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Gloria Castillo
Gloria Castillo - 2 days ago
I’m a double d rn and I’m scared that my boobs will grow so much and sag
Yadira Marquez
Yadira Marquez - 5 days ago
Vivian Cruz
Vivian Cruz - 20 days ago
No bar cart lol baby section now.
Mariela Ruby
Mariela Ruby - Month ago
Girl it is so crazy that we aren’t told all of this transition after having a baby until we actually go through it. The hard breasts you had & the balls you felt is called breast engorgement. Those are your breasts calling for help to release the milk that is clogged up. A good good help for me was I went to WIC to release my clogged pores & no a hot shower didn’t work, I got fever & flu like symptoms I was so sick... all in all I went through my pain & fed baby girl powder milk.. it was just the lack of knowledge that nobody showed me.. my mom was there but it was just a different experience for her than myself so bottle feeding baby was my best best too. I lasted about 3 weeks breastfeeding. But atleast we go through the experience on our own & learn from them! You are not a bad mom for trying & neither am I. Good job mom !
Jonathan Olmstead
Jonathan Olmstead - 2 months ago
Rosie Pelayo
Rosie Pelayo - 2 months ago
Girl I’m watching your breast feeding experience. You could of exclusively pumped & froze so much milk for him. You don’t have to “nurse” pumping is as good. Your baby boy is so cute! 😁
Luna Z
Luna Z - 2 months ago
What brand is the noodles with the Chinese letters? Thank you :)
Ryah sky
Ryah sky - 3 months ago
First time mom here!!! Im not sure what kind of pump I should buy that works best! Any recommendations??
lisette Castillo
lisette Castillo - 4 months ago
Breast milk is gold ! Amazing ! I had such a hard time too but thankfully we worked through it and I breastfed till she was 2 years. 😊😊
Valencia Fam
Valencia Fam - 4 months ago
I feel guilty sometimes for not breastfeeding but I’m glad I didn’t had the same experience but I actually would not produce any milk inn one boob but my baby is so healthy she has not gotten sick at all and she is 9 months now
Marz Riv
Marz Riv - 5 months ago
Then bulging is part of breastfeeding and it’s literally milk. You could of been pumping and freezing it for him. You should of taken breastfeeding classes they would of helped you. PS spicy doesn’t do anything to the milk. Don’t believe those dumb myths de rancho 😂
Anahi Martinez
Anahi Martinez - 5 months ago
My boobs aren't or weren't that big and they hurt. I can only imagine what you went through. I'm barely catching up with your videos baby girl. You're a queen! Glad you're doing better.
casahermosa creations
casahermosa creations - 5 months ago
I breastfed my baby for 16 months and for me the hardest part was the pumping. When my baby was getting older and didn't have to eat every 3-4 hours I was still having to wake up 2-3 hours to pump and it was miserable. I hated the pumping more than the feeding lmao. They say breastfeeding saves money but honestly I think it evens out in the end because just a breast pumping machine cost me $300 not including the milk bags I had to buy every week which are not as cheap as you would think.
J3ssc - 5 months ago
💀💀💀 when alex farted lmao! He said what happened 😂😆😆
lizet perez
lizet perez - 5 months ago
Les ordering sodas and maruchan from amazon !!! LOL😅😂
M D - 5 months ago
SMH ! OF COURSE THE FIRST FEW DAYS ARE GOING TO BE THE HARDEST! Your boobs are sore and engorged, and you have a newborn baby trying to find his way.. does that mean you just give up? Wtf man, selfish mothers
Ana Zarate
Ana Zarate - 5 months ago
M D she wants so party and drink. How can she breastfeed. Did you not see she’s in Miami right now.
