7 People Who Had Plastic Surgery vs 1 Who Has Not

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AutisAsians - Hour ago
Barbie dolls
Cupidnicky Kim
Cupidnicky Kim - Hour ago
Never heard of cheek surgery have you being living under plastic?
Lily Weisgerber
Lily Weisgerber - 2 hours ago
If I did this for anything I would not be able to figure out who the odd person out is
A - 2 hours ago
how mirandas dad not notice she has a whole ass new nose
Ace Crain
Ace Crain - 3 hours ago
As a pre everything trans guy, I was really hoping the other trans guy was a mole. Not only pre top surgery representation, but an amazing strategy going in
Spearix X
Spearix X - 3 hours ago
When Adelaide when out I was like huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh
HorrorTime Skits
HorrorTime Skits - 4 hours ago
I’m sad sage got voted outI low key knew they weren’t the mole because no one would lie about a sensible topic like cancer
Gulzar Dogar
Gulzar Dogar - 6 hours ago
Shannon is so pretty
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - 7 hours ago
You should do - People who have gone to jail vs 1 person who didn’t.
DreamySteezy - 8 hours ago
Bruh there's no need to do plastic surgery on your face.
Katie Wojcik
Katie Wojcik - 10 hours ago
8:00 im just crying bc my parents aren't suportif ):
Game With Abby
Game With Abby - 11 hours ago
Sage is beautiful/handsome and omg I would die for them and they can just rock a turtle neck. I want to be their friend
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - 7 hours ago
Anyone else think Jade is pretty cute?
PincheChowder - 11 hours ago
How was that black dude trans if he got a beard
DaddyHokage - 13 hours ago
sage (they/them). i, sleep bruh. stfu ur a girl
Bacongirl - 16 hours ago
You should have one when either everyone is a mole or no one is a mole
Marilyn MonHoe
Marilyn MonHoe - 16 hours ago
Glad Whisper Sixx got the boot. She's a predator and a complete a hole.
Haley Anderson
Haley Anderson - 17 hours ago
111. Q.
The MemeNapper
The MemeNapper - 18 hours ago
Who goes to the end of the video 1st to see the liar the watch it 🙌😄
Salah Shayah
Salah Shayah - 18 hours ago
Shout out to Lebanese 😎😎
bee kind
bee kind - 21 hour ago
since when is removing moles considered plastic surgery? it´s for physical health reasons
izzy ha
izzy ha - 20 hours ago
No it can be for health reasons. Doesn't HAVE to be. I have 5 moles i refuse to get rid of because they arent a danger to me anx theyre apart of me. I was bullied for them hardcore in highschool..
Jay Viney
Jay Viney - 21 hour ago
Hey! I noticed you put Sage's pronouns next to their name and that's really dope of you to do, but I was thinking it's probably even better if you put everyone's pronouns next to their names! It both normalises the act of sharing your pronouns even for cis people, thereby not unnecessarily outing trans people, and allows for consistency in the edit while still including pronouns where its important (everywhere)!
Coty Dawson
Coty Dawson - 21 hour ago
Red Moon
Red Moon - 21 hour ago
She said
I knew it
But always voted for others
Ocean Megan Leanne
Ocean Megan Leanne - 21 hour ago
Can you guys do a "people who haven't had plastic surgery and 1 person who has" I would actually love to be on that one.
Jorji J
Jorji J - 22 hours ago
plastic surge-
Mr. Steal Yo gurl
Mr. Steal Yo gurl - 22 hours ago
these people made like 25$ each
Fyve - Day ago
Anyone else think Jade is pretty cute?
