Stand By Me - Ben E. King - FUNK Cover Featuring Charles Jones!!

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Giacomo Tacchini
Giacomo Tacchini - 18 hours ago
yiğit kerim onur
yiğit kerim onur - Day ago
mark henry got some skills with his sound
Brandon Fraser
Brandon Fraser - 3 days ago
the pianist makes me happy :)
Mario Muñoz
Mario Muñoz - 4 days ago
the guitarist's hair moves more than myself when i'm dancing
Kev Lin
Kev Lin - 8 days ago
Burger shack employee from white castle
Samuel Rodriguez
Samuel Rodriguez - 8 days ago
Es el hijo de Mr. T??
Nerea Iglesias
Nerea Iglesias - 10 days ago
Wow, the originality of the band's arrangement is amazing
Foster Family & Faith
Foster Family & Faith - 10 days ago
Great cover...sweetfunk.
Michael Aziz
Michael Aziz - 12 days ago
I didn't like it at all, u fucked up my fav song
sebastian wonisch
sebastian wonisch - 15 days ago
i jsut cant belive those who put this thumb down, sO GOOOOD
RAFF MUSIK - 19 days ago
I want you guys as friends! where do you live? 😍 😘 🥰
Grupo Aconter
Grupo Aconter - 19 days ago
Epa gordo de mierda. Se es posible morir y volver a nacer? Seguro que no. Pero si eso se pudiera eligiria ver esto de nuevo. Lo mejor que he visto en mi vida ! te Aplaudo de pie ! Hablo ingles pero prefiero decirtelo en espanol !
pffpff haha
pffpff haha - 21 day ago
wtf.. how perfect
John Kistler
John Kistler - 23 days ago
This cover was made for Charles
Motogirlz - Month ago
The arrangement, the vocals smooth and then he comes in w/ trumpet 2:20 for some Lousiana style funk. Good stuff!
Nathalí Lins
Nathalí Lins - Month ago
Muitooo bom ❤️
PtitMerdeux Tv
PtitMerdeux Tv - Month ago
Jaime Agustin Revollar Mahaney
Cláudio Braga
Cláudio Braga - Month ago
Ivy Laughton
Ivy Laughton - Month ago
Oh this channel makes me happeee!
Thai Song & Lyrics
Thai Song & Lyrics - Month ago
Ashimoto Akai
Ashimoto Akai - Month ago
That became church real quick
Putri Miralda
Putri Miralda - Month ago
Seriously this sounds & looks sooooooo fun
fabio nacci
fabio nacci - Month ago
please make it fast! i like it!
MEESTV - 2 months ago
0:38 damn bro! on point!
Anna Spitz
Anna Spitz - 2 months ago
That's so joyful and amazing to watch!!! INCREDIBLE!! Love what you guys are doing!!!
Olivia Stewart
Olivia Stewart - 2 months ago
The guy behind the piano with the beard makes me so happy in every video. Keep smiling and dancing my dude.
Star Houston
Star Houston - 2 months ago
This is perfect during COVID-19. Sending to all my friends. 😂
Hani Hassan
Hani Hassan - 2 months ago
One metre from each other or course. Regardless we got this.
Rudith Guzman
Rudith Guzman - 2 months ago
I loved 💕
fantabulous008 - 2 months ago
Isn't the keyboardist from Pompaloose?
Margot Leconte
Margot Leconte - 2 months ago
I would stand by him for the rest of my life after this. I would stand by all of them. Their music is so exhilarating !
kudos from France
Klaudia Krajczar
Klaudia Krajczar - 2 months ago
Thilina Blyz
Thilina Blyz - 2 months ago
oh yeh!!! having a super evening in Colombo, Sri Lanka... Fuck you COVID-19!!! Funk yeh!
mike smith
mike smith - 2 months ago
Frickin' Awesome!
timmytheturtle251 - 2 months ago
Viera Antolíková
Viera Antolíková - 2 months ago
wow! wow! wow! so much energy!! I love it!
godless glk
godless glk - 3 months ago
oooohhhh.... I'm singing silently. The version is excellent. thanks.
Kathy Bramley
Kathy Bramley - 3 months ago
This is great. Smooth, playful and funky. Backing on this is amazing too. And the trumpet solo. Charles is great. And track chill.
Le MOYSSONNEUR - 3 months ago
This is not MUSiC, but COCAiNE.
