Doctor Sleep - Official Teaser Trailer (The Shining Sequel) Ewan McGregor

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Ville Ruuskanen
Ville Ruuskanen - 2 months ago
Ville Ruuskanen
Ville Ruuskanen - 2 months ago
Roger Martí Gonzalvo
Roger Martí Gonzalvo - 2 months ago
why you all view this movie?
me, an intellectual: Because of Obi wan
huskey518 - 4 months ago
I really enjoyed this movie
Jasper Cozijn
Jasper Cozijn - 9 months ago
Obi wan
CPL. Rupert Kyler
CPL. Rupert Kyler - 10 months ago
Ewan McGregor? Why not Danny Lloyd?
nathan drake
nathan drake - 10 months ago
My movie is in ten mins please anybody tell me if i have to watch the shining before watching this?
Dwight k. schrute
Dwight k. schrute - 10 months ago
In comments box.
Expectations:- the shining quotes.
Reality:- star wars prequel quotes
_ GM _
_ GM _ - 10 months ago
JaggedBird - 10 months ago
interesting...though I am nervous for this film without Kubrick, Nickolas or Duvall..
Gunna be hard to top his work. Hope they don't botch it but I will defo watch this for the sake of curiosity.
Low Soul Ghost
Low Soul Ghost - 11 months ago
Imagine if Jack Nicholson reprised his role just for a minute in this as a ghost or something.
thomas tzathas
thomas tzathas - 11 months ago
I didn't knew about that since now
vokasi mid
vokasi mid - Year ago
Obi Wan vs Ilsa Faust? I wanna see that movie
Danny Malboeuf
Danny Malboeuf - Year ago
They seem to have taken major liberties with the book. And it looks like shite.
emrah şimşek
emrah şimşek - Year ago
gan will always be the most powerful stephen king character of all time ever.
Chynen1c /Chynen Productions
The shining 2: doctor sleep
Tom Alfano
Tom Alfano - Year ago
TrumbLe - Year ago
They should name the movie The Return of the shinning
Millennia Productions
I just got board.
Ryan G
Ryan G - Year ago
Oh a Doctor Sleep trailer, a fine addition to my collection...
Aurum TheBrave
Aurum TheBrave - Year ago
So many prequel memes being referenced. I’m not even mad.
Tyrone Merritt
Tyrone Merritt - Year ago
Nathan Forrest
Nathan Forrest - Year ago
Another PC movie. looks about as scary as Scooby-Doo . I'll pass.
bladedspokes - Year ago
Um, this looks really dumb
Wylie Coyote
Wylie Coyote - Year ago
Sad that they have to use Kubrick's Shining (and thumbnail) in half of this as click bait. Yes a sequel film was overdue but...
jordan davidson
jordan davidson - Year ago
It’s been how many years since the Shining was released in theaters? 100, 90, 50, 80, or 1,0000 ? And we’re finally getting a sequel to the movie? Makes me wonder if Ready Player One foreshadowed this with that one the Shining scene or if Stephen King is okay with this for he never liked the movie adaption in the first place.
REDX 723
REDX 723 - Year ago
Damn the new obi wan spin-off movie looks lit
Seth Leoric
Seth Leoric - Year ago
Oh yeaah Dr. Sleep now i remember
Void 701
Void 701 - Year ago
I’m watching the shining right now.
Michael Pennell
Michael Pennell - Year ago
Yes please
Kirk Meyers
Kirk Meyers - Year ago
Is this secretly the Kenobi movie we all begged for?!
Jerry Meehan Jr
Jerry Meehan Jr - Year ago
This looks SO bad.
ashutosh shrivastava
1:12 lady at least get it right
WorldsWorstBoy - Year ago
This movie is entirely unnecessary
Spartan 626
Spartan 626 - Year ago
I am definitely going to watch this movie
Greg Dawson
Greg Dawson - Year ago
I know the Overlook was Obliterated in the book...
Kubrick's movie had Jack Torrence freeze while Wendy and Danny rode a snow plow to town...
