Shawn Mendes - Lost In Japan (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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CLOROX JUICE - 2 hours ago
He’s so precious OH MY GOD!
Squido Learn to Dab
Squido Learn to Dab - 2 hours ago
Best performance :)
Paula Camila Sanchez
Paula Camila Sanchez - 3 hours ago
Me encantaaas ❤️
Cantas hermosoooo, oh sorry
I adoreee youuu, and you sing beautiful 🥰
Simplyfentti - 3 hours ago
Kinda lovin the diversity
isa - 3 hours ago
The way this man makes me feel...jesus
Epic Water Melon
Epic Water Melon - 3 hours ago
OMG what a literal banger 🔥🙌🏻
Maria Pia
Maria Pia - 3 hours ago
He's so beautiful ❤️
Rahma Putri.W
Rahma Putri.W - 3 hours ago
Why am I crying watching shawn mendes???
Matt Tane
Matt Tane - 3 hours ago
He seems like such a good dude
Aloha Sofía
Aloha Sofía - 3 hours ago
im here for vs
Mitchel Conner
Mitchel Conner - 4 hours ago
That first model OMG she is GORGEOUS !
Plù Msp
Plù Msp - 4 hours ago
anna Rodriguez
anna Rodriguez - 4 hours ago
you can tell he loved being surrounded by beautiful women's
IRuinEverything - 4 hours ago
Gigi hadid, bella hadid, and Kendall Jenner all sucked.
Lizzz Dang
Lizzz Dang - 5 hours ago
Shawn looked absolutely adorable surrounded by these stunning ladies 😆😆😆
Nahir Garces
Nahir Garces - 5 hours ago
Come to Ecuador please please you are the best I love u
lily c
lily c - 5 hours ago
i’ve watched this video an unhealthy amount of times
Bartoreggg - 5 hours ago
Jak ja fan!
Allure Ébène
Allure Ébène - 5 hours ago
Only here for Duckie Thot 2:43 and Leomie Anderson 3:13 hot beautiful angels 🍫🍫🍫 with the best walks 👏👏👏
Helin Cetin
Helin Cetin - 5 hours ago
from vine to VSF... proud of Shawn, so talented and humble, he deserves this!
Miracle Luckett
Miracle Luckett - 5 hours ago
I wish there were thicker girls modeling at the fashion show...
Madison loves green
Madison loves green - 5 hours ago
1:55 is my favorite model out of all of them and the only one ive heard of, i just think shes very unique and beautiful
Melanielovesyou - 6 hours ago
i love that part, and i’m sort of sad that it’s not in the original song. he doesn’t sing “do i gotta convince you” the same way. it makes me look weird when i try to sing it in the shower, ahah!
Cassie J
Cassie J - 6 hours ago
Getting kiwi flashbacks
Halle Harrington
Halle Harrington - 6 hours ago
I love all the floral!
Nuriee Cowan
Nuriee Cowan - 6 hours ago
Jasmine walks with such confidence. 🙌🏽 love it. ♥️
Robyn Marr
Robyn Marr - 6 hours ago
Robyn Marr
Robyn Marr - 6 hours ago
*no a fan of him butttt his voice is beautiful here*
Shauniya Bostic
Shauniya Bostic - 6 hours ago
he is p e r f e c t
Potato head
Potato head - 7 hours ago
Shawn Mendez be looking like "YUP THIS IS WHAT I SIGHED UP FOR THIS IS IT"
Milannn - 7 hours ago
First girl is beautifull af
Madu Xime
Madu Xime - 7 hours ago
Não perdi de jeito nenhum, assisti do começo ao fim ❤️
Maria Jose Moya
Maria Jose Moya - 7 hours ago
Omg he's soooo sexy! His eyes 😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤
Мария Яковишина
"The opening was boring, fantasy bra looks cheap, l don't like her walk" etc. People, what's wrong with you?!?!🤦‍♀️
Amazing show, can't stop smiling!
Killed.By.Kittens - 7 hours ago
Arthur Göttmann
Arthur Göttmann - 7 hours ago
2:57 well hello madison beer
Emma Mills
Emma Mills - 7 hours ago
The look he gave her 😅😂3:30
Débora Duarte
Débora Duarte - 7 hours ago
Oscar - 7 hours ago
he did great wow im going✈️stream this
Katarzyna Maria
Katarzyna Maria - 7 hours ago
0:50 who is that?
Eunice Morales
Eunice Morales - 8 hours ago
Ayla NASEER - 8 hours ago
Who’s only here to see Shawn Mendes?
Duda Pinhataro
Duda Pinhataro - 8 hours ago
Tão lendo 37 milhões
Duda Pinhataro
Duda Pinhataro - 8 hours ago
é so meu
Duda Pinhataro
Duda Pinhataro - 8 hours ago
meu lindo
Raquel Lauren
Raquel Lauren - 8 hours ago
Lauana Pereira
Lauana Pereira - 8 hours ago
eu amo absurdos!!!
Irish Daisy
Irish Daisy - 8 hours ago
They're so gorgeous damn.
Leonardo dos santos coelho
3:31 A pergunta q nn quer calar é pegou ou não ?
