Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Video) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

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Orlando Dominguez Tello
Orlando Dominguez Tello - 8 seconds ago
Esto si es talento de verdad los demás no le llegan a los tobillos
TigiTaurus - 2 minutes ago
А что это Стас Давыдов из This is Хорошо на стиральной доске подыгрывает? На 1.50 Да еще и довольный такой
ULTIMATE FLIPPERS - 15 minutes ago
Adolf K. Weissmann
Adolf K. Weissmann - 36 minutes ago
0:21 i see a johny joestar
Hilary Juarez
Hilary Juarez - 44 minutes ago
Yes you go
saul jr Juarez Ruelas
ride till i cant no more
Eduardo 69
Eduardo 69 - Hour ago
son 3 personas el del caballo el de la tienda y el del carro Bv
María Fernanda Barrios López
Dale like si es la mejor canción que has ewcuchado
Wachakorn Pachakunanon
Sam Gallimore
Sam Gallimore - 2 hours ago
Vlad and Jamar brought me here.
Billy Cyrus did his thing. Hip hop is my home so I just don’t know how I feel bout this mane.
Nas Illmatic is top five best hip hop albums of all time but I ain’t feeling this pop shit.
The fact that this is the biggest rap single in American history shows why we had to vote between trump and Hillary last election. Most ppls taste just ain’t mine I suppose.
Scarface first album, outkast southern playalistic, wu tang 36 chambers, the chronic, mobb deep infamous, nas Illmatic, biggie, do or die picture this, goodie mob still standing, 3-6 mafia first album with destruction terror and body parts, onyx first album, tommy wright III, every ugk project, every ghost face project, method man and redman had a few LPs between them and together, z-ro, k rino, guerilla maab, 8 ball MJG, Dj screw everything he touched, above the law, mc eiht, spice mf 1, lil Wayne Carter 1, big mike, geto boys, crime boss, southern playaz, lil KEKE, and I know I’m forgetting a lot but I personally don’t think this touches any of those.
It’s just my opinion to each their own, just saying I don’t think this is hip hop canon and never will be. I love a lot of new hip hop like Freddie Gibbs, Spark Master Tape, Pusha T, Conway and grizelda, maxo Kream, cyhi the prynce, suicide boys, Joey badass and steez, and RTJ. I am 28 so call me a boomer if you will and have a great day.
Edit: Holy shit I forgot big L and Big Pun two of the greatest ever. My new hip hop name is Lil Big L X
El Chidori
El Chidori - 2 hours ago
*raiding on my tractor ;V*
JUNK- Utkarsh
JUNK- Utkarsh - 2 hours ago
Proper title: Red Dead Redemotion 2 Los Santos Mod
La rata que se fuma el pasto de fortnite Rata pasto

Fortnite dance enclose it :v
Guilherme Oliveira
Guilherme Oliveira - 2 hours ago
I LOVE YOU lil nas x
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin - 3 hours ago
Imma tell my kids this was back to The future
The Willy B Show
The Willy B Show - 3 hours ago
Why is this my new favorite country song
Juicy Pear
Juicy Pear - 3 hours ago
Hey Billy Ray Cyrus is in Hannah Montana
Erik Antonio velasco Nuñez
de mi para ustedes
Alonso aron Riveros lagos
Lucas Henrique
Lucas Henrique - 3 hours ago
OMG is Vini JR!!!! 😱😱
Nadia Arellano
Nadia Arellano - 3 hours ago
¡Star_art's! - 3 hours ago
gidro laser
gidro laser - 3 hours ago
Поздравляем! Вы нашли русский комментарий! А теперь листай дальше
Francelina da Silva
Francelina da Silva - 3 hours ago
Lindos demais
farith28 32
farith28 32 - 3 hours ago
itz Haya
itz Haya - 3 hours ago
yEaH, iM gOnNa SaLe My WiFe At ThE oLd ToWn RoAd
iM gOnNa BuY sOmE nEw DaM gIrL

Can't no body tell me nothin'
You can't get friend zoned if she's your cousin
Maria Lucia Lucia
Maria Lucia Lucia - 3 hours ago
Alguém escutando agora. Essa música vicia
Cristiane Barcellos
Cristiane Barcellos - 3 hours ago
eu sol muito rico
BaddCamden - 3 hours ago
Basically, cooler Texans.
Reaper YT
Reaper YT - 4 hours ago
Old town road 2 was
Nick Garcia
Nick Garcia - 4 hours ago
Don’t fg he it sad i u xf oh fg I x
Maritess Deguzman
Maritess Deguzman - 4 hours ago
good job
Dibújame brylm10 Barrera
Dale like si ablas español i escuchas esta cansion
Arthur Santana
Arthur Santana - 4 hours ago
2523 li nas 758 pro max sd
thinh nguyen
thinh nguyen - 4 hours ago
Bài này mắc cười nè
imageLine - 4 hours ago
Sandra Ribeiro
Sandra Ribeiro - 4 hours ago
Eu amei você corre mais que um carro
EL GIOVAS 2146 - 4 hours ago
100% de 100%
قاتل محترف
قاتل محترف - 4 hours ago
Buena rola 100% talent
Edwin Landi
Edwin Landi - 4 hours ago
Ya smn y q se acabe el número de eso de lengua ha junto
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