Is the Overlook still around in This movie? Or a manifestation??
Kakugen - Year ago
Greg Dawson
Greg Dawson - Year ago
Heeeeeer's OBi....!!!
Crim - Year ago
“Hello there”
Carn5haun 85
Carn5haun 85 - Year ago
WTF is this?!!
MultiSkippy101 - Year ago
Anthony L
Anthony L - Year ago
"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of original ideas suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."
Low Soul Ghost
Low Soul Ghost - 11 months ago
Disney happened...
*Sad noises*
*Sad noises* - Year ago
Well I'm sold love the shining theme.
Gilbert Garces
Gilbert Garces - Year ago
Demonic Ghost: "Hello There Danny."
Danny: *Pulls out Saber*
"My powers have tripled, last time we met"😌😂
ItsPanchoMan - Year ago
Is he making contact with Tony in the beginning?
Polani Almoni
Polani Almoni - Year ago
Mr. Deeds
Mr. Deeds - Year ago
So uncivilized
Restant - Year ago
Pedro Ventura
Pedro Ventura - Year ago
Ow Yeah !! This is AWESOME!
FurubaGirl08 - Year ago
Damn didn't know there was even a sequel
Jacob Weaver
Jacob Weaver - Year ago
I came to see all the prequel memes and I’m not disappointed in the slightest.
Kishan Bhatt
Kishan Bhatt - Year ago
Reading the comments which are:
*80% people talking about Obi Wan*
*20% people talking about the movie*
Matthew CutsMeat
Matthew CutsMeat - Year ago
This is connected to IT, Kujo, The Dark Tower, everything Stephen King is in the same universe.
Giuseppe Ianniello
Giuseppe Ianniello - Year ago
A Shining sequel?!?
Giuseppe Ianniello
Giuseppe Ianniello - Year ago
I’ve read all the Stephen King movies and seen the Kubrick adaptation. Maybe i missed on this one
Undying love across the universe
Based off the book doctor sleep which is a sequel to the book the shining
Ajd1312 - Year ago
finally I saw on IMDB that it had 2019 release my favorite movie of all time gets a sequel
Stalkermaster - Year ago
Prequel Memers "This is an opportunity we cannot afford to lose"
Bryan Rojas
Bryan Rojas - Year ago
It’s been 39 years for a sequel
RoboSaurus - Year ago
If not for the shining footage this trailer would be pretty underwhelming
Sparrow - Year ago
Anyone else get chills when they played the Shinning music at the end?
LXandroid99 - Year ago
“The Re-shining”
comiccollecte12x - Year ago
Sees that 99% of the comments say “Hello there”
Me: Visible happiness*
Alejandro Feo Cecin
Alejandro Feo Cecin - 4 months ago
Rushy I hate it when he does that
Rushy - Year ago
I love democracy
- MightySpriteKnight -
00:05 hello there!
Raja DNP
Raja DNP - Year ago
Is this a Movie?! Or a Series?!
Horror and Gamer
Horror and Gamer - Year ago
Raja DNP movie
Christian from Copenhagen
I love this man.
YouEnglish - Year ago
I felt this movie is more of a cash grab on behalf of the Shinings name than anything else. I'm not that excited to see this really...
Olatoye Gureje
Olatoye Gureje - Year ago
Now I'm pinching myself. I must watch the shining. 😀👍🏿
Ryan Myers
Ryan Myers - Year ago
Will it be directed by Stanley Kubrick??
Chronicles Of Callum
I think he's busy.
KillerTacos - Year ago
"Heeeeereeee's Ooobi... Hello there"
Chris Toro
Chris Toro - Year ago
It's time.
Blake Ward
Blake Ward - Year ago
It's a sequel to the book so don't expect a Kubrick-quality film
Kakugen - Year ago
It's a sequel to the movie.
Vault Rant
Vault Rant - Year ago
Kubrick is dead isn't he? Makes me sad. A sequel with the same type of mystery as the original would have been amazing.
