Megan Thee Stallion & Normani (Birds of Prey: The Album) - Diamonds [Official Music Video]

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Bib Amara
Bib Amara - 8 hours ago
Normani girl you better be coming with that album !!!
Movie clips and more
Movie clips and more - 16 hours ago
Lmao... This music video is way better than the final fight scene
Max Hoyle
Max Hoyle - 19 hours ago
This is the best song on the album.
Sakura Kinomoto
Sakura Kinomoto - 20 hours ago
Normani look amazing
Sakura Kinomoto
Sakura Kinomoto - 20 hours ago
then too bad i guess
then too bad i guess - 22 hours ago
Normani and Megan look like literal goddesses
matthew rock
matthew rock - 23 hours ago
Fiftharmony Harmonizer
sonic - Day ago
The birds of prey really makes you feel like a badass
maplemix - Day ago
more! more!
דניאל לייבסקי
One of the best songs 🤩🤩😍👌
Aimee - Day ago
people that put the lyrics in the comment section>>>>>>
Devil son
Devil son - Day ago
Ppl don’t know these two beautiful queens collabed and that’s sad ✋🏻😔
TJSPY - Day ago
All I hear is London Bridge by Fergie.
Erin Lyon
Erin Lyon - Day ago
The song: Diamonds are a girls best friend
Me: Food is my best friend
Alexis Salvador
Alexis Salvador - 2 days ago
I feel like Ariana and Nicki vibes
hanna linch
hanna linch - 2 days ago
This song is too underrated 😪😖💖
Yanna Ok
Yanna Ok - 2 days ago
The music video omg.
Phenix McCoy
Phenix McCoy - 2 days ago
They can pass for sisters kinda favor
leticinha helena
leticinha helena - 2 days ago
Hino injustiçado
D Marie E oli
D Marie E oli - 2 days ago
Fergie vibes
Yin Myat Mon
Yin Myat Mon - 2 days ago
I misheard "It's freezing in my butt"
Nicholas Burton
Nicholas Burton - Day ago
😆 🤣 😂
Pan_pan panda
Pan_pan panda - 2 days ago
I literally thought normani said baguette like the bread🥖 but I didn't know theres a diamond 💎called baguette🥖 😮🤭 now who thought the same thing as me🧐
Idek - 2 days ago
Me after I order my go Henry card -
loubna loubna
loubna loubna - 2 days ago
Is it me or meghan is build like a guy i feel like shes trans
Tyler Caldwell
Tyler Caldwell - 19 hours ago
Trans don’t sound sound like that. Just saying🤗🤗🤗
Davante Miller
Davante Miller - 2 days ago
loubna loubna its called shes thick
aisha m
aisha m - 3 days ago
1:32 lordddd
Jessie Alexander
Jessie Alexander - 3 days ago
💫🌌Normani !!🌌💫
Broom Bed
Broom Bed - 3 days ago
Here after WAP because these queens slay way too much 😌😌
Ayoub Essam
Ayoub Essam - 3 days ago
This should be megan ft selena gomez , it will be a huge hit 😍 suite selena alot
Ayoub Essam
Ayoub Essam - 3 days ago
@Sandra Hudson A HIT MAKER SIS BYE
Sandra Hudson
Sandra Hudson - 3 days ago
Ayoub Essam 🤦🏾‍♀️
db60615 - 3 days ago
Why wasn't this a hit???? I'm just now hearing/seeing this! This is hott af
ivan fernandez
ivan fernandez - 4 days ago
Normani’s beauty is 🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥
MusicLover_KB - 4 days ago
I was looking to see if Savage had a music video or not cause I wasn't sure, but I'm SO GLAD I found this instead. I dig it, really fierce song, they both slayed
Nasir U
Nasir U - 4 days ago
Tuneeeee 🎶🎶🎵 💥💯💫🍃🍃🤑🤑🤑
Eka Lomidze
Eka Lomidze - 4 days ago
J'aime beaucoup vos chanson et vos coupe😻👩‍🎤
Saiah506 - 5 days ago
It pisses me off that this video is so good, yet the editors couldn't edit the light correctly around that ring Normani is sitting on.
