I DID SOMETHING CRAZY (i adopted a cat....)

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Brooke Jones
Brooke Jones - 11 hours ago
How many likes is how many times Emma said “cat”
G G - 17 hours ago
Unicornkitty Plays
Unicornkitty Plays - Day ago
Good job with the tools and everything! It's good to have lots of toys and places to scratch so they can play with and scratch the toys and not your stuff.. yeah my two cats have chewed a total of 4 earbuds and I've only had them for a year
Unicornkitty Plays
Unicornkitty Plays - Day ago
Omg your cat is adorable. I might be biased because I freaking love cats but Let's be real here that cat is just wonderful
Marie Jahre
Marie Jahre - Day ago
This made me wanna spend time with my cat
Slytherin Queen
Slytherin Queen - Day ago
I rescued 7 cats because i live near a highway, and people dump cats at the side of the road. It’s really cruel but I’ve adopted many cats.
Farida Nour
Farida Nour - Day ago
I am gonna get a girl cat after tomorrow I am exited
Nobody - Day ago
doctor: *don't buy a cat if u'r allergic to them!*
stacey Hall
stacey Hall - Day ago
i love the name
Tony Borasio
Tony Borasio - 2 days ago
Camdyn Lynn
Camdyn Lynn - 2 days ago
Owen Gamer
Owen Gamer - 2 days ago
It’s not crazy to buy a cat? Why do you think it’s crazy🤔
Jamie Shieldnight
Jamie Shieldnight - 2 days ago
Lauren Taft
Lauren Taft - 2 days ago
TT206 vlogs
TT206 vlogs - 2 days ago
Little Declan
GachaWolfy Xd
GachaWolfy Xd - 2 days ago
My cat just died so I’m watching cat vods
NoOpinionNeeded - 3 days ago
Emma: *burps*
Me: *smells the air*
bxtterfly avery
bxtterfly avery - 3 days ago
Y&C sisters
Y&C sisters - 3 days ago
Riley would've been a really cute name too
Lena Minardi
Lena Minardi - 3 days ago
I have two kittens and I’m allergic
Georges Makhlouf
Georges Makhlouf - 3 days ago
Disco, ginger, leo
clouisxaj - 3 days ago
we took in 2 kittens from the wild. one is 1 years old now and one we just found who was starving and we are taking care of him. she starts fight with out other cats so shes in the garage with a pet bed, food and water and once my brother takes care of his room and brings her/him in then once she gets used to the other cats then we can show her to the rest of the house! (yes, shes gaining weight but shes really really skinny)
M L - 4 days ago
I might be able to get a cat soon!! 🥺🥺
Ryder Jett
Ryder Jett - 4 days ago
You are fucking crazy lol
L.L.K.J. Productions
L.L.K.J. Productions - 4 days ago
I died at 0:11 and at 6:11plus 6:14 6:15
solbyx webber
solbyx webber - 4 days ago
i wonder does she still have the cat irdk
Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum - 4 days ago
Name it Ethma and the other one grayma😂 if u know u know
Mayliha Wanganeen
Mayliha Wanganeen - 4 days ago
Kensley Basiger
Kensley Basiger - 4 days ago
Loui plsssss
Antonia Mujica
Antonia Mujica - 5 days ago
Lol Emma talking abt allergy meds made me remember to take mine
harlynn k
harlynn k - 5 days ago
Peachy because his fur is kinda peach or you can do Almond because your drink almond milk and your favorite type of nut is almonds (that's what she said)
Zoie Stinnett
Zoie Stinnett - 5 days ago
I was watching this with my cats that look like Declan
Traci Morrell
Traci Morrell - 5 days ago
Paige Brennan
Paige Brennan - 5 days ago
8:43 I’m I the only one who noticed the eggplant 🤣😂
༻ moon ༺
༻ moon ༺ - 5 days ago
You didnt do something crazy... You did something good
Anisa Mohamoud
Anisa Mohamoud - 5 days ago
I loe Emma Chamerlain :) hahahaha
Filomene Carrion
Filomene Carrion - 5 days ago
I would litteraly sell everything i own to be her cat
Naila Albert
Naila Albert - 6 days ago
You should name him noah
Dumb Donkey
Dumb Donkey - 6 days ago
"I loved my cat more than my dog"
Sonya Taylor
Sonya Taylor - 6 days ago
