The Walking Dead Season 10 Comic-Con Trailer

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Emily Mathews
Emily Mathews - 6 hours ago
Fucking BADASS Daryl! Toe to toe!
2 0
2 0 - 6 hours ago
Neegan bout to teach michone how to out bad guy the bad guy
2 0
2 0 - 6 hours ago
Im speechless.
KobeyFTW - 6 hours ago
Carol said "Bitch has to die" When Carol wants a bitch dead she gets that shit done whether it's one person or five no fucks given as long as the threat is exterminated.
absolutless - 11 hours ago
Yeah .... nah. They killed off most of the characters I liked.
1 Deadzhot 1
1 Deadzhot 1 - 17 hours ago
Can't lie this season looks boring
Masturbating Kitten
Masturbating Kitten - 18 hours ago
Idc how the season goes/ends, but god damn negan better do a heckin good decapitation to a specific someone...
OB1 Kenobi
OB1 Kenobi - 19 hours ago
I want rick grimes back
lieurple - 19 hours ago
17 seconds beginning of horse noise is Negan whistle
Sado 22
Sado 22 - 22 hours ago
Who's looking forward to some more Negan? *leans*
rigoagui - 23 hours ago
The Walking Dead died with Shane years ago.
Scott Boa
Scott Boa - Day ago
Please tell me that Alpha is the new Glenn. I hope she meets Lucille.
MalvinGamerPoni - Day ago
Who else is curious on who the black chick with Lucille at the end is? Cause there's alpha, and beta. I feel like she maybe omega. I hope so cause we need a bigger threat than beta, which is omega.
Alex Alanis
Alex Alanis - Day ago
The same thing over and over
LunarIsLost - Day ago
Did I really just see a freaking zombie turtle? You’re joking.
Parris Johnson
Parris Johnson - Day ago
Wtff I have missed!?! I thought Michonne was with Rick in life and "death" ,,and Ezekiel was with Carol 😱😱!!!!
# they lost me at season 7!
# why Glen 😔🙏
# where is Rick grimes?
#Carl left the show high and dry!
# I miss old walking dead!
# if they think about hurting Daryl I swear.....
Support Guy And His M249
Michonne with Lucile? That’s like Negan with Michonne’s sword... in other words, it doesn’t belong
BbNolga Perez
BbNolga Perez - Day ago
Wisest words I've ever heard on TWD: If you don't protect what belongs to you than sooner or later it belongs to someone else-Negan Also*
Kill or be killed... Or die and kill-The Governor
Stephen Murphy
Stephen Murphy - Day ago
Just kill the bald sociopath psychopath woman stop dragging it out. Ohhhh She's scary cause She's She's not it's become comedy once again the writing boggs down with ridiculous character's .....
Extendo Clip
Extendo Clip - Day ago
FANG - 2 days ago
1:50 Correctamundo. Wrap it up already. You fuking bastards hfigutb. Fvyb gv
Mardrae Veal
Mardrae Veal - 2 days ago
Michonne giving Lucille back to negan look like shit finna b wild
Ghost Burgers
Ghost Burgers - 2 days ago
This doesn't make sense, i thought that the show had ended.
Ghost Burgers
Ghost Burgers - 2 days ago
@hermione granger yeah I don't watch game of thrones and that's also the reason why I gave up on JoJo's bizarre adventure.
hermione granger
hermione granger - 2 days ago
Ghost Burgers too much investment why because there to much season btw game of thrones has 8 seasons and each episode is 50 minutes and beyond so you didn’t watch games of thrones either because of that reason ?
Ghost Burgers
Ghost Burgers - 2 days ago
@hermione granger I'm glad people like it. That's just too much investment for me.
hermione granger
hermione granger - 2 days ago
Ghost Burgers well it didn’t because there’s still people who watch it and btw with season 9 that was amazing if I don’t say the best of a long time so yeah the show is still on because of that reason
Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan - 2 days ago
Remember when this show was about a small group of people trying to survive against zombies? Good times.
Briana Hackney
Briana Hackney - 2 days ago
Finally get actually excited for season 10 and then see michonne pulling this crap and I’m sad 😂😂😂 what if rick were to just pull up rn ??
