Iconic Corpse: The Exhumations of Jesse James

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Jessica Jewett
Jessica Jewett - 55 minutes ago
Jesse James definitely died at Bob Ford's hand. My great great great great uncle was an undertaker's apprentice at the funeral home mortuary place where Jesse's body was taken. Part of his job was to build the coffin and wash the body. They made him do all the sweaty work because he was an apprentice. If it wasn't Jesse, he would have known it. Western Missouri is like one big small town. People would have known if it was a fake Jesse. And my undertaker uncle stole the necktie Jesse was wearing when his body arrived for washing. It was in our family until WWII.
Kristen Basgall
Kristen Basgall - 59 minutes ago
I didn’t know that you did the midnight gospel and I’m watching the episode right now and I recognized your voice LOL
Lizzette Flores
Lizzette Flores - Hour ago
just came here to say i enjoyed watching the episode on Midnight Gospel you were featured in and especially your character with its goofy eye😂💗
Erin Mumford
Erin Mumford - 2 hours ago
I was really hoping you'd have "Holland's arm" (a la Bentham's head) at the very end of the video. XD
BONNYRIGG - 3 hours ago
I think the time has come to have an in-depth discussion about rictus.
EO Beco
EO Beco - 3 hours ago
I love your Channel !! I Hope you Could make a Video about „Maximilian II „. ( he was embalsamed but something went wrong.. somehow he could reach his Home in Austria but the embalsaming work was Not good and his mother could Not Identity him :/,
John Blanchfield
John Blanchfield - 4 hours ago
You're such a GREAT storyteller
David Kirk
David Kirk - 6 hours ago
While I don't believe taxidermy and candles are dangerous, I think many people would also be... nervous... to clean your home.
indigo feige falconer
indigo feige falconer - 6 hours ago
Ok stupid question. When they find mummies or bodies or historical anything how do they know its how things were done and not just "ahh and here we see prehistoric Susan's home made pottery." or " oh and here we see crazy Joe's mummies he made of his victims" how do they know something represents that entire culture at the time and not just a person of that time?
PurpleGlitter74 - 6 hours ago
Am I losing my mind, or did I see a Toy Story horse and saloon in the beginning?
Mike Marsh
Mike Marsh - 6 hours ago
She said, bushwhacker 😂
wonderwend1 - 7 hours ago
" wanna rob a bank?"
Savannah Terrell
Savannah Terrell - 10 hours ago
YOU COME TO MY HOME TOWN AND DON’T EVEN TELL US?! Once in a lifetime opportunity to meet you!
Bill Dougan
Bill Dougan - 12 hours ago
You forgot the part where his body fell out the bottom of the rotten wooden casket and back into the grave. Years later, they redug his exhumation grave and found his jaw bone. 💀
Artemis of Olympus
Artemis of Olympus - 12 hours ago
You’re a riot! 😂 You explain everything in your videos in a fun, yet informative way; it makes it less morbid and enjoyable to watch — Subscribed! 😁
Rock girl
Rock girl - 8 hours ago
53182 - 13 hours ago
Can you do a video about real bodies that were used as props in Poltergeist?
Rock girl
Rock girl - 8 hours ago
which made it all funnier. Hahaha
Dr. D
Dr. D - 14 hours ago
August 19th...a Leo, huh? No wonder you're in the YouTube show biz! Leo = entertainment, ego.
Simply Marie
Simply Marie - 15 hours ago
Did you happen to voice over "death" in Seaon 1 episode. 7 of three midnight gospel because it sounds just like you!!!
Melissa Aiello
Melissa Aiello - 16 hours ago
Here in San Jose, CA we have a mining cemetery that supposedly has a grave for the arm of a miner, Bert Barrett. It's near a former quicksilver mine (now a state park with oodles of miles of hiking trails). The cemetery is nestled in the area of Old Almaden . Just a wee bit o' limb lore for ya! :-)
Osom Sith
Osom Sith - 16 hours ago
Your pandering about progressive politics are garbage.
Ronni Rotten
Ronni Rotten - 16 hours ago
Could you possibly do an iconic corpse video about Inês de Castro, please? Is this the right place to ask?
Emalee Perry
Emalee Perry - 17 hours ago
I was barely paying attention to the video while playing on my phone and then all of the sudden I was caught so off guard by you mentioning my hometown. Granbury is kinda small so I don’t hear it come up much especially in one of my favorite creators videos!
The one with the face
The one with the face - 17 hours ago
"wanna rob a bank?"
Yes. Yes I do.
Scott C
Scott C - 18 hours ago
You have to pick someone who died 70 years before you. You'll have to research right before you shuffle off the ol' mortal coil. Or, we could just all be the love child of Betty White and Jesse James.
Shyanne Passley
Shyanne Passley - 19 hours ago
So I know this comment probably wont be seen but I wonder if you have seen the movie Swiss Army Man. It is a very wierd movie that I think as a mortician you'd have a different appreciation for. Would be an interesting video for you to review the movie.
