PRETTYMUCH Gets Wild In Hood Jeopardy 🚨 | Wild 'N Out | #HoodJeopardy

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Jeffrey Ward
Jeffrey Ward - 8 hours ago
Chico love fucking with big baby
Alyssa Banks
Alyssa Banks - 17 hours ago
2:23 oodles and noodles lmao
Nani Star Gacha
Nani Star Gacha - 2 days ago
i wonder what b was gon say
Ja’Niyah Sumlin
Ja’Niyah Sumlin - 2 days ago
Anissa was on there from black lighting I love her
Happy Dancer
Happy Dancer - 4 days ago
0:55 What is.....*looks over slowly in disgust* I was dying and yelling DAAAAAAAAMN
Bryanna Michel
Bryanna Michel - 4 days ago
Whos the dude in the red braids sorry to ask
Brenda Bryant
Brenda Bryant - 6 days ago
Just imagine if one of the red team does that to Nick Mara... He will go crazy
SweetZ SparklyMe
SweetZ SparklyMe - 7 days ago
2:12 wats her name??
Arya Mohamad
Arya Mohamad - 7 days ago
“i cant believe they found a casket big baby’s fat ass can fit in, what is that a piano box?”😂😂😂
Nina Lee
Nina Lee - 8 days ago
Red team the best
Füčk öff hœ
Füčk öff hœ - 8 days ago
1:14 “y’all got WiFi?”😂😂😂
knxg j
knxg j - 10 days ago
Where is dc young fly??
Adrianna Rogers
Adrianna Rogers - 11 days ago
The All That
Lalani Mcdowell
Lalani Mcdowell - 12 days ago
Yall got Wi-Fi
Uyi Amadasu
Uyi Amadasu - 13 days ago
E-man has a nice voice
Anya - 15 days ago
What is lame af
Aliejha Cullick
Aliejha Cullick - 15 days ago
“i ain’t feeding the whole damn neighborhood”
“i don’t usually do dis buuut”

