I'm usually NOT hit on... but something happened

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Ray Adiari
Ray Adiari - 33 minutes ago
Come to hk
Peti Kertész
Peti Kertész - Hour ago
1 like 1 cm snow
Mr. screw up
Mr. screw up - 6 hours ago
Hunter Bennett
Hunter Bennett - 7 hours ago
good vid
Fernando E. Uriostegui
Fernando E. Uriostegui - 9 hours ago
am sad that Houston is not even on the list RIP me
Narcoleptic Axolotl
Narcoleptic Axolotl - 11 hours ago
W wait, I think she was actually hitting on you, and she thought that would be a smooth pickup line (actually it's pretty creepy, but points for trying.) Turns out you took it literally, but I'm positive she was trying to be sweet.
Jade Sj
Jade Sj - 11 hours ago
Alex is really cute
Phoebeismycat - 11 hours ago
What if you say mhm mhm chicken then find out the girl is vegetarian
4ONE - 12 hours ago
K&A and Friends
K&A and Friends - 12 hours ago
Babysitter pls number 10
NBW Bladez
NBW Bladez - 13 hours ago
mm mm chicken
MaggiGoX - 13 hours ago
Final Space is also on netflix btw
Mr.Donut Gaming
Mr.Donut Gaming - 14 hours ago
Mm mm chicken...
Deniz D.
Deniz D. - 15 hours ago
I though final space belonged Netflix
Troupbomber - 18 hours ago
Final Space is on Netflix
24 Hours of savagery
24 Hours of savagery - 18 hours ago
mmm mmm CHICKEN
Pug Cronics
Pug Cronics - 18 hours ago
Amelie Skye Kelly
Amelie Skye Kelly - 19 hours ago
Rick and Morty DUMP
Rick and Morty DUMP - 19 hours ago
Oh Alex, don't worry. I've only got hit on once, and that was by this kid who worships slender man as a god. I dated him and HE broke UP with ME, and now he gives me death stares when I walk by him in the hallways. I think hes plotting to kill me, help.
Stephy Stuff
Stephy Stuff - 20 hours ago
She was drunk, they could be looking at the stool like it's hot or something.
Flippersauce769 - 20 hours ago
Final space is on netflix
Sefanio Darson
Sefanio Darson - 21 hour ago
Mhhh mhhh chicken
Demon Gameplay
Demon Gameplay - 23 hours ago
6:27 oh no the cliffhanger music
purpleturtledances - Day ago
final space is on netflixs tooo
jorja holt
jorja holt - Day ago
Can u come to Australia for a tour plz plz
TominousKitten - Day ago
Where’s London, UK
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny - Day ago
You’re so awesome man, love this channel🙏
GirlsCan BeKings
GirlsCan BeKings - Day ago
I don’t think that I’m ever gonna be enough to see the ribbon at least...
shawn genke
shawn genke - Day ago
Anyone else think Alex sounds a little bit like Jerry Seinfeld?
Zillyan Tran
Zillyan Tran - Day ago
I guess they always miss huh?
L8Paolo - Day ago
Final space is on Netflix
andy dean
andy dean - Day ago
funny fact. me in second grade was breaking more hearts than 25 yeah old me. and i am legit not sure how to feel about that lol
Mitchell Lymon
Mitchell Lymon - Day ago
Take what you got and be happy.
The hottest looking ones have
S.T.D'S and some
pineapple ish
pineapple ish - Day ago
Only time I’ve ever been checked out was at the doctors
Mopelola Elusogbon
Mopelola Elusogbon - Day ago
Dejion Capers
Dejion Capers - Day ago
One time I was walking around a corner to get away from noise while calling my mom to tell her I was staying out late, and these girls tried talking to me, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Walking back around the corner after getting off the phone, they took a picture of me, flash on
14 gotunot
14 gotunot - Day ago
bobby hall
bobby hall - Day ago
Maybe she was trying a pickup line
"you look exactly like my husband!"
"Oh, you have a husband?"
"Not yet 😘"
Itsonlymany YOUTUBE
Was that a World of Light reference?
Looks like our boi is caught up in the MEMEniverse.
Bebbery the berry
Bebbery the berry - Day ago
I swear if anyone came up to me and said "m-m-m chicken" i would get up and leave. XD
Fluffy Ass Bear
Fluffy Ass Bear - Day ago
Whenever my sister goes anywhere with my mom she always gets guys cat calling her (shes 15 but she looks a lot older... Pedo alert tho) then my mom has to turn around and say shes only 15 then the guys look all ashamed n shi. BUT WHENEVER I GO OUT WITH MY MOM ALL I GET IS "oh! Shes so beautiful, my lord!" FROM OLD PEOPLE... WTF!?
NabilRider555 - Day ago
At first, I thought I was watching Jacksfilms because damn that forehead.
iceywonder cake200
iceywonder cake200 - Day ago
i always die from his videos 😂😂😂
GFAF Squishy
GFAF Squishy - Day ago
i found final space on netflix
Anas Azzaoui
Anas Azzaoui - Day ago
Thea - Day ago
Mike Lol
Mike Lol - Day ago
All I have to say is mm mm chicken
James Walker
James Walker - Day ago
I've never had a girl even look at me. 😦
Sad Husky
Sad Husky - Day ago
No one ever tours in Minnesota 🤕😂
Jenni Downen
Jenni Downen - Day ago
U look like the raw fishing u should check him out
samot the sad boi
samot the sad boi - Day ago
Bruh you look like Jazza
Kam Hufford
Kam Hufford - Day ago
Your the best YouTuber in the world in my opinion
Charles Arthur Bazongo
Top ten anime sadesse betrayed
Cindy Lopez
Cindy Lopez - Day ago
I'm gonna try this
Krzysztof Olech
Krzysztof Olech - Day ago
Gacha Faith
Gacha Faith - 2 days ago
guy:mm mm chicken
Runescythe9852 - 2 days ago
Nope. I’d have to go out into a public setting to get checked out. I’m way too socially awkward to go looking for women, let alone a relationship. I’m still moderately happy though
Kevin Sam
Kevin Sam - 2 days ago
Neshca Jeanina Manuel
Neshca Jeanina Manuel - 2 days ago
New Subsciber
HR Villareal
HR Villareal - 2 days ago
Show Pam's face
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell - 2 days ago
When's the next season of "Final Space"?
DILLIGAF - 2 days ago
My mm mm chicken moment (s) is when I eat chicken lol
Evan Roderick
Evan Roderick - 2 days ago
Do any tours EVER happen in Oklahoma?
Bork PomPom
Bork PomPom - 2 days ago
I’d prefer a guy who can enjoy some good chicken to a guy who wants to pull me to the gym. Haha. Would definitely laugh if someone went up to me and said “mmm mm chicken” though.
Noctis Fulmin
Noctis Fulmin - 2 days ago
Omg i have to tell you my hmm hmm chicken story,
So I use to be a limo driver and I was all dressed up and everything, it was my first day on the job, I was escorting a couple of ladies to a concert. I was waiting outside by the street light for the clients to come back out because they did not know where i parked. While i was waiting out there, several women came up to me and started flirting with me a little bit, i just smiled and laugh. But i remember this one girl who came up to me. She walked up to me and looked me up and down and she said that i look sharp. all my brain could muster for a sentence is "Thanks, you to" I had this big smile on my face as i nodded my head. she laughed and walked away, I kept smiling and thought to myself, "omg thanks you to was all i could come up with, you dumbass"
Nicolas Borges
Nicolas Borges - 2 days ago
How to get a girl: hey gal, humm, humm chicken!
PeanutButter Gaming
PeanutButter Gaming - 2 days ago
mmm mmm chicken
Zachary Slay
Zachary Slay - 2 days ago
One time I was at a restaurant with my crush because it was after me and her had a hockey game, but she spilled her drink on me and I felt really bad because she looked super embarrassed
Cracker Juice
Cracker Juice - 2 days ago
Mm mm chicken
ghost rider
ghost rider - 2 days ago
I wish you could come to Chattanooga
黄啸海 - 2 days ago
what is "chicken" in there? lack courage? sorry i'm fresh😂
raven vlogs
raven vlogs - 2 days ago
So,you finay show you're face
awkward potato
awkward potato - 2 days ago
Why does no one go to KANSAAASSSS
rosemarie pagan
rosemarie pagan - 2 days ago
I wish
Clara Tapia
Clara Tapia - 2 days ago
Wow so lovely
Joshua Hills
Joshua Hills - 2 days ago
Alex seems like he would be in Sunday cartoons. His voice is perfect for animation
Joshua Hills
Joshua Hills - 2 days ago
*reads title*

