Troy Aikman on Jimmy Johnson being voted into HOF: 'He's gonna look real good in gold' | FOX NFL

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FOX Sports
FOX Sports - 8 months ago
Do you agree with Troy Aikman?
Karen Walton
Karen Walton - 3 months ago
Jack dull
Jack dull - 4 months ago
Jerry Jones is the worst football owner ever! How he ever got in the HOF before Jimmy Johnson is beyond me!
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson - 5 months ago
Longtime Steelers fan here.Jerry jones never realized that jimmy johnson could have won the cowboys at least four or five superbowls if it wasn't for his ego and pride!!!
Cole Loney
Cole Loney - 8 months ago
Fire aikman
Melody Laherty
Melody Laherty - 8 months ago
I'm a 49er fan, he's an icon.
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey - 6 months ago
HB Athletic Training
HB Athletic Training - 4 months ago
Rene Rivera
Rene Rivera - 7 months ago
If Jerry Jones heard this he would die 1000 deaths bit but Troy is correct with his statement..n Jerry kept Jimmy in the dumpsters...well done coach....
John Connor
John Connor - 7 months ago
He def shoulda been 1st one in
Mike Green
Mike Green - 8 months ago
So is it true that he’s not in the Cowboys ring of honor because of Jerry Jones???? But Mr. Baker has given him his right hand into the ultimate ring of honor the HOF! Sad Jerry sad!!!! Congrats Jimmy.....
Dan P
Dan P - 8 months ago
Good for Jimmy Johnson
Chan Meas
Chan Meas - 8 months ago
Troy is 100% truth and real. Ethical guy.
D Sull
D Sull - 8 months ago
Jimmy, not Jerry, built those super bowl teams.
David Swartz
David Swartz - 8 months ago
Jerry can run his mouth all he wants. Without Jimmy there wouldn't of been Superbowl Championships
EM - 8 months ago
Troy Aikman....a class act all the way.
LeRoy Baratone
LeRoy Baratone - 8 months ago
That's a win for Troy too. JJ deserves it and has earned it.
David Hinton
David Hinton - 8 months ago
Jimmy should have made the HOF before any of them ...... and that's coming from Troy himself. and we ALL know Michael would agree ..... and Emmitt ain't gonna disagree neither.
Ely De La Rosa
Ely De La Rosa - 8 months ago
He didn't deserve it before Tom Flores
Scott Davidson
Scott Davidson - 8 months ago
I just got one thing left to say how about them Cowboys we will win the ballgame that's Jimmy.
Jean Cadet
Jean Cadet - 8 months ago
Not a Cowboys fan. But I do agree, they we're a great team.
Sunmad Parkcir
Sunmad Parkcir - 8 months ago
Now Dak and Mike
Court All Day
Court All Day - 8 months ago
Troy get your bausch and lomb red eye relief before America realize you are high ASF once again
jmad627 - 8 months ago
I have no problem seeing Johnson getting in to the HoF.
But Cowher?!! Please!! He was a good coach and an inspirational leader fine. But a Hall of Fame NFL coach?! No! The only super bowl his team won was rather tainted by admittedly bias refereeing.
A good solid, successful coach yes.
All time great coach no.
Btw, why isn't Jerry Kramer in?
jad - 8 months ago
he may know football but the teams he put on the field at miami univ were a disgrace to the game and he taught those thugs he led there nothing about dignity and sportsmanship. shame on him and them.
blusnuby2 - 8 months ago
No one could have said it better, Mr. Aikman. Congratulations Coach Johnson !
MR Sinister
MR Sinister - 8 months ago
As a huge 49er fan i hated the cowboys back in the early to mid nineties.They prevented my niners of owning the league.But now i really do appreciate how great those teams were.My bestfriend was a big cowboys fan and he would of loved this
Andy Silva
Andy Silva - 8 months ago
" how bout that hall of fame"!!...thanks jimmy from a life long cowboy fan.
Chris Oxford
Chris Oxford - 8 months ago
God Bless You Troy. And we love Coach Johnson too. Go Cowboys!!!
