Kevin Durant On Signing w/ Nets, Considering Knicks & Wizards, Time In GS + Names Top 5 Rappers

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arnaud nzie
arnaud nzie - 2 months ago
I hope everybody caught what he said about Kawhi Leonard. 30:53
Sly Fox
Sly Fox - Month ago
i did 😂😂
Carson Holton
Carson Holton - 3 months ago
Such a chill and laid back dude KD in the flesh
JBut2010 - 3 months ago
MM MM - 4 months ago
Waiting for Laura to ask something lol
MM MM - 4 months ago
Kd gonna regret Brooklyn
Stephen May
Stephen May - 2 months ago
Really? I guess u wanted him to go to the Knicks huh lol
Lillian Magee
Lillian Magee - 4 months ago
Kd: I have a lot of rap friends
This dude : do u have any rap friends 😂
smokey solo
smokey solo - 4 months ago
I would outshoot kd!!!
FLOWER - 5 months ago
You were on a winning team! The dumbest player in life.
Leonard Williams
Leonard Williams - 3 months ago
@Big Apple BG facts
Kameran B
Kameran B - 3 months ago
FLOWER everyone was focused on steph and clay no one really payed attention to him but on the nets they will
Big Apple BG
Big Apple BG - 4 months ago
Da Chillest Son pretty sure he doesn’t care for anyone’s validation and has every right to play where he wants to.
The Chillest Son
The Chillest Son - 4 months ago
i’m sure he just wants his validation no one isn’t gonna care about his rings at GS since it’s looked at as a “weak move” he wins with brooklyn i’m sure he gets his validation
Stefan Okello
Stefan Okello - 5 months ago
who's Kevin Garnet 🤣🤣
x Devo
x Devo - 5 months ago
KD wanted to say logic that's why he got so shy lmao
Blackbean Burger
Blackbean Burger - 6 months ago
they ask the dumbest questions
h lacy
h lacy - 6 months ago
Nobody mentioned he dropped like 12 in a couple min
Rian Eagan
Rian Eagan - 6 months ago
Scary he was giving buckets and not even 100%
Alec K
Alec K - 6 months ago
This guy will regret so much. He was able to do so much in GS because defenders were so concentrated to Curry and Klay.
Colby Glass Jaw Snoozington
@Alec K Because Russell westbrick was his teammate that's why. He also made it to the finals with westbrick against the heat super team of Lebron D-Wade & bosh you moron. NO ONE can win with westbrick ballhogging ass you moron. Curry got carried by the back to back FMVP Durantula.
Daniel Fajardo
Daniel Fajardo - 3 months ago
@Bladimir Valdes It's a shame because Brooklyn sucks... They're like 7th lol! Plus I'm a Heat fan hehe.
Bladimir Valdes
Bladimir Valdes - 3 months ago
Salty gsw fan
Daniel Fajardo
Daniel Fajardo - 4 months ago
@Mijan Where they lost to the Heat... At least in GSW he made it every season and at least won 2/3 almost 3 had it not been for his injury.
Mijan - 4 months ago
@Alec K KD made the finals in OKC 😂😂
Ratoya Banks
Ratoya Banks - 6 months ago
“Brooklyns own Kevin Garnett!”
Shad Honcho
Shad Honcho - 6 months ago
I don’t think KD a snake no more ...
Herb Young
Herb Young - 6 months ago
That's why he chose #🐍7🐍
jedi mind
jedi mind - 7 months ago
KingOne - 7 months ago
This guy is just cursing and cursing is he crazy ? What the hell is wrong with this dude ? This is a public platform not your little apartment kid, have respect for the audience. Watch yourself kid.
Dance by Jay
Dance by Jay - 3 months ago
He’s not a kid therefore he can speak how he pleases
SÍLAY S - 3 months ago
KingOne stfu
David Johnson
David Johnson - 5 months ago
R u 5?
Ebestech A
Ebestech A - 5 months ago
KingOne KD little apartment??
