I DID SOMETHING CRAZY (i adopted a cat....)

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phil romachko
phil romachko - 3 hours ago
i hate it
Rachel Dawe
Rachel Dawe - 7 hours ago
Declan is a great name btw!!
Rachel Dawe
Rachel Dawe - 7 hours ago
I’m a little bit allergic to my dog no worries just wash ur hand after you touch them and it’s all good!
Penguin Nicole
Penguin Nicole - 8 hours ago
I do not like his name😂
Tori Shilts
Tori Shilts - 8 hours ago
Emily Yasechko
Emily Yasechko - 10 hours ago
LOL KING - 12 hours ago

Victoria Owens
Victoria Owens - 14 hours ago
Alfredo excuse u
I don't know what to name my channel
Name the cat cheeto
Sophia Rostron
Sophia Rostron - 15 hours ago
name him Freddy
alina - 19 hours ago
Guys I’m getting a kitten TODAY and I don’t know what to call it! I don’t remember if it’s a girl or a boy but I thought about the names Iris and Milo. PLEASE come with name suggestions! Not really basic names tho :)
peyton lowery
peyton lowery - Day ago
& now her collection starts
Shwe Shwe
Shwe Shwe - Day ago
R3DRUMZ06 - Day ago
Just name it BB baby boy
Paige Foote
Paige Foote - Day ago
Wait you should do a video with Jeffrey Star👍🏼
Eleanor Devine
Eleanor Devine - Day ago
You should call him loui
Caitlin n’ Ellie
Caitlin n’ Ellie - Day ago
also riley it so cuteeee or like rylie aww
Caitlin n’ Ellie
Caitlin n’ Ellie - Day ago
u should name him fish..😂
Maria Montgomery
Maria Montgomery - Day ago
If the cat didn’t work out get a dog,or bird,house bunny, Guinea pig,hamster which I’m scared of it’s like a fuckin rat, umm or get a miniature pig
aiden’s life
aiden’s life - Day ago
OOf. I'M WEIRD - Day ago
Name your cat Joe or Jimmy🐱🐈
My life as Emily
My life as Emily - Day ago
plz name him Flynn
Miya plays
Miya plays - Day ago
koaster_phan - Day ago
U should name him Oscar
Paying Attention
Paying Attention - Day ago
I'm sure you've named him but I'd totally have named him Alfredo and called him Alfie. He's such an Alfie.
janelle ambriz
janelle ambriz - Day ago
your chaotic energy and extremely loud voice makes me nervous about you having a cat, but i wish you the best with him. also please be more gentle when handling him, and stop screaming around him.
Cherise Biff
Cherise Biff - Day ago
Emma : “Declan is in the bathroom eating dinner “.
Me: Me as a mother
Cherise Biff
Cherise Biff - Day ago
No one :
Half the comments : Telling Emma how to mother her cat.
Stephanie and John Alley Young
can u call her\he butternut
molly lou
molly lou - 2 days ago
i love your outfit!!!!😍😍😍😍
fredericosimao - 2 days ago
Louie would be a cute name :)
Mia Srubowich
Mia Srubowich - 2 days ago
Name him coffee :3 just like your addiction
Courtney Autera
Courtney Autera - 2 days ago
I am so glad you chose to adopt a rescue pet. This video sets a great example for viewers!❤️❤️
Layla Paskalidis
Layla Paskalidis - 2 days ago
Layla Paskalidis
Layla Paskalidis - 2 days ago
Emily Hernandez
Emily Hernandez - 2 days ago
You should of called your cat latte
Laura lala
Laura lala - 2 days ago
Name him Cheese, idk hahaha but that was the first name I was thinking about
Literally Me
Literally Me - 2 days ago
Yoshi is a cool name
Luisse Hot
Luisse Hot - 2 days ago
whose here after watching James adopting a puppy
Stephanie Garcia Maya
Stephanie Garcia Maya - 2 days ago
Alā M.
Alā M. - 2 days ago
Get another cat to keep him company
jodi Holiday Crozer
jodi Holiday Crozer - 2 days ago
i have the same cat collar for my kitten
Alyssa Mcneil
Alyssa Mcneil - 2 days ago
Shalea Landry
Shalea Landry - 2 days ago
Zoe Zatezalo
Zoe Zatezalo - 2 days ago
Void Ice
Void Ice - 2 days ago
Name him fettuccine alfredo
Shreya Chaudhry
Shreya Chaudhry - 2 days ago
I actually really like the name Decklin it’s cute and unique
Abigail Taylor
Abigail Taylor - 2 days ago
Cat name/ *Salem?*
Btw he will totally get that litter in his food and water... put it in a seperate room if you can...
Okay nvm XD I had to get further in the vid
indya robinson
indya robinson - 2 days ago
Hmm ... james charles adopted a dog yesterday 🥴
ItsYaBoyAlex 366
ItsYaBoyAlex 366 - 2 days ago
Essaffah Nazra
Essaffah Nazra - 3 days ago
james have just adopted a dog lol what’s happening
Diana Avagyan
Diana Avagyan - 3 days ago
the fact that she is wearin a dog shirt lol ❤️😂😂
Riley Toraz
Riley Toraz - 3 days ago
lol 0:10
Cat Girl19082
Cat Girl19082 - 3 days ago
Yay the kitty is so damn cute!!!!!!
Maham W
Maham W - 3 days ago
Pro tip: put the food near the kitchen not beside the litter, also you should name him apricot
Sarah slaughter
Sarah slaughter - 3 days ago
I like Phil or Alfred aka Alfredo
Elizabeth Clarke
Elizabeth Clarke - 3 days ago
Full disclaimer: Deklin will NEVER use the cat beds
Kristin Bonner
Kristin Bonner - 3 days ago
He’s gorgeous, Emma! I fed my kittens Purina Kitten Chow until a year old and then Purina Adult Chow after. Make sure you get clumping litter. Easier to clean. Cat towers with scratching posts have been the BEST. Overall, cats are super self sufficient and easy to care for. Enjoy! 🥰
Declan H
Declan H - 3 days ago
I’m declan
Paige Snow
Paige Snow - 3 days ago
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