Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

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Jan Szefler
Jan Szefler - 2 seconds ago
Jebani jaką reklame zrobili
André Taleb
André Taleb - 2 minutes ago
Playstation 5 has a 667GB Limit 😂
Дмитрий - 8 minutes ago
Luke Crawford
Luke Crawford - 12 minutes ago
We don’t need more convincing
We need more stock
Cooperative Gamer
Cooperative Gamer - 16 minutes ago
Ps5 play in your area may be limited to how many scalpers are in your area
Alex Kreiss
Alex Kreiss - 17 minutes ago
Funny how they want us to buy it when it’s sold out everywhere
FSI Cdq79
FSI Cdq79 - 25 minutes ago
They cant make more season fast enough but a ad :( cool but still
Tomáš Vician
Tomáš Vician - 26 minutes ago
PlayStation: Play has no limits.
Me: What about your stagnation on new VR headset?
PlayStation: Play has just one limit.
Me: * *Ignores and puts on Oculus Quest 2* *
jaca placa
jaca placa - 28 minutes ago
I'll buy it
Alex Maiers
Alex Maiers - 31 minute ago
Well, it isn't as fast as Xbox, apparently. And noone cares about "SuPeR-bUtToNs", just a stupid gimmick. So, box and station are pretty much the same thing (except terrible ps design) and only games will make people buy one or another.

PC won. We have hundreds and hundreds of various games, all stupid gimmicks, max quality and power. Can't see any reasons to buy consoles – for a few overexpensive "exclusive" games? Ridiculous. I can watch a gamefilm on YT and lose nothing, cuz gameplay is always the same :3
And remember kids: "Believe noone in the internet"
©Sun-Tzu, Art of War
Koragh - 41 minute ago
Waiting for the xbox commercial
Veronox - 42 minutes ago
theyve forgotten to mention that ur Room maybe burn´s down....
MySalvation (CJD)
MySalvation (CJD) - 54 minutes ago
this feels improvised.
Trust NOone
Trust NOone - Hour ago
ps 5 ? no thanks my pc is better ;)
Безумный сомик
Nikita Gaidouk
Nikita Gaidouk - Hour ago
No Limits, Except the Stock Limits
SeSawTer - Hour ago
best ad ever to exist
EaseYourGame! - Hour ago
They should put one at Blips and Chitz
MrAfricanPenguin - Hour ago
Playstation 5: F*** my a**
locokicholoco - Hour ago
No limits? Ha
Limited stock around the world
jPay VII
jPay VII - Hour ago
lolyabo the shadow
lolyabo the shadow - Hour ago
Lol wifi router is shit
Huriye Coşkun
Huriye Coşkun - Hour ago
Rick and morty 5 sezon
Hideki Atago
Hideki Atago - Hour ago
Sony: Play has no limits
Stores: Sorry limited stock... Uh, out of stock
Dylan Lopez
Dylan Lopez - 2 hours ago
Ok now season 5
Yaroslav Tekcac Petrushyn
Окей - купил!
YuenDynasty - 2 hours ago
I want a ps5 so bad fuck, I also can't wait for another season of rick and morty
leonardo sousa
leonardo sousa - 2 hours ago
Rick and Morty ps5
wawrzys - 2 hours ago
Has no limits but is capped at 60fps
Y_P_One - 2 hours ago
What du fuck XD this is the best thing i have ever seen 😂😂😂😂
Tony Khaybulaev
Tony Khaybulaev - 2 hours ago
I'd say one of the most dreary and pointless consoles ever
saint nigero of the dick
saint nigero of the dick - 2 hours ago
So happy r and m are on ps5 side
Alessandro Coppola
Alessandro Coppola - 2 hours ago
Those vibration things are so annoying. I just want to walk in a game without the controller turning into a sex toy
Ali Alblooshi
Ali Alblooshi - 2 hours ago
This. Is. The. Best. Sponsorship. Ever.
Mr. Ham
Mr. Ham - 2 hours ago
Good Marketing!
