The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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Mghow Genius
Mghow Genius - 2 hours ago
I know websites coming under different brand names but owned by the same owner. These sites claim to be “experts” with fake profiles and images taken from shutterstock as their profile photos.
Afterwards, they provide false reviews placing the most frequently sold products on the top of their list to ensure that they generate the most money out of it.
Here’s the kicker: They never even touch the product in the first place! And using good SEO practices, they make it show up on the top search results.
Nothing but hot air. And they’re making millions out of it.
Kyle Albertsen
Kyle Albertsen - 2 hours ago
All I can say is shop off-brands there cheaper better quality and no hoops to jump through if something goes wrong with the mattress. Also shop at mom and pop shops they will do anything to keep a good name in there community.
B. I. Olusesi
B. I. Olusesi - 3 hours ago
Just get a purple mattress and call it day.
hunn20004 - 3 hours ago
... aren't you supposed to try the mattress yourself before buying? Some people need softer ones, some need firmer.
Andrew M
Andrew M - 5 hours ago
Uhh, the online memory foam mattresses let you try for a year. At least the one we bought from did.
Celia Lovett
Celia Lovett - 5 hours ago
I hang upside down from the ceiling. Space saving, cost effective and I'm 4 inches taller than I used to be.
Comment Comment
Comment Comment - 5 hours ago
I sleep on my floor. It’s only cuz I don’t like soft beds.
Scott Huber
Scott Huber - 5 hours ago
Thank you Adam and College Humor for this one. Just in time for me too, not that there is much I can do about it I guess.
Vini Boo
Vini Boo - 7 hours ago
Commie fucker
Samael Pirini
Samael Pirini - 7 hours ago
"industry incest"
Instinct Labs
Instinct Labs - 7 hours ago
I just hate this guy's face
CYRRYANC97 - 8 hours ago
The reason why mattresses are such a rip off is because it's not something you buy often. People keeps mattresses for 10~ years so the retail is much higher then the cost to make it. I worked at a furniture store as a sales person and mattresses had like 200 dollar spiff for a 1500 dollars mattresses. Im not disagreeing it's a rip off but it's kinda justified.
Chayton Obrien
Chayton Obrien - 10 hours ago
Lol i caught what the generic podcast was poking at
Chester Larson
Chester Larson - 10 hours ago
Nice show, but there’s the big gay. ;-;
Mr Ouiner
Mr Ouiner - 12 hours ago
It’s in Adam Ruins Everything interest to make everything seem worse than it is. The success of the video relies on it.
Where is ‘Adam Ruins’ Adam Ruins Everything??
Hououin Kyouma
Hououin Kyouma - 12 hours ago
These days you should just pick a scam that is the least of evils, I think there's no fixing it.
Monica Evie
Monica Evie - 12 hours ago
Growing up, my family always found mattresses at yard sales or outside of peoples house with a big old sign on it that said "FREE". Weve never gotten a dirty mattress and have always found very comfortable and clean ones. We still do this, and to this day have never bought a mattress in a store and have saved thousands of dollars :)
Shut Up Before I Ankle Pick You
who is this gay version of alton brown?
Forever Undying
Forever Undying - 13 hours ago
So how is this white people, straight people, the nra, Trump, or organized religions fault?
Kevin Klatman
Kevin Klatman - 14 hours ago
Idk I’m still gonna use a mattress
kilexe - 14 hours ago
Beta male king.
Awesome man troll #10
Awesome man troll #10 - 14 hours ago
But that ending? What the heck are you doing?
bigjman26 - 14 hours ago
Costco makes a solid mattress
Parje 81
Parje 81 - 14 hours ago
Adam is nothing by a soy boy with a ridiculous haircut, a liar, that contradicts himself
Mangò - 14 hours ago
Give me the big facts Adam!
Kareem Salem
Kareem Salem - 15 hours ago
Kareem Salem
Kareem Salem - 15 hours ago
Kareem Salem
Kareem Salem - 15 hours ago
Vsupps - 15 hours ago
$200 IKEA mattress, worth every penny
Zak Kaioken
Zak Kaioken - 15 hours ago
but what is the purpose of a purple matress?
Kana J
Kana J - 16 hours ago
That lady at 0:18 is that pageant lady from insatiable off Netflix
THEJONATAN - 17 hours ago
It looks like a dank meme at the end
Joshua Aleman
Joshua Aleman - 17 hours ago
This has nothing to do with a mattress companies he’s just described every retailers formate . I guess it’s a cleaver pun on marketing . Your all ways getting scammed when shopping.
ORO 0147
ORO 0147 - 17 hours ago
Don't use Google. 90% unrelated to the video but just don't. The alternatives are 10x better and it'll make the world better
The.Inferno - 17 hours ago
Just buy the purple matress it's 100, with a grid like design and the firmness to cradel pressure points but the softness to not break a raw egg it's the best of comfort and practicality combined.
