Dallas tornado leaves trail of destruction

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VisidArk Mobileシ
VisidArk Mobileシ - 4 days ago
My power went out because of this tornado
zombiexfilms - 5 days ago
Watch this video https://youtu.be/6pyFH0lBXZA
Justin Flack
Justin Flack - 6 days ago
I hope 🤞 those people are ok during the night of. The tornado 🌪
Esteban Salazar
Esteban Salazar - 6 days ago
the guy shouting is from tik tok lmao
Sarah Duling-El
Sarah Duling-El - 8 days ago
Burning Water
Burning Water - 11 days ago
Stop voting for Republican Climate Deniers who are destroying God's Creation with their vile carbon dioxide.
Dude Perfect8
Dude Perfect8 - 18 days ago
When that thing hit I was on josey lane passing 635 and that tornado was behind me going down walnut hill. The tornado was going a different path but I had no idea a tornado had spawned until later that night. My phone gave me a warning but in the 24 year I’ve lived here there had never been a tornado before
Kelly Bolin
Kelly Bolin - 19 days ago
Dear god: those people in heaven okay? Me: god you better keep my cats and dogs and family safe there
hina Alvi
hina Alvi - 20 days ago
I was at dallas when this happend ut was scary!
Juan Torres
Juan Torres - 20 days ago
God finished his work he destroyed liquor stores,and others business at Harry Hines and Walnut Hill. Alot of wicked in that community.
dripgod - 21 day ago
my cousin live in dallas i hope there ok
night gacha moon
night gacha moon - 21 day ago
I'm sad here's why my best friend forever just moved there last month and a tornado already touchdown I'm really sad and I hope she's okay 😭😭
sweet tea buns
sweet tea buns - 21 day ago
It really just sucks :(
zmanmaster 185
zmanmaster 185 - 21 day ago
The tornado was a high Ef1 110 mph winds
God’s Wrath on this Evil Racist city with Racist cops killing Black people and only getting 10 years with 5 off for good behavior
So Here’s to you Amber Guyger
This is another form of your punishment 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾 🌪 🌪
Ozair Kazi
Ozair Kazi - 21 day ago
say hi mason clark! Karen's pregnant!

Ozair Kazi
Ozair Kazi - 21 day ago
this is still better than what's coming.
private delete button google is missing
No video. Just 1 picture
Heron Cabo
Heron Cabo - 22 days ago
Neste exato momento que o senhor Jesus Cristo abençoe todos...🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🎸🎸🎸🇧🇷mas Deus sabe ok faz.... porque tudo q nós temos de bens materiais...vem do pó e do pó...se tomaremos o pó........o planeta...recolhe tudo q e dele .tudo q nós temos... só p usar....ok
stephanie geib
stephanie geib - 22 days ago
Last Seen In 1986, Halley's Comet Will Make Its Presence Known This Week ...
5 days ago · Although it runs from October 2 through November 7, the night to watch for shooting stars from the Orionid meteor shower is Monday through Tuesday, October 21 and 22, 2019. The best time will be after midnight when your location will be on the nightside of Earth.
Carlos Tinoco
Carlos Tinoco - 22 days ago
Jesús Is Coming Back!
Lynn Boudreau
Lynn Boudreau - 22 days ago
Gayle King: As a former Glastonbury neighbor on Volpi Road, I have an interesting perspective. You were, are,, and always will be a BRAINLESS, USELESS TWINKIE. Gary Lee Horn and Michael Piccozzi were RIGHT about you!
Skunkape69 - 23 days ago
Several homes? Really?
unknown galaxy
unknown galaxy - 23 days ago
Anthony B
Anthony B - 23 days ago
If he's screaming and panicking like that over a tornado, imagine all of these wicked devils screaming at the Same time when Yahweh brings his judgment and rapture...scary🔥🔥🥵
Curlyanne B
Curlyanne B - 23 days ago
You know, (and there are a tiny few who actually do) if we were able to watch what ALL OF THE STORM CHASERS were seeing in real time, that might waves some lives. But we don’t get video until the next day or two because they want to sell their footage over helping people. Sad..
