My House Tour!

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AaMmBb - 5 hours ago
Take a sip of water every time James says: favorite room, favorite area or favorite thing
Stay hydrated😉
bailey zeigler
bailey zeigler - 13 hours ago
There’s not an ikea where I live.....
isabel dhrami
isabel dhrami - 19 hours ago
hi sister i really like you and i loves your house you have worked for it
Dani Groode
Dani Groode - 19 hours ago
bro he never went outside
sunshine leah
sunshine leah - 22 hours ago
does anybody else see that it was published feb 8 2019?? that’s what i says for me.. it’s august 18 2019. idk if i’m going crazy
indikha sandamali
indikha sandamali - 23 hours ago
I never think a fans in james but he give a more more ideas. Cuz he is the most smart guy i ever see.. thank you sister and bless your life and future more more come successfully life
Journey Niemela
Journey Niemela - Day ago
"see if you still look snatched..of course i do, its my job" 😂😂😂
Allison Stiles
Allison Stiles - Day ago
James can we switch houses please?
This house is seriously just a copy of my home Pinterest board
Tim Drake
Tim Drake - Day ago
Good for u James the house is beautiful and so are u I'm really happy for u
Estefanija D
Estefanija D - Day ago
Is that MTV Cribs?😍
Gable Karrenbauer
Gable Karrenbauer - Day ago
Your house is trash 🗑 it’s alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll white
Isabella Rowden
Isabella Rowden - Day ago
It’s crazy to think that if 1 app (YouTube) shuts down so many people’s job would be gone🤯
Swe kyauk Yan
Swe kyauk Yan - Day ago
Wow nice house
My house is damn small
Just V
Just V - Day ago
Hi James I would love to see a video of your equipment and what it takes from start to finish a YouTube video!
Anjie Arciaga
Anjie Arciaga - Day ago
Wooow nice house I love it.
Taylor Tea
Taylor Tea - 2 days ago
Yessica lorena avila
Yessica lorena avila - 2 days ago
Olivia Mountford
Olivia Mountford - 2 days ago
I made the best idea
Olivia Mountford
Olivia Mountford - 2 days ago
Do a singing my house tour!
Tiviatic - 2 days ago
Blue Heart
Blue Heart - 2 days ago
Lydia June
Lydia June - 2 days ago

james charles: *BUT*
Ruben Flikweert
Ruben Flikweert - 2 days ago
16:14 all is pretty