Annette Mendoza
Annette Mendoza - 8 months ago
I'm a Rams fan .. but I can honestly say the Cowboys in the 90s was unbelievable great
Cathlean Johnson
Cathlean Johnson - 8 months ago
Darn onions! Watching Troy Aikman tear up did it for me, for a minute thought JJ was going to pass out, long over due and glad he is still with us to receive it, those championship Cowboys teams of the 90s will never be equaled, just hope I live long enough to see them get one more and tie Pittsburgh and New England for most Super Bowl wins, it still might be awhile even with the McCarthy hiring sadly..
Jim Smith
Jim Smith - 8 months ago
A men Troy...
Fuck You
Fuck You - 8 months ago
Congrats 🎉 from a niner fan , Jimmy was a great coach from college to pros
Kenneth Flowers
Kenneth Flowers - 8 months ago
Troy Aikman is a stand up guy!!
James Douglas
James Douglas - 8 months ago
He should have went in with college teammate owner of SB 27 and 28 Jerry Jones.Jerry don't the doggone right thing and place Jimmy Johnson in the Cowboys ring of honor. Like right f#ckin now
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson - 8 months ago
Need a good cry? Well here you go.😧
L.J. Russ
L.J. Russ - 8 months ago
I was a fan of Jimmy since his days at the U. It’s crazy that he’s just getting in. His former players loved him. I still remember Michael Irvin throwing that trash can at the reporters after Jimmy got fired.
Fred Gorgenchuck
Fred Gorgenchuck - 8 months ago
Jimmy deserves it, 2 SB how in the world is Tom Flores not in the HOF?!?! Trailblazer for Hispanics. 4 SB rings (1 as a player, 1 as asst coach, 2 as HC), first coach to lead a wildcard team to a SB win. Outrageous!
Clyde Triplett
Clyde Triplett - 8 months ago
Fly over city’s like Denver, get cheated when it comes toHall of Fame.
Mike , and Dan should be in the Hall if JimmyJohns gets in.
After all Mike Shanahan
Was with the 49 ers , Denver went Back to Back SBowls 32,33 where’s Mike if
Deli Jimmy get in !!!
Denver has how many SB Appearances 8 and WON 3.
MOLON LABE - 8 months ago
Jimmy Johnson was everything you wanted in a head coach. This man knew talent and how to get the best out of them, but more importantly he was able to get the best out of lesser talented players. I miss the days of Jimmy, congrats HOF’er! Long overdue. Now he needs to be put in the ring of honor!
D James Morgan
D James Morgan - 8 months ago
Congratulations Jimmy Johnson. Well deserved! While you coached the Cowboys; you made them fun to watch. Oh and that O-line you built opened holes Emmitt could have driven a truck through...GOOD TIMES!
Adam R
Adam R - 8 months ago
I was as big a fan of those Cowboy teams as anyone. I still don't see how Jimmy's resume is worthy of the HOF. He turned the Cowboys around in record time...and left. He went to Miami and accomplished nothing. Must be an easy bar to clear for coaches in the HOF. He just didn't stay anywhere long enough in my book. He never held a coaching job more than 5 years.
He will always be one of the best at judging talent and motivating players but his resume just isn't there.
Brooke Sheeder
Brooke Sheeder - 8 months ago
I miss that team, you could put his team against any team in history and they would be the best , they were that good
Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen - 8 months ago
Why did it take this long?
Arthur Name
Arthur Name - 8 months ago
Jerry Jones, if you'd swallowed your ego and kept Coach Johnson....did whatever you needed to do to get him to stay,....the Dallas Cowboys could have been the New England Patriots of the '90's and into the 2000's.  Congratulations to Jimmy Johnson!  They should play him yelling "HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!" before every home game.
sammyvh11 - 8 months ago
I like Landry better.
Nick Amato
Nick Amato - 8 months ago
I loved how happy Terry was. It was almost like he was being elected he was so happy
Keith Kimmel
Keith Kimmel - 8 months ago
Troy should be the one selected to give Jimmy's Hall of Fame induction speech! That would be most fitting!
Gque - 8 months ago
Coach JJ should have been in there ... heavy snub.
D B - 8 months ago
Better thank Jerry for buying your ticket into the HOF..
Les Rosin
Les Rosin - 8 months ago
THEY SAAAAAYYY America`s Team....... back then. Congrats Cowboys and Coach J.J.