M D - 5 months ago
Dude... breastfeeding is SO important for growing baby and protecting our kids against future illness. I hate when women say they couldn't breastfeed. Everyone can breastfeed, difference is some try and some dont. Some women selflessly choose their boobs aesthic over babies health. Smh
Juanita Gonzalez
Juanita Gonzalez - 5 months ago
I went thru the same thing with my first son he was just not latching on and we both struggled so much I just gave up , my boobs as well are a DDD I felt so much guilt in me but he turned out to be a healthy boy then I got pregnant with my 2nd son and I told my self I’m not giving up I’m gonna try 1000% to breastfeed and believe it or not he had no problem what so ever and he is 3 yrs now and still feeds
Lilia - 6 months ago
You should of kept going momma you had plenty of milk for baby it's not easy at first but it would of gotten better later
Gabriela J
Gabriela J - 6 months ago
Breastfeeding also hepls you loose weight and heal faster. But also depends on your baby if they eat alot it's great if not it kinda hurts and you have to pump
Jonathan Olmstead
Jonathan Olmstead - 6 months ago
Danielle San Nicolas
Danielle San Nicolas - 6 months ago
Love you!! Love your honesty and it’s so true as long as baby and you are healthy and happy doesn’t matter if you Breastfeed or bottle feed.. I’m a momma of 4 and didn’t breastfeed any of them and they are completely fine 16,15,9,6 ❤️🥰
Amber Montanez
Amber Montanez - 6 months ago
Alex ranting about boxes is the same with my husband for all my Scentsy boxes as well as farting and acting like he don’t know what happened is my husband every time lol 😂....les the breastfeeding 🤱🏼 troubles u had I experienced as well but it’s hard no matter the boob size u did good girl it wasn’t ur fault or his...babies just don’t always latch and frustration is normal. Ur doing amazing in all aspects ♥️♥️♥️
NG - 6 months ago
Omg!!! My boobs got soooo big I had bruises on them and when I had to dry them out I put cabbage and wrapped them with an ace bandage!!! And can you believe I had to stop breastfeeding because my daughter had an allergic reaction!!!!😫
obadiahn leon
obadiahn leon - 6 months ago
Lmao @ alex farting
0MissElizabeth0 - 6 months ago
9:00 When she actually starts talking about breastfeeding
0MissElizabeth0 - 6 months ago
Ordering ordering ordering, it kind of seems like she was going through her 'Nesting phase' late
angelicah01 - 6 months ago
My baby started teething at 3 months i planned to breastfeed to 6months after 4months i stop he literally clamped down on my nipple every single time 😭
Jacqueline Espinoza
Jacqueline Espinoza - 6 months ago
I didn’t breastfeed at all, my kid would gag on my nipple. Oh well! He is healthy 7 year old now
ana mendoza
ana mendoza - 6 months ago
what kind of faja are you using ?
Karina Ordonez
Karina Ordonez - 6 months ago
Aww atleast his a healthy baby and like you said being fed ! Honestly i feel you I breastfeed my baby 24/7 and in the beggining i wasmt getting milk they had pump for like 2 , 3 days to get milk and like you I wanted to breastfeed him and thank god I was able to because its the best thing between him and me its my 1st baby ... but nothing wrong and nothing different from formula feeding🤷🏼‍♀️ cuando se puede que bueno gracias a dios y cuando no pos para eso esta el bibi 😁🥰
Joscelyn Manzanares
Joscelyn Manzanares - 6 months ago
Yes first time mom just turned a month postpartum to after a csection and breastfeeding oh man what a journey latching was the hardest thing I literally felt like my nipples were going to fall off just a question what faja do you use
its that boy
its that boy - 6 months ago
Nobody cares
zombolla - 6 months ago
How does shit like this get on my feed?
Janina Rodas
Janina Rodas - 6 months ago
Does anyone know the waist trainer she used?
Yenifer Tamayo
Yenifer Tamayo - 6 months ago
Even she can’t keep up with how fast she talks 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Maria Smith
Maria Smith - 6 months ago
Does anyone know where she got her faja from
ariah chavez
ariah chavez - 6 months ago
Annette Morales
Annette Morales - 6 months ago
You tried and that’s ok it didn’t work your a beautiful mom
Ammie Saegert
Ammie Saegert - 6 months ago
Breastfeeding is the worst 😂😂. I have such a love hate with it. Did 18 months with my first and then on 7 months with this one.