👑 King Kelz 👑
👑 King Kelz 👑 - 5 days ago
years from now, we'll talk about that time Megan, Normani, and Margot Robbie linked up for a banger
Gem - 5 days ago
I didn't even know who Meg was until this song came out, I was here for Normani and now Meg is huge but Normani still hasn't released her album like wtf?!!
José María
José María - 5 days ago
Love the music video
Amanda Titus
Amanda Titus - 5 days ago
Normani is what Ariana is tryna be
Growing Strong100
Growing Strong100 - 5 days ago
Marilyn Monroe : Karmas a bitch ☺️😂
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - 5 days ago
JCrewCutie - 5 days ago
This song stays on repeat. They'll be sweating this song in a decade talking about it was slept on.
Liya b
Liya b - 5 days ago
I just come back to this song for normani to remind me of how broke I am
Reana Ranada
Reana Ranada - 5 days ago
The chorus is like the Worth it chant "I ain't gonna sleep cause of ya'll, ya'll never gonna sleep cause of me"
Cherubikku - 5 days ago
I don’t understand why people are mad that every male was a “villain” of some sort in this movie, like there aren’t tons of all male cast movies that only sexualize and demean women, stfu, feminist or not it’s not that deep and nobody watched it thinking “wow boys are all bad, all men are evil”
Cherubikku - Day ago
Sammy Ariel The two aren’t even close to being comparable so oh well
Sammy Ariel
Sammy Ariel - Day ago
Two wrongs don't make a right. Mind I call out both🤷
Movie clips and more
İ am a guy and i really liked this movie, it was really good no matter what,
TehMomo - 2 days ago
there was one good guy. Sal....he made Harley the sandwich even though she didn't have enough money. Sal is a good one.
Masa Masa
Masa Masa - 5 days ago
These would really blow up if they made an album together
SHARVESH RAMESH - 6 days ago
When Megan said " I could take a hit , I ain't scared of the pain" she meant it 😤😤😤
Vanessa Huskić
Vanessa Huskić - 6 days ago
normani is such a big talent i knew it when i first heard her on a track with 6lack i think it was waves .. i thought wouh this bitch is going to be the next big star .. 👏🏽👏🏽🏆❤️
Ticiane Mendes
Ticiane Mendes - 6 days ago
Lilah Boyer
Lilah Boyer - 6 days ago
I mean she said she could take a hit 🤠
Maddie Gallagher
Maddie Gallagher - 6 days ago
who else thinks the hot pink looks good on them?
Franklin Leite
Franklin Leite - 6 days ago
Riley Maley
Riley Maley - 6 days ago
Who do you think is better

Like Normani

Comment Megan
Asemahle Makwedini
Asemahle Makwedini - 6 days ago
Channeling Marilyn Monroe i see. The world owes South Africa a thank you for creating the term "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" through De Beers. We literally have and still give you almost all of the diamonds in the world, put some respect on Africa!
Natalie King
Natalie King - 6 days ago
Wait they could be sisters they have the same eyes 😍
Charolette chessher
Charolette chessher - 7 days ago
TX LADY I DONT NEED NO RANGE NEITHER One finger s all I need 💯💯💯
Christian Silvestre
Christian Silvestre - 7 days ago
Imagine Nicki is In the Song Oh gosh😌❤🎶
Chrissy Beezez
Chrissy Beezez - 7 days ago
Give Normani her flowers! 💐 😍
Jules Lee
Jules Lee - 7 days ago
Doja cat sweetie and copycat
Yadiel Omar Mendez Soto
Thai song is Good
Yadiel Omar Mendez Soto
This Sony os good
21st Century Whore
21st Century Whore - 7 days ago
Heller Ferr
Heller Ferr - 8 days ago
When Meg said, “I can take a hit I ain’t scared of the pain.”
She really ain’t scared of the pain....👁👄👁
Kevin joy
Kevin joy - 8 days ago
Nicki Minaj give the Salvation to any song
Gilmar Luis
Gilmar Luis - 8 days ago
This song is really catchy
Asa 🖤
Asa 🖤 - 8 days ago
1:34 did not age well 😬
Martin monster
Martin monster - 8 days ago
this is much better than boss bitch
Blossom Gaming
Blossom Gaming - 8 days ago
ooooooo. ooooooo. oooooooo. 😊😴😂
o o. o. o. o. o
o. o. o. o. oooooooo
o. o. o. o. o
ooooooo. ooooooo. o
China MA Midnight
China MA Midnight - 8 days ago
Hmm!1:32🤔. Normani sounds like Ariana grande 1:21
BlueBerry Bust
BlueBerry Bust - 8 days ago
nbc sports
Tina Love
Tina Love - 9 days ago
nicki juicy punani
nicki juicy punani - 9 days ago
Megan’s verses hit so hard , ugh i love her.
