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Bbxy.danni R
Bbxy.danni R - 4 hours ago
Is anyone one gonna recognize this kid at 3:39
helloLUCY - 6 hours ago
Gosh , how do you sign up to do these experiments!!!!!!??? 🙋🏼‍♀️
Tanea Bree
Tanea Bree - 9 hours ago
Letz get iittttttt
Anw - 14 hours ago
April kinda cute........
Maqui Cordero
Maqui Cordero - 15 hours ago
omg talbet wth
ExOtIiC moe
ExOtIiC moe - 18 hours ago
6:32 why she do him like that
Check out the dad in the blue shirt @4:12
C A - Day ago
That kid with glasses is how I imagine Ninja's and Jake Paul's audience
DN!A - Day ago
Half a year ago, a smoking woman at a non-smoking table just told us straight to the face, that she thought it was weird, that my parents were a couple. Like, why shouldn’t two people of different skin colours be a couple? That’s ridiculous and closeminded😅
Adaline Adams
Adaline Adams - Day ago
Jay-d ok
Jay-d ok - Day ago
8:02 "Well my mom isn't that strong"..... she wasn't expecting that😂😂😂😅
Jay-d ok
Jay-d ok - Day ago
1:34 that boy just asked "as a kid did you have hair on your head"😂😅😂 LOL
Kelly - Day ago
i love the twins!!
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh - Day ago
The female asian guesser and the designer mom at 7:57 are gorgeous!
Arthur - Day ago
i swear the 3rd kid looks 9
Akiko T
Akiko T - Day ago
It's cool to see this topic brought into discussion! I kind of felt i had no one to relate to! Like even though this video brought it up in a light and comical way, sometimes it sucks being in a situation as a bi-racial kid surrounded by small minded people who have no filter. My parents own a small restaurant business. Now in my late twenties, I visited my dad at his shop. I gave him a hug and sat close to him at a table and we just talked about our days. Later that week, a really nasty and derogatory review was uploaded on Yelp about his business from an angry Caucasian woman who said some pretty disgusting things. Things like how the business owner (my white dad) was openly molesting a young asian woman in public and things of the sort. We eventually got yelp to remove the review as it was horrible and slanderous, but ever since then, things have never been the same. We really can't hug and show affection in public anymore, without people thinking otherwise. It sucks but it is what it is.
?IceTea¿ - Day ago
as soon as i saw that kid dab i cringed so hard
Nova Lynn
Nova Lynn - 2 days ago
"you're getting a parrot from then, whether they are your parents or not."
I love this guy, he is so funny.
Isabel Terry
Isabel Terry - 2 days ago
you should try to match cousins to each other
Smuk - 2 days ago
The twins reminded me of my step siblings which are also twins
FIRE MEMES 113106 - 2 days ago
A DAB IN 2019
Queen Cloverpaws
Queen Cloverpaws - 2 days ago
I already know I like that kid
Emily - 2 days ago
*i like your outfiiiit.....did you pick it out yourself?*
Fergufines Tube
Fergufines Tube - 2 days ago
Those twins were so awkward omf😂
Yu Jin
Yu Jin - 2 days ago
8:30 how anyone could think that daughter is white is just retarded.
Forever Woof
Forever Woof - 2 days ago
Video request: match best friends with each other!!:)
EN KAT - 2 days ago
The boy in the blue jacket guessing is just a Sweetheart 💙💖
andrea williams
andrea williams - 2 days ago
The Asian guy is the coolest.
Thir is
Thir is - 2 days ago
Ooh Talbot and Vanessa are in Cut now? Wow
super nerd
super nerd - 2 days ago
The awkward twins made this video so much better lol
Qraken - 2 days ago
Why’s the boy twin so tall
Jaik Star
Jaik Star - 2 days ago
So no ones talking about 3:00 huh? K.
Chance McGee
Chance McGee - 2 days ago
the kid that dabbed was soo cringe🤮
Beneko Odukb
Beneko Odukb - 3 days ago
I only disliked it because the dabing kid
Janne Lehmann
Janne Lehmann - 3 days ago
5:49 jesus christ I Love them!!!😂😂
Charlotte DBAI-MS
Charlotte DBAI-MS - 3 days ago
Lmaoooo the 13 year old dude, I died 😂
evergreen - 3 days ago
the girl who wanted the parrot was kind of obvious she kept looking back at her parents and wiped her face on her dads shirt at one point
Maegan Leber
Maegan Leber - 3 days ago
4:04 to 4:10 is so pure. I love the twins 😭
olober sykes
olober sykes - 3 days ago
Omg those twins from HiHo I love themmmm
moon little
moon little - 3 days ago
Ew I didn’t like the awkward twins lmao
Harrison Crider
Harrison Crider - 4 days ago
Where's the rope 3:00
Siren - 4 days ago
stop bringing those twins it makes me uncomfortable how uncomfortable they look
Andreina - 4 days ago
He was turning 13 and he dabbed pls get this bitch out of here
Barry Tang
Barry Tang - 4 days ago
Bitch WTF made you think imma lesbian? HAHHAHAH progressive lib-tards.

