Shawn Mendes - Lost In Japan (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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Janith Perera
Janith Perera - 42 minutes ago
3:57 😍😍
Sleepy_Singer - 50 minutes ago
The models genuinely look like they were having fun on the runway😊😊
Armando Castañón
Armando Castañón - 51 minute ago
Jasmine Tookes is so beautiful and gorgeous 😍
Lizandra Marie
Lizandra Marie - Hour ago
3:31 Shawn gimme that!
A Coca
A Coca - Hour ago
Who thinks Shawn is so pretty!❤️❤️❤️
Laurencita Yiyi
Laurencita Yiyi - 2 hours ago
Shawn is so pretty... and sexy , makes me hot lol
Amazing Jeff
Amazing Jeff - 2 hours ago
Shawn Mendes must have been getting horny!
jiaqi tao
jiaqi tao - 3 hours ago
That soft guitar thing he did when the the model with the blue came MY HEART
Noor Gouda
Noor Gouda - 4 hours ago
Shawn is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE! I CAN'T HANDLE IT!!!!!!
Like if you agree
Victoria Graveé
Victoria Graveé - 6 hours ago
Camila Nicole
Camila Nicole - 7 hours ago
Che alta suerte las modelos
Onda que shawn te cante y te sonría nanananana
KiloriGamerPlaysRoblox - 9 hours ago
Shawn must enjoy all the sexy models walking by him XD
Musical Sadeem
Musical Sadeem - 10 hours ago
Half naked girls walking
half naked girls posing
half naked girls winking
he's having the time of his life
I don't know
I don't know - 10 hours ago
I'm confused when did shawn decide to be a model
Van Gogh
Van Gogh - 11 hours ago
It's so unnecessary to be that much flawless for a fashion show :')
Ash K
Ash K - 11 hours ago
I wonder how could gigi handle that. Hats off
blueberry_play 1
blueberry_play 1 - 12 hours ago
*this gave me*_________
Luca - 12 hours ago
Que lindo ser shawn mendes y cogerte a cualquiera de las q paso ahi ajajaja
Ainnia Adnan
Ainnia Adnan - 13 hours ago
You know what.....shawn loooooookkkkk so happy there..and im jealous😤😤😤😤
Sorry im a fan girl of shawn mendes😂😂😂
Omar A
Omar A - 13 hours ago
I am Schuck😂😂😂😂😂❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Anjuman Ara
Anjuman Ara - 14 hours ago
Shawn is so hot😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zain Zaidi
Zain Zaidi - 14 hours ago
You know I heard it was parachute season!
Anna Kooij
Anna Kooij - 14 hours ago
omg look at his eyes😂👀 kid in a toy store 🙄 I'm sorry but a bit cringe it really is
Leyla Dahir
Leyla Dahir - 19 hours ago
Fuck him
Delilah Lee
Delilah Lee - 20 hours ago
Here after seeing Shawn's calvin klein campaign
Martha Graham
Martha Graham - 21 hour ago
Everyone’s talking about how they want Shawn and I’m like “ I gave up already you should too.” 😢
PULAK NEOG - 21 hour ago
SHAWN: oh hi didn't see you there
Smiles goofily
I love her smile in this part.. ughh
Ayesha Cansino
Ayesha Cansino - 23 hours ago
Oooo shawn looks happy😂
Josefina Sanchez
Josefina Sanchez - Day ago
Sierra Maragh
Sierra Maragh - Day ago
It said why don’t we viewers watch so I watched
bibi girl
bibi girl - Day ago
At 00:53 is this ZEDD??
Mr Daddy Please Spank Me And
What’s with the fake cheering in and out?
Alien Aesthetic
Alien Aesthetic - Day ago
He’s trying to hide that bonnerrrrr
9Lonestar - Day ago
9Lonestar - Day ago
I’m I the only one thinking that some of these models are the same
N Asyikin Raffi / Lana
2:57 Madison Beer???
Mehak Pahuja
Mehak Pahuja - Day ago
Malali Blaqe
Malali Blaqe - Day ago
whos the girl in 2:48-2:49 the asian girl please help
jackshaftoe21 - Day ago
Liu Wen
Ксения Панина
Oh, here is Zedd
Claris Marcellin
Claris Marcellin - Day ago
I love how he looks at them in their eyes. Such a gentleman.
Meers Peers
Meers Peers - Day ago
My bisexuality is thriving
Loyal And spoiled
Loyal And spoiled - 2 hours ago
Meers Peers oml mine too!!!
Jewel Martinez
Jewel Martinez - Day ago
He's so handosome fuck!
pooch - Day ago
Shawn is that really you.... real you!???
onlethebest - Day ago
I am totally in love with Him
Danna Sanchez
Danna Sanchez - Day ago
Calzon! No debes de andar viendo otros culitos 🙄🙄
Tello o
Tello o - Day ago
1:32 hahahahaha on left
Tea - Day ago
*looks like Shawn had a little bit of a hard time getting them off his mind*
Nona B
Nona B - Day ago
cuteness overload ❤
BongelArmyBTS Kim
BongelArmyBTS Kim - Day ago
Fuck Shawn!! Can't get you off my mind. Why so hot?
