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Joey Shmoey
Joey Shmoey - 23 hours ago
If Blake didn’t nail her after this he’s the biggest fooken simp ever
Julio Ayala
Julio Ayala - Day ago
He’s trynna smash
Ethan Crook
Ethan Crook - Month ago
Was this girl on dr. Phil
Darren Kendall
Darren Kendall - Month ago
You haven’t uploaded a picture of the shoes on inta
tanveer 007
tanveer 007 - Month ago
Living in a bubble.....
salcidosandra74 - Month ago
You and Blake should date
battlegoth5 - Month ago
Blake: I got it I got it I got it
Nicolette: OMG new suga daddy
Shyeemaye - Month ago
I cringed when she said air forces
Stephanie Southerland
Stephanie Southerland - Month ago
Wow. Money is no object. Good for you!
Allie Dutton
Allie Dutton - Month ago
Over the top or not you be the judge of the shoe that has everyone talking Aliveshoes.com/ro6
Ibrahim.m M-512
Ibrahim.m M-512 - 2 months ago
her friend be like this
🐏👈😂 baaaaaa, I think maybe mss N.G will be love's that guy
Jazmin Sierra
Jazmin Sierra - 2 months ago
I have a room how your room but i dont have a lot ofo money to spend really you are rich! ❤❤
Jazmin Sierra
Jazmin Sierra - 2 months ago
I love you you are awesome
miss kaye
miss kaye - 2 months ago
Okaaaay i think im starting to ship you now 😂😂😂
Xania Banks
Xania Banks - 3 months ago
I use to work at Nordstrom women’s shoes it’s hard
nemah abdul
nemah abdul - 3 months ago
Lie is he your boyfriend
Teresa - 3 months ago
lmaoo y’all over here talking abt blake and how he payed for her shii while i’m over here thinking is she wearing a shirt in her outro !??
Psthurism Ps
Psthurism Ps - 3 months ago
There’s nothing wrong with Nicolette there’s a disease going on through haters brain
Trill Drip
Trill Drip - 3 months ago
Gold digger
descendants 123
descendants 123 - 3 months ago
The prince putting his princess's shoes on awww there so cute together even when he paid for her
DMill - 4 months ago
So uhh.. what happened?
Jordan Lay
Jordan Lay - 4 months ago
You should date Blake I ship you guys will be the cutest couple ever
Simran Bhungu
Simran Bhungu - 4 months ago
Is he the boyfriend
Nicky Moirangthem
Nicky Moirangthem - 4 months ago
This kid are more richer than the amazon owner
Anamika Vijay
Anamika Vijay - 4 months ago
Blake looks like Alex standall from 13 reasons why in the thumbnail
Ophelia Valentine
Ophelia Valentine - 4 months ago
Blake’s brown eyes are killing me
Tineke Vreugdenburg
Tineke Vreugdenburg - 5 months ago
He paid 5000 worth of shoes 😭 marry him Nicolette!!
Lydia Quinn
Lydia Quinn - 5 months ago
Omg I ship
Mari Styles
Mari Styles - 5 months ago
bagelflinging dragon
bagelflinging dragon - 5 months ago
I hope she made him hit
A shafx
A shafx - 5 months ago
You twooo looks cute together!!!😭
Little Puppy girl888
Little Puppy girl888 - 5 months ago
I actually really like her now!
Haley Mcmath
Haley Mcmath - 5 months ago
Haley Mcmath
Haley Mcmath - 5 months ago
They would make a good couple
Abner López
Abner López - 5 months ago
He pay everything for her OMG 😲
Khloe smash subs
Khloe smash subs - 5 months ago
I love your Mercedes girl!! Dreams come true
Alessia’s Videos
Alessia’s Videos - 5 months ago
i need a boyfriend like him
Hayden Hicks
Hayden Hicks - 5 months ago
Spectre VA6
Spectre VA6 - 5 months ago
Well poor Peeps has tricking WALMART
mec7up - 5 months ago
I have been in ALL the luxury stores in the world and NEVER have i seen plastic covered clothes but thèse hypebeastsstores have everything covered, why ? Is it because their clients or wanabee clients are dirty ??? I have seen 100 000$ pièces hanging on the dangers just there for you to touch and try. But hey, thèse Balanciaga 400$ black sweaters are covered like if they were muséum pièces LOL ridiculous.
Ramaneek Sandhu
Ramaneek Sandhu - 5 months ago
Awww he payed for her
Shaily M
Shaily M - 5 months ago
8:39 i- ugh ahhh 😭😭😭😭 no sto- agh i- oahhh ugh- om- I CANT I FREAKING CANT😭😭
Nat - 5 months ago
That guy Tommy works there?? I went to school with him lol
punthe blackzboiz
punthe blackzboiz - 6 months ago
Gold digger
angela baaiy
angela baaiy - 6 months ago
I feel sad when i see guys paying like this bc it reminds me of my ex that never ever in his life paid anything for me i used to pay for our dates even 😔 i will NEVER fall into this mistake again
Heather 10
Heather 10 - 6 months ago
ruby jane
ruby jane - 6 months ago
yung hypebeast nila sosyal bat dito satin, jejemon? anuna pinas? HAHAHHAHA like if you’re a filipino fan of nicolette❤️
B k
B k - 6 months ago
No one buys me nothing
Gene Ramos
Gene Ramos - 6 months ago
Oh my so sweet
Victor Slack
Victor Slack - 6 months ago
ngjequier - 6 months ago
1,400 for a bunch of crap 😂 come on Nicolette, this purchase was disappointing lol
Brianna Torres
Brianna Torres - 6 months ago
Aww 🥰🚢
Danielle Scott
Danielle Scott - 6 months ago
Sabrina H
Sabrina H - 6 months ago
I have been always subscribed to u and turned on post notifications! I just subscribed to Blake and liked both of ur videos! I was already following u on insta and I just followed Blake on insta. Love u Nicolette!
Shaikha Almarri
Shaikha Almarri - 6 months ago
Do you date the tall guy?
Shana Rytz
Shana Rytz - 6 months ago
What is her intro called? It’s sooo lit 🔥
Arianny Mercedes
Arianny Mercedes - 6 months ago
I love this intro
Queen - 6 months ago
8:46 he's a keeper!
Belinda Pestano
Belinda Pestano - 6 months ago
Bro i want a boyfriend like Blake he was so sweet saying I got it
Raising Ada
Raising Ada - 6 months ago
Awe I don't have insta I'm not allowed and I'm 11 turning 12 in August and I'm a size 11
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