Noose - 2 hours ago
Sony: play has no limits
Me: but my wallet has
Lev Fedorov
Lev Fedorov - 2 hours ago
but I can’t buy one now 😂
lain cold
lain cold - 2 hours ago
I rather buy a plumbus instead tbh
faizan rasool
faizan rasool - 2 hours ago
Rated R Озвучка
Rated R Озвучка - 2 hours ago
It would be awesome if at the end they would both sit and play new XBOX :)))
Aiden the gamen
Aiden the gamen - 2 hours ago
Haha Xbox players even Rick and north side with the bois in blue
Xd Ikea Bear
Xd Ikea Bear - 2 hours ago
By far the best thing I’ve ever seen
lily - 3 hours ago
ricky morie!
Wiki& The Only One
Wiki& The Only One - 3 hours ago
LOL this console is such a crap :-D its only fast, nothing else, its overheating (with a nice burned star shape on the white case) its too loud, some games brick your console, or you play the ps4 version instead of the ps5 version (sony really? :D ) and sony makes ads for a console you even can not buy bcs its not available :-D better get an xbox, its faster, works perfectly and they are available all few days....
Greg Fuchs
Greg Fuchs - 3 hours ago
lol when the guy is counting the money in the background you cant even get mad ad him selling out lol.
Rick Dalton • 13 years ago
StaTiC Lucid
StaTiC Lucid - 3 hours ago
Sony acting like these are just laying on the shelves
Shashwat Mithyantha
Shashwat Mithyantha - 3 hours ago
Lets just add a simple voiceover like playstation 5, play has not limit
Not everyone will get this one
Nils Böhm
Nils Böhm - 3 hours ago
Hey! Hey Sony! I pre-ordered and the order got cancelled. And I’m not the only one. I know it. You know it. This shit show was the best anti-ad you could have run. After my PS2, PS3 and PS4 there now won’t be any more new Sony products in my home ever again. FU!
Chris Bundren
Chris Bundren - 3 hours ago
Fans: could you maybe release seasons with a little bit more consistent time frame? One a year would be great
Rick and Morty: *laughs in yet another product commercial*
WI-FI NEŞESİ - 3 hours ago
If I get good grades My parents will let me decide
schissgring - 3 hours ago
PS5 i'ts better than PS4..... buy a PC!
adrian - 3 hours ago
I want this fucking console so fucking bad but its fucking gone everywhere and even when it does restock they will fucking disappear again and its so fucking aggravating.
TheLightSilent - 3 hours ago
Sony: PS5 here it is. Gamer: oh its dog shet wow. Sony: puts ads into middle of games for more profit
Yoink Doink
Yoink Doink - 4 hours ago
I wish I had a ps5 but everyone buys them so fast
Pontius888 - 4 hours ago
People hating on PS5 is ridiculous, bitches mad they can't get one lolololololol
KillerDino17 - 4 hours ago
They can pay Rick and Morty but they can't figure out expandable storage at launch? What a fucking shit show.
E-MAN THE PURCHASE - 4 hours ago
Dude I can’t believe Morty
Actually OWN the PlayStation 5!!!
Chethiya Shakya
Chethiya Shakya - 4 hours ago
People: Wow new iPhone im gona buy it
Also people: PS5 ish exshpenshive aaaaahhh
Zflashy kiwi
Zflashy kiwi - 4 hours ago
Lol I liked the death stranding one too
It's me
It's me - 4 hours ago
I'm sold
Loup Garou Film
Loup Garou Film - 4 hours ago
Doesn’t Rick still have all thoughts 3DS XL link Bentsen worlds golden addition why does he need this
John Johnson
John Johnson - 4 hours ago
Xbox and PlayStation sold out everywhere
Execs - let’s keep advertising them so people know what they missed out on and ruin their Christmas!
IDJ SMILE - 4 hours ago
Is this what alpharad was talking about?...
H of The Stage
H of The Stage - 4 hours ago
Can it be better than interdimensional cable though?
