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Green_ Gem
Green_ Gem - 2 hours ago
I felt so bad for the girl with the stepdad. It must suck constantly getting compared to a random man who isn't even your real dad.
Anupama Chettri
Anupama Chettri - 22 hours ago
Twins from Hiho
Kenji Fritts
Kenji Fritts - Day ago
EdieLouise - Day ago
3:09 she so pretty 😍
EdieLouise - Day ago
2:59 oof
g miller
g miller - Day ago
“i want a parrot”

oh honey no you don’t
Penn Penn
Penn Penn - 2 days ago
Twin: they have similar noses..
Guy: wh..what??
Max Kastner
Max Kastner - 2 days ago
That 13 year old definitely is in the logang
Zoe Antonoglou
Zoe Antonoglou - 2 days ago
How old are the twins?
Black Rose
Black Rose - 2 days ago
"How old are you? I’m 9 years old"
Why did that just remind me of lil tay 😂
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3:00 never giving anyone a highfive for seeing that shit👏😒
Gia Ha
Gia Ha - 3 days ago
I really love this Asian dude with the man bun! He’s soooo funny! It always puts a smile on my face when he’s in these videos!
Nupur - 3 days ago
Idk about yall but i have a crush on april
Maher Rostom
Maher Rostom - 4 days ago
Match the pedo with his victims

Ok that was dark af sorry lol
09BUZZSAW - 5 days ago
Those kids are still hella awkward
SunshineHobi TxT
SunshineHobi TxT - 5 days ago
Ugh I hate how fucking awkward that twin sister is 😑
Sabina Tsang
Sabina Tsang - 5 days ago
The twins (Talbert and Vanessa I think) are people who I would like to be friends with
Why are Vanessa and talbott so awkward in this one
ChristiIna Jolie
ChristiIna Jolie - 6 days ago
Man after they've repaired them I just noticed that one couple both have on Adidas
maggie - 6 days ago
i felt some of these as a biracial kid 💔 people don’t think your parents are your parents lmao
Fuuro - 6 days ago
Twin Sister looks like Her Brother is the only man Her GF wont get jealous of, 'cuz She can't even compete against Brother
Raji - 6 days ago
so that just proved white people are better at racial profiling than minorities smh
lily b
lily b - 6 days ago
i love the twins!!!!!!!!!
Soe Ta eh
Soe Ta eh - 7 days ago
Love the Asian dude an lol I can say that because I’m Asian y’all!!!🤣😂🤣
Person Person
Person Person - 7 days ago
I have twins and they look completely different. Lol . No one would probably guess them right. Also out of 4 kids I gave life to, NONE of them look like me
Zoey Khalil
Zoey Khalil - 7 days ago
the kid who dabbed definitely owns a fortnite shirt and trades pokemon cards with all his yeet friends
Maxwell Hitt
Maxwell Hitt - 9 days ago
A kid who dabs deserves every punishment possible in hell
Shelby Soto
Shelby Soto - 9 days ago
If I had a dollar for everytime ppl didnt think my parents were my parents omg
Pouya Arastoo
Pouya Arastoo - 10 days ago
So heteronormative!!! Any lGBT Familie?
Sebas Reeve
Sebas Reeve - 10 days ago
3:02 oof
Bean_Here_ Bois
Bean_Here_ Bois - 11 days ago
4:10...Killed me.
TheAntiBloon - 11 days ago
4 years ago, that kid with the glasses would be my key idol. Nowadays, if I saw some kid like that I would get the Clorox
Lavender Goth
Lavender Goth - 11 days ago
My mom looks *HELLA* Asian & I look *HELLA* white so I feel like if I was in this nobody would get us right lmao
Kyler Talor Taylor
Kyler Talor Taylor - 12 days ago
Are those the hiho kids
big pimpin'
big pimpin' - 12 days ago
“as a kid, did you like... have hair on your head?”
Hello_ImLana - 13 days ago
The man bun guy is my favorite
Juan David L
Juan David L - 13 days ago
The kid who dabbed 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Your Spades
Your Spades - 13 days ago
The mom of the kid in red shirt, she’s sooo beautiful!
Melanie Ramirez
Melanie Ramirez - 14 days ago
1:36 as a kid did u have like hair on your head 😂
Nijay Sivarajan
Nijay Sivarajan - 14 days ago
I almost smashed my phone when I saw the 12 year old
UnitedDarkness - 14 days ago
Idk why does the twins sound depressed like their forced to do this lol
Rebekah - 14 days ago
I love those twins :)
1000 subscribers with no shame
2:58 this kid is gonna look back at this video in a couple years and cringe sooo hard
Jazzi Milton
Jazzi Milton - 15 days ago
I want to be on an adult version of this ahaha
Oop you’re a mistake
Oop you’re a mistake - 15 days ago
3:10 if they asked me if I was into boys right now I would be embarrassed and I would say please just try to guess my parents
lucifer morningstar
lucifer morningstar - 15 days ago
did she get a parrot tho
Mystic Diaries
Mystic Diaries - 15 days ago
“I was kinda worried, what made you think I’m a lesbian” UNBELIEVABLEEE WTF!!!!! Ignorant ass
Pooja Lona
Pooja Lona - 15 days ago
April 😍😍😍 Austin's mom
Esma Saray
Esma Saray - 15 days ago
3:06 she’s the size of the kid XD
monique l
monique l - 15 days ago
talbet and vanessa are so cute and vanessa sets off my gaydar
Sandi Stein
Sandi Stein - 16 days ago
I would love to do this, I have brown hair and brown eyes and my son is blonde with blue eyes 🤣
bluec0la - 16 days ago
3:03 made me disgusted
JGFallways16K - Purple baconhair - silū býkan
why did the kid dab? just why?
Sayesh Reddy
Sayesh Reddy - 16 days ago
3:47 she was looking like a disney character
Chelzy Madera
Chelzy Madera - 17 days ago
The twins remind me of the twins from how to train your dragon
Christa s
Christa s - 17 days ago
Earn money at home its legit i swear.!
Not the case
Not the case - 17 days ago
Maybe i wouldn't guess the parents right but i do guess that no one likes those twins at school
chicken n
chicken n - 17 days ago
7:01 lowkey the shade 😬😬😬
mattelollol - 17 days ago
Those kids are high key funny
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