Letting UBER DRIVERS Decide What I EAT for 24 HOURS!!

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 14 days ago
subscribe and your next uber driver will give you $100
Shrijicol - 3 hours ago
Stw.Br._ Papi
Stw.Br._ Papi - 18 hours ago
jacari - Day ago
300 comment is me
alex ramirez
alex ramirez - Day ago
For real, he actually gave me 100$ my Uber driver
TONI X - Hour ago
Jane: no fries.
Then why there were fries when you came home?
Got Peanuts
Got Peanuts - Hour ago
Dam why this nigga get hungry every 10 minutes 😂
Kinga Roberts
Kinga Roberts - Hour ago
When Brian said they’re is slurpees at 7/11 I instantly thought of Alexei from Stranger Things. Only me? Ok
Rudy Bustillos
Rudy Bustillos - 2 hours ago
I had tacos from jack in the box before
Harold Murcia
Harold Murcia - 3 hours ago
Am srry but in 5:36 you put your self rlly short in that skit lmao hey but keep up the worl
ali nicole
ali nicole - 3 hours ago
but did you give behrooz his taco?
Yvng Rich
Yvng Rich - 4 hours ago
I’m hungry now 😪
Janiah Jones
Janiah Jones - 5 hours ago
I love your energy ❗️🧡🧡🧡
Phily phill
Phily phill - 5 hours ago
FaZe rug you're not even in FaZe no more so why do you still have your name like that and you probably got kicked out cuz all you do is wrong and your Vlogs are boring
10k subs without Any video
Hey brian u r just awesome i luv ur vids and ur creative and unique ideas keep making more vids like this:)
Isaiah Dichiera
Isaiah Dichiera - 8 hours ago
You say to every Uber driver your the best Uber driver
Gargir - 9 hours ago
16:25- you go down the history as the biggest tipper
Mr.beast- hold my beer, excuse me wtf
xKor - 10 hours ago
that girl was annoying asf
FlamezGamez713 - 10 hours ago
U got trolled it’s an asmr video
Paul Caldwell
Paul Caldwell - 10 hours ago
I love spicy stuff
Kele Sibley
Kele Sibley - 10 hours ago
Joshua Medina
Joshua Medina - 12 hours ago

Why u soo nice. Giving ppl 100 tips you daa man
RAUL DICENT - 12 hours ago
10:24 we all know u still pippin that @fazerug
Laje Austin
Laje Austin - 12 hours ago
10:31 he got a thingy in the pool lol 😆
RAUL DICENT - 12 hours ago
Im from new york what ever you see open before school you gotta buy my nigga and you must get a bev so niggas wont make fun of you 😭😭🤣
Edith Perez
Edith Perez - 13 hours ago
My stomach is growling now lol me dio hambre jaja
Jayden Rodriguez
Jayden Rodriguez - 13 hours ago
All the places and meals he’s had look soo good I was craving them it was painfull
FamilyFun ZonE
FamilyFun ZonE - 13 hours ago
Faze rug should have fans in a video and do a cash prize like he does for his siblings
FamilyFun ZonE
FamilyFun ZonE - 13 hours ago
Hope all drivers got a free lunch
FamilyFun ZonE
FamilyFun ZonE - 13 hours ago
Hal was cool
StarBurstX5934 - 14 hours ago
Behrooz was the chillest man in the world
Anthony81 Cin
Anthony81 Cin - 14 hours ago
Didn’t she say no fries?
Roderick Cooper
Roderick Cooper - 15 hours ago
Your a rug rat
crescent soul
crescent soul - 15 hours ago
I actually agree with mama ruq YOUR SON IS HELLA HANDSOME!!!!
Josh Hale
Josh Hale - 16 hours ago
Ok I thought he was making the Uber driver pay for that
Varsity BigBoi
Varsity BigBoi - 17 hours ago
Jack in a box more like jack in a crack
Haris Shahzada
Haris Shahzada - 17 hours ago
Whats wrong with ice creams? Like he said he don't want icecreams from 7 11 after some news he saw??
Haris Shahzada
Haris Shahzada - 17 hours ago
Whats wrong with ice creams? Like he said he don't want icecreams from 7 11 after some news he saw??
Archie Smith
Archie Smith - 17 hours ago
Eric was the best Uber driver
onlinesaurav - 17 hours ago
The girl friend is a racist
ALE 23
ALE 23 - 19 hours ago
15:34 haven’t tried water?
jason scheetz
jason scheetz - 19 hours ago
Can you give me a showt out
Kwalvin - 19 hours ago
Stroopwaffel is DUTCH! [im dutch]
ANGEl 9.9.9
ANGEl 9.9.9 - 19 hours ago
Eric was the best Uber in my opinion:)
Susann Grindstad
Susann Grindstad - 20 hours ago
He sould rated him 5 stars
Miles Jones
Miles Jones - 21 hour ago
I like spicey food
Xx_YjY_xX Ig
Xx_YjY_xX Ig - 23 hours ago
So.... is mama rug an Uber driver??
small guy dies
small guy dies - 23 hours ago
FaZe Rug : Please give me In In N Out!
Walid : McDonalds..
FaZe Rug : Nooo why do i have to eat at McDonalds and not In N Out!.
African kids who just got internet to watch yt : -_-
Trav Guy
Trav Guy - 23 hours ago
this made me hungry LOL
Leah’s Life
Leah’s Life - Day ago
I thought Jane wasn’t getting you fries 🍟 🤔
That Rabbit
That Rabbit - Day ago
🤣 spoon waffle
Caleb Ramsay
Caleb Ramsay - Day ago
He wants his next Uber to jack 🍆 in the box haha haha
Craig Tennant
Craig Tennant - Day ago
Why do all uber drivers seem not exited when you tip them $100 like so Rug can see
Etrout 27
Etrout 27 - Day ago
Well yeah I got a taco with eggs andbacon
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