10-Minute Total-Body Kettlebell Blast | Burner | Men’s Health

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Nintender Tapes
Nintender Tapes - 7 days ago
Thanks bitch
Ch Cr
Ch Cr - 28 days ago
How heavy is the kettlebell that he’s using?
Alex Zalyubovskiy
Alex Zalyubovskiy - Month ago
Simple yet amazing workout! I want to thank you for the immaculate form of each exercise. Will repeat this flow tomorrow morning! ;)
Brandon Medeiros
Brandon Medeiros - Month ago
What size kettlebell
Sandis Strazdins
Sandis Strazdins - Month ago
What size kettlebell is he using? Any ideas?
Papo Jimenez
Papo Jimenez - Month ago
If i had legs like that my wife would be verrrrry happy!
MG - Month ago
oh dear how unfit am I, but Rome was not built in a day hell of a workout thanks.
Joe - Month ago
Coronavirus got me here...
jonathan garcia
jonathan garcia - Month ago
same here
Funcrusher Plus
Funcrusher Plus - 2 months ago
Decent video, but you will not build that amount of muscle with such a small KB
Samir Sharma
Samir Sharma - 21 hour ago
No, you won't.
SPIKEYBABY - 2 months ago
What weight is the kettlebell?
D S - 2 months ago
Such a joke!
TheRberger51 - 2 months ago
And excellent swing tech. Not what I expected.
Swing This Kettlebell and Strength
Lots of rest in those planks. ;) not a bad quickie. But most people will need alot more work than this to make changes.
Leto M.
Leto M. - 2 months ago
This is very good,also for begginers,or warm up....👍
Thank you!
Mariano Urban-Wagner
Mariano Urban-Wagner - 2 months ago
How neavy is that kettlebell?
Dee TK
Dee TK - 2 months ago
I'm doing this.. Best home workout Iv seen during Covid😷👍💯
Steven Barra
Steven Barra - 2 months ago
Excellent for those not quite motivated to do a 45 minute workout. Great way to begin your conditioning regimen. Great job, brother!
Trevor Jenkins
Trevor Jenkins - 2 months ago
I will try this exercise
T Linus Gomez
T Linus Gomez - 2 months ago
Great vid.
Shantanu Sapru
Shantanu Sapru - 2 months ago
Excellent video!
Navien Rajendren
Navien Rajendren - 2 months ago
Does this help to reduce belly fat?
Dee TK
Dee TK - Month ago
Eating clean my friend.
Jay jay dynomite
Jay jay dynomite - 2 months ago
I like exercise vids to help people. But... When you have a belly like me, this is all comedy. You pretty much have to be in shape, to do this to get into shape? Though I do kettle bell, if you can do all this chances you don’t have to do this lol...
Tom Mulroy III
Tom Mulroy III - Month ago
Jay jay dynomite on the first day, pick an amount of exercise that you can do- not too hard. Day 2, a bit more. Day 3, a bit more than prior. Day 4 a bit more. Day 5 should be hard! Then day 6, go back down to what you did on day 2 and go back up the ladder. Repeat.
Orlando Rodriguez
Orlando Rodriguez - 3 months ago
Orlando Rodriguez
Orlando Rodriguez - 3 months ago
Good stuff
Reel Chaos Charters
Reel Chaos Charters - 3 months ago
Thought this was a kettle ball
FANToMAS 619 - 3 months ago
I'm about to start what weight do you recommend to start with.
Trevor Jenkins
Trevor Jenkins - 2 months ago
You should start with a light weight try 20 to 25 pounds.
Ricky - 3 months ago
I had to take a break after round 1...
Sihyun Kim
Sihyun Kim - 3 months ago
should check your left ankle ROM 10:24
Joey Russo
Joey Russo - 3 months ago
Strawberry - 3 months ago
My new love "kettlebell"😀😍
Not your bruh
Not your bruh - 3 months ago
Diego Malaver
Diego Malaver - 3 months ago
how heavy should the kettlebell be?
Sean Seltzer
Sean Seltzer - 3 months ago
Diego Malaver I started with a 10lb and had to put it down for the last 2 minutes. Hopefully that changes
Kakain Na!!!
Kakain Na!!! - 3 months ago
The way he talks, it's like there is something is his throat.
Jay Elias
Jay Elias - 4 months ago
Great video!! I'll be starting my workout in the morning!!
Thomas De Wolfhound
Thomas De Wolfhound - 4 months ago
excellent workout
Hec - 4 months ago
Hello Sir, thanks a lot for this video, it helps me a lot. very fun to follow you!
Daniel Hendrix
Daniel Hendrix - 4 months ago
Quick tip: play it at .75 speed, now it's a 13 minute workout! free money!
Ricky - 3 months ago
Or x2 to get 10 minutes of working out done in 5 minutes.
SPN82 - 4 months ago
Great Video. Next Kettlebell video you must perform in voice of Pavel Tsatsouline.
toplobster - Hour ago
@Samir Sharma bro thats great! I started KBs solely bc I saw him on the Joe Rogan podcast and I've been seeing good results too
Samir Sharma
Samir Sharma - 21 hour ago
@toplobster Pavel tells it like no one else. I started out doing things just the way he does and considering I am 55, there have been absolutely NO injuries.
toplobster - 3 months ago
Comrade, great suggestion!
James Hobman
James Hobman - 5 months ago
Terrible technique for the double swing. Arms and wrists should be straight with head up.
