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Manny Mua
Manny Mua - 5 months ago
what do YALL think of blendiful? are yall gonna get it?!
Andrea Jacobs
Andrea Jacobs - 2 months ago
I am buying up all the dupes cause the blendiful is out of stock!
Zee a
Zee a - 4 months ago
What foundation did you use it looks so good !
Alexis Tarrant
Alexis Tarrant - 5 months ago
Manny Mua I’m really on the fence about it. Do I need it? Is it really that amazing?
Goose - 5 months ago
@Susanna Marie Which puffs are you talking about? Like ones you throw away?
Ems - 5 months ago
Their hideous. I don't like them. My brushes and beauty blender for the win.
Susie Mulligan
Susie Mulligan - 8 hours ago
Started watching you when you had less than 25k subs. Haven’t stopped by for a long time. So glad you’ve cleaned up your language. Opens you up to more opportunity. Bravo 😘
FIOR FELICIANO - 10 days ago
Your skin is gourgeous!!
mo mo
mo mo - 12 days ago
I got the blendiful today June 25 2020
I am not a fan of this TOOL
BUT for powder. Not bad.
Mandi Taylor
Mandi Taylor - 16 days ago
At first I thought these were just ridiculous but now I’m actually pretty curious. I might have to order them!
Odd Sara
Odd Sara - 22 days ago
When you're new to the channel and missed all of dramageddon 1 and just see a really talented persob making great content :)
Diana C
Diana C - 22 days ago
They suck but I guess you know by now.
Chelsea Reyes
Chelsea Reyes - Month ago
“It’s a Taurus”
Me -yes
Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk - Month ago
GothGirlAtHeart - Month ago
I hope you stop supporting this bitch
Iyanna Mckinstry
Iyanna Mckinstry - Month ago
manny: powder puff
me: powder puff girls😂
Littlebit Lauren
Littlebit Lauren - 2 months ago
Ya know how you see people and you instantly like them but then eventually realize they actually suck? Watching this video makes me feel like the opposite of that.
I never felt like i vibed with Mannys personality back in the day but randomly deciding to watch this video got me like 😍. Im loving the personality, the edits, everything. I've never really changed my mind about somebody for the better before but it's pretty cool. I'm into it.
Sophie Meow
Sophie Meow - 3 months ago
Clickbait is so annoying, typical bullshit thumbnail pretending like you don't like the product to get more clicks
Emily Powers
Emily Powers - 3 months ago
Someone please tell me what binchi/beenchie means😂😭
Julia Lynn
Julia Lynn - 3 months ago
Your skin looked AIR BRUSHED with all the face products applied with the blendiful!!! I was shook
carina rivera
carina rivera - 3 months ago
i love your video!
gracias por el video
sana zafar
sana zafar - 3 months ago
Love from Pakistan ❤️❤️
Jessica Dresen
Jessica Dresen - 3 months ago
I just realized the shirt your wearing is almost the exact same pattern as the dress I wore to my prom in 2011 😲
paige blust
paige blust - 4 months ago
I just think they look hella cheep
Mindy P
Mindy P - 4 months ago
I just need to tell you... you're my brand of crazy and I love you.
Juliette Wahl
Juliette Wahl - 4 months ago
I swear to God Netflix originals get trashy once in the 3rd season
Alli McGee
Alli McGee - 4 months ago
"I am a powder puff connoisseur if you will, I love a powder puff" had me fucken dead 🤣😂☠
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth - 4 months ago
Manny naming the elements... ♥ 🧙‍♀️ vibes
Kathy Marghin
Kathy Marghin - 4 months ago
Hey, try and bit harder next time to convince your unsuspecting audience
( in your mind ) that you're not SPONSORED LOL
Jillian Styles
Jillian Styles - 4 months ago
Manny is the product latex free ?
maddy s.r
maddy s.r - 4 months ago
First time watching you r video and I just like the vibe, ☺️
Tori Nguyen
Tori Nguyen - 4 months ago
Can’t you flip it over/turn it inside out, like if your lazy(not that you shouldn’t wash daily) just use the other side...
Tori Nguyen
Tori Nguyen - 4 months ago
Ok! But can we appreciate how good his skin looks in this video😱 I’m jelly😍
Emma Baker
Emma Baker - 4 months ago
Manny: “I had a lot of acne growing up”
*Picture of young Manny pops onto the screen*
Me: “👀BITCH WHERE?! What acne?! You look flawless then and now!!!”
KhmerGurl 94
KhmerGurl 94 - 4 months ago
I'm thinking of buying this. It looks amazing and blend in very well .
Olivia Nicks
Olivia Nicks - 4 months ago
Chris A
Chris A - 4 months ago
Why does he never color correct his mustache
Tine Tine
Tine Tine - 4 months ago
I wanna order this right away!
Nishanth Nandakumar
Nishanth Nandakumar - 4 months ago
Tiffany Fudala
Tiffany Fudala - 4 months ago
Wow...this dude is REALLY wacked out on speed...ugh!!!
Brittney Lynn
Brittney Lynn - 4 months ago
Okay let me just finally come out and say it! I for some reason really like your teeth and catch myself staring at them when trying to watch your videos 🤔😂 gorgeous teeth manny love you so much and yeah I’m weird 😜🤓
Cate S
Cate S - 4 months ago
When will the lazy song be on iTunes for purchase Songs lit
Alyssa - 4 months ago
When did Manny become so fucking funny?
