We Got Transformed Into Disney Villains • Ladylike

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A S H E - 3 hours ago
They didn't put any wrinkles on Chantal and her makeup was the simplest *sigh* beautiful but I expected more
Sugar Spice
Sugar Spice - 2 days ago
7:11 she looks like a grandma
Blablablabla Bla
Blablablabla Bla - 7 days ago
They rock them look😍😍😩 they're so beautiful😍😍
Letizia Poggioli
Letizia Poggioli - 9 days ago
I’m kinda mad that nobody did hades
lala Xoxo
lala Xoxo - 19 days ago
AND ARIEL COULD............swim
Ash's World
Ash's World - 22 days ago
Ursula was the best
•Total_Vxbes •
•Total_Vxbes • - 22 days ago
I am still waiting for em to change into descendants characters😂
mae navarro
mae navarro - 23 days ago
devin suits her costume and make up
The face of failure
The face of failure - 24 days ago

Ik I'm weird 😅
Tanishka Panickar
Tanishka Panickar - 26 days ago
Kristen looks so on to the point ..
VIP Vinny
VIP Vinny - 26 days ago
0:43 bell there’s a homeless guy
ghostin - 26 days ago
My teacher once told a girl in my class she suits the Pumba role in Lion king lol
Shaaren A
Shaaren A - 26 days ago
Channel's makeup is a bit plain but freddy and kristin's makeup is sooo realistic
Hana Arichi
Hana Arichi - 27 days ago
ᶦ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ʷʰᵃᵗ ᶦˡˡ ᵈᵒ
ɪʟʟ ɢᴇᴛ ᴀ ғʟᴇᴇᴋ ᴀɴᴅ
ill put that fleek in to a box
*and put that box into another box*
*and I’ll mail to myself and .................*
Iᒪᒪ ᔕᗰᗩᔕᕼ IT ᗯITᕼ ᗩ ᕼᗩᗰᗰᗴᖇ
Aura Luna
Aura Luna - 27 days ago
My favourite villain was Dr. Facilier.
He had style, he danced like the devil and noone can spook me like him.
TheTheater - 27 days ago
ma che cazzo si fumano questi per essere così felici
ANNAMMAL SUNDAR - 28 days ago
Cruella de Vil invented the split hair look.
Who else agrees?
Frances Ahaha
Frances Ahaha - 29 days ago
Ursala is a bad a*s drag queen who taut arial having a voice is more important than being pretty but she’s still kinda you know evil and enslaved people’s soul but whatever (Ursula was literally based of a drag queen)
Serafina Fool
Serafina Fool - Month ago
My favourite villain is, Hades from Hercules. He is so funny and charismatic.
Sarah Kelsey
Sarah Kelsey - Month ago
It’s funny that Kristen at 7:09 could change from a evil monster to a sweet old lady with glasses😂😂
Hong BO
Hong BO - Month ago
Freddie: Talking about being transformed into a villain while wearing a shirt that says 'peace not war' lol
Itz Kaitlyn Playz
Itz Kaitlyn Playz - Month ago
Freddie looks awesome
nameless wanderer
nameless wanderer - Month ago
I've always LOVE the villains. I sometimes lowkey wanted the main character die or gone by the villains, yikes
Just Jordan
Just Jordan - Month ago
Literally maleficent is not a villan
Becky Day
Becky Day - Month ago
OMG they turned Kristin into a purple Pat Butcher 😂
Zaybonisha Boards
Zaybonisha Boards - Month ago
I absolutely love this 😂they are just so hilarious
WorldOf Sewa
WorldOf Sewa - Month ago
Can I just say when Freddie said yzmas Dialogue she NAILED IT LIKE WHAT
she legit sounded like yzma from the emperors new groove
E J - Month ago
I died when Kristin pulled out the bubble gun 😂
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean - Month ago
I agree with Kristin. Ursula was a freaking baddie. Sure she did some not great thing but who hasn’t pushed some boundaries to achieve there goals?