Alexander Paul Olayode
Alexander Paul Olayode - 9 hours ago
Do you got plans tonight?
Carla Maria Coelho
Carla Maria Coelho - 9 hours ago
Melhor desfile do mundoooo❤️
Samantha Ferreira
Samantha Ferreira - 9 hours ago
john hamm
john hamm - 10 hours ago
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realitycheckings - 10 hours ago
probably the only white man that really never disappoints. stan shawn mendes
Jake R
Jake R - 10 hours ago
0:26 the model on the monitor is on the runway later in the song🤨
H P - 10 hours ago
The best 4ever
Asal Darwish
Asal Darwish - 10 hours ago
When the live is better than the original song you know it’s Shawn fucking Mendes !
alessandra m
alessandra m - 10 hours ago
it looks like shawn has a crush on josephine
Jake R
Jake R - 10 hours ago
0:36 he has his hair down and in the next frame that shows shawn his hair is again all up... hhmmmm i can see the edit right there ...🤨 whats going on shawn???🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨😆
Vanessa Polovy
Vanessa Polovy - 10 hours ago
What a show! Seeing Shawn performing for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is just delightful!
SAGAR KASHYAP - 11 hours ago
Is Shawn even playing his guitar?
SAGAR KASHYAP - 11 hours ago
What's with those weird wings?
Dane Shawson
Dane Shawson - 11 hours ago
He's not as talented as people say lol
Tiffani Gui
Tiffani Gui - 11 hours ago
Clara Muniz
Clara Muniz - 11 hours ago
Shawn Mendes is one of my dreams!
Anjuman Ara
Anjuman Ara - 11 hours ago
Only for Shawn Mendes 😍😍
jana moussa
jana moussa - 11 hours ago
Manju Singh
Manju Singh - 11 hours ago
The singer has livened up the show !! The model in pink looked gorgeous !!
Sanchka P
Sanchka P - 12 hours ago
Josephine looks very heavy
Carmel Villas
Carmel Villas - 12 hours ago
can’t get you off my mind Shawn!!! ❤️💕💙
I hate you the least
I hate you the least - 12 hours ago
All those ladies are so pretty and Shawn also looks so good
I’m crying
Emaad Dohee
Emaad Dohee - 12 hours ago
I want the song title please answer
Kok San Lim
Kok San Lim - 12 hours ago
Minh Tam Nguyen
Minh Tam Nguyen - 12 hours ago
Such a gentleman!! The way he backed up and smiled at the girls was so fluttering. It’s like he really treasured all the girls
Christine Ong
Christine Ong - 12 hours ago
Shawn, always so charming
Bhupathi Tirupathirao
Bhupathi Tirupathirao - 12 hours ago
Hi marshmallow
1:28 can we talk about this? Shawn’s face was so adorable!
Heather Byberg
Heather Byberg - 13 hours ago
He sung it wrong but still very good
Paper clip
Paper clip - 13 hours ago
Sooo much beauty only in one video😍😍💜
samaira shawns army Khan
samaira shawns army Khan - 13 hours ago
Shawn is the angle of heaven,who agrees
Sara Hdez
Sara Hdez - 13 hours ago
so good. 👌👌👌💕💖
Worapong Suksawad
Worapong Suksawad - 13 hours ago
บอกเค้าไปฉันรักเค้า 💕
花澄Kasumi - 14 hours ago
Shawn's enjoying it, him with the girls😂😂
Noureen Farooqui
Noureen Farooqui - 14 hours ago
Shawn please pay a visit to India we are dying to meet you.....
Lots of love and support from India🇮🇳
Tuc Hoang
Tuc Hoang - 14 hours ago
slip đẹp vietnamese ckeck
Oil jiranan
Oil jiranan - 14 hours ago
Mily Vanderlinde
Mily Vanderlinde - 15 hours ago
Um anjoooo.... Multiplica 🔥🔥
Joa Da bass
Joa Da bass - 15 hours ago
who's the first model ?
ahad rhagad
ahad rhagad - 15 hours ago
i know for sure he just didnt raise his eyebrows to her in 3:30

*cries in silence*
lara rue
lara rue - 15 hours ago
Who is here only for Shawn Mendes🤤💍
Erblina Spahiu
Erblina Spahiu - 15 hours ago
I looked at this video 100 times shawn is so cute 🙌😍😘😍
Mira Florendo
Mira Florendo - 15 hours ago
I’m here for Shawn Mendes ♥️🤣
HASAN AL-ghamdi
HASAN AL-ghamdi - 15 hours ago
Edo Javanes
Edo Javanes - 15 hours ago
Aurat goblok wkwkw mubazir juga sih ga di liat gw rela 1080p hehe
Sherena Aisya Maharani
Sherena Aisya Maharani - 16 hours ago
My shawn :(
ilovechocolate - 16 hours ago
0:41 🥰
Twisha Singh
Twisha Singh - 16 hours ago
My eyes set on Shawn mendes !!
D Tucker
D Tucker - 16 hours ago
1:51 why was that hot ?
Basil Dabbah
Basil Dabbah - 16 hours ago
Tebteb Samudio
Tebteb Samudio - 16 hours ago
Yeah i cant get you out of my mind shawn mendes darling.!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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