Sending Empty Tesla Autopilot Through Drive Thru!

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In the middle of the Autobahn, Tesla drivers go to sleep at 140 km / h
In Canada, a young driver turns on autopilot of his electric car and leans back in the middle of the freeway to take a nap. The traffic policemen involved no longer understand the world.
On a highway in Canada, police stopped a 20-year-old driver who is said to have gone to sleep in a Tesla at high speed. The electric car was apparently in the driver assistance program at more than 140 kilometers per hour, the police said. Both the driver's and passenger's seats were completely reclined and both occupants seemed to be asleep. When the patrol switched on the blue lights, the car automatically accelerated to 150 km / h. 110 kilometers per hour were allowed at this point.
He has never seen anything like it in his life, the official Darrin Turnbull described the incident on the state broadcaster CBC. "I've been with the police for 23 years, most of them with the traffic police, but I'm speechless. Nobody looked out the windshield to see where the car was going." The system known as "autopilot" is an advanced driver assistance program, but you have to steer the car yourself. However, contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations, cars could subsequently be manipulated in order to change or bypass security systems.
Tesla boss defends himself against criticism
After the car was finally stopped, the police reported the 20-year-old for driving too fast and withdrew his driver's license for 24 hours due to fatigue. After an investigation, he was later charged with dangerous driving. He has to appear in court in December. The incident occurred near Ponoka, Alberta, in early July, but has only just been made public. A caller had alerted the police at the time.
Tesla threatens failure in the dispute over "autopilot"
A few weeks ago, Tesla boss Elon Musk expressed his criticism of the "Autopilot" driver assistance program with clear words. The term was in no way misleading, he told the trade journal "Automobile News" at the time. The excitement about it is "idiotic". After several fatal accidents, Tesla was accused of using the name to suggest that it was a technology for autonomous driving and not just an assistance program.
Saucyyking10 Martinez
Saucyyking10 Martinez - 2 days ago
Wait what did the guy really got fired ? 😢
APEMAN - 2 days ago
Bruh white seats and they just trow the food in it wtf man
sanjeev srinath
sanjeev srinath - 3 days ago
Eat *throws food* 💀
DoodieSmoothie - 3 days ago
10:23 Yeah, the random black dude was correct, they were indeed like "what the heck", lol
S A D X T A C O N - 4 days ago
you not cool
S A D X T A C O N - 4 days ago
fuck you
Bravon Browlly
Bravon Browlly - 4 days ago
Those giving this guy a dislike....why
Jonny Donovan
Jonny Donovan - 5 days ago
Are you dead ass 😂😂🤣
GRAYSON BROWN - 5 days ago
Do a part two but you are sleeping in the car when I goes through the drive through??
jayden sampson
jayden sampson - 7 days ago
if i ever get a Tesla im going to love it as if it where my child
Naag Noolg
Naag Noolg - 8 days ago
He said who hurt her I’m rolling
MistyLurk - 8 days ago
muhibun nabi
muhibun nabi - 9 days ago
You prick
Zachary Lieberman 1234554321
*pulls up*
The Lopez sisters
The Lopez sisters - 10 days ago
Wait you in teaxes
Blalacate - 10 days ago
Introverts be like:
I n v e s t
smellymeadow hel
smellymeadow hel - 12 days ago
Itd be more funny if they didnt leave a note or anything in my opinion
Flat boy 124
Flat boy 124 - 12 days ago
Your a nerd nlt us
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fauzi zuhairi - 12 days ago
If you guys want to know more information about electric cars! Feel free click on this video link🥰
Esha'al bint Fazal
Esha'al bint Fazal - 13 days ago
8:46 wait that isn't my friend who was gonna come
vlogger fighter
vlogger fighter - 14 days ago
Hey man funnist videos part fully plzz prank videos super
Eduardo Tarusov
Eduardo Tarusov - 14 days ago
These kids are annoying.
Arup Bhanja
Arup Bhanja - 14 days ago
Freaking awesome thanks for the upload
Arely Cabrera
Arely Cabrera - 17 days ago
What Tesla Drive by itself
Mrinal Chandra
Mrinal Chandra - 17 days ago
No one :
Ryan: they r saying Ryan is my favourite youtuber
Moses Byju Dreams
Moses Byju Dreams - 18 days ago
Honestly saying, ....... ... the Tesla looks soooooo cuuutee (^ v ^)
Ark - 19 days ago
he should become a rapper, i mean he knows how
Trick shot Dude
Trick shot Dude - 20 days ago
literally playing with a tesla like a rc car
Amethyst - 20 days ago
7:35 see that maserati behind the tesla?
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What model?
ACOM dancers
ACOM dancers - 22 days ago
you know what Ryan at the beginning you called us nerd while you are the nerd
ツMythix - 23 days ago
What if someone climbed through his window and drove it off
Shrek - 23 days ago
Everybody gangster until
*the Tesla takes over*
Szymon PlayZGameZ
Szymon PlayZGameZ - 24 days ago
clean ur camera sensor
Sri Lankans Living in Aboard
Can i have your contact details. I just have a great idea
Plot twist:John Cena was driving the car.
Mayeth Pastillo
Mayeth Pastillo - 24 days ago
Like its your pet
Ninja Toy Reviews
Ninja Toy Reviews - 25 days ago
Too funny 😂
Money# definesMAN
Money# definesMAN - 25 days ago
Use a dog on the driver seat,with a cap and a 007 collar.
Gabriel.O Graphic Designer
Edmund Amoah
Edmund Amoah - 26 days ago
Who else lovee the lyrics in his hilarious music.Thumbs in to that
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dakota Bowes - 26 days ago
Riple gaming Rlloy
Riple gaming Rlloy - 27 days ago
Sup Ryan the Nerd
Evoid Dogy
Evoid Dogy - 27 days ago
2090: that tesla will fly
Tobe Jaison
Tobe Jaison - 28 days ago
Ryan Trahan please, don't use God's name in vain!
Yasmin Taveras
Yasmin Taveras - 28 days ago
Cómo vas a poner la comida means how are you going to drop the food, not Ryan is my favourite YouTuber.
Yuivaan Fever
Yuivaan Fever - 28 days ago
Imagine lose a 100$ tip because beeing mean
Nanisplash125 Vlogs
Nanisplash125 Vlogs - 29 days ago
Biggest rc car ever!!
MatthewPlays_YT - 29 days ago
Angela Xu
Angela Xu - 29 days ago
How much is it
Angela Xu
Angela Xu - 28 days ago
I love it so much Vs tasla vs Honda
Angela Xu
Angela Xu - 29 days ago
I love your tasla
Harshal Chavan
Harshal Chavan - Month ago
Which Tesla Model Is This?
Devin W
Devin W - Month ago
Wait did he actually get fired? 💀💀
Gerardo Almanza
Gerardo Almanza - Month ago
You stupid dumbass I would beat the fuck out of you
Hazkilla123 - 22 days ago
Xcaliva - Month ago
Autopilot time starts here 3:18
Alysa T
Alysa T - Month ago
When rona times are really tough
Remick Palencia Tinoco
"Are you dead ass?!" Noooo
crabbypatty2004 Robloxgod
Tesla woke up 12:00 the Tesla is like damn I'm hungry
David Camilo Mendoza Blanco
You: driving your tesla