Im so glad most families are still mommy and daddy Humans don't understand that both roles are important and NOT interchangeable nor expendable.
It doesn't matter if you're raising a little boy or girl, they need a positive role model for both genders so they know what is proper.

Having just a dad and a daddy or just a mom and a mommy doesnt prepare them for society.
Susan H
Susan H - 4 days ago
that dab made me so uncomfortable come on kid
JJ Dynamite
JJ Dynamite - 4 days ago
The twins get on my nerves.
Tyjo! AtTheDisco
Tyjo! AtTheDisco - 4 days ago
3:00 that's just pure cringe
CandyCat - 4 days ago
7:01 but why? (. .)
Lydia Thornberry
Lydia Thornberry - 4 days ago
The awkward twins are my favorite wtaf
Layla Bolduc
Layla Bolduc - 4 days ago
Ahhh those twins are so sweet!!
Jud S.
Jud S. - 4 days ago
"As a kid did you have, like, hair on your head?"

" Nah I've been bald since birth"
Rowan Gregor
Rowan Gregor - 5 days ago
Truly my strategy would have either been having the kid say something embarrassing and watching for the parent reaction.
Or having the parents do something “embarrassing” and have the kid overreact. Like the girl who turned around when the two were dancing.
Isha Mir Rodriguez
Isha Mir Rodriguez - 5 days ago
Is it just me orrrr does the girl twin look like Millie?
Football Analytics
Football Analytics - 5 days ago
Yo why that kid dab tho his parents would abandon him after that
qwertyuiop asdfghjkl
qwertyuiop asdfghjkl - 5 days ago
Already 2 am here and im lying on my bed laughing abt this guy😂😂😂
Morgan Wheatley
Morgan Wheatley - 5 days ago
Loveee this video how plz kick the twins out
Nikki Kasper
Nikki Kasper - 5 days ago
I loved this, especially being bi-racial and being raised by a single white mother, people often get confused.
My Togepi
My Togepi - 5 days ago
I'll be a sneak. But only because I really like your page - the originals. You are extremely copied from this page.
mlg shrimp
mlg shrimp - 6 days ago
Those kids are on HiHo!!
Maria Noel Fernandez
Maria Noel Fernandez - 6 days ago
3:10 the blue shirt men lmao
Veronika Wadhwa
Veronika Wadhwa - 6 days ago
whispering "we're not good at this"
Jeremy L Bradley
Jeremy L Bradley - 6 days ago
So the point of this exercise was to not judge a book by its cover.....I’m assuming ..... yea...
RiFtyourmum_ gayy
RiFtyourmum_ gayy - 6 days ago
Are u into girls?

Very much
Daddy Long Dong
Daddy Long Dong - 6 days ago
"im guessing theyre gonna have a husband whos taller" "or wife tallbott!!" "oh ya not to make assumptions" i love them
Fart Snapple Pop
Fart Snapple Pop - 6 days ago
Vietnam flashbacks
Kate Leduc-Duheme
Kate Leduc-Duheme - 6 days ago
That dab tho

Internal screaming
Queen D
Queen D - 7 days ago
3:11 the guy in the blue shirt tho, kept smelling his armpit am I the only one who noticed that?
Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones - 5 days ago
He was probably ready to sneeze or cough
Mc Kookie
Mc Kookie - 7 days ago
when the kid dabbed

