Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

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Walter White
Walter White - 9 minutes ago
The thumbnail looks gay
Afnan _ Limelight
Afnan _ Limelight - 9 minutes ago
Dolan Twins: I-
Doctor: sUrE...
Afnan _ Limelight
Afnan _ Limelight - 16 minutes ago
The doctor looked terrified the whole time lmao😭
Nicole Tattershall
Nicole Tattershall - 22 minutes ago
Imagine when they actually become dads and use this experience to relate to their pregnant wives
Tanikia Lashon
Tanikia Lashon - 23 minutes ago
Wait did they upload this again because I know for sure I wanted this last month ?!?
Rhea Christine
Rhea Christine - 30 minutes ago
He looked so uncomfortable with some of the questions and it’s hilarious
Bk Epicnesss
Bk Epicnesss - 32 minutes ago
Ethan notes- kick Grayson
Lol I’m dying
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith - 43 minutes ago
Gray: Ethan?
Ethan: Grayson it’s my trimester period your not aloud to talk to me, trimester 1.
Gray: i think it would-
Ethan: SHH
Gray: ..... *starts splashing around*
Ethan: STOP goops can’t move like that!!
Gray: I’m just trying to have fun!
Sydny Smith
Sydny Smith - 52 minutes ago
I could imagine that doctor watching this video and feeling ashamed with the biggest wtf expression on his face ever 😭😭😭🤣
Aluya Slime
Aluya Slime - Hour ago
“Stop disrespecting mom”🤣💀
ABEL NOCERA - Hour ago
The doctor:the fluid in the 3rd trimester of pregancy is the half of a 2 liter bottle
Me:or maybe there is 1l of fluid😑
keisha mavunga
keisha mavunga - Hour ago
The doctor's face😂😂 I laughed so hard
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn - Hour ago
You guys are so adorable i can't 😂 i love you dorks
Smøl Bean
Smøl Bean - Hour ago
Caila Clark
Caila Clark - Hour ago
*ethan smacks womb simulator*
Grayson: "stop disrespecting mom"
Ethan: "sorry mom"
*does it again 2 minutes later*🤣🤣
Llamas - Hour ago
“Stop smacking mom”
Maria Moore
Maria Moore - Hour ago
Buttery Grape
Buttery Grape - 2 hours ago
if you think about it, either one or both was a mistake 😳
Lps Dunn Myers
Lps Dunn Myers - 2 hours ago
Womb mates haahahah I'm dying
Gurlieen binning
Gurlieen binning - 2 hours ago
I was born 15 mins after my twin sis
Greta Kelly
Greta Kelly - 2 hours ago
Imagine if foetuses were actually like this and you just heard fucking screaming from your stomach
yee yee
yee yee - 3 hours ago
Grayson bonner : 22:40
ッMao-Chan - 3 hours ago
I was unplanned.
Grainne - 3 hours ago
Such a great video 😂 the doctor rly thought they were stupid 😂
Ashlee Scott
Ashlee Scott - 3 hours ago
“I’ve never been to f****** happy to be out of a placenta in my whole life” 😂😂
Connie Mae
Connie Mae - 3 hours ago
I love how wholesome they are x
Alex Ashley
Alex Ashley - 4 hours ago
Are they from Alabama?
Ducky Nikki
Ducky Nikki - 4 hours ago
Its funny to think that one of them were a mistake lol
iTianadeDianous - 4 hours ago
how's there 13k people who don't like this video... there's nothing to unlike
Anabelle McDude
Anabelle McDude - 4 hours ago
Dolan Twins: Babies are naked inside the womb, but we can't be naked because this is youtube and we're even wearing tight shirts and it's pretty private!
Also Dolan Twins: Today we're gonna do a full body paint and go out in public with basically only white tightie whities on!
Michelle Cisneros Flores
Michelle Cisneros Flores - 4 hours ago
This doctor is trying so hard to keep it together lmaoooo
Anabelle McDude
Anabelle McDude - 4 hours ago
The doctor seemed so uncomfortable, and I don't exactly blame him 😂
Maddie Sullivan
Maddie Sullivan - 5 hours ago
Guys did you now that on episodes there is a story called falling in love with dolan twins i played it and it was really fun
No Fucks To Give
No Fucks To Give - 6 hours ago
The doctor is kind of good looking tho... don’t come for me
Brooke Clues
Brooke Clues - 6 hours ago
Grayson:"What if I had to pee in there for scientific reason"
Ethan: "you dont have to pee in there grayson!
Gianna Kmak
Gianna Kmak - 6 hours ago
Doctor: “half of a 2 liter bottle”
Emma Gordon
Emma Gordon - 7 hours ago
8:30 😂😂😂
Leah xx
Leah xx - 7 hours ago
22:42 oh god Grayson 😳😳
(Saw it on instagram)
Maria Melendez
Maria Melendez - 7 hours ago
Grayson has a nice ass 🥵😂😂
Caitlin Doyle
Caitlin Doyle - 8 hours ago
Wow not giving those sunshirt brands clout
froot loops
froot loops - 8 hours ago
LMAO THE DOCTOR IS LIKE "didnt u learn this in highschool"
Ali-Elizabeth Cicogna
Ali-Elizabeth Cicogna - 8 hours ago
Why does everyone think they are hot...they really aren’t
Selena Alharbi
Selena Alharbi - 8 hours ago
Where is the new video!!😩
galilea cabrera conterea
galilea cabrera conterea - 9 hours ago
Haha I love you guys❤️❤️ you guys are so funny!!🤣
Zyla White
Zyla White - 9 hours ago
I died when Grayson started randomly moving in the water and Ethan started yelling at him😂😂😂
Jazmine Ram
Jazmine Ram - 9 hours ago
16:27 big mood 😂😂😂🤪💙
Gracie And melody
Gracie And melody - 9 hours ago
I wanna do this with my twin😭
H Aurorah
H Aurorah - 9 hours ago
I gotta be honest here, they're adorable. *skrtttt*
Maddie J
Maddie J - 9 hours ago
Grey bullying ethan in the womb for 15 minutes
Maddie J
Maddie J - 9 hours ago
“It’s probably why they were aloud to talk, so stfu!”
“It’s sterile”
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