Daniela noyola
Daniela noyola - 2 hours ago
If I were one of those who were modeling I would have fallen on purpose, so Shawn would help me get up 😂😂😂
Jerra Claine Dee
Jerra Claine Dee - 3 hours ago
Do i need to apply as a model now? 😅
maggie casper
maggie casper - 7 hours ago
^shawn mendes falling in love for 5 minutes straight^
Harmanpreet Singh
Harmanpreet Singh - 9 hours ago
ANGEL ftv - 9 hours ago
Who else is upsesed with Shawn Mendes and this video, cause i've watched it more than 20 times 😂😂😳😂😂
B G - 10 hours ago
Fra Borghetto
Fra Borghetto - 12 hours ago
it seems like they’re having a lot of fun😍😍😍
BloodzStaiiFly - 13 hours ago
The outfits are nice. I love bright and bold colors. The song is really good too!
Lilac Chaser
Lilac Chaser - 13 hours ago
This show is good, not the clothes 😂😂
Lilac Chaser
Lilac Chaser - 13 hours ago
Hes blushing so cute 😍😍❤
luke ong
luke ong - 19 hours ago
Did Gigi agreed? Lol shawn😂
dishu sharma
dishu sharma - 23 hours ago
At 0:32 😍😍
Hannah Bartolomeo
Hannah Bartolomeo - Day ago
I don’t like this 😡😡😡😡😡😡
PrettyRosey3021 - Minecraft
Shawn Mendes blushing with woman and holding hands later on... *girlfriend sees Shawn holding hands and blushing on tv* later when shawn comes back “why the heck you blushing and holding hands!? Shawn:Ummm...GF:you better run!
Perla Ontiveros Aragon
Lucia S
Lucia S - Day ago
woah he is sooo cute
PJ ChJ - Day ago
I think his voic at this performance is better than his demo on spotify (more vibrant)
Carlos Dominguez
Carlos Dominguez - Day ago
3:59 name??? please
Julissa Gonzalez
Julissa Gonzalez - Day ago
Is that my hot Shawn mendes
Ana Vitória
Ana Vitória - Day ago
1:52 Best part
Jin Yang Peng
Jin Yang Peng - Day ago
Hahaha I have never seen him smiling that many times within one song
frenchfryfaye 22
frenchfryfaye 22 - Day ago
the 2:54 girl thoooo she’s absolutely gorgeous!
frenchfryfaye 22
frenchfryfaye 22 - Day ago
lmao the models are lowkey hitting on him
Jolo7t - Day ago
Oh boy
hailee selena
hailee selena - Day ago
omgg there was ZEDD😂😂💜
ella g.
ella g. - Day ago
my body,my height us qualified but my face isn't
Ellie Cunneen
Ellie Cunneen - Day ago
Shawn is adorable his little smile gets me
Julian Castro
Julian Castro - 2 days ago
What is the name of the 3rd model ? Omg 😍😍
dowoon the shy boy
dowoon the shy boy - 2 days ago
do you got plans tonight, shawn?
Sydonney Richards
Sydonney Richards - 2 days ago
Leomie killed it. I loved the diversity in this segment
GXXOD Z - 2 days ago
Jafan 😂✌
Jenny J
Jenny J - 2 days ago
The girl at 3:15 SLAYED it!!!😍😍😍
What’s her name?
Masal Yonsu
Masal Yonsu - 20 hours ago
Leomi andreson
Sunah Kim
Sunah Kim - 2 days ago
i barely saw any camera time for sui he 🗿
Sathu - 2 days ago
Sathu - 2 days ago
Shawn breathes
Almendra Matilde A. Huaman Maguiña
I'm fucked,I love this video ahhhhhh
Thảo Lê
Thảo Lê - 2 days ago
Shawn is the most delicious snack out there
Hyena GamerLT
Hyena GamerLT - 2 days ago
Zedd was there
Yasmin Shaheen
Yasmin Shaheen - 2 days ago
Title should be: Shawn Mendes performing "Lost in a Victoria Secret's Fashion Show"
sarah thomas
sarah thomas - 2 days ago
Had no idea this was Shawn’s voice with auto tune
Iva Bolin
Iva Bolin - 2 days ago
Ehh Winnie the only reason this girl is famous is cuz of her skin condition.
Nina Blah
Nina Blah - 2 days ago
I don't live in hotel...
I live in a Hole of confusion.
insaaf mangta hai
insaaf mangta hai - 2 days ago
Aee toh nashe mein hai
Infinity Ruler
Infinity Ruler - 2 days ago
okay really enjoyed the video but question but this stuff 😂😂
Mokul Singh
Mokul Singh - 2 days ago
Is that Gigi?
Frederick Carvalho
Frederick Carvalho - 3 days ago
Bom de mais
Aditya vw
Aditya vw - 3 days ago
the way he looked Gigi Hadid tho
Luana Sabrina
Luana Sabrina - 3 days ago
Shawn I love you!
AV SU - 3 days ago
No pudo haber salido más perfecto
Ryan Hidayat
Ryan Hidayat - 3 days ago
Gigi Hadid is so fucking hot
Radhika Balhara
Radhika Balhara - 3 days ago
I think Shawn was the best model...
Vix Gacha
Vix Gacha - 3 days ago
I bet he couldn't get those models OUT OF HIS MIND

No? Okay imma leave...