Leo or leon
Samantha Fraser
Samantha Fraser - 6 days ago
I love how Emma explains everything like why a rescue cat lives and a shelter 😂💜
Ash Coffey
Ash Coffey - 8 days ago
Kelly Vidal
Kelly Vidal - 8 days ago
She is my favorite hands down
AFZ LIT - 8 days ago
Ollie Lear
Ollie Lear - 9 days ago
Julia H
Julia H - 9 days ago
4:36 😍😍😍😍😍
Lulu Rose
Lulu Rose - 9 days ago
Angela Pereira Yanes
Angela Pereira Yanes - 9 days ago
Please take the bell of it's so mean imagine having a bell ring everytime u move its not good
Ava Leblanc
Ava Leblanc - 9 days ago
I- Emma cats don’t use poop bags..... that’s only for dogs
Brook Saylor
Brook Saylor - 10 days ago
You should name him Kaden
Brook Saylor
Brook Saylor - 10 days ago
Raes friend
Raes friend - 10 days ago
ilikefood - 11 days ago
*Emma:* “What do ya think?”
*The Cat:* *gets back in bag*
I nearly died😂💀
Elizabeth Alexander
Elizabeth Alexander - 11 days ago
she got a cat in a dog sweater lmao
Tina Vollmer
Tina Vollmer - 12 days ago
name your cat mango
Lara Khaled
Lara Khaled - 12 days ago
I had a dog a long time ago
Trinny Newsome
Trinny Newsome - 12 days ago
Declan is a adorable name
Trinny Newsome
Trinny Newsome - 12 days ago
Now I want a cat and a dog.
Alyssa Gathright
Alyssa Gathright - 13 days ago
u should name him coffee or mocha or almond or latte or something to do with coffee (: btw ily
Ja1 Ja
Ja1 Ja - 13 days ago
Call him melody plz
Ja1 Ja
Ja1 Ja - 13 days ago
Quinn Cook
Quinn Cook - 14 days ago
The thing about cats when they’re like by themselves you should leave them by themselves because if you bother with them a lot they won’t like you anymore
Abby Gustat
Abby Gustat - 14 days ago
How is re watching Emma cause there bored in quarantine
Pratishtaa Pattanaik
Pratishtaa Pattanaik - 14 days ago
you should name him Ginger!
Sophie’s Vlog
Sophie’s Vlog - 14 days ago
Is it just me or you want her both cats
Grace Moulton
Grace Moulton - 14 days ago
u should name him spaghetti lol
Aragon lally
Aragon lally - 14 days ago
i love how emma's nails change every video
Jerelyn Roblox
Jerelyn Roblox - 14 days ago
ginger is a good name for that cat doe
Mirella .x
Mirella .x - 15 days ago
Looks excatly like my cat marmalade 😁🐈
Eliseo Martinez
Eliseo Martinez - 16 days ago
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo bbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd nnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaammmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Eliseo Martinez
Eliseo Martinez - 16 days ago
name him shadow
Tasmanian devil 666
Tasmanian devil 666 - 16 days ago
I have a cat named oliver
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse - 16 days ago
am i the only one whos impressed by how much of an adult she is?! she has her own apartment thats huge and shes buying her own groceries and has a pet. im sorry it just impressed me so much! good job emma.
iCommandYew - 14 days ago
Ella Lafosse yes same here I strive to be like her
pink_Ball0on - 16 days ago
I'm adopting an orange tabby cat soon I'm naming him Garfield
holland thompson
holland thompson - 16 days ago
i saw this video and ever since, i’ve been wanting a cat
so i got a cat
her name is daisy
alex gonzalez-ellis
alex gonzalez-ellis - 17 days ago
i wish you had named him mozzarella but since you didn’t i names my baby in sims mozzarella
Rainbow Apple
Rainbow Apple - 17 days ago
video: i adopted a cat
next autoplay video: i got another cat
Scarlet Macphee
Scarlet Macphee - 18 days ago
Language :0 jk
Scarlet Macphee
Scarlet Macphee - 18 days ago
I Know its late but i have names

1. Marco


3. Alfredo

like if u agree ?
riley elizabeth
riley elizabeth - 18 days ago
how about decklynn aka *ducky* because of his collar :)
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