Fariha Haque
Fariha Haque - 18 hours ago
weird flex but okay
Samantha Ramey
Samantha Ramey - 18 hours ago
aside from the anti true crime virtue signaling this video was decent
TheNeoSabre - 19 hours ago
Poor Philly D
Viceroy Haukea
Viceroy Haukea - 19 hours ago
hold on.. i NEED to know about the purple mattress. adam pls
Anonymous AJ
Anonymous AJ - 20 hours ago
What a worthless video.
"Buying mattresses is a rip-off, and there's nothing you can do to stop it."
Wow, thanks for being so insightful.
RivaZA1 - 22 hours ago
Just buy one of those mattresses that are just a slab of sponge inside. They super cheep and if you sleep in roughly the same spot, will over time become nice and soft on that area.
Honigdachs - Day ago
People are gonna take this the wrong way, because that's what they do. Lying on an 80 bucks piece of foam still isn't just as good as sleeping on a quality mattress, and will ruin your health. You don't need a 1000-2000 bucks mattress, but you do need an actual good one.
William Kirchhofer
William Kirchhofer - Day ago
The only thing he knows about mattresses is the one his boyfriend presses his face into.
Valeriebug1 - Day ago
The last time I was mattress shopping I already had a nifty, incredibly
inexpensive, 22" high inflatable queen size bed in a box in my trunk. I
decided to check out a large mattress store before breaking open and
trying the cheap bed out but couldn't find any sales people in the
store. I finally found a lady sleeping in a recliner behind a desk in
the middle of the store. It was hard to wake her because she was using
headphones. She finally showed me a mattress I had seen advertised and
pointed out the fact that it was crap. I told her I was driving around
with the new inflatable bed in the car and she advised that I was better
off to keep that one. That was more than one year ago and I am very
pleased that I did.
tim gersh
tim gersh - Day ago
so pretty much this is a long way to say nothing
Judson Zhao
Judson Zhao - Day ago
Google Zinus and thank me later
cpfalcon51 - Day ago
Sooooo... are there any useful pointers for mattress shoppers, or is this video simply b*tching for the sake of b*tching? Like, are we supposed to just buy the cheapest one, or what.
WHOMST'D - Day ago
The most annoying person in the world right here
fundip51426 - Day ago
Owo look at the sparkle
duduoshunn - Day ago
Hey you Adam, where's eve?
Nevaeh Toepler
Nevaeh Toepler - Day ago
The podcast is SO TRUE
Belinda Crawford
Belinda Crawford - Day ago
All the dislikers were mattress company employees
Clay Williams
Clay Williams - Day ago
Freddie Mercury? What are you doing working for a matress company?
PstScrpt - Day ago
Mattresses really have gotten better, though. You don't see waterbeds much anymore because memory foam is almost as good, and less trouble to maintain.
Innocuous Block of Wood
And coming up next week, on *Adam clutches at straws*
quieness - Day ago
This applies to almost any product ever honestly xD
Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson - Day ago
Get a Purple mattress! Problem solved
Mark Szekely
Mark Szekely - Day ago
College humor, now that is an oxymoron.
Hexalys Walker
Hexalys Walker - Day ago
Anybody got any idea where the Purple matress stands in all of this?
Noah's Cesspool
Noah's Cesspool - Day ago
calm down ppl buy a mattress like once a decade. and the people who buy mattresses more than that can probably afford the prices
DreamTech Oz
DreamTech Oz - Day ago
I've been sleeping in the same hammock for the past 4 years. It cost me $40 (AUD)
Gusty - Day ago
buy a blanket and throw it on the floor. apparently its better for your spine than using a mattress anyway
Raeda Masri
Raeda Masri - Day ago
I knew about the different naming so you cant price match
A Wild ShermN
A Wild ShermN - Day ago
He is an idiot
Lune granite
Lune granite - Day ago
just get the cheapest one
Quinn Field
Quinn Field - Day ago
How about just accept the scam because there’s no other f***ing better option.
Devon Culleton
Devon Culleton - Day ago
Adam ruins his career
SuperKlizzard - Day ago
I've slept on a large piece of cushion foam from the craft store with a lawn chair cushion on top. Did fine for me. No need for a heavy mattress.
