Kyle Kuzma Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Paco A
Paco A - 3 days ago
he gets those shoes at a discount for sure, the price is just the hook for us.
Paco A
Paco A - 3 days ago
shooooozzzz for kuuuzzzz
Jesus Quezada
Jesus Quezada - 4 days ago
Im on the only person Nike shoes are hideous. All of them overpriced and the look all the same.
zhong plays
zhong plays - 9 days ago
5:15 if u see the purple
Jimmy Chun
Jimmy Chun - 9 days ago
Giu Tennis
Giu Tennis - 10 days ago
Pls do this with Travis Scott
Andrew Keo
Andrew Keo - 11 days ago
Demar Derozan sneaker shopping
Josiah Gay
Josiah Gay - 12 days ago
Bruh he got 3 pairs
elker - 12 days ago
Kuzma: yeah its dope
Puss in Jordans
Puss in Jordans - 13 days ago
Im waiting for Bill Gates or Elon Musk goes sneaker shopping with Complex
IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
My gf had to convert outlr spare room into her own shoe and clothes room.. She has at least 120 pairs of Jordans and air Max's and she is a white professional 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tashawn Welch
Tashawn Welch - 14 days ago
Kyles the goat
jcoco 1
jcoco 1 - 16 days ago
Why are those shoes overpriced? A kind explanation would be nice. Thanks!
Almondbray Mejia
Almondbray Mejia - 16 days ago
No discount lmao
Almondbray Mejia
Almondbray Mejia - 16 days ago
Price so expensive no way
JuiceDigga - 17 days ago
kuz- i want these ones
*points at top*
Worker- oh dam, uh can u reach it for me
Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke - 17 days ago
Kuzma: It's dooope
Izabella Peña
Izabella Peña - 20 days ago
Shawn mendes goes sneaker shopping with complex 😭
Allan Mendoza
Allan Mendoza - 22 days ago
Finessed him w these prices lmaooooo
iJamar X NARNIA - 24 days ago
Joe: your pants are cool
Kuzma: DoPE
Burberry Auntie
Burberry Auntie - 26 days ago
It’s $1700 because size 15 rare
Anyahlator - 27 days ago
He sound so dry LMFAOOOO
Kate Tidoso
Kate Tidoso - 27 days ago
Joe and those questions... like he always knows what to ask the guest dang
GoonRixh Shad
GoonRixh Shad - 27 days ago
3k on them ugly ass nikes😂Nvr
Carlos Jimeno
Carlos Jimeno - Month ago
A Tribe Called Quest
A Tribe Called Quest - Month ago
Nike Nike Nike I fuck with it
MortyIsTrash - Month ago
While I only have 600$ worth of shoes ;(
redazi1 - Month ago
Kuzma is a great guy and superstar
Young C
Young C - Month ago
since when are spoons 1.7k?
Manjit singh
Manjit singh - Month ago
Joe:let's c what he's feeling what he's not n hopefully he'll buy something
Sam Datum
Sam Datum - Month ago
He picked up straight L's
Hannah Burnet
Hannah Burnet - Month ago
U forgot about ronaldo he spent 20,000
Lorenzo Dawkins
Lorenzo Dawkins - Month ago
What kind of opening was that? 🗑
Alex Wong
Alex Wong - Month ago
Get John Mayer on here
Tsm Tony 32
Tsm Tony 32 - Month ago
That’s a tall ass nigga
Jolley Clan
Jolley Clan - Month ago
Complex should do Myles Jones next
Deja Robinson
Deja Robinson - Month ago
Dear Mr. Kuzma, Could you pay my rent please?!?!
Royal Tee
Royal Tee - Month ago
omg he pick the ugliest kicks!
Christopher dioré
Christopher dioré - Month ago
This man got “💯” on his shoulder headass
Necie Pecie
Necie Pecie - Month ago
Idky but my lame ass got so excited when I noticed I have on the same shoes that kuz is wearing🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
Jay Weezy
Jay Weezy - Month ago
I hope kuzkuz hit puberty before the season starts, then he can really ball out!
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo - Month ago
Can't he get the shoes for free from goat?
Dirrty Waterz
Dirrty Waterz - Month ago
Joe asked him shud the spreewells come back he said No!!! shit was too funny 😂
Loveisamyth - Month ago
I need a pair of Mambas
After all he's the 🐐
Loveisamyth - Month ago
I always go Air Max.
Stopped wearing Js and Foams.
Loveisamyth - Month ago
If they aren't Laker colors 🔫
Harpreet Bains
Harpreet Bains - Month ago
He’s so fine omg 😍😍😍
frits wongso
frits wongso - Month ago
So this guy is eating kendall jenner her pussy so good
Lil Lysol Vevo
Lil Lysol Vevo - Month ago
Can we get Javier Baez?
Boy Beije
Boy Beije - Month ago
At 6:33 what are those bright yellow low top nike shoes with the grey check mark called?
TTr1k Sh0t K14
TTr1k Sh0t K14 - Month ago
I got so sad when i steped in dog with my 1’s on 😂🤣 gotem for 60 at the nike outlet
Tevon Lee
Tevon Lee - Month ago
Yall need to do lonzo ball again
Yvng Rich
Yvng Rich - Month ago
People in comments: Anybody notice how he said damn after he heard the price
Jaden McDonald
Jaden McDonald - Month ago
You need to do NLE Choppa
Tyronn Tayler
Tyronn Tayler - Month ago
What those pants Kuzma wearing?
Eu_Sou_A_Lei - Month ago
Muito legal
이홍규 - Month ago
So..this guy casually standing there telling us about stealing friend's shoes in highschool??.....
Steeley - Month ago
Tfue goes sneaker shopping?
IJ - Month ago
Damn I need to be one of these fr😭
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero - Month ago
It’s always the role players that have the “best” shoe game they can wear wtv they want cause they don’t do shit lol
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