Anoureux - 20 hours ago
I’ve lived near Granbury my entire life and I’ve never heard of this
Welding_guy - 21 hour ago
I don’t know how your channel got in my feed, but you are awesome and my new favorite channel..
Pine - 22 hours ago
Petition to reunite William Holland with his missing arm
Latisha - 22 hours ago
Elmer McCurdy had a wild ride, can we get a video on him?
gingerbered - 22 hours ago
Have you considered doing a video on unmarked graves in established graveyards? My family owns a graveyard and has seen it happen many times but most people think the only explanation is 'hiding a murder body's, a lot of people aren't aware of people who do this because they cant afford funerals or burials.
All for dogs
All for dogs - 23 hours ago
It’s as if history is being rewritten . Let’s remove and ban any symbols of the old south . And how about instead of Christopher Columbus being a hero we will now see him as a criminal. In fact let’s just rewrite history altogether until none of us can be offended by it . Thank you social justice warriors. But do keep in mind that cleansing history we are dooming ourselves to repeat it
Jolene Stamps
Jolene Stamps - 23 hours ago

I loved your videos
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis - 23 hours ago
Your right it's illegal to tear down tombstone's or destroy monument's unless you are a liberal Democratic who wants to destroy history and kiss the ass of a few idiots .
Roger Parker
Roger Parker - Day ago
Ms. Caitlin you are gorgeous and fine, love your personna. I love watching your videos also.
weiwen - Day ago
will the real jesse james pls stand up pls stand up.
Limara64 - Day ago
Fabulated lol x
Ray Perry
Ray Perry - Day ago
Hay .hate to tell yea ay I'm Jess ..mm ok well have a song a wrote lol
Steve Hogard
Steve Hogard - Day ago
Only a California Communist would want to defile graves of the Honored Dead.
Panda Pup
Panda Pup - Day ago
New channel name "Ask A Becky!"
Jason Farris
Jason Farris - Day ago
How about one on the elephant man Joseph Merrick
Amanda Gareis
Amanda Gareis - Day ago
OMG Sylvester and the Magic Pebble...I loved that book as a child but it really did scare me to death.
Ieva Gaile
Ieva Gaile - Day ago
Maybe video about Tim Burton's obsession with death?
Rozzy Roo
Rozzy Roo - Day ago
Christine Conroy
Christine Conroy - Day ago
Love your facial expressions.
Hanna Andreasen
Hanna Andreasen - Day ago
So I just spent the last week binging every single episode on your channel! I loooooove you and what you do! I've learnt so much from you, and have been able to help my boyfriend a bit with his fear of death. I live in Sweden, so a lot of the things concerning rights and laws about burials don't really apply, I still feel much more informed of so much of the things surrounding death. My dad passed away very suddenly and unexpected 2 years ago, something I've still havent completely recovered from, now its just me and my mom. After watching you I have so many good questions to ask her, to fully get to the bottom of what she wants for her funeral and burial. With dad, we didn't really know at all. We didn't know what questions to ask or anything. I feel much more prepared now and I look forward to more of your videos to keep learning.
Thank you for being you, and doing what you do!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Day ago
"Look, sonny, I'm over 170 years old; the mind's not what it used to be... WANNA ROB A BANK?" 😂
Karen Perry
Karen Perry - Day ago
No he died. July 14
MzShasta Libra
MzShasta Libra - Day ago
I have a sign in my home "Housework won't kill you but why take a chance"
i - .... 0_0 ...
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Day ago
you are one scrumptious lady!
Brandon D.
Brandon D. - Day ago
Great video Becky Jarvitson. Keep them coming
Timothy Greer
Timothy Greer - Day ago
I was a bit bummed by the anticlimactic ending but THEN we get an amputated arm, with a back story!
Ocean Hedonist
Ocean Hedonist - Day ago
Hey Caitlin,
Some guy needs to wife you up. What do you think about that? 😉
Donna Watkins
Donna Watkins - Day ago
My great great grandfather saved Jesse's life, along with that of his brother, Frank. He was a notorious bushwhacker and we're very proud of him. I usually like your humor, but I find this one offensive. Sorry.
Matt Pomeroy
Matt Pomeroy - Day ago
The video would've been 100 times better without the commentary on NASCAR and the confederate flag. I'm not for slavery, but the preservation of History
Malcolm owen
Malcolm owen - Day ago
I love all your material! So many themes! Like you could do...the liquidators of Chernobyl/Fukushima reactors....or like the The Japanese Suicide forest, or Jones town massacre and death cults. Theme park ride accidents!
Stacey Luba
Stacey Luba - Day ago
Bloody bill was kinda hot in that first pic though
Kim Myers
Kim Myers - Day ago
Texans not believing in science?! Who would have thought? 😒
Dave Kraemer
Dave Kraemer - Day ago
He'd better still be here in Kearney because there are a lot of tourist traps with his name on them around here, including the family farm and the first bank he robbed. People are never willing to accept that their heroes (i.e. psychopaths) are actually dead. See John Dillinger, Jesse James, The Alcatraz escapees, H.H. Holmes etc.