Bryce - 5 months ago
Ok boomer
Almazov - 7 months ago
Durant, Kerr, Myers in cahoots with NBA. Kevin is healthy, he has no injury
jedi mind
jedi mind - 7 months ago
drake. r u kidding me. lol this dude obviously doesnt have time to listen to music
Gabriel P
Gabriel P - 3 months ago
jedi mind I didn’t even say that did I? That’s just who he likes there’s no problem with that
jedi mind
jedi mind - 3 months ago
@Gabriel P drake is no where near Big or Pac
Gabriel P
Gabriel P - 3 months ago
jedi mind but that’s his opinion like that’s your opinion that you don’t think drake a top rapper
jedi mind
jedi mind - 6 months ago
@Gabriel P when it comes to that order he was saying
Gabriel P
Gabriel P - 6 months ago
jedi mind so him liking drake is a problem?
Mr Mags
Mr Mags - 7 months ago
I hate hot 97 interviews because of Ebro, he’s the worst and don’t ask the right questions smh
Yellow Ferrari Like Pikachu
Celena Gonzales not for ebro.... thats for damn sures!
Celena Gonzales
Celena Gonzales - 6 months ago
Then why are you watching??
Jeremy Santos
Jeremy Santos - 7 months ago
KD from Maryland Logic where you at
dohertyz - 7 months ago
@Manuela Da Silva corny ass rapper using his mixed heritage to profit off our culture and at the same time constantly stealing from other artists, like I said corny
Manuela Da Silva
Manuela Da Silva - 7 months ago
@dohertyz L
dohertyz - 7 months ago
Logic is trash stop it
08996688 - 7 months ago
Cool dude, trashy music taste!
Tay-K It Home
Tay-K It Home - Month ago
how is it trashy
Altair76 - 7 months ago
KD!!!!!! Take Care is my Drake piece as well! Can't help but love this guy, man. He agrees with me - Clippers for the win. I hope Lakers do it though! Laker fan for life!
Dopeboy 23
Dopeboy 23 - 7 months ago
I’m sorry KD but Youngboy the hottest out rn
Francis - 4 months ago
Quinn Konneman not counting mainstream artist of course the Kendrick, drake, Cole, Tyler and Travis aren’t even in the discussion they get radio plays. AI youngboy 2 had more first week sales than Roddys album. Uzi can’t even drop music. Juice still didn’t pull numbers like YB when he was alive. So that leaves thug and baby who still do major features with artist like Cole, Travis etc. Only major feature YB has was juice and that song got played more due to his death. Should reworded myself better, Youngboy is the hottest young rapper out that doesn’t do major features or promote his music with publicity stunts. He’s truly the hottest rapper out.
Quinn Konneman
Quinn Konneman - 4 months ago
Francis Boy I can probably name about 50 rappers that get more streams than Youngboy. Drake, Travis, Cole, Kendrick, DaBaby, Uzi, X, Thug, Tyler, Roddy, Juice... c’mon now
Francis - 4 months ago
Quinn Konneman doesn’t change the fact that he’s the hottest out. Just because you don’t like an artist doesn’t mean they ain’t hot. Name a rapper that gets more streams/views than youngboy especially since he rarely does major features
Quinn Konneman
Quinn Konneman - 6 months ago
Lmao Youngboy is straight ass. All of his songs sound the same bruh
Dopeboy 23
Dopeboy 23 - 7 months ago
Yankees 27champs Prove me wrong he on the Top of billboards & Charts & it’s only been 2 weeks then he have alot of platinums
mcidiotmc - 7 months ago
My hate for KD is all gone now
mcidiotmc - 7 months ago
BlvckFire TrvpFire i wasn’t talking to you, but anyway, what’s the promise land look like?
BlvckFire TrvpFire
BlvckFire TrvpFire - 7 months ago
@mcidiotmc because only young & dumb kids talk & think like you
mcidiotmc - 7 months ago
FBI Agent how did you know?
BlvckFire TrvpFire
BlvckFire TrvpFire - 7 months ago
You hated a man who's done nothing to you...lmao you must be young 🙄
Chandler - 7 months ago
The Knicks was his #1 choice, but the Knicks no longer wanted KD after his Achilles injury so he sign with the Net to save face.
Muris Zecirovic
Muris Zecirovic - 5 months ago
@Chandler Maybe a fact in a alternative Trump Universe.
