser: “So, are you into girls now?”
Kid: “Yeah, pretty much.”

Madelyn Hernandez
Madelyn Hernandez - 24 days ago
No offense but those twins made this just painful to watch 😬
Best Offers
Best Offers - 24 days ago
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Trasenda Monfort
Trasenda Monfort - 25 days ago
I swear I love the twins
Emalee June
Emalee June - 25 days ago
6:15 all the kids faces! Priceless
Invisibilly - 25 days ago
The asian girl looks so familiar I'm screeching I need to know
Yessie Kawaii
Yessie Kawaii - 26 days ago
I love those quirky twins! So we'll mannered & adorable lol
April marie Navarro Cabrera
mi name is april
Mallory Cronce
Mallory Cronce - 26 days ago
The twin guessers are so awkward 😂
Awkard twins, they are intelligent, and the real awkward people call them awkward twins including me
u wish
u wish - 26 days ago
I feel like this dude is in every of these line up vids and probably works there haha
It's Petra
It's Petra - 26 days ago
I'm daying😂
Tyrone - 26 days ago
This Asian guy though his judgement is hilarious lol great guy
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