Mars 1304
Mars 1304 - 2 days ago
1:55 💖
Lexį Plaxys
Lexį Plaxys - 2 days ago
Me:Want To be In Good Shape
*Eats A whole Chip Bag
Me: *WhOoPs*
Roy Mariscal
Roy Mariscal - 2 days ago
Shawn brought me here. .
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson - 2 days ago
Ryan Dickinson
Ryan Dickinson - 2 days ago
1:13 that’s a weird bird
mr sandman
mr sandman - 2 days ago
0:17 holy shit that was sexy af
Kehily’s Life
Kehily’s Life - 2 days ago
Woah Shawn Mendes licked his lips
TrendingCurioso - 2 days ago
Shawn mendes cada día mas talentoso y guapo, quien mas ama a Shawn Mendes?
Kimberly Acosta
Kimberly Acosta - 2 days ago
I like the 2nd one
Sleyy Sydney
Sleyy Sydney - 2 days ago
now he gets a boner on the stage
Pouline Yadao
Pouline Yadao - 2 days ago
I'm so done. Shawn!!!
Blinking Bulb
Blinking Bulb - 2 days ago
Is that Zedd in the crowd??
Ava Loewenberg
Ava Loewenberg - 2 days ago
My fav model is definitely Winnie Harlow
Arielle Pomerantz
Arielle Pomerantz - 2 days ago
At 1:14, wings or a parachute?
Фатя Мах
Фатя Мах - 2 days ago
Модели с такими лицами выходят, будто хирург готовится к сложной операции😂😂😂. Сняла одежду, прошлась, это очень ответственно, конечно
Tie Map
Tie Map - 2 days ago
Amazing performance, but I hated the entire line. it’s like a gone wrong flower power show.
awesome angel
awesome angel - 2 days ago
he’s such a gentleman woah
제발닥쳐좀 - 2 days ago
Who is the girl in 2:14 ? I want to know her name she is so gorgeous😭💖
Clout Baby
Clout Baby - 2 days ago
3:31 the way they smiled at eachother omg😍
viancatrejo - Day ago
ik!! I was like back off 😂
cleonny lucena
cleonny lucena - 2 days ago
Me encantei com tanta beleza !!🥰
Juan DelaCruize
Juan DelaCruize - 2 days ago
Who would wear these clothes really
Samprity Singha
Samprity Singha - 2 days ago
So proud of you baby !!
marichu nacor
marichu nacor - 2 days ago
The outfits are ugly.
Megan - 2 days ago
he’s loving this
ashish goyal
ashish goyal - 2 days ago
The girl at 3:28 is amazing. The only thing that caught my attention apart from the music.
Adam Nadzari
Adam Nadzari - 2 days ago
Stacy Bridgeford
Stacy Bridgeford - 2 days ago
He's like Michael Jackson. Amazing.
Оксана Ляшок
Lavanya Sharma
Lavanya Sharma - 2 days ago
Oh i didnt notice the models were there
Nicole Ann
Nicole Ann - 2 days ago
You're watching: 4 minutes of Shawn blushing hahahaha
Lunatik - 2 days ago
Any idea who that girl at 3:57 is?! ☺💕
Mariana Cortez
Mariana Cortez - 2 days ago
Bro the girl at 1:21 is gorgeous
Rajiv Vyas
Rajiv Vyas - 2 days ago
So only white girls get to wear the wings...🤔
TRANG NG - 2 days ago
Shawn is sooooo cute
Isumi MUDANNAYAKA - 3 days ago
Ricardo Sánchez
Ricardo Sánchez - 3 days ago
Who is the second girl?
TheaPlay Z
TheaPlay Z - 3 days ago
Looks down at own body
Amanda Santos
Amanda Santos - 3 days ago
Wow! Que homem 😍
Wejdan Binsaad
Wejdan Binsaad - 3 days ago
هذر مس هءر مس يو قات ابوي فريند ابت هي نفير كيس يو
La Evitta.
La Evitta. - 3 days ago
Adore you❤
Savannah Mata
Savannah Mata - 3 days ago
1:28 she is gorgeous I love her!!!!
Lucía Aparicio
Lucía Aparicio - 3 days ago
I love how they have fun and are happy while modeling, just beautiful
Victoria Graveé
Victoria Graveé - 3 days ago
• Zenity •
• Zenity • - 3 days ago
can ya'll like....stop looking at him...?
Yeraldin del carmen Cucchi aymas
Sofia y shaw
Nawty Savage
Nawty Savage - 3 days ago
CAUTION..watching this around girlfriends or wives can result in being slapped whacked kicked or even hit by flying objects, take care guys.
N - 3 days ago
They carrying curtains
Carmela Tucker
Carmela Tucker - 3 days ago
i love him so much. it kinda looked like he was interested in the girls in underwear and bras.
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