 - 23 days ago
God's punishment
Cerulean Sealpup
Cerulean Sealpup - 23 days ago
I loved Dallas when i lived there..but the weather..no..i was there during the tornado in Lancaster..f all that😔
Pastor Bruno Rafael
Pastor Bruno Rafael - 23 days ago
Camila Perez
Camila Perez - 23 days ago
I was not safe but I had power and safeness and where the tornado already touch down it was closer to my house I am thankful I still have a family and a house and a roof to live under maybe Dallas can be one of the most terrible disasters check the WETHER before you go somewhere or do something you never know
Lindsey McDonald
Lindsey McDonald - 23 days ago
This was honestly one of the most terrifying nights of my life but luckily, my family and I were all safe.
AirPod - 23 days ago
I live in DFW and we got hit too.
yellooh - 23 days ago
So sad. It is still strange that only some places get tornadoes.
Sweet -
Sweet - - 23 days ago
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin - 23 days ago
1:33 AYYY Gabriel Iglesias
Huong Pham
Huong Pham - 23 days ago
Americans repent and repent go back to God and believe in God the most high!
God continue to clean the Earth and remove all evils before God' s eye !
Fear the Lord your God !and keep God ten commandments !
In the last days there are not one stone upon the others !
Joseph Mcalley
Joseph Mcalley - 23 days ago
maybe its time yall should start building stone houses instead of wooden wall houses...
Thelonestar Pelican
Thelonestar Pelican - 20 days ago
Do you realize how much stone costs? Maybe if you're a CFO or CIO driving a Bentley that's an option. But to the mid-level account manager, that might be a lit-tle bit of a hit to their budget, don't you think?
jason morgan
jason morgan - 23 days ago
Anyone notice Satan laughing at the end of the video?😕
Smelly ThinToiletPaper
Smelly ThinToiletPaper - 23 days ago
I live not far from there oof
OhLive AnGuess
OhLive AnGuess - 23 days ago
Thats a lot of damage...
People did die
arii •
arii • - 23 days ago
Shipper Shep
Shipper Shep - 23 days ago
We still don't have lights nothing but cold water
Austin Huffine
Austin Huffine - 23 days ago
Tornado ally States: first time?
But seriously, it’s just a tornado they happen all over the country all the time, why is only this one getting coverage
Thelonestar Pelican
Thelonestar Pelican - 20 days ago
Because it's affected a lot more people. Dallas isn't exactly "that little crossroads at the blinking light". And did I mention $2 billion in damage?
Joey - 23 days ago
But did the mobile homes survive?
auzieA - 23 days ago
My dad is a truck driver and he was down there when this was happening he almost crashed into the power line cause it was on the ground thts really scary 🥺hopefully everything gets fixed
Fred 11
Fred 11 - 23 days ago
Kafala - 23 days ago
Is this Dallas or some suburb far away? The news likes to clickbait so I need a local to let me know.
somebody you know
somebody you know - 23 days ago
Well it's not smack dab center of downtown Dallas, but it is.
Sanni Epstein
Sanni Epstein - 23 days ago
A house, not a home. House.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - 23 days ago
Was i the only one at the State fair when this happened?
Sean Jones
Sean Jones - 23 days ago
Time to move.
Panda boy
Panda boy - 23 days ago
Imagine if the tornado dabbed
texastalk - 23 days ago
Its ViPeZz
Its ViPeZz - 23 days ago
Wow there's a tornado so lets stand near the window and record
Angry Ox
Angry Ox - 23 days ago
Note to self, don’t move to Dallas.
tiredlez - 23 days ago
I'm so glad everyone is alright! 😄
Gage Biggs
Gage Biggs - 23 days ago
not a home depot 🥺
sad potato
sad potato - 23 days ago
There are still too many Crazy Religious Nuts in Texas apparently, I didn't realise that until I looked in the comments. Apparently some, too many, cop haters too.
Deloris Reyes Nite Show
Deloris Reyes Nite Show - 23 days ago
I thought a HOME DEPOT was built to withstand a tornado.😱
Deloris Reyes Nite Show
Deloris Reyes Nite Show - 23 days ago
Dam! That seem like a HURRICANE!
No1Knows - 23 days ago
So thats why i missed the Cowboys game
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