Anna Aguilar
Anna Aguilar - 6 months ago
Anyone know the name of the faja she was/is wearing? 😩
Alejandra Gonzalez
Alejandra Gonzalez - 6 months ago
You should do a what's in my diaper bag
Junior Gomez
Junior Gomez - 6 months ago
Can you please do a review on ComoTomo Bottles?! You can find them at target or buybuybaby. They're suppose to feel like the closest thing to breast from the bottle nipple to the bottom where baby can grip and pinch the bottle 👶🍼👐❤
P.s commenting from my husband's channel lol
Felicha Garduno
Felicha Garduno - 6 months ago
Does anyone know where she got her waist trainer??
Courtney Jewel
Courtney Jewel - 6 months ago
Baby girl don’t feel bad for not being able to breast-feed and please don’t beat yourself up because I did I wanted to do it so bad and not because of what everyone says but because of my beliefs about it formulas perfectly fine for a child although breastmilk is a lot cleaner for them they are fed they are healthy and thats all that matter power to you you look like a great mother I’m so happy for you and your family♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sandy Nieto
Sandy Nieto - 6 months ago
Hey Les, I am a huge fan of yours! Lol. Just wanted to say that first.
But, hey we all have different experiences with our babies and our bodies as well! Me for example, I have for beautiful kids, a 12 year old girl, an 11 yr old boy, a 3 yr old and an 19 month old. My daughter whom is my eldest, was breastfed and formula fed for 6 months and was of course lil painfultje first few days but, after that it was a pretty good experience! With my 11 yr old I only breastfeed about a month, cus I was going through postpartum depression which was soo bad I tried to commit suicide, though thankfully I got help and I got better, but just after taking so many pills I knew it wasn't safe to breastfeed anymore so I stopped and just formula fed him. My 3 yr old was FULLY breastfed for about 1 yr and a half until I became pregnant again, sadly lost the baby cus it was in my fallopian tube so I had to get a surgery to remove it and of course the baby didn't make it, and again fell into a really bad depression. But thankfully God blessed me with another baby whom helped me get through my loss and thankfully was born good and healthy! This baby was fully breastfed as well for the first 2-3 months until I had to start working than I started doing both breastfeeding and formula feeding. Up until this day I know he's old enough to stop breastfeeding but, it's such a special bond that I haven't fully stopped breastfeeding him. I stopped almost all day already but I still breastfeed him at night to put him to sleep. But, my point is that not everybody is able to breastfeed for one reason or the other! Don't feel bad for not being able to do so. And specially don't let anyone make you feel bad for not doing it! Just like every body is different and every pregnancy is different, also the breastfeeding experiences are different with every baby. 😘 Maybe you couldn't do it with baby G, but if you have another baby in the future, it could be a different story than! Just don't let this experience keep you from trying it again in the future. Love you always, your huge fan
Sandra Nieto ❤ Love you all so much and I wish you nothing but the best always. God bless you and your beautiful family! 🤗😘😍❤💋
ABORIGINAL ONE - 6 months ago
Mommy, I'm hungry.
Emily Davis
Emily Davis - 6 months ago
Les can you make a VIDEO OF MUST HAVES FOR FIRST TIME MOMS ?!! like stuff you felt was handy and stuff you would use again if you and Alex have another baby !
Yurixie Lopez
Yurixie Lopez - 6 months ago
When Alex farted🤣🤣poor les🤢😷
Mariana Mondragón
Mariana Mondragón - 6 months ago
You're the best! 💓
Jessica Romero
Jessica Romero - 6 months ago
Les you tried your best and I know how you felt about the boob situation. It sucks but as long as you tried that’s all that matters not a lot of people agree on formula feeding but if your body is not allowing you to do then don’t do it. I wasn’t able to do so with my first pregnancy but I was able to do it with my last two pregnancies and it was beautiful. Your doing a great job for being a first time mom. You have the best support with Alex. You both are doing great. Many blessings to you both.
