Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles

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Suvada Spicer
Suvada Spicer - Hour ago
is that a...?
ladybug caps :3
ladybug caps :3 - Hour ago
Probablemente este también sea del capítulo
Honey Dip
Honey Dip - Hour ago
James: “we have to disguise ourselves”
Felix’s username: “sub2pewdiepie12”
Ghostcamp - Hour ago
This is what Pewdiepie does now :0 wowie . I don’t have a thing wrong this
DamPlays - Hour ago
Hi if anyone reads this it would mean a lot if anyone of u could help me get to 25 subs it would mean the world
tea coffin
tea coffin - Hour ago
“i am the baby,,, ew”
GameCrusher218 - Hour ago
I swear that I could smell James Charles once the video loaded up...

*It scared me*
DevilPoroNnj - Hour ago
Wheres the kid who flamed. I know youre watching.
ThisTime ILearned
ThisTime ILearned - Hour ago
James Charles: realizes pewdipie is straight.
THat’S Not ALLowEd
T R U T H - Hour ago
Ew why tho?
Isaac Mendoza
Isaac Mendoza - Hour ago
Wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff... Ma friend don't ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff..ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff *breaths*
What a ttttttttttttttttttttttttterrible idea...
L. Skoglund
L. Skoglund - Hour ago
*When you watch the video for fun as well as looking for Lazarbeam*
Tarah Collins
Tarah Collins - Hour ago
I thought this was
clickbait....😂😂 I'm not sure how I'm feeling rn
Ducky Yt
Ducky Yt - Hour ago
Next video me playing with t series in Minecraft
The Duck Man
The Duck Man - Hour ago
Most ambitious cross over in history
Colbat Plasma
Colbat Plasma - Hour ago
This is what we’re gonna be telling our grandchildren in the year 2057
Lizzie Battaglia
Lizzie Battaglia - Hour ago
Ok, this is definitely epic
EmmaLee Quier
EmmaLee Quier - Hour ago
Miss Tsuki
Miss Tsuki - Hour ago
😂 wtf well this is unexpected
JakeLights GT
JakeLights GT - Hour ago
James Charles: it’s a fan of mine.
PewDiePie: kill him *kills the fan*
James Charles: NOOOOOOO
Dimas Pratama
Dimas Pratama - Hour ago
Soo after bros meet the sister, where is their parentts?
Johan Levi Luces
Johan Levi Luces - Hour ago
POODS react to this Guy called Endigo he has some remix's in your minecraft and Tuber Simulator and Congratulations
Im sure he will react to you if you React to him
grrrystal - Hour ago
Team Sister Fister.
So...so this is just a Minecraft channel now? O-okay...
Venom Gaming 97
Venom Gaming 97 - Hour ago
Wait what the hell
Jocelyn Hernandez
Jocelyn Hernandez - Hour ago
i am waiting for this makeup look
the_burnt_ house
the_burnt_ house - Hour ago
Wow I WAS looking forward to this Minecraft video... But James Charles is in it.
Arceo Infinity
Arceo Infinity - Hour ago
No one:
Also no one: Lol 'you have virginity'
Dylan Limited
Dylan Limited - Hour ago
Wear the damn armor.
Pranaav Iyer
Pranaav Iyer - Hour ago
15:13 WE'RE SO BAD james:WE?
Oh Yeah Yeah?
Oh Yeah Yeah? - Hour ago
jo wood
jo wood - Hour ago
Clout: 1000
YBN Manny
YBN Manny - Hour ago
James Charles where are you
Hadeks Marow
Hadeks Marow - Hour ago
I feel like this would have been more entertaining if you didn't have 2 facecams covering up the screen at the exact same time for the entire video. This is your channel, so it honestly just focus on your perspective while switching to the other's perspective on moments where it's worth highlighting. If we really want to see every little part of their perspective, they have their own respective channels where we can check it out at. This is what you did with JackSpeticEye in Fortnite, this is what you did with Ken in the sky puzzles, and they both worked well with this formula. I don't understand why you decided to change that here unless it's because of the "type" of person that you're doing this with. If that's the case, that's just unnecessary politics. I have nothing against james. I just don't like how unclean the video looks when you obscure the screen real estate with clutter. I wouldn't even mind it if it was just your facecam one moment with your perspective then switching in the next moment to james facecam and his perspective in the next, just don't have both on screen at the same time, that's when it turns into a mess and becomes annoying.
Joe Pauli
Joe Pauli - Hour ago
Is it just me or pewds is draining James audio quality too?
BlueHybrid - Hour ago
*wishes that it was his survival series*
Angel Centeno
Angel Centeno - Hour ago
Amira Alois
Amira Alois - Hour ago
Doing PewDiePie's makeup
Like if you agree
Kayla Barbera
Kayla Barbera - Hour ago
james charles: that was such a noob mistake
pewds: wHaT? (you’ve never played tuber simulator?????)
A Rough
A Rough - Hour ago
Hey look..pewds blushing :3
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - Hour ago
Tea riffic
Tea riffic - Hour ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:

*G A M E S C H A R L E S*
Theonetruedog Dog
Theonetruedog Dog - Hour ago
Brothers and Sisters join together for the ultimate team up.
KOHS - Hour ago
In fortnite mrfreash carry lazarbeam, in minecraft james carry pewds 😂😂😂
Jflo - Hour ago
Wore a diaper so i dont miss anything
TecknoDuck - Hour ago
highest subbed youtuber besides t series with bot subs plays with a youtube who lost 1 million subs the fastest
Kai Alderson
Kai Alderson - Hour ago
10 years old
Jolly Yau
Jolly Yau - Hour ago
Most ambitious crossover ever wow who’d thought 👏👏👏
no u not me
no u not me - Hour ago
*HeY SiStErS*
firebolthappy - Hour ago
I thought the title was a meme but then...
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