DesertRose - Day ago
In from the central coast of California, in a small town just south of Paso Robles where Frank James settled down. Way back when it was still the old west a family friend's grandparents owned a small ice cream shop. None other than Jesse would come in for ice cream. Many of Frank James descendants are still in the area. Many of them don't buy the official narrative of Jesse's death. Supposedly he settled down and lived with his brother Frank. I don't know how true that is but it might be fun when all the COVID19 stuff settles down to take a trip out there and talk to some of Frank's defendants. See if they have any old stories passed down from the generations about Jesse and Frank.
Diane Aisha Monday
Diane Aisha Monday - Day ago
Hearing you complain about it being "hot" in Texas in MAY 🤣🤣 like, wait till August, my queen. Just wait.
Ferintosh Farms Photography
No, I am the real Jesse James, I faked that one too.
merlinsgirl9311 - Day ago
TIL Jesse James is a confederate and not very cool because of that
Bogdan Sorlea
Bogdan Sorlea - 2 days ago
he died 9 days after a promoter gave a Jesse James birthday party, yet his death date is August 15, while the same headstone says he was born in September? something is very off...
Genevieve - 17 hours ago
noticed this too ha
Jor Daaamn
Jor Daaamn - 2 days ago
Caitlin, you spent enough time in Texas to know damn well they don’t care if it’s ACTUALLY Jesse James buried there 😂
Bogdan Sorlea
Bogdan Sorlea - 2 days ago
you are one scrumptious lady!
Katherine - 2 days ago
Texas pride in it's truest form lol. Thanks for coming to Texas despite our intense heat and then getting stuck here due to covid 😅
switchfoot881 - 2 days ago
Removing something from someones gravesite who has no relation to you is very rude and disrespectful, Id expect nothing less from a snowflake but I would expect more from a "Professional" Mortician and caretaker of the deceased. That flag is what that person fought and died for and quite possibly could have been a black Confederate's gravesite and you disrespected it, LEAVE IT TF ALONE. Its a f**kin cemetery for God sake. Pure ignorance but expected
Elizabeth Ann Pesco
Elizabeth Ann Pesco - 2 days ago
I’m 71 yr old woman. My adult daughter asked me, “You are following a Mortician???????? Mom, are you ok?” Then I made her watch some videos. We laughed our a**es off. You are wonderful. Such diverse videos, who knew??? So happy I found your channel
TS Crain
TS Crain - 2 days ago
She's hilarious!
Angela Lewter
Angela Lewter - 2 days ago
My great great great grandfather was friends with the James Brothers. I bet he would have known the truth! https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Campbell-16540
soccerbopper124 - 2 days ago
I love this channel
Fern The Camper
Fern The Camper - 2 days ago
Hello Caitlin! Just popped in to tell you and the crew that we've been binge watching all your episodes on our internet tv (thus, commenting becomes rather difficult). LOVE the channel, every new video (and old, let's face it, even your 8 year old videos are great) is so packed with excellent references, history, death rites and... well, you're awesome comic timing and gallows humor. Big thanks from us :-)
Henry Jacobsen
Henry Jacobsen - 2 days ago
Complain about people messing with history yet wanting to throw away his flag.
Marianne Fisher
Marianne Fisher - 2 days ago
pulling out confederate flags at cemeteries is "changing history "too...otherwise a good video
Olga Georgia
Olga Georgia - 2 days ago
I NEED to know if Caitlin is watching Dead Still - the murder mystery about a post-mortem Victorian photographer? I must know!
Coleoptile Cosplay
Coleoptile Cosplay - 2 days ago
"Enough of that bastard- it's arm time!"
Sally Chase
Sally Chase - 2 days ago
Texas is wierd- in Hico Texas they claim that Billy the kid is buried there
Mack Guffey
Mack Guffey - 2 days ago
I love your channel and watch every episode. But I have a question. Did I hear correctly? Are you advocating for the vandalism of veterans graves by removing the flag they fought and died under? Yes they were wrong; However they are veterans and it is private property. No different than any other flag that one is buried under or flies. What if it was a rainbow flag on a grave? Not hating just saying a different point of view. I don't believe we should destroy anyone graves regardless of how we feel right or wrong. Please let me know how you feel about this. By the way love your show and i will continue to advocate for it. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
Miri No
Miri No - 2 days ago
What is your hair routine? It always looks great 💁🏻‍♀️
Omnywrench - 2 days ago
I apologize for going off topic? But I have a question about burials: Is it legal to have your corpse dressed up like a clown and dropped from an airplane onto an unsuspecting children's outdoor birthday party? I'm asking for a friend
David Bentley
David Bentley - 2 days ago
Always do yer own research..accept nothing at face value...anyone can cherry pick information to suit a given narrative...buyer beware...always...
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