Chandler - 5 months ago
@Muris Zecirovic Not a joke, it's a fact.
Muris Zecirovic
Muris Zecirovic - 5 months ago
🤭🤭🤭🤭, good Joke
thegoldenhero - 6 months ago
That is what knick want you to think
Herb Young
Herb Young - 6 months ago
IAMRUBEN11 - 7 months ago
Hot97 sucks
Lex P
Lex P - 7 months ago
Nah kd don't understand Ebro he has no clue what he is saying.. Gibbs fans rate too underground fans listen too and hip hop raised cause people listen to underground music and took it to the top... Ebro fronting
TonyHamilton Ck
TonyHamilton Ck - 6 months ago
Can you summarize that for me?
microch1p - 7 months ago
Ebro's a clown
Mamilla Jayeesh
Mamilla Jayeesh - 7 months ago
Colby Glass Jaw Snoozington
Back to back FMVP, Curry lost to lebron so he had to recruit kevin durant to beat lebron. That's the definition of a non competitive snake. If KD is a snake all the warriors who recruited kd like curry draymond are all snakes aswell
jdmnsxr 6
jdmnsxr 6 - 7 months ago
lol durant saying dame is his generation ? eh I'm 22 but yet I feel 90s rap is my generation. all I know is head bopping son!
Ebestech A
Ebestech A - 5 months ago
jdmnsxr 6 You’re a bum bro
TonyHamilton Ck
TonyHamilton Ck - 6 months ago
@ChaRobSton dont matter when you were born if you were raised on it
jdmnsxr 6
jdmnsxr 6 - 7 months ago
@Tyrone Franchize lmao nigga I grew up a project baby. everything was 90s asf till like '01. I remember watching the music culture on mtv back in 99-03
Tyrone Franchize
Tyrone Franchize - 7 months ago
jdmnsxr 6 nigga pls u a 2000s baby. U were born in 97 lmao wtf do uk abt that whole decade. Wen ur memory actually started forming aka around 4, u missed all of the 90s
jdmnsxr 6
jdmnsxr 6 - 7 months ago
@ChaRobSton false cuz I was born in feb. so I remember 99 a bit and by 2000 I had a good memory. 2001 still felt hella 90s too. on top of all that the music I grew up on is 90s 80s and 70s music cuz thats the only music that was out at the time
Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream - 7 months ago
Ebro sucks as an interviewer
Lydell Poag
Lydell Poag - 7 months ago
Yeah, he’s super hit or miss.
ChaRobSton - 7 months ago
Ebro sucks at literally everything
J.R. Ford III
J.R. Ford III - 7 months ago
KD is a taller Cliff Robinson. I know he's one of the best... I can't hate on this guy. NBA is 2k to him. But bring hand checking back, hes a big Cliff.
Herb Young
Herb Young - 6 months ago
Yeah and Steph is Terry Porter and Draymond is Buck Williams 😐
Andrew Torr
Andrew Torr - 7 months ago
Wayyy better than cliff lmao
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid - 7 months ago
I forgot about cliff. Thank you
Rocket Power
Rocket Power - 7 months ago
KD manages himself with a chip on his shoulders. Comes off the wrong way.
Leelo Haskin
Leelo Haskin - 6 months ago
Kinda don't blame him but you're reading him the wrong way tbh
Bella - 7 months ago
@6ft 2hunnid Facts on Facts
Andrew Torr
Andrew Torr - 7 months ago
Chip on ur shoulder ain’t always a bad thing
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid - 7 months ago
To me he comes off just fine. LeBron comes off as a puss
The Qodeshim
The Qodeshim - 7 months ago
Haha Man KD should retire.
The Qodeshim
The Qodeshim - 2 months ago
940 Jae your words are eternal. Learn to speak in paragraphs. Get a dictionary. Your vocabulary keeps you in bondage. In-and-out of jail talk keeps you from reaching the paragraphs of life so they simply build prisons for your kind
The Qodeshim
The Qodeshim - 2 months ago
Ryan Mitchell Yea that was a dope squad. They just needed a leader.