rip Vine
rip Vine - 16 days ago
I literally googled everything they said
Karla Solis
Karla Solis - 16 days ago
The one in red hair is sooooo ugly
That One Person6
That One Person6 - 18 days ago
“ What is booty talk 46” lmao 😂 has
Naveh Perosi
Naveh Perosi - 18 days ago
Lol "who died" LITERALLY WUT I SAY
Kamryn Randolph
Kamryn Randolph - 18 days ago
Pls put pretty much on again
Dreyden Briscoe
Dreyden Briscoe - 19 days ago
The proud family should've been in there
KindHearted. E
KindHearted. E - 20 days ago
I see you Emmanuel with them vocals
Tepora Hotene
Tepora Hotene - 22 days ago
Yal who died
Sylvia Gibson
Sylvia Gibson - 22 days ago
Cb what is big ass 🐷🐸 head ass
Alle Lewis
Alle Lewis - 22 days ago
My boi went OFF
Jeremiah Brown
Jeremiah Brown - 24 days ago
When he said “ Snacks at his house with his big ass” 😂
Keyani SBJR_ DashingGymnast
Dang im only 12 and i still watched all that😂😂😂
Levi Cruz
Levi Cruz - 29 days ago
Krazy Brazy
Krazy Brazy - 29 days ago
Can I join wild n out please
Like if you do too!!!!
Elisha MAc
Elisha MAc - Month ago
please bring Anwar to the show
Jasmine wangari
Jasmine wangari - 28 days ago
r u talking about anwar jibawi?
Jasmine wangari
Jasmine wangari - Month ago
idk why white people are laughing and cheering at wildin,wildin
aidan babinski
aidan babinski - Month ago
b simone has the most annoying voice
Jxcole X
Jxcole X - Month ago
What is Bernie Mac
Kriptina :3
Kriptina :3 - Month ago
What did nick mean when he said 1 12?
Jordan B.
Jordan B. - Month ago
They shouldn’t have won
Just Because
Just Because - Month ago
Someone explain that “1 12” line nick said
BoogeyMan - Month ago
“what is wildn”
*pans to a bunch of white people*
Fella Einstein
Fella Einstein - Month ago
Maybe black culture is shit because this is the garbage they watch. Maybe not, black people are genuinely retarded.
Evan Spurgeon
Evan Spurgeon - Month ago
Chico Bean won that one lol!
Tamika Vandever
Tamika Vandever - Month ago
my nam is cace
Delight Beats Production
Nooow the ending.... im im tears hahahhaa
JT Tuifagalele
JT Tuifagalele - Month ago
Its good to see Nick Cannons squad finnaly winning ..😂😂
Supreme bro brooo Yeyeyeyey
What is booty talk 46 😂😂😂😂😂
PisaCake9 - Month ago
I'm freaking died when Emanual turned his head to Prettymuch bahahahha
Lisi Plays
Lisi Plays - Month ago
b simone says wilin camera shows white people
Mariam Gorail
Mariam Gorail - Month ago
Omg the first one was nefessa Williams
Mariano Lugo
Mariano Lugo - Month ago
Chico bean:what is snacks at his house with his big ass
No Cap gang Caps gang
No Cap gang Caps gang - Month ago
oddles and noodles LOL
Joaqui Aquino
Joaqui Aquino - Month ago
Can someone help me out with the 112 reference? Im curious
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - Month ago
What is....112
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - Month ago
Whatever shaving cream you have for that big ass head, whatever deodorant you have for them musty ass arms, whatever powder for them big ass feet
-Darren Brand
A. Gaines
A. Gaines - Month ago
Can somebody explain Emmanuel's hood jeopardy joke?
beastcos - Month ago
Waht is 1 12
Gianna Holman
Gianna Holman - Month ago
Why at 0:33 she gonna get wild up but told her team to chill
Phebe - Month ago
Who else didn’t under stand the ‘one twelve’ bar?
pikachu 12
pikachu 12 - Month ago
Who’s the guy at 1:09 ?
pikachu 12
pikachu 12 - Month ago
Who’s the guy at 1:09 ?
Alexis Hatfield
Alexis Hatfield - Month ago
2:05 - 2:12
adeking 121
adeking 121 - Month ago
Yo Chico bean just be burying people out there. “Nigga said what is snacks at his house”
Michael Barihuta
Michael Barihuta - Month ago
can somebody tell me the show at 0:25
Nabor Deleon
Nabor Deleon - Month ago
"What is bootytalk46" 😂😂😂
addicted sinner
addicted sinner - Month ago
I like how it says all the black people watch this wild n out then it just show white people lol
richboy27 rick
richboy27 rick - Month ago
Dawg in the thumbnail look like Kid from kid n play with dreds/twist
김Daniellè - Month ago
roydricuis russ
roydricuis russ - Month ago
roydricuis russ
roydricuis russ - Month ago
Shytaysha Chavez
Shytaysha Chavez - Month ago
😂❤️ lmao all these are funny
Kionie George
Kionie George - Month ago
Bad thing to do at a funeral is: Everyone here's gonna see you tomorrow don't be sad.
TruthSheTold - Month ago
I only had to watch this 112 times too get that 112 joke 😂😂😂
TruthSheTold - Month ago
+Lily Thomas Diddy is the owner of "bad boy" records and they a boy band called 112 lol
Connaykoalao - Month ago
Bethlehem Mekonnen
Bethlehem Mekonnen - Month ago
My boys are on wild N out🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sync_ Vybs
Sync_ Vybs - Month ago
They forgot one in the beginning WAKANDA FOREVER
Jamyia Jennings
Jamyia Jennings - Month ago
ha ! ha ! ha !
Yahya Omar
Yahya Omar - Month ago
matrix zone
matrix zone - Month ago
chico was bout to go in on his ass
Chantal Jones
Chantal Jones - Month ago
“What is that a piano box? Goodness gracious” 😂😂😂😭
Vanessa Jurado
Vanessa Jurado - Month ago
Nobody's talking about the "One 12" line and that was a real bar 🤦🏽‍♀️
P0STEY 77 - Month ago
Ion get it
Steve Badu
Steve Badu - Month ago
1:08 I’m deaaaaaddddd😂🤣
am_i_the_queen??? ?
am_i_the_queen??? ? - Month ago
David R.
David R. - Month ago
"What is..."

*slowly looks over at prettymuch*
nothing lol
nothing lol - Month ago
2:24 whats that guys name?
centaur - Month ago
Who is the "who died" and "oodles and noodles" guy?
Shakari Marshall
Shakari Marshall - Month ago
Musty ass arms
新ドラゴンG H O S T
1:10 is that ghostemane?
Isidore Finau
Isidore Finau - Month ago
B. Simone not really dat funny to me...
Blanca Lopez
Blanca Lopez - Month ago
GLynn Quint
GLynn Quint - Month ago
Every black person has watched this show: what is 'you can do what you wanna do.....In living color'
Gabriella Maraj
Gabriella Maraj - Month ago
Brandon and Nick tho🔥🔥🔥🔥
Radiyah Kabir
Radiyah Kabir - Month ago
I didn't understand this😂
L0N3LY TRASH - Month ago
Only clicked on this cuz of the cute guy in the thumbnail smh he only came up once and I still don't understand the game lmao
VIBEZ - Month ago
Wifis funeral
jhunk - Month ago
Does anyone know what show Emanuel was talking about?
Azokuhle Ndlela
Azokuhle Ndlela - Month ago
0:58....Emmanuel done killed my life😂😂😂😂😂
Lydia A.
Lydia A. - Month ago
1:52 that hit home
Summer Lagrou
Summer Lagrou - Month ago
Is it bad that I never heard of PRETTYMUCH
Angularbeast90 - Month ago
I’m was boring all night 3am watched tv but I’m found this shows so Make me sleep
Why nick look like a gremlin Allen iverson 😂😂
Carlos Vids
Carlos Vids - Month ago
For the Funeral one they missed the chance to say “I made a joke no one laughed, but one dude was dead”
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