Vito 99
Vito 99 - 2 days ago
Rick grimes come back please
SamuelPiece - 2 days ago
*The Walking Dead: Endgame*
Van Allen
Van Allen - 2 days ago
I just went and got my shittin’ pants out the drawer. I have a feelin’ I’mma be needin’ ‘em come October.
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Carlos36 - 2 days ago
This shit is played out
hermione granger
hermione granger - 2 days ago
Carlos36 well it’s based on a comic book so everything you see already happened in the comics btw the comics ended like 2 months ago with old man Carl so judging by that the show will end somewhere in season 12 or 13
Donyia Lovell
Donyia Lovell - 2 days ago
Daryl will smash Connie mark my words... So much for blue balls lol
Snowy King
Snowy King - 2 days ago
PLEASE PUT ALL THE SEASONS IN NETFLIX 😭.Because we don’t have cable because the cable cost A LOT so please put all the seasons in Netflix if you do thank you.
past your bed time nick
@Marcus Huntsinger is a good website, it has alot of ads.
Marcus Huntsinger
Marcus Huntsinger - 2 days ago
Snowy King season 9 comes out September 1st, but it’s also free right now on AMCs website and app.
Jonas Drives
Jonas Drives - 2 days ago
Bruh im still waiting for Netflix to add season 9
Lynda Tino
Lynda Tino - 2 days ago
Michonne and Ezekiel’s park was the biggest WTF moment I’ve seen in a trailer 💀💀💀💀💀💀
CRAZY Survivor Fanatic
CRAZY Survivor Fanatic - 3 days ago
Imagine if Rick made a shocking appearance
Rebecca Grace
Rebecca Grace - 3 days ago
Lucas the Lemur
Lucas the Lemur - 3 days ago
HOLY SHIT Michonne with Lucile at the end! :o
The Punisher
The Punisher - 3 days ago
The pirate dead
Linkthehero5555 Plays
Linkthehero5555 Plays - 3 days ago
"Peanut Butter!"
"Meet Jelly!"
Stephan Lasley
Stephan Lasley - 3 days ago
Yeah the show is kinda oof. I finished the last comic the day of its release and realized just how bad the show has become. It’s sad how bad it is. I liked the aged Carl story that they went with in the comics and I can already tell what role I believe the name is Aaron(edit, apparently I didn’t know the name, I put Alex before, whoops) will play and it’s the shoe in for rick(if you don’t believe me then read up, if you do then you know what I’m talking about... hopefully)
Not Yet
Not Yet - 3 days ago
Michonne and Ezekiel? Yeahhhh NO.
kingmetroplex - 3 days ago check out my walking dead make up
Brandon Figueroa
Brandon Figueroa - 3 days ago
Is Megan dead? I haven't watched since Rick left. Why would he leave his daughter??
Brandon Figueroa
Brandon Figueroa - 3 days ago
Sorry... I meant maggie
KillerHax - 3 days ago
He's literally in the trailer Negan is not dead.
Xploding Sushi
Xploding Sushi - 3 days ago
This show just isn’t the same anymore after they killed off Carl there was no need to go on. It also made rick loose his purpose hence why he left the show. This show used to be great but it sadly fell way the hell off
chris882211 - 3 days ago
Yes.. they should not have killed of Carl! Dumb choice!..
Dead pool Man vlogs
Dead pool Man vlogs - 4 days ago
Who can't wait for this season
GEO ARNAOUDOV - 4 days ago
Walking dead season 4847748493 coming soon !
Steam Juggler
Steam Juggler - 4 days ago
Revival from the walking dead
SCrawford - 4 days ago
This looks like shit
Keith Baker
Keith Baker - 4 days ago
Cap: I can do this all day

Toyotca - 4 days ago
Remember when the walking dead was good
Toyotca - 2 days ago
I know right have a good day
chris882211 - 3 days ago
It has been on for now will be the 10th season.. Can never go back to when it was great.. Will still watch this season though
Brii Kenzo
Brii Kenzo - 4 days ago
the show went to hell i miss the old eisodes they killed off too many originals, they need to come back some way n somehow bc they dragging it now .
Snintedo 2
Snintedo 2 - 4 days ago
gotta get my tv going cant miss this
Ktap 11th region
Ktap 11th region - 4 days ago
looks like its going to be rock n roll this october!! 👊👊👊👊
The Cosa nostra creed
The Cosa nostra creed - 4 days ago
Just end it
MasterDJlego - 4 days ago
Negan needs to behead The HOE!
