Letting UBER DRIVERS Decide What I EAT for 24 HOURS!!

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 4 months ago
subscribe and your next uber driver will give you $100
Erick M
Erick M - 9 days ago
lol bro, i love your outro
MOKI - 11 days ago
Micro Buddies
Micro Buddies - 13 days ago
It never worked :(
QsLzNIKO - 8 hours ago
In America you guys should be soo hapy cuz in Croatia where i live we dont have Taco bell, Jack in the box, Wendys, only 1 place has KFC, 711 and a looot of stuf
Nathaniel pedraza
Nathaniel pedraza - 13 hours ago
17:04 i thought she said no fries
ella star
ella star - 18 hours ago
What a grandpa lol “ you need your dessert” 🤣💙
Maria Magicroar
Maria Magicroar - Day ago
Asadbek Fazliddinov
Who noticed he said ur the best Uber driver to every single one of them
Olivia Crosina
Olivia Crosina - Day ago
Jane,no fries
Rug Wtf your not my mum
Rug I feel bad for your kids
Rug me as a kid who mum saidmstoo eating junk
FFamousDexx - Day ago
Why did Waleed or however you spell it I am not sure. Tell me why he looked like he wanted you to get out of his car immediately.
Eduardo Aranda
Eduardo Aranda - Day ago
I eat tacos for breakfast so take that
Luis Rico
Luis Rico - Day ago
You guys have jack in the box we bont
Joyce Mecha
Joyce Mecha - Day ago
I want onion rings so bad you to 🤩
The Z Hunter
The Z Hunter - Day ago
5 meals a day keeps faze rug away
Mark Reardon
Mark Reardon - Day ago
Hal your favourite uber driver is secretly colonel sanders - kfc 😂😂😂
Bubbly O
Bubbly O - 2 days ago
I live in Australia so no Taco Bell
Christina Kitione
Christina Kitione - 2 days ago
Twickzys - 2 days ago
Eric is the real home slice
KAVITHA T/R - 3 days ago
Bro I like her
Savon Eggleton
Savon Eggleton - 3 days ago
U would of got to ass in the back seat 💺 😭😭
Baby face Assassin
Baby face Assassin - 3 days ago
I don’t think anyone likes spices with chocolate
Eva Nehme
Eva Nehme - 4 days ago
Allowed chill out
Ian I
Ian I - 4 days ago
I’ve never gone to Taco Bell
Twickzys - 2 days ago
ChickenGoy - 4 days ago
when he was eating his tacos from taco bell i was eating an apple
Twickzys - 2 days ago
ChickenGoy Thank you for sharing
Xander Bradley
Xander Bradley - 4 days ago
That last guy was really nice
ammar ahmad
ammar ahmad - 5 days ago
She said no fries opens bag fries lol
ammar ahmad
ammar ahmad - 5 days ago
He didn't give you fire snickers you gave him
Cows_go quak
Cows_go quak - 5 days ago
14:00 why is that girl so god damn ugly
Cayden Hayes
Cayden Hayes - 5 days ago
ToXic ViPerS
ToXic ViPerS - 5 days ago
Brian eats anything: OH MY GOD. I think this is my favorite thing I’ve every had
EthanAlamgir - 5 days ago
Sproon waffle mcflury
Islamic YouTube
Islamic YouTube - 5 days ago
jane says no fries faze rug sad jane gets fries
Abdulla Rashed
Abdulla Rashed - 6 days ago
LoL he is so funny Hall 😂
Asd Abc
Asd Abc - 6 days ago
Jack in the box I'm very excited for Christmas
Faisal Nawaz
Faisal Nawaz - 6 days ago
You cant forget Mr.Beast as being the biggest tipper
Crish06 - 7 days ago
Mama rug vs mama rez boxing match staple center
Emma Drage
Emma Drage - 8 days ago
No he wont
Octoling M.
Octoling M. - 8 days ago
5:04 The fuck for real?
Peyton Marcum
Peyton Marcum - 8 days ago
15:35 it said he had never tried anything in that meal. But if you listen to the meal she said water in it.......
BroskyWhoDatedHoski - 8 days ago
Hagen daz has a lid and safety plastic on the pints .mr rugster
BroskyWhoDatedHoski - 8 days ago
Where has hammy been ? Did he pass away a while back
Jared Chapman
Jared Chapman - 8 days ago
Did anyone else notice he still got fries from McDonald’s anyway 😂
xxKingMarco - 9 days ago
The cameragirl is hot
Aidit Qaweem
Aidit Qaweem - 9 days ago
6:43 did he just called the driver 'hell'?!
Twickzys - 2 days ago
No he said hall
Joey Berg
Joey Berg - 9 days ago
Rug why would we like spicy chocolate
Music Nation GENUIS
Music Nation GENUIS - 10 days ago
Pause at 5:14 that face intese shit😂
Nickson Hamm
Nickson Hamm - 10 days ago
Hal’s G.O.A.T
BIG Vision Concepts
BIG Vision Concepts - 10 days ago
I love spicy
Dave Playz - Roblox
Dave Playz - Roblox - 10 days ago
i wish the $100 reactions were better
Dave Playz - Roblox
Dave Playz - Roblox - 10 days ago
dang Jane was looking out for Rug she def a mom
Alluding - 10 days ago
I never had Taco Bell ever
Lucia Castro
Lucia Castro - 10 days ago
Everyone y did rug and kaeylen share the same straw
LEOSG12 Sagaki34
LEOSG12 Sagaki34 - 10 days ago
Am I a rug rat I subbed and liked every vid!
Brpplm Ngvbkkmk
Brpplm Ngvbkkmk - 10 days ago
Brpplm Ngvbkkmk
Brpplm Ngvbkkmk - 10 days ago
Faz rug Spends 500*No problem
Brooklyn/me*I CRY😭
Tihikura Pitau
Tihikura Pitau - 10 days ago
i live in NZ sooooooo we dont have taco bell dumb
Diego ORTIZ!!
Diego ORTIZ!! - 10 days ago
my dad
Abel Needles
Abel Needles - 11 days ago
Everyone like this comment 😱
Yee Boi
Yee Boi - 11 days ago
I want the first one to be my Uber driver
deathlightdb - 11 days ago
>Highroads and recommends against energy drinks
Pffff. Bruh there are at least vitamins in the energy drink. You can't drink a giant jug of corn syrup and be "against" energy drinks, that's just some hypocrisy.
Khidan Brantley
Khidan Brantley - 11 days ago
Was he naked in the pool?
Camilia Moto Rider
Camilia Moto Rider - 11 days ago
:) hale reminds me of my grandpa i like him 😂
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