Brightburn (2019) KILL COUNT

106 398
1 904
Dead Meat
Dead Meat - Month ago
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BoktherWasTaken :3
BoktherWasTaken :3 - 22 days ago
Dead Meat 🥩
Graciana Cruz
Graciana Cruz - 28 days ago
Do damn cool James😉
Jayden Skipper
Jayden Skipper - 29 days ago
Dead meat do a review blair witch 2
Kaleb Ledesma
Kaleb Ledesma - 29 days ago
Dead Meat hi
Landon King
Landon King - Month ago
Oh and do the Hatchet series with Victor Crowley
Kaylee Moreno
Kaylee Moreno - 2 hours ago
This movie sucks. In my opinion the plot is just questionable
ryn - 3 hours ago
The car death has to be the most disgusting and awesome death ive ever seen
Dr Donald Blake
Dr Donald Blake - 7 hours ago
I recognise the sheriff. Is he Garner the beach cop from *"Baywatch"?*
Foebane72 - 7 hours ago
That smashed jaw was a particularly nasty sight when the guy dies.
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown - 15 hours ago
He’s basically surperman
I_ Like_Dogs
I_ Like_Dogs - 23 hours ago
5:42 oooooooooo 😂 so awkward
Yitzack romero
Yitzack romero - Day ago
You said anti-hero but he's a bloody villain
Jay Moose
Jay Moose - Day ago
This is so much better than watching shitty movies. I can just come here and save myself two hours thanks man.
pic o
pic o - Day ago
anybody else just feel like this is dragonball of goku didnt get amnesia
like this is literally dragonball
Samuel Wright
Samuel Wright - Day ago
How about you try godzilla.
Amarianstewart - Day ago
Ok so there’s so many channels that talk thru the whole video and it’s so fucking annoying. This is the only channel I enjoy😂
Hellomrmoonlight - Day ago
Went to see this movie at a theater with my mom. It was totally on a whim and we had no idea what kind of movie it was so it was a major shock when everything started to go down.
Honestly? It's a terrible movie but for some reason... I fucking love it. It just makes me so damn happy and I have no idea why.
brock ragni
brock ragni - Day ago
1:52 wait Kansas. Superman is from Kansas.
Kian Jackson
Kian Jackson - Day ago
That's cause he is basically evil superman
Gaz - Day ago
Is that the sacrifice symbol from Berserk?
joaquin urrutia
joaquin urrutia - Day ago
That scene with the conspiracy guy introducing the idea of brightburn univerae is what sacred me the most
kemal hardianto
kemal hardianto - Day ago
So yondu is not died but instead he become a youtuber eh?
Danielle Clowers
Danielle Clowers - Day ago
Am I the only one who feels bad for the kid? I mean like her probably can’t control that he’s killing people because he is hearing this voices. And also his emotions are very sad
Zachary Bruh
Zachary Bruh - Day ago
Two people who worked in/on this movie broke up with Pam Beasley
donald hess
donald hess - 2 days ago
He got the most kills on the kill count he got 274 kills
Kian Jackson
Kian Jackson - Day ago
Final destination had 292
A Sing
A Sing - 2 days ago
I’m sad Noah died because he was a mood
Nobody Say Nothing
Nobody Say Nothing - 2 days ago
Ima be honest I watched the movie when it came out and uh I still can't think about it
Anikan skywalker Skywaker
Take the world😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
советский - 2 days ago
Gum Ball
Gum Ball - 2 days ago
Cool laza eyes ending
Gum Ball
Gum Ball - 2 days ago
Give it to me
Łīł Pøtåtø
Łīł Pøtåtø - 2 days ago
iM bAd GuY
crv - 2 days ago
Took the 2 minute rambling of the into to realize this isn't Carnage counts... I must be high.
Matthew Soucy
Matthew Soucy - 2 days ago
Is anyone not talking about Brandon’s weakness
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - 2 days ago
We just watched the full movie
angelica pena perez
angelica pena perez - 2 days ago
Brightburn is the highest kill count
Echo 1622
Echo 1622 - 2 days ago
Well now i know that i should be friendly to guys who are drawing creepy stuff in their notebook
Jumitch Canura Sagarap
Jumitch Canura Sagarap - 2 days ago
GlennEredera Gaming
GlennEredera Gaming - 2 days ago
Tori's name is same as Toriel's nickname in Undertale
Ana Marie De Vera
Ana Marie De Vera - 2 days ago
This movie is like superman gone wrong lol
XdDeathChanter - 2 days ago
Imagine if Superman and Brandon fight
Oh boy
Lewdafoo Gaming
Lewdafoo Gaming - 3 days ago
I really like how original this channel is
Lewdafoo Gaming
Lewdafoo Gaming - 2 days ago
Darth Jar Jar no I was being for real 😂 his persona the channel premise I’ve never seen
советский - 2 days ago
Amaya Brown
Amaya Brown - 3 days ago
Most likely he can beat Thanos ass if he has unbelievable power
a.potatoe_ kittensss
a.potatoe_ kittensss - 3 days ago
Anyone else absolutely hate the scene where that lady takes a piece of glass out her eye?Like ouch!However I love this move:3
l9ve Hoodie
l9ve Hoodie - 3 days ago
Lol this was the request I sent him
RIZKY ON RIZL - 3 days ago
Kid has a good sketch book
Jack Surine
Jack Surine - 3 days ago
Not scary just icky
CookieXXx_gacha Layla
CookieXXx_gacha Layla - 3 days ago
Isn’t this the new record for more kills?!?!
carter mcgill
carter mcgill - 4 days ago
does that scene where brandons father tried to shoot him remind anyone else of the walking dead scene where carol killed lizzy?
Spooky Skeleton
Spooky Skeleton - 4 days ago
Why does the kid look like young john kramer🤔🤔🤔🤔
shadowlink - 4 days ago
Man this movie was crazy. I mean it was interesting to see an evil Superman but it could of been done a bit better.
Sphinx Rising
Sphinx Rising - 4 days ago
At first, I thought this movie was really a stupid idea, than got to thinking, it was no more idiotic than a all good super hero, so, meh to both of them.
Dustin Hintz
Dustin Hintz - 4 days ago
Spiros Kotsaftis
Spiros Kotsaftis - 4 days ago
Do sausage party is so fucking brutal
Joie Strong
Joie Strong - 4 days ago
Why isn’t it fill kount
Legendary Ninja
Legendary Ninja - 4 days ago
When you see bright burns genre is drama.....
SKYFALL - 5 days ago
this kid is just wierd lookin.doesn't fit that part.the whole movie was wierd.
Soviet Doggo
Soviet Doggo - 5 days ago
Says he superior? Says he doesn’t feel remorse? Sounds like Hitler
A Big Transformers Nerd
Imagine how funny it would be if he got the wrong message and was suppose to save the world lol
rjdjjf spesl
rjdjjf spesl - 5 days ago
He was raise in a good family he shouldnt act like that
Jack M.A.D.
Jack M.A.D. - 5 days ago
Oh my gosh. I just realized! Brandon looks a little like John Kramer. Could this be the back story of John Kramer??
Ali-A BATTLE ROYALE - 6 days ago
I would love this movie if it was a 3h
Jamey crypto
Jamey crypto - 6 days ago
7:23 P O Y V O Y T
Jody Quero
Jody Quero - 6 days ago
Is Brandon’s dad from power rangers?
And his mom. She’s Rita Repulsa.
BubblingxBoba - 7 days ago
GAN0R0 - 7 days ago
this movie had good kills but it was bad
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