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L3l - Hour ago
Awe. This was so cute lol
Luke Baughman
Luke Baughman - 2 hours ago
6:14 best part ladies face.
Adam Zarlock
Adam Zarlock - 3 hours ago
I feel like it’s stupid that they could have been gay parents too cause that just makes it hard on a stupid level
Jimbo Wumbo
Jimbo Wumbo - 4 hours ago
I feel like these videos that have talbert and Vanessa are just us watching them grow up
It’s lil - bunny -pizza
Omg a dab in 2019
Jezzel Fronda
Jezzel Fronda - 8 hours ago
Aaron Collado
Aaron Collado - 9 hours ago
Have not watched the video yet, but I feel like I’m about to witness multiple offended parents.
ለໃາຖ້ለ ຕ.
ለໃາຖ້ለ ຕ. - 9 hours ago
3:00 the reason I hate kids
Jessica Brobe
Jessica Brobe - 9 hours ago
Why is nobody talking about 4:09? 😂😂😂
Average Girl
Average Girl - 13 hours ago
Had cut matched Pet to owner get?
Trisha Sarili
Trisha Sarili - 14 hours ago
lol the twins are here love them hahaha
Ilma Selak
Ilma Selak - 15 hours ago
You should do matching siblings
Gachacookie Tewksbury
Gachacookie Tewksbury - 16 hours ago
Who’s ocd got triggered when the 13 year old did the dab?
Lexie Brown
Lexie Brown - 17 hours ago
Guy pairing: Look at your parents
Me: If only he knew
Dwin - 20 hours ago
Those twins were awkward..
PilsPlease - 21 hour ago
idk who the girl who participated/picked is but shes really pretty. And has a great sense of humor.
Julia Hayes
Julia Hayes - Day ago
i wish i had a normal family like these.
K Comm
K Comm - Day ago
Wait....STEP-PARENTS are in the equation here?? BS!
Leslie Lambert
Leslie Lambert - Day ago
Does the male twin have a special condition or he's just nerdy? He's so cute, I wanna take him home! 😍
iamAX 830
iamAX 830 - Day ago
We should get April more often
G G - Day ago
Well I have to say that April is damned attractive...
Cow Poke
Cow Poke - Day ago

That guy should’ve said wow you don’t deserve parents
Aimee Latham
Aimee Latham - Day ago
Do this one again I loved it
Nafisa Awwal
Nafisa Awwal - Day ago
This Asian dude👍🏾👍🏾 seen his video before, left an impression
jem wall
jem wall - Day ago
yoo i wanna go on this because i'm blonde, green eyes and i look super white yet my dad is asian (biological).
Sofia Sanmateo
Sofia Sanmateo - Day ago
0:13 i think she has a kid from kid's try she is the mother of austin..i think so..
Nikki Rex :v
Nikki Rex :v - Day ago
Talbott and Vanessa from Hiho kids!
Lawanda Haywood
Lawanda Haywood - Day ago
I hate that 12 year old
The Irish Elk
The Irish Elk - Day ago
Those twins look like they smell like piss
Draw Clearly
Draw Clearly - 2 days ago
“Did you have hair on your head when you were a kid?” 💀dumbass
His Weirdo
His Weirdo - 2 days ago
i just wanna say how absolutely gorgeous April is
Erika Lumbreras
Erika Lumbreras - 2 days ago
Girl:with the swag yeaa
Ummmm he did a dab the dab is dead eww
Lucian Stephani
Lucian Stephani - 2 days ago
3:42 biology 100
Lucian Stephani
Lucian Stephani - 2 days ago
3:00 ah cringe, I thought this video was uploaded in 2017. I looked and saw 2019 ah shit I have to kill myself before cringe kills me.
gabriel martinez
gabriel martinez - 2 days ago
Oooo April cute
Juliethewolf 1
Juliethewolf 1 - 2 days ago
The boy that dabed I died cringe
All But Won
All But Won - 2 days ago
I love reading all of your guys’s comments when I’m high😂
shelby dauphinee
shelby dauphinee - 2 days ago
I am turning 13 too!
Semppis - 2 days ago
This man just got dabbed on by a child.
Savanah Carter
Savanah Carter - 2 days ago
Wait the person in the adidas camo i thought that was dwayne Johnson for sec

Wait no just me ok🤣😭
Ava Michelle
Ava Michelle - 2 days ago
“nice to meet you!”
goes in for handshake...
CJ Kirby
CJ Kirby - 2 days ago
Why did he dab 🤦‍♂️

Alien Velo-Uchiha Desuka
Interesting .
Kitty Kaela
Kitty Kaela - 2 days ago
"As a kid, did you have hair...?"
AriSoCool 602
AriSoCool 602 - 2 days ago
"Well my mom isnt that strong" 💀💀😂😂😂😂
Some random ghost 19
Some random ghost 19 - 2 days ago
Oh I wish me and my fam could’ve done this lol they would’ve gotten it wrong
Karinne Hiyama
Karinne Hiyama - 2 days ago
My siblings and I are half japanese and half white and my mom was always asked whether she was babysitting :((
X MKG - 3 days ago
Who Cares
Who Cares - 3 days ago
Imagine if 5:37 weren’t a couple 💀
payden Fishy
payden Fishy - 3 days ago
Talmadge is really cute
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