Millie Lowry
Millie Lowry - Day ago
“Like a science project”
Kelsey Rodriguez
Kelsey Rodriguez - Day ago
If your looking for the winner it’s Whisper sixx
isaac miller
isaac miller - Day ago
hey pewds
Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones - Day ago
This is the first one I’ve ever seen them actually win...
samuelhart - Day ago
i love how in the first round, it was a three way tie between adelaide, whishper, and sage. then, the last girl in the line voted for jade even though she wasn’t even in the tie
Ølivia Alamø
Ølivia Alamø - Day ago
Kendal was so funny at the end💀💀
Mr. Mystiks
Mr. Mystiks - Day ago
The Indian woman narration voice sounds cringe. Why does it sound like you need a feminist studies major to work at jubilee
Underground Arsenal
so do they get tested for the coronavirus before they come on here now?
Hannah Dawes
Hannah Dawes - Day ago
i rly liked sages outfit like they put it together so well
chltmdwp - Day ago
They all could have went to Korea and paid $3,000 LOL
Shogunbloodx420 - Day ago
Kendal, if no one told me you were trans then i never wouldve guessed. like, if i saw a lineup of people and i was told to guess who was trans i def wouldnt pick you.
Shogunbloodx420 - Day ago
bro, whisper, why in the hell are your lips so freaking shiny? are you obsessed with lip balm? i dont get it...
K. A. Sumner
K. A. Sumner - Day ago
the disrespect for sage in these comments is so gross
Diana Janna
Diana Janna - Day ago
It was interesting that they kicked out the only in the first round
Update: he was the mole?!!?! Whatttttt
1Euphoria3 - Day ago
I don’t know why, but Whisper mildly infuriates me.
nana’s nctea
nana’s nctea - Day ago
Adelaide literally had one of the most convincing stories, why did she get voted out .-.
Herman Grove
Herman Grove - Day ago
So today I found out that rhinoplasty counts as plastic surgery
God Rosé
God Rosé - Day ago
You should do:
6 Americans and 1 Brit imitating a American accent
Marco Vendetti
Marco Vendetti - Day ago
6 healthy people vs 1 coronavirus infected person

Now no one wins cuz now they all have Coronavirus
oui - Day ago
Adelaide: ... with the whole Jewish identity …
While she's wearing a necklace of her name in Arabic
Fusion Art
Fusion Art - 12 hours ago
@oui So you can be jewish... And still have jewelry in a different language... Im not following your logic
oui - 12 hours ago
@Fusion Art No, it isn't. It's a language.
Fusion Art
Fusion Art - 22 hours ago
It's almost as if arabic isn't a religion
Anime Addict
Anime Addict - Day ago
You guys gotta do a 6 psychopaths/sociopaths vs 1 normie💀
That’d be chaotic
Anime Addict
Anime Addict - 18 hours ago
izzy ha oh yeah if you put it like that, then it would be harder to guess who the mole is, right? A lot more fun to watch
izzy ha
izzy ha - 20 hours ago
Not really. Could be compeltely normal seeming. My brother is a psychopath. He has multiple diagnoses. One of them including schizophrenia. You would never be able to tell. He's ao normal and happy and goofy.
NLE. Lydisha
NLE. Lydisha - Day ago
“Just cosmetic reasons, I was in Pagents“ I- wit dat weave
greenartisticfiend - Day ago
why do all the girls have big noses and those who did get their noses done still look 👀 pretty bad
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 2 days ago
You KNOW she practiced the “They saw me mole-in” line and I literally lol’d so thank you Molelissa
Marco Vendetti
Marco Vendetti - 2 days ago
The mole literally ballet danced out
Exzin - 2 days ago
7:40 they them 😂 😂 😂
Xander & Kiki
Xander & Kiki - 2 days ago
7:42 “They saw me molin’ they hatin’ “😂😂😂😂
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 2 days ago
You should do 7 girls vs 1 boy or 7 boys vs 1 girl I think that'd be interesting to watch
lenny Alfaro
lenny Alfaro - 2 days ago
The money they get ain’t that much
izzy ha
izzy ha - 20 hours ago
Good. They did nothing
Markus Östergren
Markus Östergren - 2 days ago
Can you do 6 classclowns and One that is not
Bangtanimosity - 2 days ago
I knew it was him as soon as he said he got lip fillers and his lips were still super thin, haha
Kaptin Kibblez
Kaptin Kibblez - 2 days ago
Next up:
*Guess who’s got coronavirus*
Fouad Elbanna
Fouad Elbanna - 2 days ago
N. Watch a similar video but diffrent channel for the next letter
oldschool - 2 days ago
Why did sage have (THEY/THEM) in brackets next to her name???