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell - 2 months ago
@The Qodeshim you a okc fan huh
James Darmor
James Darmor - 4 months ago
Aleph Ta YHWH lebron is 4 years older
940 Jae
940 Jae - 7 months ago
Aleph Ta YHWH shut yo weak ass up writing paragraphs 😂😂
Jay Sha
Jay Sha - 7 months ago
I like KD more than Kawhi
Jonathan King
Jonathan King - 7 months ago
Never considered the Wizards coz you have to consider John Wall’s supermax.. not winning in DC.
Aizad Bilal
Aizad Bilal - 7 months ago
Wtf...hell yeah he can if you can add KD to John Wall and Beal next year....that's a instant Finals
Marques Parks
Marques Parks - 7 months ago
KD bumping Freddy. 👍🏾👍🏾
Darknight31 - 7 months ago
KD gonna have two jerseys retired
DanteXKV - 7 months ago
70boy17 - 7 months ago
Darknight31 three
Doogin 01
Doogin 01 - 7 months ago
KD a legend
BroShow - 7 months ago
KD all the best #35 #7
raymond balboa
raymond balboa - 7 months ago
Something about KD personality rubs me the wrong way.
Ambitious Productions
Ambitious Productions - 7 months ago
leon tyler W
Bella - 7 months ago
@Nate exactly. KD is one of the realest, most genuine guys in the league
Nate - 7 months ago
+leon taylor you must be new to KD then.
leon tyler
leon tyler - 7 months ago
raymond balboa that’s the definition of being a hater if you look it up in Webster.
MTWENTY - 7 months ago
“I think that I’m a flawless basketball player”... I’m sorry but that goes to Kawhi. KD can’t lock down everybody like Kawhi does. I don’t care if he can shoot the ball from 30 feet consistently his defense most definitely lacks in some areas.
Quinn Konneman
Quinn Konneman - 6 months ago
Bold to call a guy who sits out 1/4 of his games a flawless basketball player... and Kawhi ain’t a great passer
h lacy
h lacy - 6 months ago
He cool asf to me
Arjin Tiryaki
Arjin Tiryaki - 6 months ago
@MTWENTY he not 6'9" that's just 2k bs he at least 6'11"
DoWhatIWant - 7 months ago
Bella deadass in 2k they don’t even let you make a good as 2k
Bella - 7 months ago
@Bay Area 510 lol KD is the character everyone wished they could create
neptuneniq - 7 months ago
EBro offers nothing to these interviews....Rosenberg has to carry him all the time
Agent 47
Agent 47 - 7 months ago
Kevin Durant said he can up any team,put him on the cavs 2018 team they ain’t making playoffs
Nate - 7 months ago
+Trill Kevin you don’t want to hear “bullshit”, yet that’s all you was typing....
Flex Master Tony
Flex Master Tony - 7 months ago
You don’t know what changes he could’ve made to the cavs.
Agent 47
Agent 47 - 7 months ago
Trill Kevin I’m not even gonna have a basketball argument with you because you clearly havnt a clue what you’re talking about you can’t even get the years right
I Perspective-
I Perspective- - 7 months ago
@Trill Kevin Derrick Rose and IT was after that season
Trill Kevin
Trill Kevin - 7 months ago
Gangster Lebron stupid as hell yall lebron fanboys be saying anything look at all the people they had before Lebron traded all them and they all did good after they left Derrick Rose balled out with the timberwolves IT did alright he still was hurt with the nuggets and wade balled out with the heat. Then when Jordan came his points and everything went down same thing with Rodney hood I don’t want to hear that bullshit y’all be saying
WizManBallin - 7 months ago
What Ebro said at 4:25 is exactly why I can't listen to him at times. He outright lies. KD asks him why he doesn't play underground hip-hop on the radio. His answer? "It's not politics." Thanks for checking him Angie! This dude...all he worried about is money to that station...which I get, but don't lie about it. They PAY you to play mumble rap. You talking about people in their cars wanna hear this, that. It's the STATIONS that constantly force feed certain artists down the masses throats, and that's not politics? In the meantime, KD bumping the OG's of hip-hop on premium headphones like me and many of our gen. Anywho, I digress. On with the interview...
ev_camper - 7 months ago
Damn, I'd love to talk hoops all day with KD, cool dude.