Nick Ferrara
Nick Ferrara - 8 months ago
Congratulations Jimmy Johnson from a diehard Giants fan thank you for what you’ve done for The game of football you deserve it once again congratulations go Giants👍🏼😁
brcooley325 - 8 months ago
The bromance is palpable
ninesplusx - 8 months ago
Fk Jerry Jones and the ring of honor... and I'm a Dallas fan...
JJ Ez - 8 months ago
Troy: "He built those teams.."
Jerry Jones: *punching the air*
vilhelm hammershoi
vilhelm hammershoi - 8 months ago
Jimmy Johnson should have been in way before and more over way before that hack, jerry the-football-idiot jones.
Big H
Big H - 8 months ago
Aikman is one classy guy
Patrick Carlisle
Patrick Carlisle - 8 months ago
My man jimmy the great
Fernando Angelone
Fernando Angelone - 8 months ago
The biggest mistake that Jerry Jones made was firing Jimmy Johnson. If only Jones kept Johnson as head coach they would've won numerous Superbowls. They would've done exactly what the Patriots have done before the Patriots🏈🏈
Doug Sale
Doug Sale - 8 months ago
Tom Flores!
Debakuva - 8 months ago
What! How's he not already in the HoF? He should have been a first ballot. T.O. is one thing, but this? That's just shows how much of a joke the Hall of Fame is, and that's the real sad part.
COWBOY FAN 1989 - 8 months ago
Congrats Coach
Paul Toy
Paul Toy - 8 months ago
I don't like Jerry Jones aka Emperor Palpitine or his Cowboys but I respect and actually like Troy Aikman now.
stormrider777 - 8 months ago
Emmitt Smith is trash
515ventures - 8 months ago
Ya it took a while is an understatement.
ROBERT Alcala - 8 months ago
Congratulations !
David Grider
David Grider - 8 months ago
26 Trvler
26 Trvler - 8 months ago
Like Troy said.......HE BUILT THOSE TEAMS. Not Jerry. Haven't come close to winning anything since!
Big Dogg
Big Dogg - 8 months ago
Raiders Nation respects this! Congratulations Coach!! 👍🏽
Rafinha Latvezzi
Rafinha Latvezzi - 8 months ago
Jimmy Johnson= High School Bully
Doesn’t deserve HOF Status
Henry Skedel
Henry Skedel - 8 months ago
It's a popularity course anymore only players should go in, what a joke anymore
The Light Of The Body Is Pineal
I love You!!
Martin Wellington
Martin Wellington - 8 months ago
Well said Troy. Congratulations Coach. (From a long suffering Redskin.)
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera - 8 months ago
You see that, Cowboys nation. That's what a head coach looks like, and that's what a quarterback looks like. I miss rooting for the boys on Sundays.
Princeton Music
Princeton Music - 8 months ago
Well deserved, congrats JJ
Joseph E
Joseph E - 8 months ago
I absolutely , Unequivocally, loathe the cowboys..( Die hard philly fan) .....I have nothing but respect for coach Johnson after watching how emotional he was. You felt that emotion with him. You know that man put everthing he had into coaching and making his players great. ....Congrats Coach you deserve it !
Charles Hamilton
Charles Hamilton - 8 months ago
If Jimmy Johnson was soooooooooo great then what in Miami with the Dolphins? Most over rated coach of all time.
bigkckrva - 8 months ago
Miami sucks in that Era..,jimmy came in at a bad time.
Mark Aranita
Mark Aranita - 8 months ago
Just for once can we atleast make it to the superbowl ull have TV ratings off the hook
Stannis Targaryen
Stannis Targaryen - 8 months ago
Jimmy Johnson should have definitely gone into the HOF before Jerry Jones that's for sure.......
evilSWA - beyond pandora films
vilhelm hammershoi and you think that’s the worst owner? The lions have one playoff win in fifty you stupid clod. In the time frame you mentioned the Cowboys have the second most Super Bowls. Meaning literally every other owner has been worse in said timeframe except for one. You’re an idiot.
vilhelm hammershoi
vilhelm hammershoi - 8 months ago
not sure why jerry the football idiot jones is in the HoF to begin with! he has been the worst owner with 26 bad seasons out of 30 years and the 4 good ones was becasue jimmy johnson or his team were there.
