i tried making cheez-its

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Kiara Meysel
Kiara Meysel - 5 days ago
Julen: "Even if you were a human, you'd like this"
blessed beebo
blessed beebo - 6 days ago
“a word from the author is just me screaming”
*me writing page 249 describing a minor character’s bedroom in painstaking detail*
e̶m̶p̶t̶y̶ ̶n̶o̶i̶s̶e̶
"i'm a 26-year-old man that makes cheezits"
Emily C
Emily C - 7 days ago
He should’ve named the video “bringing the cheese to the its” 😂♥️
Jay Skates
Jay Skates - 8 days ago
Are they both vegan? I know Julien is vegan and gluten-free.
Sasha Rae Charls
Sasha Rae Charls - 9 days ago
Julien earnestly and whole heartedly unironically asking Jenna if "we did it to 'em." When the meme is your life.
DizzyChick Awa
DizzyChick Awa - 10 days ago
My Google went off when he said ok Google 12 minutes lol and it put 12 minutes in my Google search!
Omg hahaha
Ki Ki
Ki Ki - 12 days ago
My phone responded to your "hey Google." I'm a 27 year old little woman.
Brittany Nicole
Brittany Nicole - 14 days ago
you made my FAVORITE snack in the entire WORLD and recently being lactose intolerant i want to say THANK YOU
angelica martinez
angelica martinez - 16 days ago
Sup Luigi (Julien) lol I enjoy watching your videos while stoned . But I get hungry...right after you say what you're going to make lol
Matt Teer's Newbie Kitchen
Cheese its biscuit style. Nice!
LadiGarden - 17 days ago
bonnnn apetite
tuscuanilly barticus
tuscuanilly barticus - 18 days ago
For 3 million subs you should have a 12 hour live stream of you going "EEHHH BEP BEP BEP"
J A - 19 days ago
Wow, the wingspan on this dude is amazing.
Sarah Sant
Sarah Sant - 19 days ago
My Google Home also said, "cheese? Sorry, I'm not sure" LMAOOOO
Lauren Asuzano
Lauren Asuzano - 20 days ago
I’d love to see julien on bon appetit’s back to back chef but instead of Carla it’s Brad because they just have the same energy
hannah - 20 days ago
julien makes me wanna actually cook something other than cereal
hannah - 20 days ago
julen been doin all lowercase long before billy eyelish
Lily Alexander
Lily Alexander - 22 days ago
they look like scooby snax
tulip1328 - 22 days ago
can you and jenna do pancake art?? i’d love to see what you guys come up with
Fionn Mughain
Fionn Mughain - 23 days ago
I had all my devices around me and he managed to set them off all at once by saying "Hey google you want sone cheez-itz" 16:25
Kassuhday - 23 days ago
Claire from bon appetite where you at
drew d
drew d - 24 days ago
my favorite part of my morning routine has been watching a julien cooking video while i eat breakfast 10/10 would highly recommend doin it to em
drew d
drew d - 24 days ago
p l e a s e
make a cookbook
it would be so cool
i would buy them for literally everyone i know
drew d
drew d - 24 days ago
you look like nathaniel drew lol i adore you both (he has a youtube channel too)
Otter Pro
Otter Pro - 25 days ago
i wouldnt feel to bad. the store bought cheeze itz defenitly have an unnatural amount of food dye in them. guaranteed
rachel abesent
rachel abesent - 25 days ago
the first time watching one your cooking videos, i thought “damn, it would suck to not be able to eat gluten.” a month later i get diagnosed with celiac disease😂 lolwuuuut
Westielover2012 - 25 days ago
“Rachel I think is her name”
Amelia DykstrA
Amelia DykstrA - 25 days ago
juilen: im gonna add a lil popcorn cheese
also julien: tap tap tap tap tap atap tapp atoa taoapp ayatap tap atpa tap tap
Patricia Taggart
Patricia Taggart - 26 days ago
You always do it to-em Julien ! LOVE YA ! 💋 🐾 🐾
Becca Haight
Becca Haight - 26 days ago
Anyone else binges his and Jenna content when they wanna feel better cause me too lmaoo
Zexonyte - 26 days ago
Damn you, Julien. Setting timers on my phone without my permission...
November Funk
November Funk - 27 days ago
"the note from the author is just me screaming" is such a mood
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 27 days ago
“Hold the cheese bring the it’s”
alohabrooke - 28 days ago
make!!!!!! hot!!!!!!!! cheetos!!!!!!!!!!!!
mhirhcp - 28 days ago
I love Julien's stupid jokes xD
A C - Month ago
Your videos are calming and distract me from my depression as I make ramen at 4 am :*
ToyBox23 - Month ago
Kelsey Roddy
Kelsey Roddy - Month ago
im really enjoying this new "dad-like" persona you have taken on. im going to my room now.
Devan Warren
Devan Warren - Month ago
"Don't fact check " is 2020 for me!
XDiLaughAtYou1 - Month ago
I'm not vegan or gluten free but I still thoroughly enjoy these cooking videos
Abigail Elder
Abigail Elder - Month ago
heyooo! setting my timer through the video. ha.
Sammy P
Sammy P - Month ago
Couldve used your tortilla press
kyla x
kyla x - Month ago
oh yeah? what else you got! (3:07) if you don’t understand exit the video
Metalhead 1966
Metalhead 1966 - Month ago
My mum used to make homemade dog biscuits for our dog. They were delicious! And our doggo loved them too. Maybe you can try this for your pups?
Skyler O'Riordan
Skyler O'Riordan - Month ago
I just randomly started stated eating cheezitz while watching this lol
Austen David
Austen David - Month ago
Soraeya Loveland
Soraeya Loveland - Month ago
When has it ever been about presentation always taste here bby 😭
Unicatsus - Month ago
“No complaining or else I’m telling mom”
Prickleshatespickles - Month ago
He may be a feral aries but he really has his aesthetic together
RyanKathrine - Month ago
Alright so I’m waiting for Julien to come out with a snack brand and/or general brand of gluten free vegan food that’s sold at markets and such 😭😭
Mady Bondy
Mady Bondy - Month ago
Try putting parchment paper on top and use the rolling pin
Jenn Nguyen
Jenn Nguyen - Month ago
“Every day, gluten strays further away from God”, had me dyingggg.
Kittie Peters
Kittie Peters - Month ago
I know this isn't new, but I've never seen a reason: why does Julie always have his pinkies painted black?
Riona Ayers
Riona Ayers - Month ago
*Julien:* We made 3 pies last week, pretty sure I'm the first person to ever do that on earth, don't fact check that tho

*Me, remembering the time that my mom made 4 pies and a cake in 1 day:* you wanna rethink that bro
Katie Kurylo
Katie Kurylo - Month ago
How about you left the page turn in the pie vid.... respect.and love. And fucking love it.
Meagan Watson
Meagan Watson - Month ago
Just wanted to let you know, Walmart has gluten free cheez-its, at least the Walmart near me does. They aren't the best, but they're pretty okay
DragonLordMJM - Month ago
"ill be a dog for your biscuits" that killed me
Ciara Carrel
Ciara Carrel - Month ago
the holes in cheez-its go all the way through...
Tom Haflinger
Tom Haflinger - Month ago
If you take some nice, ripe sourdough starter, add flour and fat to it (maybe coconut oil), salt it, roll it out, and bake it, you'll end up with something that tastes a _lot_ like Cheez-its. I think you can make the starter with something other than wheat flour.
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