Justin Crimaldi
Justin Crimaldi - 7 months ago
KD says leaving a team is the nature of the sport. That is untrue. Nature of the sport and a true team mentality is loyalty. MJ understands the nature of the sport. These guys these days just want money or to play with their buddies. If your not one of their buddies then they will be looking to go somewhere else. Thats how the game is today. No more loyalty from teams or players. Teams used to have loyalty, then the players started doing all this and they literally are forced to do whats best for the team. Because you have plauers that could care less about "the team"
Jason Tim
Jason Tim - 5 months ago
MJ himself played for the wizard lmao.
Herb Young
Herb Young - 6 months ago
Didn't MJ play for the Wizards?
Andrew Torr
Andrew Torr - 7 months ago
U sound dumb bro? Why do u think Jordan never left chi? Cause that’s where the most MONEY was. Plus it was his best his best chances at another run after he retired with them adding Rodman. We know what KD can do. We saw that in OKC n Golden State. At this point in his career he’s just doing what he wants which is playing with Kyrie and with a flourishing young team w a good market. The NBA is a business
Domo Finesse
Domo Finesse - 7 months ago
But MJ quit on his team though.... for 2 years. 😐
Gabriel Angelo Sanchez
Gabriel Angelo Sanchez - 7 months ago
Teams have been trading players from the beginning. wtf are you talking about.
Mamadou Diallo
Mamadou Diallo - 7 months ago
He look like offset w no braids and he talk like him to
BlvckFire TrvpFire
BlvckFire TrvpFire - 7 months ago
Wow, never saw that until now...crazy
will holloway
will holloway - 7 months ago
Dude I’ve been saying this for years lmaoo
LLEM PRODUCTION - 7 months ago
Nawll he act like he got fucked over by some close people to him and now he's growing up and tightening up loose strings
J Del Rey
J Del Rey - 7 months ago
He’s calm when he speaks !
31 Hoops
31 Hoops - 7 months ago
14:50 Kevin Garnett... Wow!
1BrotherMack - 7 months ago
Crazy disrespect !
Grant Jackson
Grant Jackson - 7 months ago
Kevin durant will never be a respected champion, he shouldn't even be a champion he just sold out so hard it was guaranteed rings, its like going to the gas station and buying some ring pops bro. his legacy will always be remembered for selling out and losing that 3-1 to then later join them
Colby Glass Jaw Snoozington
@DoWhatIWant dirks 1 championship also means more to me than curry's 3 championships because curry's first championship in 2015 he beat an injured cavs team with kyrie & love injured and then recruited KD so it was a lock they would win back to back in 2017 & 2018.
DoWhatIWant - 7 months ago
Flex Master Tony but not all championships are created equal, Dirks 2011 championship means more to me then KDs two in GSW.
Flex Master Tony
Flex Master Tony - 7 months ago
Nah his legacy whether you like it or not will be “champion” and finals mvp. Lebron took an easier route too. Don’t compare how which was EASIER or whatever. He validated his decision when he carried them in the finals BOTH times. You as a fan don’t get to validate a championship because you can’t argue it
Milad •
Milad • - 7 months ago
Opinions over statistics of course
Meek Bethea
Meek Bethea - 7 months ago
The man got finals mvp. He won at least one of those!
NBA SuperFan
NBA SuperFan - 7 months ago
Brooklyn's finest "Ray Mula - RAF" just drop tune in
TheeChronicle - 7 months ago
Sly Fox
Sly Fox - 7 months ago
Kevin you had a 3-1 lead.....but I still love you though.......
Francis - 2 months ago
@NBA SuperFan Nets ain't making past LA teams. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Clips or Lakers the west would win it all.