Steven Gibson
Steven Gibson - 5 months ago
Mat, AWESOME workout, new to Kettlebells, still building my own technique
Ventz P
Ventz P - 5 months ago
Failed the warmup... Not a great start
25 Beyond
25 Beyond - 5 months ago
is this a workout that someone should be doing daily
tigsik - 5 months ago
Tried this workout and was destroyed great workout.
Geldorado - 5 months ago
I prefer 15 Minutes of "The magic 300" (only Kettlebell-Swings)
The Replicant Music
The Replicant Music - 4 months ago
Drawn to Water
Drawn to Water - 5 months ago
looks like a 16kg (34lb) kettlebell, great starter weight for men
Maya Smith
Maya Smith - 6 months ago
Im 9 and I finished the workout
Primo Fxdls
Primo Fxdls - 6 months ago
Actually a decent workout. I think too many movements and could be broken up BUT not to bad .
The Replicant Music
The Replicant Music - 4 months ago
MaxKol - 6 months ago
Nice workout Matt
Khalid Kobe Ikram
Khalid Kobe Ikram - 6 months ago
What weight do you suggest for starting this exercise?
Navywxman - 6 months ago
Dude, just start light and increase it when you feel ready for more weight
Dan Scalone
Dan Scalone - 7 months ago
I'm getting the kettlebell out of the basement, TODAY! NOW I know what it's for. Thanks
MaxKol - 6 months ago
Lol. Ditto me
marce ib
marce ib - 7 months ago
how much weight is that kettlebell ?
marcos pessoa
marcos pessoa - 7 months ago
Max Hodges
Max Hodges - 7 months ago
this guy has damn good form
living Off Grid McGarvey style
Nice start to the morning.. Thanks for sharing. Have a fantastic day..!!
Kristopher Leslie
Kristopher Leslie - 7 months ago
I am glad for this workout
Kristopher Leslie
Kristopher Leslie - 7 months ago
Trainer is beyond dope
Supy Morrison
Supy Morrison - 7 months ago
Will this build abs??
lu Tw0
lu Tw0 - 7 months ago
Supy Morrison for sure
Silver - 8 months ago
The question I never see answered is how much weight to use
Funcrusher Plus
Funcrusher Plus - 2 months ago
@XerxesVault Agree if you are a male. Women should start a little lighter like 12kg
XerxesVault - 8 months ago
16kg is the default starter kettlebell
The Arctic Winds
The Arctic Winds - 8 months ago
Thank you this video showed me how much I am out out of shape. I tried, but had many difficulties. Thank you I'm going to start working on myself.
Pattrick - 8 months ago
Is that warm up necessary? I wont be able to do the kettlebell part if ill do warm ups. That alone would kill me. :/
American Guardsman
American Guardsman - 4 months ago
Its always good to warm up to prevent injury
Markus Ramone
Markus Ramone - 8 months ago
Joyousj - 8 months ago
Love this trainer! More from him please. Always kicks my butt!
Hugh Broderick
Hugh Broderick - 9 months ago
dude, have a cough drop!
Dudemanbro - 6 months ago
@Crispy Frostings try again
Crispy Frostings
Crispy Frostings - 8 months ago
Hugh Broderick the doctor asked me to cough but I couldn’t do it with his hand under my balls...
Autumn Rain
Autumn Rain - 9 months ago
arevalofab5 - 9 months ago
would you recommend this workout once a day or perhaps more than once?
extraallttack - 2 months ago
Once a day.
Vicki Gerardi
Vicki Gerardi - 9 months ago
Elaine Fedyk
Elaine Fedyk - 9 months ago
Nicely done! More videos with Matt 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
John H
John H - 10 months ago
Lies! I've been doing this for a week and my body is no where near looking like his body
Sky King
Sky King - 9 months ago
John H you are working out too much. You only need to do one time a week. 😉
Yoel Peguero
Yoel Peguero - 10 months ago
how many sets of this circuit to do daily?or just once a day?
Didi Dodi
Didi Dodi - 10 months ago
Dear trainer.. can. Women also make ur routine?...
the doge
the doge - 6 months ago
Why wouldn't they? Of course its for women too.
Chris O'Rourke
Chris O'Rourke - 11 months ago
Terrible form. Just awful.
Oh My
Oh My - 10 months ago
Looking down while doing the kettle bell swing.
Marilyn Ortega
Marilyn Ortega - 11 months ago
RRI 75
RRI 75 - 11 months ago
I could barely breathe after about 5mins of this never mind trying to explain the workout aswell😰 fair play to you mate👍💪😄
lowandlazy57 - Year ago
I'll be too tired to swing kettle bells after the warm ups.
Rinku Singh
Rinku Singh - Year ago
Very to the point...video
ajay jayaraj
ajay jayaraj - Year ago
Bring bj gaddour back
Michael James
Michael James - Year ago
great point is when you are getting started, doing planks and things for core, spread you legs wide to offside the weight and balance like he is doing,
KevinMichaelMichael - Year ago
I'll be looking for more videos from Mat. This deserves more views.
Jacob Garcia
Jacob Garcia - Year ago
how much weight is that kettlebell ?
jeeperscriminy - 2 months ago
@Monika Miliczka really?
Brian Esterly
Brian Esterly - 3 months ago
Looks like about 27lbs
Monika Miliczka
Monika Miliczka - 4 months ago
Jacob Garcia 200g
Jdive Sevenine
Jdive Sevenine - Year ago
Hell yeah! Muscle hobbit gets all the chicks in the shire 4 sure
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