Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

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Dino Roonie draws
Dino Roonie draws - Hour ago
If I was e or g
Me: hey can u buy me a iPad Pro
One of them : yes
Romy Taylor
Romy Taylor - Hour ago
If they didn’t want to do it they could have just asked to not do it and they would have to say yes😂
Martina Tejada
Martina Tejada - Hour ago
Danielle Van Orden
Danielle Van Orden - 2 hours ago
yall need some concealer fr.... still cute tho
Elsie The Equestrian
Elsie The Equestrian - 2 hours ago
*Can I have all your money?*
Cameron Drummond
Cameron Drummond - 2 hours ago
Cameron Drummond
Cameron Drummond - 2 hours ago
AirPodsUser - 2 hours ago
24:04- 24:11 he had the perfect change to say “creepy pedo” instead of “gym teacher”
Grace Black
Grace Black - 2 hours ago
Survival challenge with emma and james like if u agree
the unicorn queen haddow
the unicorn queen haddow - 2 hours ago
ha i would just have said "am i the only one
sammysamala09 - 2 hours ago
The “Yes Man” challenge!!! Jim Carry would be proud!
Sister__ Lexi
Sister__ Lexi - 2 hours ago
Love the ending😂😂👏👏❤ and u guys fought more so this video didn't really do what u wanted it to
Lilly Weaver
Lilly Weaver - 2 hours ago
i wanna be just like them my goal is to get 100 subs by at least my birthday which is in feb 7
MassiveD - 2 hours ago
"suck my cock"
CreeperGirl1439 - 2 hours ago
Lovely toenails xD
stell_ Decrane
stell_ Decrane - 2 hours ago
I HaVenT HAd dAIRy iN fOuR mOnThs
Yum vs. Yuck
Yum vs. Yuck - 2 hours ago
ethan singing is so bad 😂
Chloe Kelly
Chloe Kelly - 2 hours ago
21:30. Funny
Brie’s Windows
Brie’s Windows - 3 hours ago
Ethen feels *naked and afraid*
Anna1109 - 3 hours ago
Ethan, what is your username on fortnite ( 100% you won't respond to this comment )
Pugsforlove Xx
Pugsforlove Xx - 3 hours ago
I just can't with the song 😂😂
Woozie Sovis
Woozie Sovis - 3 hours ago
Go on tour again!!
Ivy_Dawn - 3 hours ago
Graysons face is cute when he sings at the end
John King
John King - 3 hours ago
Grayson... going... down? Alright!
Skylar Singer
Skylar Singer - 3 hours ago
I just wanted to say the lighting that comes thru their house is beautiful
Alison Walsh
Alison Walsh - 3 hours ago
Hey 👋🏻
Ilana Leshy
Ilana Leshy - 3 hours ago
Couldn’t Ethan have asked
“Okay but can I change first?”
Rachel Green
Rachel Green - 3 hours ago
Ethan: I don’t like any food in the house
Ethan: *proceeds to eat food from the house*
Tea Please
Tea Please - 3 hours ago
Am I the only one that’s noticed that both Ethan and Emma quit dairy? For the exact same reasons. Not saying this confirms Ethma but weird
Tammy Randall
Tammy Randall - 3 hours ago
OMG they should do a sister squad survival challenge for 48 hours
Rachel Green
Rachel Green - 3 hours ago
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz shave and get some sleep you look so tired I love you tho
Kole Morgan
Kole Morgan - 3 hours ago
These guys are like five
Rhianna Rich
Rhianna Rich - 3 hours ago
Who are the people that disliked this video cos they are plain RUDE 😫😫
Justina Hargrove
Justina Hargrove - 3 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love y'all
Amy Vlogs
Amy Vlogs - 3 hours ago
Ethan when you were about to leave you could of just told Grayson if you can change and he would of just said yes 😂
Jahnya Kennedy
Jahnya Kennedy - 4 hours ago
Grapeson 😂
Miranda Schall
Miranda Schall - 4 hours ago
TRUST ME i love the dolan twins but ethan kinda annoyed me in this vid
Kayleigh Toler
Kayleigh Toler - 4 hours ago
Hmmmm why does Ethan have a hair elastic?
ciara w
ciara w - 4 hours ago
Am i the only one who noticed that ethan was doing 2 in a row
Ale Cinezan
Ale Cinezan - 4 hours ago
Ethan kept arguing that he doesn’t know how to sing, then he just started singing AND I WAS SHOOK 🤯🤯
Fizz YT
Fizz YT - 4 hours ago
Question is, *why do they have pink nail polish*
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов - 4 hours ago
They should've given each other blowjobs😏😏😏😂😅
evie madison
evie madison - 4 hours ago
why did he not just say 'grayson can i not wear this please'
Bek Mashrapov
Bek Mashrapov - 4 hours ago
Is John Snow your lost brother, perhaps your are triplets ?
Theo Aitken
Theo Aitken - 4 hours ago
don't click read more

your 2019 isn't cursed and liking doesn't do anything have a wonderful year people
trashlee grace
trashlee grace - 4 hours ago
name reveal of the smoothie baby please 🥰
Grave K
Grave K - 5 hours ago
why isn't anyone talking about the fact ethan had like 5 goes in a row but grayson couldn't even have more than 2
Lia Scarrott
Lia Scarrott - 5 hours ago
Wait why didn’t Ethan just ask to get changed again at 8:35
minisuperwomanii - 5 hours ago
The outro...KILLED ME
Johanna - 6 hours ago
The end had me like. 😂😂😂😂
Georgia Wilson
Georgia Wilson - 6 hours ago
How iconic love then end 😂
Xoxo, Kierstyn
Xoxo, Kierstyn - 6 hours ago
when ethan covered his pimple on his cheek 😂😂😂
emma t
emma t - 6 hours ago
them arguing makes me laugh so hard
Xoxo, Kierstyn
Xoxo, Kierstyn - 6 hours ago
“he has a pillow over his head board ...... who the fuck was sleeping up there?!” 😂😂😂
Alexandra Emily Hill
Alexandra Emily Hill - 6 hours ago
lol is that milk shake from Mcdonalds?