Jen T
Jen T - 4 days ago
Please Shawn and Selena
Mariana Adame
Mariana Adame - 4 days ago
Liu Wen and Aiden 😍
J S - 4 days ago
I’m pretty sure shawn enjoyed this performance😂
Livvy H
Livvy H - 4 days ago
He’s *so happy*
Maley Horales
Maley Horales - 4 days ago
*_All of the dislikes are from James Charles, change my mind_*
Cakely Channel
Cakely Channel - 4 days ago
don't look at her 🙄
jennifer Tapia
jennifer Tapia - 4 days ago
Zedd 😍😍😍
Sofia Damberg
Sofia Damberg - 4 days ago
I want this version on Spotify. I don’t know why but i like this more than the studio recorded version.
Love u Shawn😊
パーマン48号 - 4 days ago
Ilove this song thank you! Shawn Mendes! By japanese
Denise Pagdonsolan
Denise Pagdonsolan - 4 days ago
Yo try to watch it in. 75 playback speed
Mapuii Bualteng
Mapuii Bualteng - 4 days ago
Anyone notice zedd in this video 0:51
Euwelle Cotejar
Euwelle Cotejar - 4 days ago
0:35 just watch when she passed he was singing do you have plans tonight? Yeeet
Euwelle Cotejar
Euwelle Cotejar - 4 days ago
1:28 1:55
Euwelle Cotejar
Euwelle Cotejar - 4 days ago
The first girl who passed and when she passed shaw 2as like do you have plans tonight?😱😱😂
ᄒᄒᄒ - 4 days ago
숀 멘데스... 당신... 진짜... 사랑... ㅠㅠ
M - 4 days ago
Wow. Lucky them😂😂😂
Dorotea Gramosli
Dorotea Gramosli - 4 days ago
What's her name 1:40 does anybody know?
Jaya Singh
Jaya Singh - 4 days ago
Lets get lost tonight....😘😘😘
Emily Matthews
Emily Matthews - 4 days ago
geetha - 5 days ago
Why why why whyyyyyyyy he's soooooooo 😭 cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤
Flanders Freekicks
Flanders Freekicks - 5 days ago
winnie harlow is sooooo hot.
Call Me Hoseoked
Call Me Hoseoked - 5 days ago
*Lost in Japan*
(Few minutes later )
*LOST In Victoria secret*
Jaquelin Zepeda
Jaquelin Zepeda - Day ago
No problem but it really should have
Call Me Hoseoked
Call Me Hoseoked - Day ago
+Jaquelin Zepeda Ow thank you!!
Jaquelin Zepeda
Jaquelin Zepeda - 2 days ago
This should have 1.4k likes
Call Me Hoseoked
Call Me Hoseoked - 5 days ago
I feel like he's choosing one of them but still confusing which one
Fayaz Faisy
Fayaz Faisy - 5 days ago
l saw only Shawn here😘😘😘💕💕❤
JaKe Lopez
JaKe Lopez - 5 days ago
Hey guys! Check out my cover this song here
Israel ace Rosello
Israel ace Rosello - 5 days ago
Wtf Shawn's voice🎶👌
K D - 5 days ago
Is it just me or is he the perfect preformer for VS?
Lilly Chan
Lilly Chan - 5 days ago
I can feel nervousness in his voice.
dreyyyp ppped
dreyyyp ppped - 5 days ago
I want to see Shawn Mendes serenading miss universe 2019.......
Who's with me??
Make this blue
dreyyyp ppped
dreyyyp ppped - 5 days ago
I want to see Shawn Mendes serenading miss universe 2019.......
Who's with me??
TheIkawatay - 6 days ago
Sounds like justin timberlake.
Avv_oo o
Avv_oo o - 6 days ago
omg I wish I looked those models, they are so freaking pretty what the heck
Haqqi Caesara
Haqqi Caesara - 6 days ago
3:58 - 4:00 who is she? she is gorgeous..
Syo 33
Syo 33 - 6 days ago
2:49 日本人?
MAHBUBA TABOULI - 6 days ago
Pause at 1:17 was that Gigi Hadid???🤔
I purple you
I purple you - 6 days ago
Shawn...I can't get you off my mind!
Ahmet Özcan
Ahmet Özcan - 6 days ago
Oh my god Shawn a god.
Cassie Savidge
Cassie Savidge - 6 days ago
I need to get myself someone who looks at me the same way Shawn looks at the models ahaha 😂❤️
Zai Nal
Zai Nal - 6 days ago
Absolutely Beautiful performance ever..👏😄💋
sheilla feolino
sheilla feolino - 6 days ago
I love how his voice is still like the studio version when singing live. He has such a good voice ❤
kristy burns
kristy burns - 7 days ago
Jiapsy Rico
Jiapsy Rico - 7 days ago
Savannah *
Savannah * - 7 days ago
Am I the only one that came here to see how he'd react to the models 😂 nope just me, ok.
Lívia Marques
Lívia Marques - 7 days ago
Aposto na 3:42
Imani C
Imani C - 7 days ago
Look at the way Shawn look at her 1:55-1:58 damn he is in love!
michelle w
michelle w - 7 days ago
That'z my baby !!!!
georgia gradler
georgia gradler - 7 days ago
gigi really out here with a whole ass parachute
Abby Labial
Abby Labial - 7 days ago
He looks really happy to be there 😂
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