LEONARD Evans - 8 months ago
Excited to say that I was old enough to see Aikman and JJs 90S DYNASTY. 😀😄😁
Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson - 8 months ago
Correction.. old enough.
Inspector Callahan
Inspector Callahan - 8 months ago
Dang! I thought he was in already.
stenbak88 - 8 months ago
Aikman is my guy that’s why I have his jersey and only his
King SavageE
King SavageE - 8 months ago
HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!! Crying 😭 He deserve it sooooooooooo much and I know how he feel when people want to know that you are great and we see see it everyday smhnkord im crying rite now, and hoping I found my wife even doe it don’t got nonthing to do with football 🏈
Bigdawg 007
Bigdawg 007 - 8 months ago
Arguably ONE OF THE BEST NFL TEAMS EVER ASSEMBLED 💯... that 95 cowboys team🔥
Congratulations JJ💯
Katie Rae
Katie Rae - 8 months ago
This is actually Ed Werder on my wife's account. Congratulations Jimmy 🎉
Bigdawg 007
Bigdawg 007 - 8 months ago
Here for jimmy Johnson an Troy Aikman 🙋🏽‍♂️
I CAN vividly remember missing Days in middle school Because I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT PLAYING MADDEN 95❗️
Mike Gike
Mike Gike - 8 months ago
Been a Steeler fan since '75, but damn...I even got choked up with that presentation. Congrats to both Jimmy and Bill on yer inductions.
Otu Ihunanya
Otu Ihunanya - 8 months ago
It was emotional for me too and I’m just a fan.
Eli - 8 months ago
Viking fan here, I tip my hat to you gents. Congrats
Daley Johannsen Vanlandingham
troy is the man......
Ballhead_Slick - 8 months ago
I can’t stand the Cowgirls, but if you love the game, you understand that this was way over due.
J. - 8 months ago
I really like Troy, but I don't think he or Jimmy should be in the Hall.
Harry Helen
Harry Helen - 8 months ago
My Cowboys didn’t go to the playoff but Jimmy Johnson getting inducted into HOF makes up for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats !!!!!
gemini92406 r
gemini92406 r - 8 months ago
It's long overdue...
Greg Grimsley
Greg Grimsley - 8 months ago
Jimmy Johnson deserves to go in the ring of honor at AT&T Stadium, but JJ probably won't because to do so would admit he was wrong in firing Jimmy. Congratulations Jimmy Johnson and thank you for doing it the right way.
Jared Brennan
Jared Brennan - 8 months ago
Awwww....just imagine if it was during a Cowboys playoff game....oh...wait
Big Fly
Big Fly - 8 months ago
That's why Jerry got rid of Jimmy cuz everyone loved and respected him. Players were ready to go to war for Jimmy. All Jerry did was proved that Jimmy was the brains and heart of the organization. "How Bout Them Cowboys" He should of copyright that that phrase
double00shotgun - 8 months ago
Is he getting in as coach of the dolphins or Coach of The Dallas Cowboys ???
Rafael Orihuela
Rafael Orihuela - 8 months ago
Troy aikman#1
Barry Badrinath
Barry Badrinath - 8 months ago
You Jerry Is fuming because of what Troy said but everything he said was a fact.
Ben Foshager
Ben Foshager - 8 months ago
He's gonna do a lot of good for a lot of people.
Vincenzo Vieri
Vincenzo Vieri - 8 months ago
Troy: Finally he’s in the hall of fame.
Jerry Jones: Yea but not the Cowboy hall of fame!
Sleve McDichael
Sleve McDichael - 8 months ago
As a die-hard Philly fan, I think I speak for all of us when I say..
"F the Cowgirls"
Jk. Much deserved. Congrats Jimmy Johnson.
Sleve McDichael
Sleve McDichael - 8 months ago
@dan simmonds wat?
dan simmonds
dan simmonds - 8 months ago
Lol as a Cowboy fan..Who are the Eagles?...Sorry to busy looking at all 5 of my SB time for peasant's
EmeAhG - 8 months ago
We all know it’s because of Jimmy, why that team was so dominant. We also know that it’s because of Jimmy leaving, why things fell apart within 2-3 years...and it hasn’t been the same, since.
Joe - 8 months ago
He looked good in survivor.
ShinerBock2007 - 8 months ago
I love Troy Aikman..AND Jimmy Johnson!!
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