humudu - 7 days ago
Is that shitty shirt supposed to be a shitty sky shitting?
- Oh your mother standing right behind me designed it, shit!
Perfectly Phoebe
Perfectly Phoebe - 7 days ago
8:05 - The dad on the far right asking what the kid said😆😂made me laugh too much dk why I found it so funny😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Nathan - 7 days ago
Talbet and Vanessa were so precious
Kaeydence Mason
Kaeydence Mason - 7 days ago
The dude with the man bun is everyone of my uncles 😂😂😂😂
Kh Føffm
Kh Føffm - 7 days ago
Not to be mean or anything but the twins was to camery shy
Rose Bruhn Bertelsen
Rose Bruhn Bertelsen - 7 days ago
"OR a WiFe, TaLbEt"😂😂
Spongebob - 7 days ago
My parents are getting divorced soon..
HI H - 7 days ago
I hate these but I’m here again
fabiola soto
fabiola soto - 8 days ago
Omg what if a mom cheated and thennn the child was someone else’s and the biological father was there and the other father that was thought to be the father was there and the kid looked like the biological father so they found out that the mom cheated 😂🤯 THIS DOESNT MAKE SENSE BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY HEHE 😂
Spongebob - 7 days ago
i d o n t k n o w w h a t y o u s a i d...
xd Galaxy
xd Galaxy - 8 days ago
That dab tho
Elizabeth P
Elizabeth P - 8 days ago
those twins make me wanna cringe and laugh at the same time, but i still love them tho😂
pergamonto - 8 days ago
why are the twins so cuuute😫💘
Emma Ryan
Emma Ryan - 8 days ago
Kaayleb Dsavage
Kaayleb Dsavage - 8 days ago
7:33 ok we all know she got them confused bc their both black 😂😂😂
Galaxy Potato
Galaxy Potato - 8 days ago
They didn’t have a ginger child. We are the difficult ones
Shelly Liriano
Shelly Liriano - 8 days ago
When you’re currently wearing the same jeans as always April . Glad to know we have great taste in jeans 😁
Jasmine Tran
Jasmine Tran - 8 days ago
4:15 this was the cutest thing ever
JishNtyjo tøp ree
JishNtyjo tøp ree - 8 days ago
The designer mom is so pretty wow
1ryanfire1 - 9 days ago
The political correctness kills me.
Emmy Heller
Emmy Heller - 9 days ago
I'm selling replay buttons
each one costs a like
Elizabeth Osipov
Elizabeth Osipov - 9 days ago
I guessed the designer mom right away
Altinez MTZ
Altinez MTZ - 9 days ago
I could tell the kid with the glasses had a single mom
Zach Weitz
Zach Weitz - 9 days ago
I came right down to the comments when the kid dabbed
Lauren Strobl
Lauren Strobl - 9 days ago
You should do matching people to their BFF.
hanna sabagh
hanna sabagh - 9 days ago
tHaT dAb ThO
Meerab Zaidi
Meerab Zaidi - 9 days ago
I wish I had a twin sibling lmao
Amanda Phillips
Amanda Phillips - 9 days ago
5:28 look at the girl in the back. xD
808123 sd
808123 sd - 9 days ago
8:30 people will always still get confused at biracial kids because you never know how much one parent will affect the look of the child compared to the other parent. There's nothing wrong with that confusion it's completely natural. The way it was just rest was as if the world hasn't finally caught up with kids looking half black and half white but that's not what the case is. A kid can have a super black father and a super white mother and come out looking more black or more white and it will be hard to distinguish what the child's parents look like because of the magic that happens in the womb. It has nothing to do with racism or anything else which was the undertones of that statement at 8:30. We need to stop being such a pussy culture or else we're going to get taken over
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia - 9 days ago
Match lunchbox to kid
808123 sd
808123 sd - 9 days ago
That's utterly cringey how at 4:00 minutes those poor teenagers were subconsciously forced to assume that some parents might not be of opposite sex (and felt guilty doing so, which is fucked up). And the other young Asian girl who felt "pressured" as she said to assume that that lady was a lesbian and she felt pressured because she probably didn't want to be bullied (as the left does nowadays even though they act like the innocent and righteous) as someone who assumes that a couple would be straight and of opposite sexes as normal. In other words everyone's afraid to think of seen things as they actually are, which is that the vast majority of people are straight and not bisexual, transgender, gay, lesbian, gender-fluid, and all the other bullshit (note: I have nothing against gay/bisexual people as some of the coolest people I've met are you gay bi or straight) that there flooding into are fucking brains on a day-to-day basis in the 2000 teens. We're fucking up the world with all this gender-fluid non-binary transgender bullshit and we're fucking up the kids most importantly. I have nothing against a gay couple who has a kid at all but for these two teenagers to feel as if they would be basically shitbags for assuming that the kid had a dad and a mom who were of opposite sex. It's just showing how we've gone too far as a society with the blurring of boundaries. I want to hear opinions on my opinion LOL
Ahnika Barney
Ahnika Barney - 9 days ago
Lol mom at 7:00 seemed low-key triggered😂
Vitamin A
Vitamin A - 9 days ago
Match the State to the person
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