InJeffable - Day ago
I actually had a good experience with my recent mattress shopping. I went to a Mattress Firm three times. The first time, an employee showed me around the store and had me try out different mattresses. I went home to think things over. When I went back, I decided to get the Original Purple Mattress. Two guys delivered the mattress and a new platform to my third floor apartment and hauled away my old mattress and box spring (for a reasonable fee). After a few weeks, I decided the Purple wasn't working out for me. I went back Mattress Firm, at which time they had me try out different mattresses to see what might be a better fit for me. I decided on a Kingsdown Passions mattress. And even though it was priced $100 higher than the Purple, they knocked that $100 off so that I would have an even exchange. A few days later, two guys brought the Kingsdown mattress up to my apartment and took away the Purple one -- at no extra delivery/pickup charge. It was a nice experience all the way around.
I'm sorry that some people have had bad mattress shopping experiences, but that just wasn't the case with me.
M Martin
M Martin - Day ago
Buying Adam Ruins Everything videos from YouTube is one BIG scam! Yes, I have an advertisement to buy his DVDs, ;)
Meron Handsome
Meron Handsome - Day ago
Love the show, do you have your own channel? Ik you post it on college humor and trutv but I am curious as to whether you have a channel just for your show
MLGGUY420 - Day ago
I hope Adam makes an episode called, Adam ruins the video game industry or Adam ruins Fortnite!
I did my own research on layering densities of foam and made my own mattress for 1/4 the cost using supplies from the foam factory.
D. S.
D. S. - Day ago
Adam states you can not test a mattress that you buy online first and that's false. almost every company offers a try before you buy option... Like most of his videos, some of the stuff is true but they gloss over things that are false and don't expect you to question it just in the attempt for content. shame on me for actually clicking on this video.
Daniel Billingslea
Daniel Billingslea - Day ago
Just get a Purple mattresses
Vegarot Fusion
Vegarot Fusion - Day ago
Sometimes they've been known to fall off the back of a truck. This one time Vinnie found a whole truck. Anyways if your looking for a cheap mattress talk to his cousin Joey he runs the old storage units tell him Nicky sent ya.
Steven Geisert
Steven Geisert - Day ago
How about Purple?
JR - Day ago
Yeah it's just Sleep on two of them...double up two of them lol
krashdown102 - Day ago
this channel as really gone down the drain
Michael S
Michael S - Day ago
Sleep Number is great. It's actually completely different from a normal mattress.
Izzy - Day ago
Tiffany Zhu
Tiffany Zhu - Day ago
so this is why there are so many mattress stores
Radical Hunter
Radical Hunter - Day ago
To be fair most mattress buyers can't be helped, when you suggest a softer mattress for a lighter person they tutt and try the one made for folks over 16st/101kgs. Its really not that difficult, you pick the one which follows your backs shape when you lie on it, if there's a gap or serious pressing move on to the next.
also the memory mattresses you see on social media are complete garbage. No support and just awful to lie on.
Geedi Mohammed
Geedi Mohammed - Day ago
What matra needs downpaiment. I bought my queen sized from ikea in Netherlands for 110 euro 5 years ago. Still use it who in their right minds bies a 2000 dollar matrass
Killin With Ki11Roy
It's sad that no one can take anything from this show at face value after that SJW one they did.
Dimitar Tomov
Dimitar Tomov - Day ago
@ Adam I hope you finally learned - Government regulations do not solve problems. Maybe now that you are aware, you can explain that to @ CollegeHumor team
Justin Main
Justin Main - Day ago
After a while it doesn't matter where you sleep, your back is gonna start hurting whether you like it or not. It's called getting old.
Al-Mamun Ansar
Al-Mamun Ansar - Day ago
Anyone else Disturbed by the ending there?
Milo McMahon
Milo McMahon - Day ago
Remember when Adam used to debunk things for a reason? And give us potential solutions?
Ruby V
Ruby V - Day ago
Just do what I do and go to Costco!!
Decent mattress for decent price
Kayla Billings
Kayla Billings - Day ago
Your parents say they love you???? Watch Adam ruin that too
Stan Lee
Stan Lee - Day ago
Come here, you!
Dr. House
Dr. House - Day ago
Dislikes are mattress retailers.
Sherif Louis
Sherif Louis - Day ago
what about the 90 day trial that online mattresses usually give consumers?
Owen Kittredge
Owen Kittredge - Day ago
Got a waterbed in 1974 and still have one. Easy to move much lower cost than conventional mattress and frame
M C - Day ago
I bought my matress for 800$ and the next year was able to get the same exact one for my mom for 400$
I would feel like I have been scammed, however they are the best sleep I have ever had and I suppose the average is having spent 600$ on each, pretty worthwhile.
Jason Allcreator
Jason Allcreator - Day ago
So... my online mattress that was $100 was really $300? How did they get the other $200? Cause it wasn't from me.
Deanna Garcia
Deanna Garcia - Day ago
Yeah I had to mattress shop and can agree with all that stuff. I just looked at what I could afford and what we were willing to pay.
Olof 347
Olof 347 - Day ago
Just go to IKEA...
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