NBA SuperFan
NBA SuperFan - 7 months ago
bruh that was like 4 years ago be happy we got him in bklyn tf
GodLovesXans - 7 months ago
Youngboy the hottest rn y’all tweaking
James Matthews
James Matthews - 7 months ago
lil baby really the goat tho
Denise F
Denise F - 7 months ago
Yeah okay
G Yui
G Yui - 7 months ago
GodLovesXans talent =/= being the hottest
heyySeco - 7 months ago
lets not ignore how he said kevin garnett in the first 10 seconds lmaoo
TOAST Thoughts Of A Stoner T.V
Donny Martin
Donny Martin - 7 months ago
“I’m just a normal guy to be honest”
Kelly Huffaker
Kelly Huffaker - 7 months ago
its so refreshing hearing these guest athletes cuss
xxxB13xxx - 7 months ago
I am a bias warriors fan, but glad KD is chilling in New York. Thinking his journey is more mentoring the younger kids.
Jose Fuentes
Jose Fuentes - 7 months ago
xxxB13xxx I compared the rosters and the warriors are the younger team by a good amount if you check the whole depth of both teams. Curry is the oldest on the team at 31. This meaning kd didn’t take that as another reason to leave because it wouldn’t make any sense.
MM MM - 7 months ago
ebro is terrible at talking. he trying to be annoying
matthew wilkinson
matthew wilkinson - 7 months ago
mm mm he’s so trash
rosan ghale
rosan ghale - 7 months ago
Amir Cobb
Amir Cobb - 7 months ago
very humble
Nate - 7 months ago
It’s kind of hard to believe whatever KD says anymore, given how much he reacts to. Losing a 3-1 lead, and a chance at going to the NBA Finals, isn’t in his top 5 losses in his career?? All the other ones he mentioned weren’t nearly as bad.
Nate - 7 months ago
The term hater gets thrown around too much. It really only applies to certain people, KD isn’t one of those dudes. Most of the “hate” he gets is self inflicted. Only the sensitive would disagree; the dude reacts to EVERYTHING people say about him. Shouldn’t have went to GS if you couldn’t take the heat.
Flex Master Tony
Flex Master Tony - 7 months ago
It ain’t for you to believe it or not. Only he can tell you how he feels y’all haters kill me .
Trill Kevin
Trill Kevin - 7 months ago
Obongo SLAT SLIME Otongi you sound dumb as hell he already a legend y’all be saying anything y’all weird as hell 😭😂
Obongo SLAT SLIME Otongi
Obongo SLAT SLIME Otongi - 7 months ago
Yeah he’s absolutely a fraud. He himself knows he hasn’t really accomplished any great feats in the NBA yet and yet he tries to force everyone else to believe it. He says it out loud so much he’s trying to make himself believe it.
Juggernaut X
Juggernaut X - 7 months ago
Nate tru but like they 73-9 regardless
Osman Syed
Osman Syed - 7 months ago
they didnt evn ask about russell and james teaming up again
thanos first of his kind
thanos first of his kind - 7 months ago
@Tyrone Franchize nothing you said has any relevance to his decision dumbass. This isn't The View
thanos first of his kind
thanos first of his kind - 7 months ago
@Nate YOU are the brainless one
Nate - 7 months ago
Tyrone, you can’t argue with a brainless stan.
Tyrone Franchize
Tyrone Franchize - 7 months ago
Flex Master Tony no its not. Yall just reachin tryna act smart but it is relevant. Those were some of his best friends
Flex Master Tony
Flex Master Tony - 7 months ago
Tyrone Franchize it’s irrelevant to KEVIN DURANT lol that’s why
jeff blackman
jeff blackman - 7 months ago
14:49 Kevin Garnet bro lmao
JuLion King
JuLion King - 7 months ago
KD DillanPonders outta Toronto
Kevin Luu
Kevin Luu - 7 months ago
Yo Kd number 7 no body wear this number jersey Lin when he wor thit jersey bro
Obongo SLAT SLIME Otongi
Obongo SLAT SLIME Otongi - 7 months ago
He played good for a week. Who cares man.
Sire Pledge
Sire Pledge - 7 months ago
@Up2Richie lol funny guy
Up2Richie - 7 months ago
@Sire Pledge melo who?
Sire Pledge
Sire Pledge - 7 months ago
Kevin Luu not melo huh?
WelcomeHomeColumbia - 7 months ago
This boy said drake
HZXCI - 7 months ago
Nate - 7 months ago
What’s wrong with Drizzy??
