Dating My Best Friend For 24 HOURS

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Kendra & Re’ana
Kendra & Re’ana - 12 minutes ago
Y’all would make a cute couple but i don’t think y’all should ever date because if y’all break up it would ruin y’all’s friendship
ashlee lynne
ashlee lynne - Hour ago
Rothana Thang
Rothana Thang - Hour ago
You guys should date
ying chen
ying chen - 2 hours ago
They should date for real, I would ship so much❤️
Savaya faye
Savaya faye - 2 hours ago
At 2:45 you can see Taylor touch Kiellianne butt
Amerah Kneer
Amerah Kneer - 3 hours ago
Omg I’m gonna cry first the kiss now this in the same month ahhhhhhhhh
RobloxQueen 1228
RobloxQueen 1228 - 4 hours ago
On the part we’re she says can u take me to Starbucks and when he pulls him he touches her 🍑
Fatima Idk
Fatima Idk - 4 hours ago
Omg yess
Yuryell Salenda
Yuryell Salenda - 5 hours ago
👁👄👁 mi weaction
Saba Haroon
Saba Haroon - 5 hours ago
hrb Milca
hrb Milca - 6 hours ago
Am i the only person who noticed 2:44
hrb Milca
hrb Milca - 5 hours ago
And he didn’t take his hand off her leg 3:35
Victoria Stephens
Victoria Stephens - 6 hours ago
Dose any one else see him touch her butt when she pulls him to go get Starbucks.
Michelle Telleria
Michelle Telleria - 8 hours ago
Shipppppppppppp I cant stop watching this omg yesss
فاطمة البلوشي
You see when kelianne said can you take me to Starbucks tayler touched keliannes butt
Shamya Anderson
Shamya Anderson - 9 hours ago
Are you gonna open the door for me: Tayler I'm rich as heck it opens by itself: kelianne:gcfyjf
Hype house role play
Hype house role play - 11 hours ago
Kelianne-he’s gonna fall in love
Taylor-I’m already I’m love with u baby
Me-omfg kayler
Eress Nicole
Eress Nicole - 14 hours ago
2:46 #Kayler
Naesia Alder
Naesia Alder - 14 hours ago
No hate but u said 24 hours and it was 6min long??
Evangelina - 15 hours ago
Anyone notice at 2:45 he touches her butt ...
Daphne Cuevas
Daphne Cuevas - 16 hours ago
so nobody is gonna talk about the little butt grab at 2:45 lol it was probably not on purpose but it was lowkey cute 😂😜
Lindsey Cortez
Lindsey Cortez - 18 hours ago
Can they date but like FOREVER
Ava O shea
Ava O shea - 20 hours ago
“Friends” don’t look at each other like that ! ☺️
Umm-e- Aiymann
Umm-e- Aiymann - 20 hours ago
You guys should just date already. It's just a matter of time
pawsomeawsomelps 101
pawsomeawsomelps 101 - 21 hour ago
H. P
H. P - 23 hours ago
That wasn't even 24 hours🥺
Almansori Ridha
Almansori Ridha - 23 hours ago
you guys are really cute together, but you said after the 24 hours is finished, hit me up so I will hit you up don't worry
EklipzE - Day ago
Bruh that was like 4 hours
Senay Amine
Senay Amine - Day ago
Damnnn Tayler where is your right hand going at 2:44
Samantha Luna
Samantha Luna - Day ago
PART 2!!!!
Bella Hayden
Bella Hayden - Day ago
That photo shoot thing was the cutest thing ever ❤️🤍
Britney Chacon
Britney Chacon - Day ago
She touched her ass when she wanted Starbucks 😂 kayler
corina - Day ago
they should've posted everything on ig
corina - Day ago
the photoshoot wasnt dramatic. it was reality.
Queen Sacido
Queen Sacido - Day ago
Imagine charli damelio and tayler we’re together they would be you hype couple
Kendra & Re’ana
Kendra & Re’ana - Day ago
Who’s saw him touch her a*s
olwethu Mtengwane
olwethu Mtengwane - Day ago
They are so cute together
Jessica Hughes
Jessica Hughes - Day ago
I want you guys to get together so bad
Shaedyn Ikehara-Miyahara
Kelianne: are you gunna open the door for me?