Tessitura9 - 9 days ago
Music video 10x better than the movie lol
JIMEONY KIM - 9 days ago
Lisa Fraser
Lisa Fraser - 9 days ago
Damn that was phenomenal Megan and Normani mesh well together and they are truly gorgeous women
yourmom - 10 days ago
These two make the perfect collab though..
Charolette chessher
Charolette chessher - 10 days ago
Fkkkkk yes MEGAN U SO HOT 🥵 I ant afraid that pain GEEWWWWW MEN U HEAR THAT LOL 😂 AGREED BABY
Charolette chessher
Charolette chessher - 10 days ago
Came for Megan 💯💋❤️🥰
Max jai
Max jai - 10 days ago
Who else saw the movie and think it’s way better than sucide squad
Press this if u agree
Julian Wagenaar
Julian Wagenaar - 11 days ago
Believe me normani is coming nicki won't lie
nicki juicy punani
nicki juicy punani - 9 days ago
vitor get away
vitor - 10 days ago
Jules King
Jules King - 11 days ago
Marilyn Monroe herself was bisexual. Harley Quinn is canonically bisexual. so why did the movie only reference her bisexuality like twice and NEVER show it when she was hanging out with a crew of insanely hot badass women?
Mad MuziQ Television
Mad MuziQ Television - 11 days ago
Marilyn out here still inspiring ppl and she's been dead over 50 years 😩💖
Hassanatu Mariama Sowa
Hassanatu Mariama Sowa - 11 days ago
Hassanatu is proud of Rebecca Portis Daugther.
Puvlee - 11 days ago
Megan is so badass, love it!
Coolfox12345 - 11 days ago
Did Megan thee stallion stole Harley Quinn's mallet?
Sydney Mancuso
Sydney Mancuso - 11 days ago
She said “Can handle a gun, don’t need the range, I can take a hit, I can handle the pain” — someone said ok 💥
😅 too soon... ?
Maddie Gallagher
Maddie Gallagher - 12 days ago
ahh its my favourite song now 😍
gacha_mimi 2629
gacha_mimi 2629 - 12 days ago
Me gustó uwu
Starry-Plights - 12 days ago
I believe in female supremacy.
Edwene Thomas
Edwene Thomas - 12 days ago
If Harley Quinn was real............SIGN ME IN MY. NAME IS MAGENTA I WAS A DOCTOR UNTIL THEY MADE ME GO CRAZY but yea i want her to be real tho
o o
o o - 12 days ago
Love this!
Is it just me, or does Normani sound like Ariana Grande during the chorus?
Lonemouse 4007
Lonemouse 4007 - 13 days ago
1:19 she isn't stitting on the ring
Patrick Quinn
Patrick Quinn - 14 days ago
I love normani she's just the goddess😍😍😍😍😍😍😘🥰❤🤤🙌
Cheyenne Andrews
Cheyenne Andrews - 14 days ago
vanee cruzz
vanee cruzz - 14 days ago
Meg wasn’t playing when she said “and i could take a hit , i ain’t scared of the pain” 😭🙏 #praying for a speedy recovery Meg 🙏
MICHELLE TERESA - 14 days ago
"i can take a hit i ain't scared of the pain" PREACH IT SISTER........PREACH IT
Nature Is The Art of God
Nature Is The Art of God - 11 days ago
Enjoy Life
Enjoy Life - 13 days ago
She literally cried
XxSunset_MiaxX - 14 days ago
Normani is the one on the pink swing right?
Isaacky Power
Isaacky Power - 15 days ago
Ryan🦂 - 15 days ago
Normani did the dammm ting
DJ Michael Mills
DJ Michael Mills - 15 days ago
Maadsick tune with birds of prey movie soundtrack
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