Damian Aviles
Damian Aviles - 4 days ago
Let Negan stay alive please
Clarkexedits - 4 days ago
This legit isn’t about anything zombie related anymore. Wtf.
LiveWire134679 - 5 days ago
Remember when Walking Dead had was about zombies and wasn't a glorified soap opera?
AlanGalaxy 4
AlanGalaxy 4 - 3 days ago
Ok so ?
Dark Nite
Dark Nite - 5 days ago
Season 15 Alpha becomes an Ally to help fight a greater enemy and gets back her mask after 10 years in a jail cell...and is best friends with Michoans son... lol 🤣 Jk...I know the faith of Alpha...
Green Bird Box
Green Bird Box - 5 days ago
Yeah nah I think I’m done with this series was good while it lasted
ThatGuyOverThere BC
ThatGuyOverThere BC - 5 days ago
Deidre Green
Deidre Green - 5 days ago
Africa, please don't get involved with the famous people in America. Y'all will be dead somewhere. Please children listen. I would never tell you a lie.
Deidre Green
Deidre Green - 5 days ago
Just work and raise money
UnsourcedAspect - 5 days ago
i just randomly remembered this show, I thought it was over. after glen I soon stopped watching.
Dave Sackenheim
Dave Sackenheim - 5 days ago
Wow it's nice to see that this movie series has retained all of the things and the stupid mistakes the lost it all of its viewers not worth the time it took to watch this trailer because it's the same s*** that killed the series
Orlando Preston
Orlando Preston - 5 days ago
Which is?
The Fast Squirrel
The Fast Squirrel - 5 days ago
They should just end the walking dead with a movie thats called the end of the dead walker cuase it it kinda getting boring i gave up after season 6 once the season ended
The Fast Squirrel
The Fast Squirrel - 5 days ago
They should just end the walking dead on seasson 11 cuase Daryl the only one keeping this show alive and even him seem like hes getting tired of the show slowly idk my opinion
Kasen - 5 days ago
"PeANuT BuTtEr MeEt JelLy"
Albin Nilsson
Albin Nilsson - 5 days ago
Why is this channel's videos only available in America? I had to use my VPN to bypass by connecting to a server in the united states.
shan r
shan r - 5 days ago
I haven't watched in nearly three years, but this actually makes me want to see what I've been missing.
Mikel Limas
Mikel Limas - 5 days ago
Plot twist: Carol is the walker in the first shot... she didn’t make it across the ocean
DR W - 5 days ago
Take a que from game of thrones and understand when ur trash please?!
Jackso Attackso
Jackso Attackso - 5 days ago
DR W complain somewhere else kid
JerseyManShaggy - 5 days ago
Michonne is gonna give Lucille back to Negan! I'm calling it now
AJay Make'N IT HaPPen
AJay Make'N IT HaPPen - 6 days ago
I can't wait
CID_ Driftyy
CID_ Driftyy - 6 days ago
This ain't nothing like the old walking dead but I still love it I hope Andrew Lincoln comes back one day and shit can reunite
Shaun Morin
Shaun Morin - 6 days ago
Lost interest. Still have zero interest to watch season 9. They lost me. Never coming back.
Vincent James
Vincent James - 5 days ago
Just get to the 2nd to last episode. All I can say is holy shit. Episode had me shook
Scott Dean
Scott Dean - 6 days ago
Lon mc
Lon mc - 6 days ago
TWD is ironically like a zombie, it died years ago but just keeps going on
Orlando Preston
Orlando Preston - 5 days ago
It never "died" to begin with. It's still one of the most watched shows ever.
Isaic Espinoza
Isaic Espinoza - 6 days ago
I heard mostly negan and why is Michonne whith mop head
late night wizard !
late night wizard ! - 6 days ago
Did darryl get laid yet???
Orlando Preston
Orlando Preston - 5 days ago
late night wizard !
late night wizard ! - 6 days ago
I stopped watching this show a few years back. I'm surprised people still watch it!! Wow
Aaron Fleece
Aaron Fleece - 6 days ago
There was a lesbian scene
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