Michael Papamarkou
Michael Papamarkou - 7 months ago
Bandana was the best album of 2019. Glad to see kd bumps the realness
Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant - 7 months ago
6:06 wat ebro jus said abt nyk is exactly what hes done w hot 97
Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant - 7 months ago
3:54 when th third wall in radio comes down you see how ebro unviels th politics of radio he created at hot 97 to kill hip hop new york ..smfh
md riverrdale
md riverrdale - 7 months ago
Signing Kevin Durant might be one
Of the greatest ripoffs in the last century He will never be the same
And the Dr. That cleared him I would sue for MALPRACTICE.
Hey Nets are you interested
In buying the Brooklyn btidge.
Obongo SLAT SLIME Otongi
Obongo SLAT SLIME Otongi - 7 months ago
What’s wrong with the bridge... 😐
Lyndon Simmons
Lyndon Simmons - 7 months ago
md riverrdale man kd will be perfect fine let me tell you why he a shooter mid range long distances so with that alone he’s good plus he’s kd the best player in the world
md riverrdale
md riverrdale - 7 months ago
@مقبرة الغزاة what does bias have to do with it. This is a medical opinion on Achilles tears. Why do you think it takes A year to recover?
md riverrdale
md riverrdale - 7 months ago
@Lyndon Simmons it is a major Injury and 90% of athletes lose a step.when they reach the thirties. You may disagree with my diagnosis however I assure you I have not lost it as of know
مقبرة الغزاة
مقبرة الغزاة - 7 months ago
You sound so bias and closed minded. Just be man enough to admit that you were wrong when he comes back and dominates
Bitcoin Al
Bitcoin Al - 7 months ago
14:47 that hurt KDs ego
thanos first of his kind
thanos first of his kind - 7 months ago
Hurts your butt
Sebastian - 7 months ago
its still knicks town, nets can go back to new jersey
Muris Zecirovic
Muris Zecirovic - 5 months ago
The City deserves more. The Knicks = Joke Franchise.
Ibrahim Kaba
Ibrahim Kaba - 7 months ago
Sebastian knicks to the end!!
Saul Rodriguez y Ruiz
Saul Rodriguez y Ruiz - 7 months ago
Kevin Garnett yikes
K Woosh
K Woosh - 7 months ago
Yee Glock not in Brooklyn lol
Shawn Story
Shawn Story - 7 months ago
Bandana is on constant rotation!!!
Gleck O. Dunn
Gleck O. Dunn - 7 months ago
It would've been nice to see him go home and lift up that backcourt duo in washington.
God God
God God - 7 months ago
2 achilles injury comebacks on 1 team tho
Justin Morris
Justin Morris - 7 months ago
Niggas still hatin just cuz he went to warriors
2LiveProductions - 7 months ago
Rashad Russell
Rashad Russell - 7 months ago’s crazy...and they favorite team be the Suns
Nate - 7 months ago
Just like you were in 2010 when you know who went to Miami.
luxan kandiah
luxan kandiah - 7 months ago
obvi goof movement showed no heart faxxx
Marvid Eladiv
Marvid Eladiv - 7 months ago
The Knicks Magement of Steve Mills and Steve Perry are the two of the biggest liars on the Planet besides Republicans and Donald Trump. The Lie was that Porzingus asked to be traded or that he would not play for the Knicks. That is the bigus lie that the kn8cks management want knicks fans want to believe. The Knicks traded Porzingus to clear cap space so they could get Khyrie Irvin and Kevin Durant. What is the difference between trading one star who was recovering from an injury and having two stars whom are oftern injured and now recovering from injuries? The problem is the gullible Knicks fans will believe any lie. Perry and Mills tell the fanbase and support the Knicks and the knicks fans will still buy Knicks tickets to support the Knicks. Wake up Knicks fans you have been lied too and been bamboozled and hoodwinked. Porzingus will become a star on The Mavericks and Kevin Durant and Khrue Irvin never wanted to be Knicks which they see as a losing team without Star players.
The Knicks hope to recover but these type of lies and mismanagement from Perry and Mills will impact the Knicks for many years to come.
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