Tayler: baby I’m rich as f*** the door opens itself
Juliana Ribeiro
Juliana Ribeiro - Day ago
i hate how much i ship it omg
Bibi Ayobi
Bibi Ayobi - Day ago
Omg pls be in love
Jullie Lazy
Jullie Lazy - Day ago
Kelianne's boyfriend be punching in the air rn 👊👊
Ahlem Romdhani
Ahlem Romdhani - Day ago
Where are the photos 😕😟????
Alexis Betancourt
Alexis Betancourt - Day ago
Ship them so much
jarilis sepulveda
jarilis sepulveda - Day ago
the way he treated her 🥺
Vick M.
Vick M. - Day ago
KHUSHI Orie - Day ago
Cute couple
KHUSHI Orie - Day ago
I ship kyler
Kyla Kyl
Kyla Kyl - Day ago
I’m not gonna fall...
I’m more in love with you baby AAACCCKK!!!♥️♥️
Anastasia S
Anastasia S - Day ago
Their so cuteeee together
Mayra Matusse
Mayra Matusse - Day ago
Taylor : And this boys and girls is how you fake a relathionship
Me: 😂😂😂😂😂
Me: crying cause its Over : 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂
Mikayla Nguyen
Mikayla Nguyen - 2 days ago
3:37 Tayler: “but yet your hand is still on my neck” Me: “AND YET YOUR HAND IS STILL ON HER THIGH!?!!?”
Emily Ciotoli
Emily Ciotoli - 2 days ago
2:45 woah! Watch where your hands are going Tayler 😂
Tessa Claire
Tessa Claire - 2 days ago
Taylor: “Baby I’m rich as fuck the door opens itself” Me: 👁👄👁
Tessa Claire
Tessa Claire - 2 days ago
Im aLrEaDy iN LoVe WiTh YoU bAbY
Arwa El Aradi
Arwa El Aradi - 2 days ago
Lozano Sedano Sue Ann
Lozano Sedano Sue Ann - 2 days ago
Taylor's hand 2:45
Brianna - 2 days ago
They’re so cute together. The way that Tayler was carrying her with one arm. 🥺
Haley Esquivel
Haley Esquivel - 2 days ago
2:45 what was that he touch her butt
Shazia Ansar
Shazia Ansar - 2 days ago
Tayler:chase don't have those me:😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alle P.
Alle P. - 2 days ago
I still see many TaylORs in the comment, it's TaylER everyone!!!
Huskygoblion3 - 2 days ago
He grabbed her but at 2:44 damn
Gacha_102 Young
Gacha_102 Young - 2 days ago
Milka Ceman
Milka Ceman - 2 days ago
Naomi Sandoval
Naomi Sandoval - 2 days ago
You look good together
Aloni Medina
Aloni Medina - 2 days ago
Omg this why so funny and y’all cringy as hell bro but you guys do look like a good couple
Dylan Hernandez
Dylan Hernandez - 2 days ago
Who else thinks addison and brycehall should do one next. シ
kiera syred
kiera syred - 2 days ago
His face when they were taking picture in the edited bit he was biting his lip when looking down on her 🥺🥺🥺
Nashell Wilson
Nashell Wilson - 2 days ago
Even Taylers mom want them to date
Alannah Chargualaf
Alannah Chargualaf - 2 days ago
Felt so single watching this😔😂
Bianca Benson
Bianca Benson - 2 days ago
Y’all need to get together
Arts and DIYs Fun
Arts and DIYs Fun - 2 days ago
I don’t like it at all when Taylor curses , even Nate . Kelianne is the only one who is good . All Taylor does is curse .
( no hate on him though ) I love Taylor so much 😍
abegail majam
abegail majam - 2 days ago
Angelica Mira
Angelica Mira - 2 days ago
The0nlyKarime 1
The0nlyKarime 1 - 3 days ago
They look so cute 🥺❤️i want them to date so bad 😩❤️😭
Hannah Shelley
Hannah Shelley - 3 days ago
You know she loved this
Layla King
Layla King - 3 days ago
Happy vibes with Amaya
Happy vibes with Amaya - 3 days ago
Omg I ship them so much like if you ship them
Cerey Carters life
Cerey Carters life - 3 days ago
layzel solis
layzel solis - 3 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️ kayler
JustSarah 200
JustSarah 200 - 3 days ago
Taylor:Chase don’t have them do he
Kelianne:*hits Taylor*
miuyu suda
miuyu suda - 3 days ago
OMG i watch the montage like a million timesss!!! There so cute together.
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