Worst Instagram "Facts" Ever

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Overheating - 6 hours ago
hey guys middle eastern gang here (Egypt)
NDB49 - 22 hours ago
Did yuo noe tat pe was India invnten
GamestarZ - Day ago
What 4:13 should have been : 👇

Ice on my neck floppy discsect pick up my check making a bet try to get wet floppy discsect
Beat Saber Boi
Beat Saber Boi - 3 days ago
Beat Saber Boi
Beat Saber Boi - 3 days ago
SomeAestheticBeing Sksksksk
In 1775 English inventor Alexander Cumming **cough* *cough** was granted the first patent for a flush toilet
Stelecon - 9 days ago
i think they meant nobody knows db coopers real identity
C.C. Alsobrook
C.C. Alsobrook - 11 days ago
I just watch you jump on that couch with shoes on and i almost regurgitated my eyeballs
another human being, blyat
5:05 200,000 (2 lakh is written like 2,00,000 . it it same as 200,000)
another human being, blyat
4:14 *m i s p i s s i s i*
Luciano Kroka
Luciano Kroka - 12 days ago
‘ ‘
Luciano Kroka
Luciano Kroka - 12 days ago
Luciano Kroka
Luciano Kroka - 12 days ago
“Your probably asking for this font helll to the naawwaww”
Namron 4
Namron 4 - 17 days ago
The whole time I was just watching the guy peering into their window
Arafat Fatade
Arafat Fatade - 17 days ago
This is how many times Trahan clapped

Elijah Nakano
Elijah Nakano - 19 days ago
9:30 a Fucking mosquito kills 1,000+ people a year!
Aleck Hall
Aleck Hall - 19 days ago
I feel like Yoda made these facts
Andsgradite - 21 day ago
Tounge stick out=child middle finger (in English)
floaty cloud
floaty cloud - 23 days ago
I feel like I lost IQ points after going checking out India fact genius
Bloom Carrera
Bloom Carrera - 24 days ago
When Ryan laughs it sounds like he’s hyperventilating
Cooper Shaw
Cooper Shaw - 24 days ago
Pause at any moment in this video and it’s any white mans cum face
Kris Kurtis
Kris Kurtis - 25 days ago
Did you know that Saudi man be the fast man in world but his fast ricurd be 40 melis pir huor
Maggie McGaw
Maggie McGaw - 27 days ago
2:50 Look at the comments.
"I have sexy friends that want to send vagne and bobie pics for 10000 rupees"
Skyrim Cubing
Skyrim Cubing - Month ago
What was that behind the doors
RoboRabbit74 - Month ago
DB cooper fact is true they don’t know who he is DB cooper was the nickname
S_ Marais
S_ Marais - Month ago
Well I’m your huge Fan FROM UAE 🇦🇪
Nathan Stoman
Nathan Stoman - Month ago
In Tibet they USED to stick there because they believed in reincarnation.
Zoe Clark
Zoe Clark - Month ago
Actually in Social Studies we are learning about the ancient Indian civilizations, they created the concept of sewers and toilets...they just didn’t flush lol
N M - Month ago
I like Ryan... but Ryan is hotter 🔥
Teh God
Teh God - Month ago
news report sucked
I Qe Kid
I Qe Kid - Month ago
D.B. Copper was a made up name and that picture was by the flight attendant that saw him
ItzInsanity -Music-
ItzInsanity -Music- - Month ago
6:46 that's true but what i think they were trying to say was that that is made of resused metal
avery e
avery e - Month ago
news report sucked
Caitlin Marryid
Caitlin Marryid - Month ago
dude im indian and even though my fellow brown ppl didnt invent the toilet, they were among the first to invent waste disposal systems .
Ryder Goat
Ryder Goat - Month ago
Why it look like there's a ninja behind them in their window the whole video
Gay Baby
Gay Baby - Month ago
The McDonald's opens a new restaurant every 14 hours is an estimate McDonald's has Been around for 64 years and has 37 855 restaurants 64x365x24÷37 855=14.8 which roughly Tella ja thats there has Been one McDonald's opened every 14.8 hours
Mystiic _
Mystiic _ - Month ago
I want to switch my religion to Indian to American so quick because of that friccing account 💀
Kelsey Hanamaikai-Silva
¯\_( ͡👁️ ͜ʖ ͡👁️)_/¯
The ember Team
The ember Team - Month ago
You know India did invent these Americans just say they did it because they made it official but do you really believe in 1700 is when toilets were made
JRT Studios
JRT Studios - Month ago
The first Indian civilizations were the first inventors of the concept of plumbing so that’s prob where they got it from
UwUthinize Me
UwUthinize Me - Month ago
Fun fact thats actually true: bacteriophage is the worlds most deadly thing. It constantly kills bacteria and is all over humans.
Masked Number Gaming
Masked Number Gaming - Month ago
9:05 DB is wrong. It’s actually dan
Monique Dellow
Monique Dellow - Month ago
Isn't bear grills English??
Sofia Elena
Sofia Elena - Month ago
news report sucked
Mikah MYB
Mikah MYB - Month ago
Ik this was uploaded like a year ago but the McDonald’s syrup this is acc real, I’ve worked at McDonald’s and in my McDonald’s they put flavoured syrup into carbonated water that’s why coke or sprite or whatever the hell u get tastes different on occasion, they have like this tube thats underground that sucks up all the syrup and puts it into the carbonated water. Indian fact genius finally got smth right lol
Xavier Barnett
Xavier Barnett - Month ago
Jared JaMMsTeEIne
Jared JaMMsTeEIne - Month ago
“Floppy Discette”
Ice on my neck floppy doscette
Discette is flogger then al teh rezt
Wyy am I olde
I wil gonna die
I got a Discette
That is a good flei
Team Parkhill
Team Parkhill - 2 days ago
Wait whats the original song
Fazor - 24 days ago
Go India
Use code WraithFN
Use code WraithFN - Month ago
Alexander cumming;)
Moses Goebelt
Moses Goebelt - Month ago
DB copper was a real person and no one knows who he is
EggBootleg - Month ago
C o n s u m e t h e w e a k
Adit - Month ago
Hey so fun story, here in India, the number system goes 10,00,00,000 whereas in the rest of the world it's 100,000,000 but um
Indian fact genius' commas are still wrong a lot of the time
Mooieakabe :D
Mooieakabe :D - Month ago
Facts of the weak, did you spell week incorrectly or did weak people make these?
Eirik - Month ago
There is a guy standing outside the window for almost the whole video
七つの大罪ネコ !
How many people noticed Ryan’s dragon ball shirt? 🥺❤️
fresh potato
fresh potato - Month ago
anyone else saw the guy in the background? pretty sp00ky
nvm it's literally just his reflection
yoshi ro
yoshi ro - Month ago
what's with the person standing out there in the back for the whole vid?
Jason Christopher Filingeri
There was a guy staring at you guys the whole time
Aadi Shah
Aadi Shah - 2 months ago
I mean India made chess, plastic surgery and yoga so we are superior. (I’m indian btw) 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳
xenosaurus - 2 months ago
News report sucked lol
Memphis - 2 months ago
That DB Cooper fact is actually true lol. DB Cooper isn't that guy's true name
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