*savage mom call*

Robert Shane
Robert Shane - Month ago
Autonomize is a word,become%20autonomized%20as%20legal%20systems.%E2%80%94
Titor D
Titor D - Month ago
6:30 Number 9? 🌚
Zuhaira Moosa
Zuhaira Moosa - Month ago
You mast not call us nerds because you are a fuching bitch!
uncensored? - Month ago
i got an adrenaline rush from this
Đông Hưng Phùng
Đông Hưng Phùng - Month ago
biggest RC car I ever see :v
Fab0rz Vlogs
Fab0rz Vlogs - Month ago
6:10 cracks me UP
DoseofJoseph - Month ago
Are we gonna ignore the fact that that dude def got fired.. the way he said "are you dead ass" i knew it was over
alex_black4321 0
alex_black4321 0 - Month ago
We all know they didn’t really say “he’s more than a snack” he’s a whole meal”
MR. INZAMAM - Month ago
Ryan Trahan is my favorite youtuber
Thomas - Month ago
At some point their will self driving cars, maybe you tell it what you want on a shopping list, and it goes and gets it.
Lyracat - Month ago
I wish you did longer form non vlog vids like this now. Are you going to?
avery lake
avery lake - Month ago
“hes a whole meal” ... can’t help but agree w her
Who you calling nerd unsub stupid
Sam Safadi
Sam Safadi - Month ago
EL KARERISTA - Month ago
Beee - Month ago
it’s turning because it’s freaking out from social anxiety
Tom Slak
Tom Slak - Month ago
Follow up video; tries at a different drive through and someone hops in and steals his POS Tesla! That would be FUNNY.
you can use this.... when youre lazy to go at night UwU
Hunter Johnson
Hunter Johnson - Month ago
xXbereShadowXx - Month ago
I know for a fact the Spanish lady never said what she said
Fun fact 😅 , that last part on 11.19 was actually my coworker that McDonald’s is in beecave tx , 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ she acted that way simply because its not the first time they play pranks on us !
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Kurama Gamer690 - Month ago
Watch dogs 2
Rajat Sharma
Rajat Sharma - Month ago
Yaa show off
Hamilton Smith
Hamilton Smith - Month ago
Lauryn Carter
Lauryn Carter - Month ago
Plot twist: there is just an invisible man driving the Tesla
Young CamelToe
Young CamelToe - Month ago
3:03 my guy do u not know how to spell sauce?
Pink goat
Pink goat - Month ago
9:04 that YEET doe😂
Hewo - Month ago
Zach just got fired :( feels bad man
Shinta Kikuchi
Shinta Kikuchi - Month ago
Next: we went into a drive through with a auto-pilot airplane
Seppe Scherens
Seppe Scherens - Month ago
lysander fds
lysander fds - Month ago
You almost had us but we know John Cena was really driving
TESLA WORLD from Leben company
Perfectly !!!
Service process of installing wireless charging in a table.
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Nora And Dogmeat - Month ago
Fuck you
Carlos Rangel
Carlos Rangel - Month ago
I didn’t know he liven i Texas unless he’s Visiting
Nash Daniel Gonzales
Nash Daniel Gonzales - Month ago
Sergio Suarez
Sergio Suarez - Month ago
3020 tesla puedes ir por un KFC
No Names No
No Names No - Month ago
This was a waste of my time. The whole video could have been 2.45 minutes long
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