Ooo a fight?

*watched vid*

I’m disappointed
Benjamin Schmidt
Benjamin Schmidt - 2 days ago
God, that must of stung
Mars Montoya
Mars Montoya - 2 days ago
7:13 bUT I LiKE GuYS
Luis R
Luis R - 2 days ago
Friend zone
DeathRunner7564 - 2 days ago
2:12 is that a smash reference??
Justin Adams
Justin Adams - 2 days ago
No I never had a chicken moment because I get no girls
DJ YONDER - 2 days ago
2:35 it sounds like AliA song
Ciaran Tyre
Ciaran Tyre - 2 days ago
Fergus Goose
Fergus Goose - 2 days ago
I said "mmm mm chicken" to a girl
So we both ordered food
I got chicken wings
and she got a restraining order
Thank you, thank you very much guys for coming I'll be here from Monday to Fridays every week
dragon lover 101
dragon lover 101 - 2 days ago
Wait so she was on fire
Fiona Rama
Fiona Rama - 2 days ago
Don't worry guys don't really get hit on cos it's like a tradition for girls to wait for the guys to do it
Rishi Appoo
Rishi Appoo - 2 days ago
I had a ham moment last Christmas and she thought I was cute
Catgoat - 2 days ago
Mmm mm chicken!
BXT Gaming
BXT Gaming - 2 days ago
james payod
james payod - 2 days ago
Being socially awkward just the thought of people looking at me makes me wanna go home and leave the earth
Amelie Lister
Amelie Lister - 2 days ago
And Netflix
TEAM 100k UC3
TEAM 100k UC3 - 2 days ago
"Mmm Mmm.. Chicken 🐔"
Morph_murph - 2 days ago
Just tried your pick up line and got slapped,thanks I’m crying now
Oyin Adeyemi
Oyin Adeyemi - 2 days ago
People are checked out all the time, they just don't know it
Wasan A.
Wasan A. - 2 days ago
mm mm chicken
klarissa espinoza
klarissa espinoza - 2 days ago
“Mhhhm mhhhm chicken” 😂😭😭 noooo
Max Gamer
Max Gamer - 2 days ago
Em em chicken
LixoYT - 2 days ago
Never had chicken moment 😭
White Heron
White Heron - 2 days ago
At least she didn’t say you look like her dad
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