Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

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Erik Ojeda
Erik Ojeda - 6 hours ago
Bro Ethan is such a cry baby and he made Gray so more things when it's wasn't his turn and he is so over dramatic
Mrudul Ogale
Mrudul Ogale - 8 hours ago
@2:51 Ethan’s face lmao
Glenda Lopez
Glenda Lopez - 12 hours ago
Msznewyawwk RN.
Msznewyawwk RN. - Day ago
Grapeson 🍇
Debanshi Dey
Debanshi Dey - Day ago
A real good way of improving relationship..Brotherly Friendship Practice..
Pull your bro's hair.
Pour a milkshake on your bro's hair.
Make your bro paint your toenails.
Wonderful Improvement
NoahTplays NTP
NoahTplays NTP - Day ago
My question is why do they have nail varnish in there house lmao
Adi Darshan
Adi Darshan - 2 days ago
I hate seeing them arguing-_-
Muireann Daly
Muireann Daly - 4 days ago
Eathen ruined the video by not drinking the milkshake
Christy Arkieh
Christy Arkieh - 5 days ago
the outro killed me GAGDSGHSAAHAHAHAHA
LxmonOreoii - 7 days ago
Grayson is like the mom, and Ethan is the child, lol xD
Skylar Dowell
Skylar Dowell - 7 days ago
ethan could have easily asked grayson if he could change back-
Marely _Navarrete
Marely _Navarrete - 7 days ago
lordostuff - 7 days ago
Me and my twin argue all the time
GABBY - 8 days ago
Grayson is the good husband vibe and Ethan is the cool uncle vibe
Lampcap - 8 days ago
Twins: 1:10
peyton a
peyton a - 8 days ago
No one
Not even a single soul
Literally No one
Ethan: PEeEeEaCe
Kimberly - 9 days ago
Grayson could have just told Ethan to clean it 🤣
Johanna Perez
Johanna Perez - 9 days ago
promise u I'd change ur mind 😩
Amanda Edits
Amanda Edits - 9 days ago
No one
Not even a soul

Ethan- pReSs tHe BeLl tHe LiTtLe BuTtOn, tHe ReD oNe tOo ThAt SaYs SuBsCrIbE oR sOmEtHiNg
Ultra Striker
Ultra Striker - 10 days ago
Ethan is such a dummy. He makes gray drink tons of protein shakes and then says hes insane for making him SIP a vanilla shake.
Juanito Mancilla
Juanito Mancilla - 10 days ago
In n out drive thru? You went to McDonald’s
Jalyn. Nichole
Jalyn. Nichole - 10 days ago
23:22 your welcome
lyla x
lyla x - 10 days ago
4:25 tf was THAT
Amanda Edits
Amanda Edits - 10 days ago
When he's wearing the necklace james got him
Shams Ace
Shams Ace - 11 days ago
Daisy Kim
Daisy Kim - 11 days ago
Hey boy I’m going to make this simple for u u got 2 Choices yes or.... yes

Only ONCE will understand
Emma Hutcheson
Emma Hutcheson - 11 days ago
Ethan:go get me grapes Grapson
Grayson: 😡😡
ashley wiggins
ashley wiggins - 12 days ago
my ears bled when Ethan started singing oooooof
Beverly Y
Beverly Y - 9 days ago
Same, I was cringing so hard
qilliox - 12 days ago
i understand e because i’m lactose intolerant and the last time i had a milkshake i threw it up... kinda gross and i’m late but idc ;)
adriana chipilski
adriana chipilski - 12 days ago
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Grayson said they were going to IN & OUT but when to MCDONALD'S instead
army forever
army forever - 13 days ago
9:13 that's boy with luv playing in the background 💜✨
gracie hill
gracie hill - 14 days ago
When you look in the mirror with your bad ass outfit on 4:26
All Things of Micah
All Things of Micah - 15 days ago
Ethan is such a bitch
Marina - 15 days ago
grayson didn’t even need to drink all the protein shakes. it wasn’t his turn considering ethan asked him to bark at everyone...
Audrey Laroux
Audrey Laroux - 15 days ago
GRAPESON HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA 😂😂😂😂😂 fuck this video is too good I can’t stop laughing at you clowns 💖
Wilma Flores
Wilma Flores - 15 days ago
Can I watch them
evie rhoe
evie rhoe - 15 days ago
u r bruh
Samantha Lopez
Samantha Lopez - 16 days ago
theres a dumb life hack that you put a pillow behind ur headboard so your bed doesnt slam against the wall while having sex....
Jorja Moss
Jorja Moss - 16 days ago
i love you guys so much and you are doth so funny i was not having the best day and you made it better
dustin ferre
dustin ferre - 16 days ago
where do these youtubers get their own camera man?
Dominic's Curiosity
Dominic's Curiosity - 16 days ago
Grayson - we’re gonna alternate right.
Ethan - yes
Also Grayson - goes twice in a row right after that
eleyah - 17 days ago
How does the cameraman stay chill and not flipping crack up
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie - 17 days ago
His yellow shorts remind me of the 70s. Guys wearing shorts like that was the norm and in style.
poppy smith
poppy smith - 18 days ago
ethan on american's got talent
simon : hell no
me if i was a judge: fucking yes for me and presses the golden buzzers
this video is so fucking funny
M & E
M & E - 18 days ago
14:40 “I have what, bark?”
“You have Bark.”
. . .
You have Barkinson’s
Natalia jikook shipper
Natalia jikook shipper - 18 days ago
Chakara Thompson
Chakara Thompson - 18 days ago
I love their relationship
piya jain
piya jain - 18 days ago
Kendra Honeghan
Kendra Honeghan - 18 days ago
The outro killed me 😂🤣😭💀
Ava McMillin
Ava McMillin - 18 days ago
i could not breath when Ethan sang the outro HAHHA
actual human!
actual human! - 19 days ago
this is what gave ethan acne
Gabby V-H
Gabby V-H - 20 days ago
Ethan : When I was making your breakfa-
Gray : Making!?
Ethan : Ya... I made it with luv...
Trust :None
Trust :None - 20 days ago
I would’ve just said can you do it too😂
Shayna Kalaaukahi
Shayna Kalaaukahi - 20 days ago
Thea sound like my brother to me when they argue😂💀
xJeon_JKx - 20 days ago
this is quite humiliating
Sunny-olowu Chukwudumebi
Sunny-olowu Chukwudumebi - 20 days ago
Imagine coming to a parking lot and see these guys dropping milkshakes on their heads and running around🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I wish I could see that🥺❤️❤️
Sunny-olowu Chukwudumebi
Sunny-olowu Chukwudumebi - 20 days ago
God I love these twins🤣🤣🤣
꧁BrookiiPlayz꧂ - 21 day ago
gRaPeSoN xD
derp Derpy
derp Derpy - 21 day ago
Yo Ethan give Grayson a break he looks tired like really really really really tired no joke
bad bitch
bad bitch - 22 days ago
this comment hella late but ethan shoulda asked if he could change 💀😭😭😭
Rajadharshini Saravanan
Rajadharshini Saravanan - 22 days ago
Me watching 2 grown ass men physically fighting over a smoothie in the middle of the parking lot: 👁👄👁
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