JC Isarraras
JC Isarraras - 6 months ago
🤣🤣🤣Idk i don't remember omgs so mee 👌👌👌
Nessa Smalls
Nessa Smalls - 6 months ago
If it's one thing I've noticed it's that
Everyone supports you when you're pregnant but the minute the baby is born everyone is your biggest critic. And it suxks when you're in the public eye because to them you "owe" them explanations and reasoning and overall it's just really sad.
It's 2020. Parenting has changed and we all adapt to our own lifestyles. What matters is SHE gave birth to a healthy baby, SHES healthy and HER family has a routine. It shouldn't be anyone else's business but HERS
Noela Anderson
Noela Anderson - 6 months ago
I remember when I had my baby I use to pump milk like a cow but as soon as in introduced formula when I had to go back to work baby didn’t want breast milk again
Rocsea Cortez
Rocsea Cortez - 6 months ago
She is fine if you don't breastfeed or breastfeed, but she said she'd feel like a let down if she were to have a C-section..huh???! Breastfeeding gives your children extra nutrients..the way you give birth to your child is more important???
Rocsea Cortez
Rocsea Cortez - 6 months ago
And all she's talking about is her boobs ofcourse she doesn't know much if anything about breastfeeding.
Margie Rios
Margie Rios - 6 months ago
I can’t imagine how hard it was for you since your boobs got so big, the back pain, the breast pain for engorgement I breastfed for about 2 years my second son and the first week was so painful that I would cry but breastfeeding is hard especially if they get that big just with the pictures that looks painful I never got that big but it’s still hard and especially to wean off 😩
Margie Rios
Margie Rios - 6 months ago
You didn’t try to look for bra extender hooks I think you can find them online
Karen Arellano
Karen Arellano - 6 months ago
What’s the faja you wear?
Alyssa Hutton
Alyssa Hutton - 6 months ago
Props to you for trying and like you said as long as he’s happy and fed that’s all that matters 😊
Vanessa Serna
Vanessa Serna - 6 months ago
R E C Y C L E those boxes pleeeeaseeee!!! 😭😭😭
Estephanie Monsivais
Estephanie Monsivais - 6 months ago
Leslie is so sweet and cute why tf am I barely finding her 😭
Samantha Rose
Samantha Rose - 6 months ago
🗣Recycle them boxes, 👏🏼👏🏼at work we have a regular trash and another for cardboard it is the besssttt! But I love seeing what you ordered from amazon!! 💓
Kathy Gomez
Kathy Gomez - 6 months ago
Omg les has a amazon shopping addition 😜
Jeanne Belo
Jeanne Belo - 6 months ago
Not everyone is the same, and don’t worry about what ppl say! I too couldn’t breast feed my kids and they are all healthy happy adults now💙
Dess Balb
Dess Balb - 6 months ago
Fed is Best !! It doesn’t matter if they’re breastfed or formula fed. As long as the baby is getting the nutritions they need.
I was able to breastfeed my oldest but had to formula feed my second cause her body wasn’t absorbing enough calories, so she had to be put in a special formula. So not everyone is able to, and even if they are able to they DONT have to if they don’t want to.
yadii561 - 6 months ago
Alex is meeeeeeeeee venting about my spouse 🤣🤣🤣
Fresh Mann
Fresh Mann - 6 months ago
As a man, what I choose to take from this video is...based on the size of a women breast, breast feeding can be dangerous. I also noticed the multiple physical elements a woman's body can go through from pregnancy. As men we tend to objectify a women body, with no empathy of current or future health issues that may arise. Congratulations on having a healthy baby, for that is what is important. This was highly informative.
Frozen Slurpee
Frozen Slurpee - 6 months ago
I relate to this so much! I had to subscribe because you seem so normal and that’s refreshing for YouTube. 🥰🥰
Mariah McMaken
Mariah McMaken - 6 months ago
I wish I could follow you on Amazon omg 😂😂😂
Stefany Lopez
Stefany Lopez - 6 months ago
Well honestly breastfeeding is not for everybody. Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally (latch) I thought when you put the baby to the breast it come easy and naturally but sometime is not the case if you want to breastfeed you should look for help and talk to a lactation consultant.
