Dog Kissing Booth

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caitlyn donegan
caitlyn donegan - Day ago
anybody else rewatching all her vids because you miss her so much? me too:(
snapple c:
snapple c: - 2 days ago
"oh you want a kiss?"
tyler tyler
tyler tyler - 4 days ago
Jenna videos have picked me up when I’m down since childhood. Such a source of comfort. I hope she’s doing well today ❤️ I hope we see her again one day
carissa elliott
carissa elliott - 5 days ago
I s2g y’all if I never get to see Marbles again bc of horrible people being hateful .. I am gonna need to see my therapist at least 2x as often
DoctorPatzz - 7 days ago
New gamer tag: cuckedbykerm69
Cara Silver
Cara Silver - 9 days ago
Its unbelievably bizarre how peach hasnt paid jenna back yet
Doopy - 13 days ago
MiniSpoon - 13 days ago
Lucy Violet
Lucy Violet - 14 days ago
I miss you Jenna 😩😩
LAURA ANDERSON - 15 days ago
Wait I thought Julian and Jenna were dating
beeclan50 - 17 days ago
Interesting. I always thought she was half joking when she said life was exhausting
whorifa - 18 days ago
5:32 julien standing in the back like 🧍🏻‍♀️
Stinky Cheeseman
Stinky Cheeseman - 19 days ago
Marbles' little kiss was the cutest thing I've ever seen I love old dogs so much
Chip the Sloth
Chip the Sloth - 19 days ago
Finley Hearon
Finley Hearon - 19 days ago
I'd like to know what they did with that once they were done? Did they keep it? I kinda hope they donated it to a shelter so they can do this for dogs that are up for adoption like Jenna mentioned. That would be really cute.
Red fox
Red fox - 21 day ago
Better plot than the kissing booth 2
Red fox
Red fox - 21 day ago
Better plot than the kissing booth 2
Lonelle Rose
Lonelle Rose - 21 day ago
I could watch 9:43 every day for the rest of my life and it would never stop being funny
Sweetie Swoow
Sweetie Swoow - 21 day ago
Why is nobody talking about 10:15-

*thats the best part,*
Garry Barrry
Garry Barrry - 25 days ago
Cucked by cerm once again 😔😢
Brian Dimmitt
Brian Dimmitt - 25 days ago
i miss you so much
Ghost - 28 days ago
Why must kermit's tongue behave like that
Doggo With Anxiety
Doggo With Anxiety - Month ago
Next news headline: *Peach commits tax fraud*
Erik Petersson
Erik Petersson - Month ago
this is so wholesome 🥺 i cant stand the idea of our family dog actually licking my face (she stinky stinky in her mouth, we have pulled some bad teeth but its still not great) BUT!! i love to bend down or get close and give ’kisses’ regardless. just kissy noises purky lips and it warms my heart bc she always returns it with licks to the air 🥺 like she knows im giving her kisses even if theres no touching
spdrcd - Month ago
And people thought joe biden kissing his granddaughter was nasty. Then this chick tongue kisses her dog
Brandin Shaeffer
Brandin Shaeffer - Month ago
who else is here b/c they miss jenna :(
I'm obsessed with anime
watermelon: *no*
cement: this is about me
dead: 👁👄👁
bunny: free food booth
María Weinberg
María Weinberg - Month ago
miss you jenna
DoeDonDoe - Month ago
Video starts with Jenna saying "I"m 33, life's getting exhausting." This was right before Covid lockdown started :'( Life used to be so normal, the economy was good.
Renee - Month ago
burrburr dey
burrburr dey - Month ago
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer - Month ago
I miss Jenna. This is the kind of content we need right now.
Krystal Aryanna
Krystal Aryanna - Month ago
Kermit: The Crying Booth
Peach: The Give me Booth
Marble: The Lost Booth
Bunny: The Tall Booth
Julian: The Trying to get a kiss from his best friend cuz is valentine's day but fails Booth
Jenna: The Trying to get kiss by her lovely dogs and just hand shake her best friend Booth
Charlie Osbourne
Charlie Osbourne - Month ago
Out of all ur dogs peach is my favourite but like if I was to have one of ur dogs I would have Kermit
Savanna Brown
Savanna Brown - Month ago
I thought you guys were dating for a very long time well now I know that you guys are just friends?
Infinite Movies
Infinite Movies - Month ago
haha its a joke
Rain bear
Rain bear - Month ago
Gosh I miss you jenna💖 your video are so uplifting in such a dark world💖
KiwiPlays - Month ago
Ur like the best mom for them they are so lucky 🥰
Chris David
Chris David - Month ago
I just wanna put marbles on my keychain XD
•Felicity - Chan•
•Felicity - Chan• - Month ago
okay marbles keychains would be the best merch ever
Elizabeth Maloney
Elizabeth Maloney - Month ago
Getting Jenna videos in my recommendations 🥺😭
can we get 1,000 subs with nothin???
marble was too small for that booth.. so cute!
Chandler Kingg
Chandler Kingg - Month ago
5:58 rip julian :(
Sarah Ip
Sarah Ip - Month ago
Miss you ❤️
Aden noor
Aden noor - Month ago
I miss this beautiful family ❤
Allie Spence
Allie Spence - Month ago
My dog will go out of her way to lick you, and then she won’t stop licking you
Cian Griffin
Cian Griffin - Month ago
Why did kermit NOT GET A TREAT
Karen Zielke
Karen Zielke - Month ago
Dogs: No mom this is awkward
Bev Scott
Bev Scott - Month ago
You just see Julie's eyes widen
Đąrk.tø.łıght - Month ago
My bunny Milo is just like Marble, He rarely gives out kisses and when he does, he only gives me nose kisses.
Brittany Agard
Brittany Agard - Month ago
I miss Jenna ☹️
Eleanor C
Eleanor C - Month ago
This video is infinitely better than the kissing booth movie on Netflix
Gacha Cakez
Gacha Cakez - Month ago
3:43 kermit sitting in the booth looks like that one awkward school photo.
D wi
D wi - Month ago
I miss jenna so i rewatch her videos 🤗
89moonboy - Month ago
Call me slow, but I just now got why she calls Peach and Kermit the IGs. They are Italian Greyhounds 😅
Infinite Movies
Infinite Movies - Month ago
tatiyana aliciá
tatiyana aliciá - Month ago
peach is so smart dude. she saw bunny getting treats over the booth and thought if she stood on the side to see over it she’d get a treat wow
Meme Dragon
Meme Dragon - Month ago
7:29 Me looking at the pizza rolls in the microwave waiting for them to cook like 👀
scrached feline
scrached feline - Month ago
marble can only wag tail,walk,blink
Liz Shoemaker
Liz Shoemaker - Month ago
I love this so much and this is the content that youtube needs right now.
Dream Heroes
Dream Heroes - Month ago
Mr. Marbles: Doesn't know anything
Cermit: Nasty Middle Aged Brat
Peash: Young Food Addiction
Man of Us
Man of Us - Month ago
mubble in da kissing booth
•Lovely Emily•
•Lovely Emily• - Month ago
Julien just got friendzoned lmaooo
Ha1exo - 2 months ago
SHE IS 33!!?!?
demon draws 2
demon draws 2 - Month ago
How old did you think she was
Emily - 2 months ago
omg kermie is my favorite creature in the whole world
Edible Cookie_Dough
Edible Cookie_Dough - 2 months ago
*jenna be friend zoning julien tho..;-;*
Averong - 2 months ago
That dog bouta get mega herpes
Redd FaFilth
Redd FaFilth - 2 months ago
idk if anyone has said this but Jenna looks like Wendy from Gravity Falls here
Mary - 2 months ago
“Life’s getting exhausting” is the 2020 mood
Alex Bianchi
Alex Bianchi - 2 months ago
We didn't deserve jenna
Khushi - 2 months ago
How did I reach here from the kissing booth 2 trailer?
Chris - 2 months ago
Peachy bosses Kermit out of the way cos she wants the attention and is jealous. Is so cute tho. 💕
Mel Ann
Mel Ann - 2 months ago
Peaches face couldnt be anymore perfect when jenna said she owed her money.
alex gonzalez-ellis
alex gonzalez-ellis - 2 months ago
whatever’s happening inside it booth
Alina Roth
Alina Roth - 2 months ago
So wholesome. I came here because I miss your face.
FLAME - 2 months ago
Jenna is 33 wow didn’t know that Jenna when are you having kids
Carmen A.
Carmen A. - 2 months ago
ana gomezeno
ana gomezeno - 2 months ago
I forgot about this jem
Holly Gale
Holly Gale - 2 months ago
Doctor Corgi
Doctor Corgi - 2 months ago
Man Kermit gave the most kisses, but got the least amount of treats.
Мария Фокина
Мария Фокина - 2 months ago
Jenna please save КамедиСтор
Dani Kay
Dani Kay - 2 months ago
9:44 Marble said "kiss my ass"
a lemon flavored taco
a lemon flavored taco - 2 months ago
This is for peachy

