Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

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Oscar Lee
Oscar Lee - Day ago
L y s s
L y s s - Day ago
It is my dolan twin annaversiry i have know them for a year the exact date last year i watched this video for the first time 22/1/20 ily x
Macie Wolfe
Macie Wolfe - Day ago
i hope you do, i hope you do pop. we-well i hope you get another pimple on your cheek
Makayla James
Makayla James - 2 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about E’s singing? It’s actually pretty good when he’s singing normally and not in falsetto 🤩
Hilina Tucho
Hilina Tucho - 2 days ago
When Grayson told Ethan to change into that outfit Ethan could have said can I change back
Gacha sophie
Gacha sophie - 3 days ago
I mean its 2020 doe
The Royale high hacks
The Royale high hacks - 3 days ago
Omg u know what you could have done you could do hey greyson can i shave my mustache hey greyson can i not drink my milkshake
ayo potato
ayo potato - 4 days ago
It honestly pisses me off cuz Ethan wouldnt do anything for grayson while grayson was doing everything like c'mon Ethan dont be such a pussy jeez (by not doing anything I mean he'd reverse everything on grayson or he'd bitch and complain about it)
Caitlin Greene
Caitlin Greene - 4 days ago
“Grapeson, go grab me some grapes” is the best line I’ve ever heard.
Kay Santiago
Kay Santiago - 5 days ago
y is the camera man not talking
Reagan Wilson
Reagan Wilson - 5 days ago
Love this
Hannah Hudson
Hannah Hudson - 5 days ago
Definitely the funniest video they have made 🤣
lucid aubryy
lucid aubryy - 5 days ago
Koala Bubbliee
Koala Bubbliee - 6 days ago
When Ethan started tearing up awhhh 🥺🥺🥺🥺
GAMER bOy - 6 days ago
Ethan you should have said can I change
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez - 7 days ago
Ethan's the "younger" tiwn
Hannah BananaFace
Hannah BananaFace - 7 days ago
The end had me wheezing😂😂
Audra Schmitt
Audra Schmitt - 8 days ago
grayson is the king
ShayXOX MSP - 8 days ago
"I got him by his douche bag shirt" 😂😂😂😂😂😭
Cyan B
Cyan B - 8 days ago
Who else realized that Ethan asked gray something 5 times in a row. Unfair
Timothy Iadicicco
Timothy Iadicicco - 8 days ago
16:06 to 16:22 is literally me and my sister.
Can anyone relate..?
Mysterious Glitch
Mysterious Glitch - 9 days ago
“My toenails look delicious” that got me dead😂
Heather Rexroad
Heather Rexroad - 9 days ago
When he told you to get the protein shakes you could have asked him: Grayson can I not do that and then you wouldnt have had to go out in public😂
Maria M Waite
Maria M Waite - 9 days ago
I love how Ethan ask Grayson something 5 times in a row and then when Grayson trys to ask something 2 times in a row he gets crap for it
Turtle Gaming
Turtle Gaming - 9 days ago
Don't worry Grayson my twin is 1 min older than me
ashley cocco
ashley cocco - 9 days ago
I chocked on ny food watching this😂😂
maang kiim
maang kiim - 10 days ago
why do they look so good?!
ian ferrero
ian ferrero - 11 days ago
“let’s alternate” grayson takes 3 in a row
karrie grundy
karrie grundy - 11 days ago
i’m doing a fatttt marathon like i always do so if you are here’s a tip ;)
scroll through their home page (“videos”) and close your eyes and press on a video, then you can watch that :-) have fun!!
Esme Lewis
Esme Lewis - 12 days ago
I can’t believe that Grayson didn’t throw up after drinking those last protein shakes 🤢
Esme Lewis
Esme Lewis - 8 days ago
Timothy Iadicicco no
Timothy Iadicicco
Timothy Iadicicco - 8 days ago
Hi fan, watching old videos...?
Alejandra Cano
Alejandra Cano - 12 days ago
Why are you guys the funniest thing I ever seen? 🤣 Love it
Natasha M
Natasha M - 12 days ago
Grayson’s smoothie baby belly is my everyday belly tho??
Beat God
Beat God - 12 days ago
Yuh shout me out
Sydney Aiz
Sydney Aiz - 13 days ago
Ethan could’ve said, “Grayson you are going to let me change back into my old outfit right?”
Laynie Nappa
Laynie Nappa - 13 days ago
I get that Ethan isn’t trying to eat dairy get they’re arguing over smoothies and a milkshake 😂🤣
Timothy Iadicicco
Timothy Iadicicco - 8 days ago
Hi Dolan twin, fan do you 'watch there older videos cus there so funny you can't stop watching them at 2:00 AM at night'.....?
DaveeDoo - 13 days ago
I’m high
alisha genevieve
alisha genevieve - 13 days ago
this whole comment section is people rephrasing things from the video, I KNOW WHAT THEY SAY I DONT NEED IT REPEATED 134142689099909999776656656 TIMES
IrishBOY 12
IrishBOY 12 - 13 days ago
I thought he was going to say I look like a pedo
Carina Chan
Carina Chan - 14 days ago
happy one year to this video lmao
its_noelle xox
its_noelle xox - 14 days ago
wow, its been exactly a year
Amanda Jimenez
Amanda Jimenez - 14 days ago
Ethan was mad mad lol
KITTY KEIRA - 14 days ago
It's 2020
Stella DeVito
Stella DeVito - 14 days ago
I wish they made a video with Niki and Gabi lolz
ella - 14 days ago
when grayson pulled ethan by the hair i felt that .
Yareli Castaneda
Yareli Castaneda - 15 days ago
Jefferson Arias
Jefferson Arias - 15 days ago
lol this fun that he started sining
Sariyah Johnson
Sariyah Johnson - 15 days ago
Vishnu Vardhan
Vishnu Vardhan - 15 days ago
It's 2020
Quidos _
Quidos _ - 15 days ago
lmao pause at 2:52
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia - 15 days ago
Anyone 2020
Sobia Yasmin
Sobia Yasmin - 15 days ago
I just thought can’t Ethan say can I change
bbg - 15 days ago
Wait if your smart can’t you ask the twin can I say no to you and he has to say yes
Brook Nesbit
Brook Nesbit - 16 days ago
gracyon and I ment does
Brook Nesbit
Brook Nesbit - 16 days ago
he has a good dog bark impression it's really doos i can sound like a dog wants to come inside or is traped somewhere
Sophia and jimena's winter wonderland
Ethan should be on the voice
Luiza Sposito
Luiza Sposito - 16 days ago
no one:
literally no one:
ethan: GrApEsOn hAHaHahA
Nicole Kaufmann
Nicole Kaufmann - 16 days ago
What does douche(bag) means?
ii_gaxy_ ii
ii_gaxy_ ii - 16 days ago
Ethen: new year 2019
Me: uhm excuse me new year 2020 it just turned 2020?
Klara Krogsgaard
Klara Krogsgaard - 14 days ago
Look when this video was uploaded 😉
Oof 4587
Oof 4587 - 16 days ago
lol it’s 2020
Katie Olivas
Katie Olivas - 16 days ago
this video ended with Ethan looking so stupid lmao! Also he kinda cheated because he didn't drink the milk shake even tho Grayson did EVERYTHING Ethan told him to do. Love you guys!
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