Antonia Vega Morales
Antonia Vega Morales - 6 months ago
-You can pump and give him the bottle. -You can give him formula.
-You can fully breastfeed.
You do what is best for your baby 😊
I struggled with breastfeeding but I continued because that’s what I wanted for my kids. First born I got mastitis and it hurt like hell! But I pushed through it. With my second and third born I was an expert lol
francquee acosta
francquee acosta - 6 months ago
I didn’t produce enough milk to breastfeed. I was sad but it’s super stressful
Mireyda Renteria
Mireyda Renteria - 6 months ago
Mireydarenteria 💕
Heaven &Kenn
Heaven &Kenn - 6 months ago
Breastfeeding Is Such A commitment, My Son is now 8 months and I've been exclusively breastfeeding ever since, We are strong mommies❣❣❣, SUB to my channel
Alicia Urbano
Alicia Urbano - 6 months ago
Alex dándonos quejas 🤣🤣 girl it’s your baby don’t let anyone tell you what to do or how to feel ❤️ best wishes love you 😘
Viviana Estrada
Viviana Estrada - 6 months ago
Alex: "what did you order?"
Les (me): I don't remember 😂
jessica mendoza
jessica mendoza - 6 months ago
I’m watching this video so comfortably and my husband is here wondering how I understand everything she is saying 😂😂
him: dammm she talks so fast.
Bere S. Herrera
Bere S. Herrera - 6 months ago
Les making her face is me when my dad is yelling at me 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
JOANNA TORRES - 6 months ago
Les i feel you with ordering I try to hide it from my husband lol
Mila Camela
Mila Camela - 6 months ago
You can recycle your boxes!!!
Bianca Celaya
Bianca Celaya - 6 months ago
Im so glad i watched your video. I only can pump and give my breastmilk to my babygirl through a bottle. I am so exhausted honestly and I want to stop pumping but I feel so guilty and disappointed. your video really did help me make a decision. My newborn and my 1 year old need me to be 100%. "All that matters is that they are fed" thanks for making this video makes me feel so much better
Aurora A. Munoz
Aurora A. Munoz - 6 months ago
😂 Les reminds me off my sis and me...boxes 😂 😂 😂 🛍 📦 It’s a girl thing Alex get use to it! So the UPS/FED EX/ mail man, etc. must know you guys very ours 😂 in regards on if 🤱 and formula it’s up to you! Just pump milk out and save on bottles sometimes a bit easier. Nurse said if you do fórmula since it comes out faster than breast milk that’s why they get frustrated. So yeah easier to do what your doing. Yup they hurt
Lauren McGehee
Lauren McGehee - 6 months ago
Love you Les!! ❤️ My boobs became a 34DDD when I was pregnant too and I’m still the same size now and my daughter is almost 3!! I loved breastfeeding and I’m sorry you had a hard time but I’m glad you chose your happiness/sanity and not wanting to stress about it too much! You’re doing amazing, I can’t wait to watch Baby G grow 🤗❤️
julissa nunez
julissa nunez - 6 months ago
Angelica Sanchez
Angelica Sanchez - 6 months ago
Omg Alex is my husband and Leslie is me!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Aixa Navarrete
Aixa Navarrete - 6 months ago
Aracely Barrientos
Aracely Barrientos - 6 months ago
Goes to show the size of the breast doesn’t matter. I only went up to a B size and I was milking like a cow.
Elizabeth Landriault
Elizabeth Landriault - 6 months ago
Exact same thing happened to me. Too big of boobs would suffocate her and super frustrating. I would cryyy. . She got jaundice cus she wasn't getting what she needed so I ended up back in the hospital and the nurses couldnt help me get her to latch.