She protecc
She attacc
But most importantly
She steal all the snacc
Anna K
Anna K - 2 months ago
Oh my god, I can’t believe Jenna left yt, I’m gonna miss them all so much! 😭😭😭
Томка Макаронка
Jenna please save ComedyStore 😭💔
Winnie King
Winnie King - 2 months ago
Can you adopt me please
Garry Hall
Garry Hall - 2 months ago
Is Marbles Alive?
Janai Sanchez
Janai Sanchez - 2 months ago
It’s really inappropriate of Julien to ask Jenna for a kiss when they’re just friends, but I’ll let it go since he did a great job on that kissing booth! 🤗 FRIEND GOALS RIGHT THERE!
Elijah Mendoza
Elijah Mendoza - 2 months ago
i love jenna because i love reading the title of her videos and going “what the fuck” and then watching them
YoSoKu - 2 months ago
Jenna please save КамедиСтор🙏🏼🇷🇺
Паучок Артемий
Jenna, please save КамедиСтор
Brianna Bergin
Brianna Bergin - 2 months ago
we miss you jenna! hope you're having a nice healing time!
Alex Steinmetz
Alex Steinmetz - 2 months ago
I miss Jenna so much... I feel like I’ve lost a friend 💔
Mariah Simons
Mariah Simons - 2 months ago
Kermit the kockblock
IamNeNa_ J
IamNeNa_ J - 2 months ago
Kermit goes from being a brat to trying to fight lmfaoo
Fish Fish
Fish Fish - 2 months ago
My horrific depression gets just a little less heavy when i watch this video
ItsBasicallyDenis - 2 months ago
Jenna : Can I have a kiss
Kermit : drooling
bunny : vomiting random stuff
peach : doing random stuff
marbles : 👁👅 👁
thatcrazygracie 123
thatcrazygracie 123 - 2 months ago
i see ur blush placement jenna 👀
Vickie - 2 months ago
Marbles: 👁👅👁
Cermet: nasty boi
Peaches: owes money
Bunny: g i r a f f e
Alastair Preece
Alastair Preece - 2 months ago
These dogs all have the same expression: Disappointment
radnukespeoplesminds - 2 months ago
life is exhausting tho
m_lushi - 2 months ago
Kermit is such a meme and such an attencion seeker I caAAaAaAaaAn't
yamantakaz - 3 months ago
marbles disappearing and reappearing suddenly is too funny
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