izzy ha
izzy ha - 20 hours ago
They don't identity with a female or male pronoun. They are just them. That's it
The Master Gamer
The Master Gamer - 2 days ago
Do 6 dungeons and dragons players and one other
Muscle Steven
Muscle Steven - 2 days ago
Unless it's for medical reasons or transitioning, you should not get surgery. It's very vain. Looks are not what make attractive, it's your personality.
IamaDanish - 2 days ago
Yeah, and judging other people for what they choose to do with *their* body isn’t an attractive personality trait. At all.
Israa Abdul-Rashid
Israa Abdul-Rashid - 2 days ago
My name’s Whisper Sixx
Interviewer: I’m sorry did you said sex?
No Sixx like the number six but with ✌🏻two x’s
Ghaida Ghareeb
Ghaida Ghareeb - 2 days ago
Kia is Not a virgin
Slav Bass
Slav Bass - 2 days ago
7 people who are gay, one who isnt... but they're all straight
Cyantious 2.0
Cyantious 2.0 - 2 days ago
Bro what has come to jubiles mind lemme guess what’s next 8 people who has coronavirus and 1 is a liar
Melanie and Elizabeth 11/9/06
You should do 6 Scorpios and non Scorpio
gnally b
gnally b - 2 days ago
imagine getting plastic surgery when your 14..........
izzy ha
izzy ha - 20 hours ago
Imagine not knowing the wide variety of plastic surgeries that are actually life saving or helping. Example: i was 13 when i was in a car wreck that wrecked my whole face, i couldn't breathe from my own nose anymore it was destroyed. Plastic surgery allowed me to have a nose. To breathe and look like a normal human. I had skin graphs which are also considered plastic surgery. It fixed the scarin on my face so i don't look like a burn victim. You are clueless.
Mister Whacky
Mister Whacky - 2 days ago
You should do 7 girls vs 1 boy or 7 boys vs 1 girl
I think that'd be interesting to watch
*• Purple Panda Playz •*
Mean girls? Wow cool
Bear-y Cute
Bear-y Cute - 2 days ago
imagine if the mole was the one who had her moles removed... that would've been iconic.
doliio volay
doliio volay - 2 days ago
adelaide kinda looks like pheobe from friends
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer - 2 days ago
Maury TheDon
Maury TheDon - 2 days ago
With sage im still confused about what she said plastic surgery with moles still don't get it
doliio volay
doliio volay - 2 days ago
Sage came so prepared with the puns
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 2 days ago
11:49 "WHISPER SIXX like a science project" 12:08 "KENDAL knew would win" WHOEVER EDITED THIS VIDEO ILY AHAHAH
Daily Meme Shots
Daily Meme Shots - 3 days ago
im sorry but what kinda name is whisper sixx
Joseph Lavalle
Joseph Lavalle - 3 days ago
Who names their kid Whisper Sixx
Spooky - 3 days ago
I eventually ended up judging my nose after watching this.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 2 days ago
A group of men vs one transgender (Female to male), or A group of women vs one transgender (Male to Female)
Skater Kidz
Skater Kidz - 3 days ago
The girl in the yellow said she got it in middle school bruh moment
Ben P
Ben P - 3 days ago
Plastic surgery is such a terrible, unnecessary thing to do unless you need it. There's so much that can go wrong.
Ben P
Ben P - 19 hours ago
@izzy ha but there's also a growing amount of people who don't need it but do it anyway
izzy ha
izzy ha - 19 hours ago
Many people need it. You wouldn't believe the variety of surguries that are considered plastic.
Dayn Eduado
Dayn Eduado - 3 days ago
The guy should have invested in teeth whitening and braces 😂😂😂😂
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