Elizabeth Landriault
Elizabeth Landriault - 6 months ago
And so painful yessssss. Mine were so engorged.
Desiree R
Desiree R - 6 months ago
Les is MEEEEE with the organization 👏🏻😬💞
Jessica Almaguer
Jessica Almaguer - 6 months ago
I feel you..same thing happened to me I felt like I was going to suffocate my baby .. I breastfeed for only 1 month and I couldn’t no more 🤷‍♀️
Dora Hernandez
Dora Hernandez - 6 months ago
Please recycle all the amazon cardboard. Online orders have a huge impact on the environment because everything is sent in individual packages. This vreates so much waste.
Cortnee Mae
Cortnee Mae - 6 months ago
Lucky about your size, my boobs are GONE now 😭😭 I couldn’t breastfeed all 3 times either so I totally understand!
Marisol Salazar
Marisol Salazar - 6 months ago
You listened to your body hun💗 only advice is to wrap your boobs with an ace wrap or tighten up your bra also sleep with a tight sports bra to make sure you dry out completely. If not you can develop an infection in your milk ducts. My sister has already had two surgery’s to remove infected milk ducts. I hope you see this 💗 lots of love and prayers
Marisol Salazar
Marisol Salazar - 6 months ago
You listened to your body hun💗 only advice is to wrap your boobs with an ace wrap or tighten up your bra also sleep with a tight sports bra to make sure you dry out completely. If not you can develop an infection in your milk ducts. My sister has already had two surgery’s to remove infected milk ducts. I hope you see this 💗 lots of love and prayers
Alexandria Gonzalez
Alexandria Gonzalez - 6 months ago
Olivia Boardman
Olivia Boardman - 6 months ago
"What comes from packages?"
😂😂😂😂 yes girl!
savannah marmolejo
savannah marmolejo - 6 months ago
Good job for at least trying. 👍👍👍 I breastfeed for 2 years!!! It was no easy task. I had my boob almost exactly the size you had yours for the entire time. Back pain was horrible. As soon as he turned 2 I stopped. And yes it's very sad to see my boob no longer how they used to be but I'm very happy knowing I was able to do that for my son. So congratulations Les you did great. You are the only one that truly know what is best for you and baby.
Norma Gutierrez
Norma Gutierrez - 6 months ago
What faja did you use? I saw that you had posted it on insta but I totally forgot the name of it lol
Teresa Madrid
Teresa Madrid - 6 months ago
I feel you on this one and although my bobs aren’t as big as yours I felt your pain cuz I went through it with my second pregnancy... my first pregnancy I blessed to have fed my daughter up to age 3 and before anyone talks shit idk yes she was 3 years old and she was sucking on my chichi... reason I stopped was cuz I got pregnant and I mean even thought my dr told me it was ok to breast feed while pregnant I didn’t cuz it was super painful.. anyway so when my second daughter was born it was so hard for her to latch on cuz of my chichis being so big (I’ve never had big chichis I’ve always been in the B cup and I went up to D cup ) well I was only able to breastfeed her for 4 months cuz omg my back would kill me and anyway since I was also giving her formula she started preferring the formula over my milk and it totally okay, breastfeeding for almost 4 years straight was a blessing but so painful as well... once I stopped omg it was the worse pain in my life! It took me a whole ass month for my milk to dry out 😭 and the funny thing is that even after all this years I still prouduce milk 🤯 like when I get my period I leak 😳 I mean I don’t leak a lot but I do have to wear pads... I’ve asked my dr if this is normal and he said yes since I breast fed for 4 years non stopped... I don’t plan on getting pregnant anytime soon but I do want to get my chichis done cuz boy they went from a b cup before Pregnancy to a D cup while breastfeeding to an A cup after done breastfeeding 😭😖 (not really but that’s how I feel my chichis look like lol) well I want to get a breast augmentation and want to get 300cc implants.... but that’s only if I’m not planning on having anymore kids
jessica zuniga
jessica zuniga - 6 months ago
The background music when les is explaining about her orders 😂
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