Kit Fung Lai
Kit Fung Lai - Year ago
its doctor whoooooo
Mistman12 - Year ago
They shoulda played that creepy music from one of the shining trailers
Roman's Travels
Roman's Travels - Year ago
Captain Captain
Captain Captain - Year ago
The Shining was perfection. I don't need this to rui that. Skip!
Hadiyah Bryant
Hadiyah Bryant - Year ago
Please don’t ruin a classic
CzERA - Year ago
So Stephen King did it before marvel mcu
ronin ronan
ronin ronan - Year ago
Shabbizzle Blabbizzle
As Ewan McGregor peeks through the cracked door and hears the horrifying screams of the dead, he said to himself...
'I have a bad feeling about this...'
Lachlan Talbot
Lachlan Talbot - Year ago
Trailer has a great vibe to it
Games Only Gaming GOG
OnePlayerS Saga
OnePlayerS Saga - Year ago
noshiro05 - Year ago
Check this song "black sabbath - the shinning "
Vegetable Father
Vegetable Father - Year ago
The book was all right I guess. Not something I wanted in movie format but hey who knows how it might turn out.
Gerardo Pineda
Gerardo Pineda - Year ago
Curious how it's gonna look, hope they throw in some Kubrick style shots for this movie as an homage to the original
2:21 hello there
Jeremiah Mitchell
Jeremiah Mitchell - Year ago
Ewan axes door: "Hello there"
Samuel Jackson appears: " Hello there MUTHAFUCKER!"
kkisawesome - Year ago
should of been a prequel
Rafael Couto
Rafael Couto - Year ago
I hope we get to see like a frozen white walker Jack Torrance, chasing grown up Danny with the trademark axe.
And i hope we get to see Tony.
Low Soul Ghost
Low Soul Ghost - 11 months ago
Word up.
Perfectly Sliced Egg
No Jack Nicholson No Shining
Chronicles Of Callum
Yeah cool let's just unkill his character and change the novels so we can wheel a retired 82 year old Jack Nicholson out.
Jeremy Starreveld
Jeremy Starreveld - Year ago
such a great book. so glad they made it into a movie. Ewan McGregor is perfect casting as Danny. also Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat. cant wait...
Brando Leow
Brando Leow - Year ago
I'm confused is this a horror or a thriller or a action movie?
Chaosfox04 - Year ago
Wow. I loved the references to Kubrick's Shining. I should read these two books.
Maximouse - Year ago
Vape Dude I agree. The horror in The Shining and Doctor Sleep novels is much more supernatural and nuanced and dare I say disturbing. I’ll probably watch this but I don’t have high expectations, I also think casting Ewan as Danny was a bit of a misstep
my_other_account - Year ago
@Maximouse yeah... better! When I finished Dr Sleep I really hoped they wouldn't make a movie from it.
Maximouse - Year ago
They're nothing like these films. Other than locations and character names the books are very much their own thing
Jimmy M
Jimmy M - Year ago
Great name for a movie 👍
sephiroth2944029440 - Year ago
So while im playing death stranding i can also go to a movie theater and watch this .... nice
GreenSlime ITA
GreenSlime ITA - Year ago
Irvyne - Year ago
The book hardly even referenced the original story at the hotel, so this seems a bit on the nose.
Undying love across the universe
Well considering this is a sequel to a hugely successful movie it’s only fair to acknowledge it
Dave L
Dave L - Year ago
Plot twist: Alcoholic house is angry due to lack of rum.
ruben alejandro uvalle
lol a teaser with a lot of references to the first movie, this is a full trailer wtf? hating how hollywood or the studios that do this trailers keep spoiling everything, like theyy NEED people to go watch this movie, no matter what.
The Castaway Traveller
Why do I have a feeling that this is an effort to make a Stephen King Cinematic Universe that's based on people with these special abilities
Boba Fett 1313
Boba Fett 1313 - Year ago
The hidden lore of obi-wans child hood
TwOne Firdaus
TwOne Firdaus - Year ago
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