MattBoii - 4 hours ago
Love this but need more episodes like damn ya turned into Aqua teen hunger force and ended up only doing ads lmfao
Thomas Ecke
Thomas Ecke - 4 hours ago
Rick & Morty: We sponsor any new product!
Companies: INVEST
ZUIDOVICIOUS69 - 4 hours ago
Bro it’s not even in stock
Volt 101
Volt 101 - 4 hours ago
I'm crying 😂😂😂
Juan Francisco Tapia Jiménez
Así es soy el primer comentario en español 😎
Zabala D. Oroz
Zabala D. Oroz - 5 hours ago
I'm not the only one that watches every Rick and Morty now am I.
Oscar Lima
Oscar Lima - 5 hours ago
Sony traying so hard.
Francisco mena
Francisco mena - 5 hours ago
Whatever... out stock everywhere
SirJMDDK - 5 hours ago
Norberto Jones
Norberto Jones - 5 hours ago
Off topic but can confirm the load time is no fucking joke
JacksonG - 5 hours ago
Wait for SLIM
JacksonG - 5 hours ago
PS5 has no limits...
Meanwhile internal SSD drive has only 665GB of free storage
Shatzii013 - 5 hours ago
Console peasants! pc masterrace
nar0070x0 - 5 hours ago
I must be evil cuz i have a PS5 , I’m looking at it and I’m not even playing it like that 😂
corrupted Sync
corrupted Sync - 5 hours ago
This is funny he seems so mad it's not Nintendo
monarch vanced
monarch vanced - 5 hours ago
Rick should go into some parallel universe n find a truly next gen ps5 this one is just a rebranded ps4pro+.
ZB ÇØŻÄRT - 5 hours ago
I like it
Kitten Treats
Kitten Treats - 5 hours ago
I'd love to fuckin buy one, thanks for the ad
TheUndyingXII - 5 hours ago
Ok, I’ll buy it.
ThaRealUnknown - 5 hours ago
can we get an exploration rick and morty game? open world, random main character, a story that mixes us into the rick and morty "universes?", that way would make more freedom for what type of content the game has, it wouldnt have to be rick and morty 24/7, like a big ass questing game. just a thought 🤷‍♂️
Ave a Banana
Ave a Banana - 5 hours ago
hahah yes!
earth was cool xD
earth was cool xD - 6 hours ago
PS5 went all out this time AGAIN!!
Virtualghost36 - 6 hours ago
Play has no limits
Still slower than series x
slope. - 6 hours ago
What are the chances of me getting one on Black Friday😔...
Thomas Dixon
Thomas Dixon - 6 hours ago
Dude phil spencers not making everyone advertise and hes more successful..🤣🤣
Anbu hen
Anbu hen - 6 hours ago
The gameplay on the ps5 looks pretty good 👍🏻
KamiLuvRamen - 6 hours ago
How can I play with no limits when yall are LIMITED 😐😐😐😐😐
Tom Holland
Tom Holland - 6 hours ago
haha lmao
Diego Tandazo
Diego Tandazo - 6 hours ago
Ryan Dunbar
Ryan Dunbar - 6 hours ago
Good news. If you have a ps5 the servers are not over crowded, the bad news. Scalpers bought 95% of the units and selling them for 300% markup.
MCTNT - 2000
MCTNT - 2000 - 6 hours ago
Apparently play does have limits
A huge limit
Matthew Quick
Matthew Quick - 6 hours ago
im dying
Captain Cartman
Captain Cartman - 6 hours ago
More like...
Rick: You guys, we got to hurry. I just got back from Walmart. They're selling PS5 systems for $499.99 on plus every time you buy one, you get a $50 gift card. Brings the total price down to $460 after tax. Now, listen, we can flip those sons of bitches for $1,000 bucks apiece easy! They're all limited-edition "Spider-Man" ones. Hurry! Hurry! Come with me! We can be rich, and we also all get to keep one and we can play Playstation games! Sony, give me free stuff
NicolasM - 6 hours ago
In my country it costs $12.000 XD
Frigid Dude
Frigid Dude - 6 hours ago
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