8dealwithit8 - 6 hours ago
Ethan looks like Gaston without a beard
Kayla Gomes
Kayla Gomes - 6 hours ago
Ethan is such a pussy
GACHAGURL XX - 6 hours ago
Can u guys help a fellow youtuber out to get to 10 subs? Thanks!
Sahana VLOGS
Sahana VLOGS - 6 hours ago
Jazzy Ed
Jazzy Ed - 7 hours ago
Lol who the f*ck was sleeping up there. Ahahhahaha
Tana DayRider
Tana DayRider - 7 hours ago
3:57 you’re welcome 😍
Sofie xo
Sofie xo - 7 hours ago
Lol when Grayson was holding his smoothe baby
Lix Larisa
Lix Larisa - 7 hours ago
15:23 from here..starts their longest arguing time ever
D Madison
D Madison - 7 hours ago
Ethan is an asshole no cap :/
D Madison
D Madison - 7 hours ago
Ethan is an asshole no cap :/
Synne Marie
Synne Marie - 7 hours ago
Love Ethan’s singing😍😂 more singing videos please
Maria Nikol
Maria Nikol - 7 hours ago
I'm literally crying in the end !!hahahhaha
Emily W boo
Emily W boo - 7 hours ago
Graysons bark💚
Mags Covers
Mags Covers - 8 hours ago
When Ethan went into his Falsetto I fucking CACKLeD
Aleah Miller
Aleah Miller - 8 hours ago
They're so childish, it's cute 😂😂😂
asdf1210 M
asdf1210 M - 8 hours ago
Press X to pay respect to Ethan’s moustache
Iliana Fricano
Iliana Fricano - 8 hours ago
Has anyone noticed that Ethan claims he is allergic to fruits and vegetables but, in this video he eats grapes??
We are but Dust and Shadows
ethan:i hope u do.. I hope u do pop
grayson:i hope u get another pimple on your cheek
It’s Sneha
It’s Sneha - 8 hours ago
4:08 me: ah...Emma most likely ;p
Danielle Shiller
Danielle Shiller - 8 hours ago
16:07 I'm laughing so hard
Liss Eden
Liss Eden - 8 hours ago
I want Ethan and Grayson to plant secret cameras is every room of james and Emma’s house without them knowing and Emma and James to do the same to the twins IT WOULD BE LIT
puneeth rao
puneeth rao - 9 hours ago
O.m.g !!! Did he just Google drinking 😂😂😂
Always Meredeth
Always Meredeth - 9 hours ago
Hahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣love this
Sparsh Agarwal
Sparsh Agarwal - 9 hours ago
Almighty_Pain - 10 hours ago
Yes Theory wants to know your location
Lara Healey
Lara Healey - 10 hours ago
Savannah Sav
Savannah Sav - 10 hours ago
You guys are funny , yoh 😂🙌
Vanesa Fathia
Vanesa Fathia - 10 hours ago
I hate when ethan said hes only gonna take one sip of the milkshake it totally ruined the video. No hate
Laura Bednarczuk
Laura Bednarczuk - 10 hours ago
Low key, Ethan is actually a decent singer!
Christaury - 10 hours ago
Who records for them and is so composed the entire time 😂
Gracia - 10 hours ago
You guys are like the epitome of siblings 🤣🤣 I love it so much
Lol Lols
Lol Lols - 10 hours ago
why is no one talking about how ethan doesnt sound that bad
Gemma Hinds
Gemma Hinds - 10 hours ago
Wait why do they have hot pink nail polish unless there someone else 😲🤣🤨🧐
i hope you die of ligma
i hope you die of ligma - 11 hours ago
8:30 Ethan could have asked if he could take it off and Grayson would say yes
ᴘ.ᴊᴍ - 11 hours ago
*all singers have left the chat..*
Onyx - 11 hours ago
“He has a pillow on his head board! Who the **** was sleeping up there?”
Maria Georgiou!
Maria Georgiou! - 11 hours ago
😂😂🤣😭💀: me crying and dying bc Ethan has the best voice ever
LPS Kenna
LPS Kenna - 11 hours ago
“GRAPEson go get me some grapes.” YES
Melari Roldan
Melari Roldan - 12 hours ago
okay but did anyone notice they went to mcdonald’s, not in n out like grayson said they would lol so ethan shouldn’t have worried bc it’s not real milk🤷‍♀️
karina saridewi
karina saridewi - 12 hours ago
why can't they just ask each other to not do it like "Can I nOt dO iT?" and they should say yes
C’est Moi
C’est Moi - 12 hours ago
Rhona310701 - 12 hours ago
Grayson: "as many protein shakes as you can carry"
Me: "Fine but can you pay"
Me: *walks out with 16 protein shakes*
Emilee Shainline
Emilee Shainline - 12 hours ago
"Who the fuck was sleeping up there"
iiElectrifyz - 13 hours ago
Give me 1 million dollars lol
jesss k
jesss k - 13 hours ago
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