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean - Month ago
“And Ariel... could swim”
If this isn’t the best sum up of the Little Mermaid then I don’t know what to tell you😂
Emma Sang
Emma Sang - Month ago
OMG I was mindblown 😱 of how good there are with a villan accent
Isabelle Umali
Isabelle Umali - Month ago
“Hey guys today we are turning our selves into princesses!”

When they asked what is your favorite princess I’d say Milan cuz she is a badass U-U
Jasmine Cooper
Jasmine Cooper - Month ago
Chantel = perfection
VIP Vinny
VIP Vinny - Month ago
0:43 bell there’s a homeless guy
Rocio Kim
Rocio Kim - Month ago
And Ariel..... COuld SwIM
Nina Valentine
Nina Valentine - Month ago
Freddie killed that!
Magical Lexicorn
Magical Lexicorn - Month ago
Omg I love the jumpsuit
Bird Flock
Bird Flock - Month ago
I think yzma has to many Lines on her peace but still im not hateing it
Brooke Springer
Brooke Springer - Month ago
Ok but Freddie nailed that evil cackle
Olivia Bazelow
Olivia Bazelow - Month ago
6:43 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
8:00 Devins acting is on point!
Alicia Hoverson
Alicia Hoverson - Month ago
Kliya Harbottle
Kliya Harbottle - Month ago
Pocahontas was a jem, Belle was a joy, Jazz was a beauty, and Ariel could swim
- CallMeCrazy -
- CallMeCrazy - - Month ago
Ummm Yzma was terrible at running the city 😂
Ruthann Braccini
Ruthann Braccini - Month ago
Frankie absolutely KILLED eysma
david merano
david merano - 2 months ago
yessss your villains!
Lily Bloom
Lily Bloom - 2 months ago
I would have picked the queen of hearts💔💔💔
Chioma Uwagwu
Chioma Uwagwu - 2 months ago
And Ariel could swim..true
Lights·Camera·Borealis! - 2 months ago
is it weird that i dont find maleficent evil when my name is literally the princess she wanted to kill-
Jenna Tackett
Jenna Tackett - 2 months ago
Chantel: “And Ariel....... Could swim.”

I ‘m dying🤣
jane mcgrath
jane mcgrath - 2 months ago
Why did all the villains that they did have blueish-whiteish skin🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏿‍♀️?
Salty Vincent
Salty Vincent - 2 months ago
my favorite villain is Mother Gothel
-V a n i l l a-
-V a n i l l a- - 2 months ago
Random peep: the Angelina Julie one yeah that’s the only one I know
khin theint
khin theint - 2 months ago
I like villians more than princess and good guys.Am I the only one?
Esmeralda Flores
Esmeralda Flores - 2 months ago
That acting tho 🤗
Neena K Thampy
Neena K Thampy - 2 months ago
I loved this
Leonie ́s turtle
Leonie ́s turtle - 2 months ago
What is esma even
Vixe the female fox
Vixe the female fox - 2 months ago
All of these villans have red lipstick
The Nat 20
The Nat 20 - 2 months ago
Bubble gun attack
Preet Rayat
Preet Rayat - 2 months ago
Wow 🤩
Coral Sylph
Coral Sylph - 2 months ago
Am i the only one who thinks that those laughs are hilarious 😂...
Hypocritical Critic
Hypocritical Critic - 2 months ago
Yzma is my favorite!
RebeccaSale - 2 months ago
You guys are adorable!!
Natalie - 2 months ago
And Ariel... could swim xD
It's Madylin Eleanor
It's Madylin Eleanor - 2 months ago
Before the video I said devin should be maleficent I’m so happy
Lili Juanita
Lili Juanita - 2 months ago
I love Yzma! Best and funniest villain
Sofia Barr
Sofia Barr - 2 months ago
There is a movie that shows maleficent’s past on Hulu or demand
Clare Whitworth
Clare Whitworth - 2 months ago
Scar is my fav villen
B. Cccc
B. Cccc - 3 months ago
OMG They all look great
Ida Clay
Ida Clay - 3 months ago
devin needs to replace Angelina Jolie
lx Video Stuff
lx Video Stuff - 3 months ago
hey! thats how most fems look nowdays.
so, disney is behind this, yet again!