Chris McDaniel
Chris McDaniel - 3 days ago
When 99.9% looks amazing and then you notice cords from lights in the entry way. My OCD is in overdrive, hide that shit gurl
Hailey’s Dream
Hailey’s Dream - 3 days ago
How much money you will have- $
Every like is another dollar
Danelle Kritzinger
Danelle Kritzinger - 3 days ago
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez - 3 days ago
ESta bonita tu casa
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez - 3 days ago
ESta bonita tu casa
Whitney Cannon
Whitney Cannon - 4 days ago
OMG LOVE your outfit
Stephanie Montero
Stephanie Montero - 4 days ago
Sister please make a video of the behind the scenes of making a YouTube video and equipment 💜
K Soh
K Soh - 4 days ago
Talks too fast and too much , house is cool
Hayleigh Bier
Hayleigh Bier - 4 days ago
His room is literally the size of an apartment
Weird Gurl
Weird Gurl - 4 days ago
Damn my house have only 3 Very small rooms •~•
Xd Teuntje
Xd Teuntje - 4 days ago
Sub on my or James Charles Kiss you
Roblox gamer
Roblox gamer - 4 days ago
Ur soo pritty
Just Jae
Just Jae - 5 days ago
this gives me bloxburg building ideas-
Joud Khamis
Joud Khamis - 5 days ago
I looove your house!! You and Kate have good taste
Aram Ter-Grigoryan
Aram Ter-Grigoryan - 5 days ago
Gomik anteri dzaq
Aram Ter-Grigoryan
Aram Ter-Grigoryan - 5 days ago
Lrpi bala
Erick castillo
Erick castillo - 5 days ago
Que hermosa casa ❤️
moonlight - 5 days ago
ich verstehe kein wort aber ich mag das Haus xD
Julia Belmonte
Julia Belmonte - 5 days ago
Yes do a video of you editing and the process of making a videos for your channel! Very interesting to watch and I'm super curious 😍
Rynjel Nasarao
Rynjel Nasarao - 6 days ago
please make more vids
Lily L08
Lily L08 - 6 days ago
I love how he kept on saying home and not house (he did say house I know but he also said it as a home 😊)
E lla
E lla - 6 days ago
James is goals
Leslie B
Leslie B - 6 days ago
You absolutely MUST do a behind the scenes video going through all the steps of making a you tube video. Love love love the house. So gorgeous, ty for sharing.
shannon stockman
shannon stockman - 6 days ago
Hi sister
Jim Deco
Jim Deco - 7 days ago
Hi, very nice home, also keep up the videos in your black socks, very sexy.
Gigi Marquina
Gigi Marquina - 7 days ago
Sarah Pardy
Sarah Pardy - 7 days ago
his house describes him fresh and beautiful if you agree like if you disagree comment
Little Liz
Little Liz - 7 days ago
James matching his house in colors- *yes*
Ed Vlog
Ed Vlog - 7 days ago
Play the video with 2x speed 😂 I'm literally laughing hard rn 😂
Olivia Tyvela
Olivia Tyvela - 7 days ago
He is so good at makeup 😲
Sedona Simmons
Sedona Simmons - 7 days ago
God damn he put so many ads in this jank😂
Gacha Aston Plays
Gacha Aston Plays - 7 days ago
James Charles: Hi Sisters!
Tashonna Johnson
Tashonna Johnson - 7 days ago
Beautiful house James 😊
brother nation
brother nation - 8 days ago
you dont deserve this
May I play with you Buttercup
Yay to the gays........LOL what am I doing I love you James I always like your vids and I subscribed,love you,hope you find another boyfriend and loads more friends love you oh btw I’m lesbian yay to the lesbians hehe 😂 I do have a boyfriend but when I feel like I love him I really don’t ugh but when I’m with my bestie I’m just I love you 😍 I was confused lol but now me and my bestie are dating and with my boyfriend he dumped me for another girl lol love you James there are so many good things to say about you you are AMAZING LOVe you.😍😘😗😋😛😅😃🤣😇
Deny a Eni
Deny a Eni - 8 days ago
I love this video because it motivated me to clean and rearrange my room. You have beautiful sister house.
Kevin Cárdenas
Kevin Cárdenas - 8 days ago
Miansbsb Bahshsbsnsn
Miansbsb Bahshsbsnsn - 8 days ago
Oh my god you're a boy and you wear makeup what are soccer
I love Eilish gang
I love Eilish gang - 7 days ago
Miansbsb Bahshsbsnsn what
ACoupleWeirdos On YouTube
Sister seating 👏
Sister spin around 👏
Sister stocked 👏
Sister scissors 👏
Leah DelPezzo
Leah DelPezzo - 8 days ago
Aw sweetie you deserve this beautiful life. You’re so gifted ❤️ stay humble and stay true to yourself. You are going wonderful places in your life. I barely know you and I feel so proud of you!
Ziia Zoozoo
Ziia Zoozoo - 9 days ago
Me: I can speak really really fast.
James: Hold My Breath.
Lisey's World!
Lisey's World! - 9 days ago
I'm not tryna throw shade but one of Jeffree's closets takes almost the same time to give a tour of. Pls don't kill me though I still love you James
Lisey's World!
Lisey's World! - 7 days ago
@Jada P sooooo true
Jada P
Jada P - 7 days ago
Lisey's World! True 😂😂 but Jeffree doesn’t talk a million miles per second 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
itz_her_Latoya - 9 days ago
Can you do a night routine please?
Ecxoblackrosesgacha Queenoof
Sisters sisters sisters sisters this is my sister this is my sister everything we own we never share we hate each other IS TrUe ThO WHeN YoUr A KD u GoT A sIs She AN iDioT
Bridgett Quarshie
Bridgett Quarshie - 10 days ago
I only have one for this whole video... DID YOU EVEN EDIT THIS VIDEO?.
Bcs the way he talks so fast,clear n orderly with any break is Amazing
Michael Van Delft
Michael Van Delft - 10 days ago
Jesus who the fuck is that. Nightmare fuel.
Brett Fair
Brett Fair - 10 days ago
I wonder if he had that wank removal surgery😂😂😂
Cats Kitten
Cats Kitten - 10 days ago
It looks like a bloxburg house
Mellie - 10 days ago
ok so from the makeup ignorant, I would like to know how you keep your foundation on your neck off your the collars of your white and light colored clothes!? I get horrible stains on my clothing and never seem to be able to get them out no matter what products I use. So any tips would be appreciated!
Allie Ries
Allie Ries - 11 days ago
Uhhhh, was I the only one looking forward to seeing the backyard. Then he didn’t show it😑😂
Jayjay Fig
Jayjay Fig - 11 days ago
9:49🤣🤣🤣🤣 the wig
michelle ragland
michelle ragland - 11 days ago
All you dumb fools made him a millionaire and most of u struggle to pay your cell bill. Smh @ u fools
Sandy - 11 days ago
His master bedroom is as big as my whole living room! I'm freaking out (well almost)
Christelle Bitar
Christelle Bitar - 11 days ago
But you forgot the backyard btw your house is amazing i love it
Aracely Claros
Aracely Claros - 12 days ago
At 6 :52 he should hang that painting 🖼 up on the wall and at 28:19 also hang that painting 🖼 up as well
Steph Gomez
Steph Gomez - 12 days ago
I am in awe with that youtube filming room. I know i WILL get there eventually. But for now i just hit 1K yeahhhh lml
Mehdi Nisou
Mehdi Nisou - 12 days ago
me taking notes to play his piano
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