Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Cutting Their Own Bangs And Regretting It

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Vallie Pallie
Vallie Pallie - 6 days ago
I didn't even cut my own bangs and still regretted it lol
Update: I'm 8 minutes into the video and am now thinking about having bangs again
Okay.. I made it through the entire video... no bangs/fringe for me lol
sisters forever
sisters forever - 10 hours ago
I like how you did updates
L E L E - 11 hours ago
I’m half way trough the video and I’m seriously thinking of cutting bangs my hair or doing any thing to it which would prob not end well hope I make it lol
Amy Ill
Amy Ill - 16 hours ago
I think you should get bangs! I've messed up my bangs before, but all I had to do was pin them back (bobby pin, clips, wearing headbands, etc.) until they grew out longer. No one ever even knew.
Vanessa Ashwell
Vanessa Ashwell - Day ago
@ABsoLuTe TrASh piss off hun x
Gina Quinn
Gina Quinn - 2 days ago
@H O N E Y B E E, hi when I was a teenager about 30 years ago living in California my foster moms name was Honey Bee! I have never seen that nane other than her. She was the most wonderful woman. I am a happy successful adult I believe because of her. I must never get to see her or talk to her so please humor me when in my heart your name reminds me of her and I feel all happy. Who ever you are I wish you joy 😊
Vne vad jag heter
Vne vad jag heter - 5 hours ago
I wanna have a video for what type of bangs You should get Cause I’ve been thinking about getting bangs but I Don’t know what type. I have veeeery thicc, wavy hair and my face is like a mixture between round, diamond-shape, heart-shaped and square-shaped
Phara De Jaegere
Phara De Jaegere - 5 hours ago
I have bangs and it was the best thing that ever happend to me dude! I am like idk bro kinda pretty now
Tianna Edward's
Tianna Edward's - 5 hours ago
Yes please make the what kind of bangs you should get!
Tianna Edward's
Tianna Edward's - 5 hours ago
Yeah I kinda fuucked uup
Joey - 6 hours ago
Uh no. Never had that bangs question since I have curly hair.
Liz Plays
Liz Plays - 6 hours ago
You should react to SSSniper wolf letting her bf cut her hair
Adri - 7 hours ago
Deztiny Willis
Deztiny Willis - 7 hours ago
Unpopular opinion: I truly hate short bangs and I don’t know why anyone does that.. long bangs or no bangs all the way! Love the video though 😂😂
TheRealBabyYoda - 7 hours ago
"If you cant love yourself how the h3ll are you going to love someone else" -Rupaul
Tania Flores
Tania Flores - 7 hours ago
Yesss make a bangs videooo
Angeline Nicole Ortiz
Angeline Nicole Ortiz - 7 hours ago
i clicked bc i saw vereena
Bohemian Raspberry
Bohemian Raspberry - 7 hours ago
i’m glad i got bangs in grade 4 instead of like grade 9
Iowa Made
Iowa Made - 8 hours ago
I must be a bang girl because every new stylist I’ve gone to has eventually asked if they can cut my hair super short and/or give me bangs.
Scarlet eARTh
Scarlet eARTh - 8 hours ago
Can you explain the differences between bangs/fringe and framing a face? I will never get bangs/fringe again because of a hairdresser I went to deciding "framing my face" would be a good idea to accentuate my trim (had just below shoulder length hair at the time and I have a heart shaped face). I ended up with horrible-looking too-short bangs. When I gave her permission to "frame my face," I was adamant with her that I did NOT want bangs and reiterated it multiple times. To make it worse, she turned me away from the mirror while she cut so I was pissed and horrified when I saw what she did. Was I right to get angry at the hairdresser for making my hair not what I wanted for 2 more years while I had to grow them out? Or was it my mistake? Are they synonymous? Did I misunderstand what I was agreeing to?
Alaina Jane
Alaina Jane - 8 hours ago
Um yes I want to know if I should get bangs or not
Natalie Folk
Natalie Folk - 8 hours ago
when I was five I used to give myself really short and uneven micro bangs. It continued until I was seven.

edit: also I cut my bangs after watching Loepsie's video.
wild stingray
wild stingray - 8 hours ago
yes pls do a "how to know if i should get bangs" video !!
rsc rocks
rsc rocks - 8 hours ago
I'm a hybrid. I've lived my short life with and without bangs
Mikaela Druit
Mikaela Druit - 8 hours ago
You should totally watch June Crees whenever she does anything to her hair she is the most chaotic human being in the planet and I’m HERE👏🏼FOR👏🏼IT!! ❤️
Edit: I’m watching her right now and I correct myself. Whenever she does ANYTHING, she is the most chaotic being in the world. Thanks for listen to my TED talk
Taradoesgames - 9 hours ago
I was forced to get bangs when I was younger and I hated them. I don’t recommend bangs, if you have them and love them I’m happy for you but I hated them,
Carla Ibarra
Carla Ibarra - 9 hours ago
Yes bangs video!!!!
Marissa Moore
Marissa Moore - 9 hours ago
You get it Brad! 😂😂
jessi g
jessi g - 9 hours ago
"its a different species"
cosmoxtic - 10 hours ago
Kasumii22 - 10 hours ago
wait takes years to grow out bangs??? dude give me 3 months and the bangs are past my chin
No body
No body - 10 hours ago
I had bangs when I was younger and I would love to know if I could still do it to this day, so yes please make a bang video
Thank you
Crissy Belle Rivera
Crissy Belle Rivera - 10 hours ago
mercury retrograde always tells me i want bangs but its a liar
rosevari - 10 hours ago
i cut my own bangs

*naturally curly*
Hailey Cordova
Hailey Cordova - 10 hours ago
Please make the video gorgeous!
Keara Ellis-Betts
Keara Ellis-Betts - 10 hours ago
*Brad is the only youtuber that I have to turn down the volume while watching with headphones in because he just really lives his extra life and sometimes my ears cant cope* 😂 *but that's why I always find myself coming back* 😂💙
N. C.
N. C. - 10 hours ago
please do the video about bangs!!
JordanFoodandFitness - 11 hours ago
The last girls bangs were SO cute! I have never liked a short bang that much!
owlinadayswork - 11 hours ago
Not sure why but I love brad's voice
Carrots - 11 hours ago
i cut my bangs 2 years ago and ended up cutting them way too short, but i made them pretty straight atleast??? (and now i miss those bangs)
KALANI SPURLOCK - 11 hours ago
I cut my bangs but don’t regret it honestly😂
Claudia Ramirez
Claudia Ramirez - 11 hours ago
my the video on bangs please!!!!
Mary Cawthorne
Mary Cawthorne - 11 hours ago
Yes make a video about bangs! :)
I'm in the market for some lol
Κωνσταντινα Κ.
Brad you should have made the video about the bangs before i cut mine.. sad thing is i cant keep my hands off the scissors once you cut thats your destiny.. do the video 🤓❤️
Carlie Mueller
Carlie Mueller - 11 hours ago
I used to let my highschool best friend cut my hair, now I go to the beauty school in my area and let them do it it grows back! I have only had two cuts that I panicked over. The last time my friend cut it I had to get that mullet fixed asap the other was done by a legit professional, I showed her like 10 pictures of me and my hair and instead of listening she pushed my head forward (chin to chest) and gave me an edna mode cut. One length ear long all the way around with a clump towards the back shorter and choppy. I had to pay to get it cut into a pixie at a different location because she said I had screwed her up and refused to do anything about it.
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