Eugenia Lassaque
Eugenia Lassaque - 3 months ago
Okey but Kristen as Úrsula with glasses.
Emma Flory
Emma Flory - 3 months ago
Ok, but like their impressions were great
No Name given
No Name given - 3 months ago
I miss this lady like
Darla Holland
Darla Holland - 3 months ago
I love yzma
Davida Washington
Davida Washington - 3 months ago
Lol I love puppies 2 ❤️they’re so cute
Ramona Ruelas
Ramona Ruelas - 3 months ago
0:55 Twisted is quaking😩✊
Shannon - 3 months ago
Kristen is the perfect Ursula, Chantel is the perfect Cruella De Vil, Devin is the perfect Maleficent, and Freddie is the perfect Yzma
Selena Briones
Selena Briones - 3 months ago
Damn Devan was talked walked spot on! And the other ladies you all look wonderful! 💕
Rosie Rosie
Rosie Rosie - 3 months ago
Now I can’t wait for dress up day 😂😂😂
Jyotshna Banerjee
Jyotshna Banerjee - 3 months ago
I love maleficent
Maria Loraw
Maria Loraw - 3 months ago
0:32 "LeTs FInD oUt¡!!"
Ascent - 3 months ago
I thought this was gonna be drag queens because the title is “LadyLike,” and the then the crazy makeup.
Mahima Sharma
Mahima Sharma - 3 months ago
Devin looks more like belle💜
Francine Iriz Javier
Francine Iriz Javier - 3 months ago
I love their Actings! They are so good!!! My favorite villains is Maleficent and The Evil Queen btw.. Hehe! Love from the Philippines ❤️😍🇵🇭
E Bow
E Bow - 3 months ago
Kristin looks AMAZING in that jumpsuit!!!
Yes, You go girl!
Tarlia Pritchard
Tarlia Pritchard - 3 months ago
Why is nobody talking about the homeless man at the beginning??
linda williams
linda williams - 3 months ago
I feel like if your a boy 🙂you can just throw clothes on and be fine but if your a girl🤔😫 its a struggle.
Drawingwithpeachy O
Drawingwithpeachy O - 3 months ago
OMG frank was there!!!
Drawingwithpeachy O
Drawingwithpeachy O - 3 months ago
OMG frank was there!!!
Keira Spencer 2026
Keira Spencer 2026 - 3 months ago
They used the wrong music for multifaceted
Ana - 3 months ago
I think Hades its one of the best villains, i even think irs better than the actual hero, wich is Hercules, i just think that he’s very plain.. If they didnt put Hades in as a the villain the movie wouldnt be the same. At all
Siri Fiocchi
Siri Fiocchi - 3 months ago
malificent is my favorat
Sofia and Lillian The smol beans
It’s literally 12 at night and I’m still awake
Cool Person
Cool Person - 3 months ago
How come there is like no black villains-
Kinza Baig
Kinza Baig - 3 months ago
These villains look pretty... so pretty........ And It's Not Supposed To Be Like That
Tina Leiphrakpam
Tina Leiphrakpam - 3 months ago
I would love to watch a drama or movie of these ladies.. they can act ,
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams - 3 months ago
guys i like malelicent vote if you like maleicent please but if you don,t like her then don,t vote
Miss Mayhem
Miss Mayhem - 3 months ago
9:15 is that Frankie?? From when they all fostered dogs????
Penny Miller
Penny Miller - 4 months ago
if I had to dress up as sheone from a Disney movie I would dress up as the beast.
Mr. Cuddles
Mr. Cuddles - 4 months ago
My favorite villain is Scar
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