Hotaru Tail
Hotaru Tail - 4 months ago
"Am I jlo yet??? Am I Tati yet???" You're MANNY. And I much prefer that, Tbh. 😘
JazmineJoele - 4 months ago
I literally felt the same about the 3 episodes of Dracula! Episode 3 fell all the way off a cliff
Milo - 4 months ago
I literally love you after the reality house season 2
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson - 4 months ago
Why the fuck is this in my recommended
Juliette Giambruno
Juliette Giambruno - 4 months ago
can we please get a skincare routine?? your skin is stunning
Madi McLaren
Madi McLaren - 4 months ago
YO what foundation is this thoooo?
Lola Moon
Lola Moon - 4 months ago
Would’ve been nice to see one side with brushes and one with Tat’s products
jenant - 4 months ago
"Bitch where are my pores!" Lol
Alice - 4 months ago
omg i am obsessed with your personality and silliness . into your videos again, thanks kian and jc :)
Leena Malviya
Leena Malviya - 4 months ago
Loved your shirt 💯
Marie - 5 months ago
Honestly american influencers get excited about the most basic shit just to sell stuff or promote their friends' products. It can be great it can be shit, you would promote it the same way and that's a problem. Let's be honest here. A non biased French influencer (Marion Cameleon) tried it. She is a make up artist and it looks like the most basic sponge ever. It even leaves some hair on her face. How can you promote this kind of stuff?
TaylorEmily - 5 months ago
I missed you manny! I see you shining and thriving and I’m so happy for you! ❤️❤️
CieloAzul Estrella
CieloAzul Estrella - 5 months ago
Love that Dracula show but have you watched “The Witcher”?! Mmm mm mmm, cause you needz to.
amanda lipko
amanda lipko - 5 months ago
You literally ALWAYS make my day😂🥰❣️
ChinaMayback - 5 months ago
That just looks like she used a sofa cushion as a beauty blender
Iqra Naquib
Iqra Naquib - 5 months ago
I was so low today but Manny never fails to make me laugh🥰🥰🥰
Jamie B
Jamie B - 5 months ago
Awesome Job Manny this was so sweet!!!
Jamie B
Jamie B - 5 months ago
I want it for the way it makes the skin look period! Lol
Jamie B
Jamie B - 5 months ago
This puff seems freakin magical like everyone including u yalls fave look super smooth an flawless bc of it like the actual products look smooth on the skin!! Its mind blowing!
itsabzhere - 5 months ago
10 minutes into the video and you convinced me to buy it 😂😂
Blondifull Life
Blondifull Life - 5 months ago
Aw I want one!! I already did cuz I Kno tati would put out amazing products but..Much love boo🌙😘👑💕👑💕✌🏼✌🏼🌙☪️💫💕🌙
Princess Jenna
Princess Jenna - 5 months ago
ok but what foundation is that??
Christen Dominique
Christen Dominique - 5 months ago
"I'm a little hyper, just woke up had some yogurt granola" your shoo cute, wanna squeeze you!!!
Ellie Meow
Ellie Meow - 5 months ago
His face in the thumbnail. I just want to slap the shit out of him!! Most annoying face anyone could make. Lol
L.A Girl
L.A Girl - 5 months ago
So... nobody else noticed the random gifs ? 😂
Junior Mints
Junior Mints - 5 months ago
Mina Nielsen
Mina Nielsen - 5 months ago
You're so funny😅 I love your humor😍
Bob Smothers
Bob Smothers - 5 months ago
You'll be one of the first with their backs against the wall when the revolution comes...
Lindy McNamara
Lindy McNamara - 5 months ago
Always known who he was but reality house made me love him
Melanie Duvall
Melanie Duvall - 5 months ago
If u flip the band u can access the other side. It's double sided
staesha mak
staesha mak - 5 months ago
i found manny’s channel from the reality house (ik i’m sorry i wish i knew of him before) BUT I JUST WANT TO BE HIS FRIEND this is literally my new life goal
Gaby Ruiz
Gaby Ruiz - 5 months ago
Janette Longbrake
Janette Longbrake - 5 months ago
When the hell did he leave Schitts Creek?
abby - 5 months ago
okay but i’ve never seen your makeup look THIS GOOD
Becil - 5 months ago
Ik dis is so random but manny looks like buzz lightyear.
Beauty By Robyn
Beauty By Robyn - 5 months ago
Gorgeous Material!!! And Manny I always use your code!!! You are my favorite you crack me up!!! 💋💕🤗
Melahel888 - 5 months ago
Yo need to remake one with wet n Wild products
DELILAH NINA - 5 months ago
Damn I need to go get a facial Because THAT SKIN HUNNAYYYYY😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
Leonela Hidalgo
Leonela Hidalgo - 5 months ago
Hahahahha who IS watching Dracula? 🧛‍♂️ hahahahhaa LOL
Maja Mojo
Maja Mojo - 5 months ago
Subscribers are getting POORER and POORER because beauty gurus are like TV commercials who are effective in marketing every new beauty products so subscribers rush to buy makeup.
Beauty gurus are getting RICHER and RICHER by earning $2,000 per 1 million views + payment from the makeup companies + free beauty products. 😒 It’s so unfair. YouTube subscribers must have COMMISSION from the earnings of the beauty gurus because subscribers are spending their TIME just watching all these BEAUTY ADVERTISMENTS of these beauty gurus.
FanTic - 5 months ago
lel Manny's and Laura's views rn are both 1.1M
pbadoobee - 5 months ago
I'm starting to like the vibe of Mannyy, I hope he stay away from dramas and keep thriving.
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