Frogken - 3 months ago
Main singer looks like a rhino
Hamilton Junior
Hamilton Junior - 3 months ago
This energy is awesome!!
viv2199 - 3 months ago
adil zinoun
adil zinoun - 3 months ago
great job, keep going
Pedro Víctor
Pedro Víctor - 3 months ago
Vocês são INACREDITÁVEIS!!!!! Som sensacional!!!
Jorge Antonio
Jorge Antonio - 3 months ago
Wendel Meneses
Wendel Meneses - 3 months ago
When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon
Is the only light we'll see
No, I won't be afraid
Oh, I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me
So, darlin', darlin', stand by me
Oh, stand by me
Oh, stand, stand by me
Stand by me
If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
Or the mountain
Should crumble to the sea
I won't cry, I won't cry
No, I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me
And, darlin', darlin', stand by me
Oh, stand by me
Woah, stand now
Stand by me, stand by me
Darlin', darlin', stand by me
Oh, stand by me
Oh, stand now
Stand by me, stand by me
Whenever you're in trouble
Won't you stand by me
Oh, stand by me
Woah, stand now
Oh, stand by me
BILL DAN COURTNEY - 3 months ago
Didn’t like it too much. No spirit. Just goofy.
Tantan - 3 months ago
The background singers compliments everything so well!
Keila Mazariegos
Keila Mazariegos - 3 months ago
Stephen Goh
Stephen Goh - 3 months ago
Super awesome!
Z. T.
Z. T. - 3 months ago
Sounds off to me. The beginning at least. I've heard better versions. This is too damn dry. Pass.
kalina - 4 months ago
Ohhhhh save the best for last! love the surprise at the end!
Thomas Neily
Thomas Neily - 4 months ago
Backs to
Thomas Neily
Thomas Neily - 4 months ago
Great everything vocals the feel end. Section
VOLAGO production
VOLAGO production - 4 months ago
His head is so happyness !!
Shawn Denney
Shawn Denney - 4 months ago
Why would this be disliked? 😦
Andrew Burdick
Andrew Burdick - 4 months ago
Check Out Modern Bakery!
Bonnie Lam
Bonnie Lam - 4 months ago
Thank youu Subaru!!
Beau H.
Beau H. - 5 months ago
That man loves his food and i love his voice!
Eliana Valeria Palmieri
Eliana Valeria Palmieri - 5 months ago
Ohhhhh 💕💕💕💕💕🎵
민조 - 5 months ago
I saw hog rider
You are awesome band ❤️
; but why all singers are BIG SIZE
sebastian arango
sebastian arango - 6 months ago
Shaza Macmod
Shaza Macmod - 6 months ago
Where can I follow this guy? Please anyone?
Timothy Choi
Timothy Choi - 6 months ago
idky but this kinda gave me "dont let me down" feels
박관돈 - 6 months ago
Erik Lubbers
Erik Lubbers - 6 months ago
Jzs BA you need to get to the gym! Funky glasses though.........
Felipe S
Felipe S - 6 months ago
Wtf... Muito bom!
Brian soap Daniel Lockwood
No me goasto
Lena Pozo
Lena Pozo - 6 months ago
Wow... greetings from Peru!!
Evans Elaban
Evans Elaban - 6 months ago
When people cover this song it always sounds the same but love the funky twist on it so refreshing. One thing I just love about you guys your music is fun and the funk is never over done but light and just love the personality of your music.
SerginhoD - 7 months ago
The song was absolutely perfect until 3:02
Then it was completely ruined after that rythm switch.
Luciano Rilze
Luciano Rilze - 7 months ago
IshyBeats - 8 months ago
Great funky music. Little Drummer here. Tried my first funk drum beat. I would like to have your feedback and support. Please subscribe also to my channel.
Gerhard Niemand
Gerhard Niemand - 8 months ago
Fonkyyyy beats, Vocals on point. What more do I need? Oh yeah... Volume wayyy up high! Well done guys
Andreza Costa
Andreza Costa - 8 months ago
Um diamante pra essa voz 😍
Terrance Washington
Terrance Washington - 8 months ago
Sometimes all you can say is WOW!
Camilla Palmero
Camilla Palmero - 8 months ago
Kind jonk stum tuk juk
Laísa Caveagna
Laísa Caveagna - 9 months ago
Ashlesha Hadkar
Ashlesha Hadkar - 9 months ago
isn't jack the cutest human. damn.
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